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Alien Crop Circle Revelation

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:52 PM
Let’s cut to the chase. We have seen the “hoaxers” experiments. They look god awful in comparison to the “real” crop circles. So this topic is in regards to real crop circles.

Crop Circles have been investigated to contain high fields of radiation and traces of a high percentage of iron, combined with aluminum, in a ratio that cannot be achieved with conventional technology. In simple terms, the traces of particles are not from Earth.

Investigators on the scene have analyzed the crop formations. They state that the spiral can be varied in its construction, but generally the plant is bent over at 90 degrees to the standing crop around it. Their analysis from the field also leads them to believe that the force in creating these circles are extremely rapid. Like “one quick swoosh”.

These instances always occur virtually overnight, or over a period of night, however, with NEVER a single witness. Now, let’s consider some basic realities

Ever seen a logo or design “embroidered” onto apparel? We have been embroidering a lot of t-shirts and baseball caps for a long time now. What is embroidery? Very elaborate and “very precise needlework”. We have the technology to execute “needlework” precision with string, plastic product replication, and stone engraving right now.

The computerized technology we have today allows us to make complex geometric designs like we see in crop circles “right off our computer”. And, if we like what we render, we can embroider or imprint these designs through industrial applications.

Imprints, as defined in the dictionary, is “a mark made by pressure; a mark or figure impressed or printed on something”. And we currently have the technology to produce imprints into glass bottles, plastic toys, hell, even the ground if we so wish.

Radiation itself is defined in the dictionary as both “the process in which energy is emitted as particles or waves” and “the complete process in which energy is emitted by one body, transmitted through an intervening medium or space, and absorbed by another body”. We have the technology to utilize the process of radiation today.

The only thing missing here is “aeronautics”. Since these imprints are best seen from the sky, the decisions made for positioning the imprints are most likely made from the very same sky. So I am 99.9% sure these formations are designed with aeronautic assistance.

Do we have the ability to create a flight capable machine that is designed with anti gravity capability? Could we manufacture a UFO type machine that could hover and then descend low enough to create an impression on the ground?
Well, the Chinese certainly see some potential and have designed one like it.

Now consider the possibility that we invent a new flying saucer like machine, one that is designed with computers for designing imagery and could be imprinted into the ground with needlework precision by means of radiation.

We have already conquered all three inventions. We do have this capability now if scientists and engineers worked together to create this type of advanced machine.

David Sereda, who produced and directed “From Here to Andromeda” theorized that U.F.O.’s are designed with advanced frequencies that are not detected by human eyes or radar. He perceived that “infrared” was the manner in which they could be identified.


posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:54 PM
Invisibility is a science we already conquered scientifically, as seen in the “2005 UFO Conference” video led by Jaime Maussan”. The sciences of the orient have already manufactured products like a rain coat that can render a person invisible. So, maybe advanced races with advanced technology can render their craft as invisible as well.

Now, is it feasible to surmise that an advanced design of “interstellar aviation” exists? Well, millions of people report them from around the world, and thousands of high ranking people have disclosed publicly that they exist in the “Disclosure Project”. People have also come forward for a long time now reporting interaction with alien life.

A few decades ago, Betty and Barney Hill reported abductions, and the list has grown since then. A movie called “Communion” about Whitley Strieber being abducted was made in 1989. Another movie called “Fire in the Sky”, about an abduction of Travis Walton was made in 1993. The most recent was “Night Skies”, a movie regarding the abduction of Americans during the Phoenix Lights event of 1997.

So, for the sake of argument, let’s just say, “aliens do exist”. And also for the sake of argument, let’s just say, “they have something to do with crop circles”, since the “crop circle phenomena” began not before, but after the famous “Roswell” incident in 1947.

If these U.F.O.’s have the capability to enter Earth’s atmosphere silently, and visually unperceived, maybe, just maybe, they also have the inherent ability to:

1) Utilize computers on board for direction, engineering, and to produce sophisticated designs as secret codes of communication.
2) To imprint the computer coded message into “high crop arrangements” on ground surfaces,
3) To make the imprint with extreme force and “needlework” precision by means of radiated emissions.
4) And maybe they have the technology to do so quietly and unperceived by the eyes of the people, so no witnesses will see them at work.

Real Crop circle formations are made by advanced technology, not men with wooden boards. I sincerely believe that both “races of extra-terrestrial origin” and the secret military are in treaty arrangements to share our resources in exchange for technology.

This should shed some light on the crop circle phenomenon. If you understood this post, then maybe we can agree that the “alien head and binary code message formation” was intended to be taken seriously.

If, what I really believe the recent crop circles mean according to my own “open minded” interpretations, the troubles are really brewing behind the scenes.

Whenever we get a piece to a puzzle, we analyze the piece to death. I sincerely believe that each formation is a piece of the “complete puzzle” as a whole. I sincerely believe the answer to the complete puzzle is being laid out before our very eyes.

Here is a suggestion for the true investigators who are specializing in the field of studying these formations. Place each formation together, one after another, by date and sequence. Take a look at the whole, and maybe you will also get one “complete message” from the array of messages. This is the only message I can get out of them.

The game plan is centered on Earth’s resources and the integration of new species. The Planet Earth is still regarded as a territory that is still up for grabs.

To me, it looks as though we are pawns in an interstellar game of political chess. It looks to me like there is a game plan for dominance of this planets resources as well as the integration of newer species designed to achieve this dominance.

This is my interpretation from reviewing the symbolism in the formations captured by photograph and uploaded to the internet in the last few years.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Of course, I know I am not GOD, nor a nuclear physicist, or any “special authority”. So by no means do I claim that I have solved the answer to this phenomenon. So, please don’t attack me over this post, it is only meant to share my opinion.

If I am right, then video’s pertaining to all these recent scientific discoveries of new and odd species makes some possible sense.

And if I am wrong, well, no big deal, I guess I am just another nut with too much time to think on my hands, lol. I can live with that.

Anyways, if you get a chance, take a look at this video our partners made last week, let me know what you think of the documentation.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 10:15 PM
Though there seems to be a lot of questions surrounding The Terra Papers (linked in my sig), they basically say what you're saying - and book two does mention the circles.

Yes, I am sure there are aliens amongst us, and that we are dealing with them under treaties - which they have broken often...

Take a look and get past what appears (to me me it did) to be bad scifi, and read all the way through. They do contain thruth. How much is up to speculation.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 01:07 AM

Originally posted by Amaterasu
Though there seems to be a lot of questions surrounding The Terra Papers (linked in my sig), they basically say what you're saying - and book two does mention the circles.

Yes, I am sure there are aliens amongst us, and that we are dealing with them under treaties - which they have broken often...

Take a look and get past what appears (to me me it did) to be bad scifi, and read all the way through. They do contain thruth. How much is up to speculation.

Someone should make a movie about the Terra Papers, in short form, there is alot of common sense in it mixed with what seems sci-fi, but is an interesting read for sure.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 07:07 AM
Indeed! LOL!

I personally believe the Papers are the closest to the truth we have today. Regardless of their source, when they are plugged into the data around us, things make so much sense.

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