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Why are people jealous of the rich, intelligent, and powerful "Elite"?

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:37 AM
The elite are people that think they are better and somehow more qualified to control the rest of us .
I think you would have to be living in a fantasy land if you thought we did not have have a second George Bush ride into office on the coat tails of the first.There would have been made a bigger issue of his background if it was not already a name we already knew.There would have been more said about how he was a failed business man or how he made his first million from buying a ball club and how they got a stadium built from tax payer handouts.If he would have been proposed as a possible candidate by someone and did not have the name Bush ,the idea of even considering him would have been ridiculed and called absurd.To this day no one can say they saw him serve any time in the National guard.he got away with a lot because his name was Bush.People don't always hate the elite or are jealous of them.The problem is they don't hate them enough

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:42 AM
I don't call them that, the media does and they themselves purvey that term. I'm not jealous of the real El-ites, which you could take to mean god-ites, the gods of war and generation, the engineers of death culture.

In my opinion, if you get become "wildy succesful" You get re-tooled so your piece can be of further value to the machine.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Money is not worth anything, never has, never will be, slavery gets sh*t done (Your job = money which is portrayed to be worth something by media and such.) The perfect slave is the one who believes they are not a slave.

The true elite is born through bloodlines and are completely neutral only here for the aid of the planet by the order of the creator (Yes it's absoloutley absurd).

They are completely hidden and the ones who you claim to be 'Elite' and really pulling the strings are merely people just like us trying to get power over people just like us.

The top of the Pyramid is the top but what of the foundating chambers hidden below?

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:44 AM

Originally posted by MichaelMysteries

Before you dare go swinging your prejudice club at me, read the question once again...

Why are people jealous of the rich, intelligent, and powerful "Elite"?

Well, You should remove the word intelligent, because the rich and powerful are not all very intelligent, nor any of us "commoners" less intelligent just because we have less money or power, Which is what your TITLE implies. You could have just put the rich and powerful. That's what I simply am stating. But, of course I don't suppose someone with less intelligence to understand the implications without it being pointed out to them.

BTW you could point out who you think are the elite here, As you and I may not have the same idea of what the "elite" really are. I know very Wealthy people who don't necassarily have any power except in their position at their career, but not overall power, I wouldn't call them elite. So a broader definition would be helpful.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by grapesofraft

That's the easiest question in the world to answer. There are a few answers actually. One is already in your question, it's simply jealously. Many people who have worked hard to succeed in life are viewed in contempt by people who didn't have any goals in life. The successful person put hours of time, schooling, starting from scratch, starting at the bottom, etc and did it with lots of determination and sacrifice. These people have probably missed out on a lot of social events for a long time, instead of going to keggers every night during college, they would be up studying and doing what they got to do. I'm not saying they didn't party, but they just didn't get stuck in that mode.

Then there's the average joe who either didn't graduate high school because school is for losers and wonder why they don't get enough from welfare. Then there's the ones who, regardless of high school diploma, they decided not to do anything because they had no ambition to do anything. Typically these people try to find the get rich schemes they see on tv. Then there's the ones in college who only were there for the partying, probably could finish because the work was too much, and now work at Dominos or the local video store. There are so many different paths people take and excuses follow along with it; "oh i have kids" "i chose to live in the real world" "i don't have time" and so on. So to them people who are successful or rich had it easier than them, but in reality, most of them actually had it harder because they had to go an extra step. Yes, there are many who were born rich and that's ok, I'm actually glad for them. That's why so many people in this country get a hard on when someone who was successful, crashes and burns.

The reason people hate intelligent people, is for the same reasons. They are too stupid to compete with them. It's just like the average joe trying to keep up with an pro athlete during a workout. It would be a joke. Not all people are created equally. Sorry, but it's true. As for the powerful elite, they are hated by those that know better because they try to control our very livlihood. They think they know what's best for us, and we very much don't like that. These are typically the corrupt that haven't the slightest care about people in general, it's all about control and money. Those are the ones that are despised.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by grapesofraft

Self-made millions, the rich made through fair play and honesty, there is nothing wrong with that.

The problem is with the few that are super-powerful. They get this power hungry disease and use it to become Godlike on earth and care for nothing but what they can get away with to keep power.

Most of these didn't get to that point by being smart or innovative. They got there by doing nasty things good people refuse to do. They hold enough wealth and resources for everyone to live comfortably. They have the ability to to inform the world that we dont need to live like we do that if we were to not spend our resources on offensive military might (not defense that is different) we could have the means to feed the starving children of the planet.

Until all the world children are fed then no one deserves to own multiple mansions and estates. To waste so much on just a few while people starve to death is against our moral compass.

Instead they dived and conquer, the ways of the old world will die, or mankind will cease to exist. The universal laws will make sure of it.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:06 PM
Here's the Merriam- Webster definition:
Main Entry: elite
Pronunciation: \ā-ˈlēt, i-, ē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: French élite, from Old French eslite, from feminine of eslit, past participle of eslire to choose, from Latin eligere
Date: 1823
1 a singular or plural in construction : the choice part : cream bsingular or plural in construction : the best of a class csingular or plural in construction : the socially superior part of society d: a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence e: a member of such an elite —usually used in plural
Actually none of this defined include anything about being Rich...hmmmm. also wikipedia's definition and feel free to read the whole article...

Elite (occasionally spelled Élite) is taken originally from the Latin, eligere, "to elect". In sociology as in general usage, the elite is a relatively small dominant group within a large society, having a privileged status percieved as being envied by others of a lower line of order.

The elite at the top of the social strata almost invariably puts it in a position of leadership, whether it be expected or volunteered, and often subjects the holders of elite status to pressure to maintain that leadership position as part of status. However, in spite of the pressures, the existence of the elite social stratum is usually unchanged.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:15 PM
My dear chap.

I live in relative poverty, for London, England in a pokey Peabody housing flat/appartemnt, i make sacrifces to afford my Internet connection which is the only thing i have above basic and i eat like a sparrow though i'm 6' and built like Horse, none the worse for the meagre diet where i don't put on fat, healthy and agile for it in fact, for 42 YO.

Wouldn't have it any other way, materialism is destructive imo and i would be somebody entirely different were i to be of privilage, not to mention somebody potentially dark and not good for this planet at all.

Why in the great god's name would i be jealous?

I think people resent the affluent because many have made their money from the many who have much less and don't know what it is to suffer and so ridicule the poor as they exploit those who make them the money they are so proud of, resentment eats people up though, i'd never resent the rich, i don't care about more than i need to live at a basic level, suits me fine.

Not saying sometimes a liittle more when bills serve as stressors wouldn't be welcome, but, 'such is life' as i always say.


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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:16 PM
maybe because your talking about MATERIAL things.

the poeple who complain are usually the ones who want to SPIRITUALLY grow and don't give two craps about how much money the powers that be have. they just want everyone to have their freedom and rights. we want everyone to be happy and free whereas the "elite" as you liek to call it are straight up egotistical misguided money hungry people

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:24 PM
I think it's fair to say that most of the people posting on ATS have nothing against rich people per se. I hold no grudge against lucky entrepreneurs, talented and not-so-talented entertainers, or ditzy heiresses.
There's varying degrees of wealth within my own family, and I'm hoping to become a millionaire myself someday.

Being wealthy doesn't automatically grant you elite status.

The people I can't stand are the "elites" who think they're better than everyone else and try to play God.

Corporations that harm people and the environment (Monsanto, Haliburton, Exxon)

Idiots who think they're qualified to run for office and feel they have the divine right to rule over us. (Michael Bloomberg trying to extend his term AFTER NYers voted for term limits, George Bush II, all monarchs, sheiks and dictators).

People who lie, cheat, steal and exploit others to gain their riches. (i.e. Bernie Madoff)

Calling out the criminals doesn't make us jealous or socialists. I'd rather be mugged on the street and have my wallet stolen than have some smooth-talking financial advisor steal my life savings. At least the street robber only gets me ONCE. The white collar criminals rape you over and over and over.

Hope that clears things up.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:46 PM
Well maybe we make slaves of ourselves with resentment.

If we did not look so much at what freedoms are taken which some bang on about but may never even use, the injustice of it all etc, much of what we complain about would be more ethereal and it wouldn't cause the resentments.

If we busied ourselves on our own lives and what is immediately relevent to us and not cast our minds on those who are at the upper echalons and allow ourselves to be affected, we'd all be happier.

But people don't, they dwell upon and resent but will never be able to do anything, some may do but to all intents those to whom are referred will carry on regardless.

Look at the concept of "Powerlessness over people places and things." as in 12step recovery programmes.

People in general are powerless and only wind themselves up into heart attacks and strokes, nervous breakdowns etc with negative energy in focus of what they do not have power over, a fultile exercise if ever there was one.

Be something they are not able to be, spiritually rich, which lends to content and serenity of being.

Things will seem different.

This is where i say conspiracy theories can be dangerous if overdosed, because true or not, they make people too aware of things they cannot possibly change and is divergent focus from their own lives which causes dispiritedness and is, (Can be.) pernicious to self and (Can be.) very self destructive.

Not saying where rights are denied and abridged we shouldn't argue for rights and freedoms, i am saying there's no point dwelling on these things and winding yourself up if you are not able to compel change from being part of process.

In my humble opinion.


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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 12:50 PM
OP.... In the capitalist world it's all about money money money and some people get jealous of others who have money because those people who have no money want to have money.....

do you see the cycle?

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 02:06 PM
Wow, just wow.

Jealous? Really? You think the elite (which is what they tell the media to call them, and they call themselves) are powerful, rich, and intelligent?

Do you have any proof of that assertion?

I can't argue with the rich part, for certain they have taken more than their share and kept it for themselves, in perpetuity. But intelligent? How so? By what virtue?

There are people in the world who have seized power, there are those who have power given to them, and there are those in whom power is entrusted. Simply fitting into the social club of the elite grants, by virtue of association, certain privileges not enjoyed by those they consider of lesser 'merit'. But that is not power, anymore than having money guarantees happiness.

There have been a number of posters here who rationalize the position held by such persons as some kind of meritorious reward. Someone even said that "studies" have shown rich people are more persistent

Most people could be persistent too if they had no other concerns for survival other than pursuing their personal agendas.

Some are lucky, some are smart, most are absolutely clueless about the human condition. If CT's are to be given any credit, their propensity for hording isn't just a matter of greed, it's a matter of control. Either way, what makes the 'group' a problem for many is their exclusive nature and the manner in which they have become 'natural selections' for leadership, because their social position is substituted for actual merit.

The most egregiously offensive are the celebrities who offer themselves up as 'superior'. And the only resistance they get is from people who will be perennially decried as 'jealous' of the elites' glorious intelligence and power and wealth. Except most of the elite didn't earn even a tiny portion of the power and wealth. It was bequeathed to them by others. As for their intelligence, well, I guess you believe what their media tells you about them and their brilliance.

Jealous? Ha! That would imply that I want to be like them or one of them..., barf!

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by tamusan
reply to post by Divinorumus

The only ones that make me angry are the trust fund kids that are morons.

What? LOL, funny you should say this because I've not worked since 1996, because I live (for the most part) off a trust fund. I'm not a moron, and neither do I screw things up for everyone else. So what business is it to you or anyone else how I live? I mind my own business and do my own thang every day. In fact, by me not working, there is one extra job available out there for ya'll to fight over. People need to mind their own business and stop being all concerned over how others are living. It's nobodies business how I am doing. And besides, I'm more a benefit to society in the way I live because I have more time to spend money instead of having to earn it. Somebody somewhere earned a paycheck because I bought a new camera last month. Somebody somewhere is earning a paycheck standing by in case I feel like phoning for a pizza this afternoon instead of having to go to work, ha. My father worked hard to build a business and earn what he did, and it was his right to hand that down via a trust to his descendants. Because of him and his hard work I don't have to be such a slave any more. So, what the hell is wrong with that? That's something everybody could emulate and do for their kids. There is nothing wrong with creating a legacy for your descendants, because the outcome of that is beneficial in so many ways. It's nice to retire when your 39 years old. Yeah, I can't live like a king, I don't get enough to go out and buy a new Hummer every year like those still climbing the corporate ladder out there, but I'm comfortable enough and every minute of the day is now MINE. Nothing wrong with ones parents freeing their descendants from the working class, that's something everyone should strive for. Don't knock it until you've tried and experienced it.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 02:52 PM

What? LOL, funny you should say this because I've not worked since 1996, because I live (for the most part) off a trust fund.
reply to post by Divinorumus

You seem to pick and choose what you take from my posts. I did not say everyone who has a trust fund is a moron. Read my posts. I have had to do business with some morons, who happened to live off of trust funds. BTW, I have a trust fund, too. I also clear a considerable amount of money by working. And I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want. Except for that Gulfstream G5 that I really want.

Edit to add: My statement that you quoted does not say that all people who have a trust fund are morons. It says those with a trust fund that are morons. So, only morons should feel offended.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 03:26 PM
The definition of success, first of all, is relative. I consider myself to be very successful in that I am surrounded by loving, trusted friends and family and I am not left with a feeling of wanting more out of life than I have already earned/been given.

Money/power do not necessarily equal success. I am jealous of no one who has more money/power than I because I do not desire either of those things. In fact, I consider myself to be more successful in life than some of the elite because I am not in want of those things. But it seems that the elite are never satisfied with the money/power they do have.

Regarding you direct postulation that people must be jealous of those at the top since we complain about them all the time I think you misinterpret the complaints being made. I've already explained how I (and probably most others) am not jealous of these people. I would agree with others that it is anger I have toward them and that anger stems from the fear I have that that they do have the power to be able to make the lives of "the little people" a living hell.

There are those in this country that have earned their success and respect. They had a goal and they met it. Some people simply have not set their goals as high as others, not because they lack the will or motivation, but because it's just not something they yearn for.

Then there are those in this country who have gotten their money/power/influence because they were either born into it or because they were manipulative, deceitful, had certain connections, or stepped all over people to get where they are.

These are the people I fear. Ethical people and those who are not willing to give up their morals/values in order "to win" a battle are typically on the losing end because it's hard to fight against those who do not "play fair". If two people were going to fight and one was malevolent and the other benevolent, and they agreed not to use weapons of any kind, you cannot trust the malevolent one to not pull out a gun and shoot the other. He most likely would and therefore the benevolent one is sure to lose.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 03:33 PM

Originally posted by tamusan
BTW, I have a trust fund, too. I also clear a considerable amount of money by working. And I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want. Except for that Gulfstream G5 that I really want.

Yeah, quite a few people these days subsidize their income with a trust. But hey, ain't a Gulfstream G5 a little over the top, ha?
I settle upon an RV and spent 3.5 years just traveling around getting to know nature instead of clouds in the sky, lol.

What I DO take issue with are those elite that USE the poor to obtain their power and wealth .. specifically the politicians. Take Obama for example. The only reason he got elected was because HE promised goodies, kickbacks, bribes, to the desperate poor. "I promise you health care by enslaving those that can afford to pay your bills and living expenses." .. "I promise you more entitlements by jacking the successful, the so-called rich!" NOW THAT is a stinking sin, and it should be a crime for a politician to make promises of kickbacks and bribes to the desperate poor and corrupt voters that get their kicks by coveting and jacking those that have more than them.

The elite do that a lot, they dangle a piece of candy out there as bait to entrap the trappable. They convince the masses that you can not be happy unless you have this or that or whatever. I know people that believe they are the underprivileged because they don't own a huge home entertainment system or a computer or an iPod or a sprawling castle in the countryside .. many of these things that were not even around years ago .. I mean, was everyone poor and unhappy until some of those things were invented? Are there people out there that are unhappy and unfulfilled because they don't own a new shiny car and a big wide-screen home entertainment center?

I hate the elite that ENSLAVE the masses by brainwashing them into believing they need this or that, and without those things you are poor, underprivileged, and the underclass.

I consider those that know how to live and be happy with less to be the lucky ones, because they aren't addicted to STUFF. Yeah, I live off a trust, but it ain't no 6 figure a year amount. I had to even sell my home and move into a one bedroom apartment and drive a used car in order to free myself from enslavement and that whole 9-5 lifestyle (but on the upside I don't have to mow the yard or shovel snow, ha). Yeah, I could be making a boat load of cash if I went back to work too, I quit a fine job with a major corporation when that trust came along, but I value my time, my freedom more than money and stuff.

You know, there are a lot of people out there that believe they are poor because they don't have a boat load of crap like the elite rich do, and I feel sorry for them for having been duped and programmed into believing RICH means STUFF and MONEY. In my book rich means FREEDOM from all that junk that nobody really needs. I mean, look at all those monkeys that line up every time a new iToy comes out ... I wouldn't waste a second of my life waiting in some line for any of that junk and having to enslave myself to pay for it, ha. STUFF junkies, I feel sorry for them.

Free your mind people .. you may be more well off than you think if you can free yourselves from this monkey world of possessions that the elite use to determine who is well off and who is not. I do not have nearly as much as those that are probably thinking they are poor, but I consider myself RICH because I have LOTS of FREE TIME .. not money ... Time is what I value, not money and stuff.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Divinorumus

I hate the "elite" for one reason: Many make decisions that effect me and my family, without giving me a choice. I don't care what other people have, but I do care when other people cause me problems.

I do not have to work, but I choose to. I have a few business ventures that practically run themselves, and just generate money. I have another business where I work many hours a day and it brings in very little money. I do not care that this business brings in so little money. It is my passion.

I need that G5 because the boat ride to Japan is a long one.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by tamusan
I hate the "elite" for one reason: Many make decisions that effect me and my family, without giving me a choice. I don't care what other people have, but I do care when other people cause me problems.

I hear ya there. Just try to find a piece of land that you can live upon and be left alone. Even the tax jack comes along once a year to collect that fee for living on Earth. The next time they come around I may just stuff them in the big hole I'm digging for them, ha. It's one crazy world when it becomes impossible to be left alone. There's always some monkey looking to jump on the back of another given half the chance to do so.

I do not have to work, but I choose to.

There are times I consider doing so, and I do occasionally help out by developing a website for someones business, or I'll install a network, servers, workstations, etc., for them, just because I can and they ask me to, so I oblige now and then to pick up a little extra money even though I had no need for it.

But, TIME is something you can't buy MORE of and add to your life, and so I value that a LOT. I mean, once your every awakening moment of your life is YOURS, you ARE the richest person on the Earth, because you can't even BUY more hours to add to the 24 which is the maximum anyone can have. Every hour of the day is mine, and since I can't acquire any more at any price, I feel as if I am the most richest person on Earth. TIME is freedom, freedom is time.

That's one thing about the elite, they add more riches to their lives by buying TIME from those that are willing to sell the hours in their day to another ... by choice of course. It is a personal choice to sell part of ones life to another, but you already know nobody needs to do so .. rather than selling hours in your life to another, one can buy hours from others willing to sell theirs and ya can make money off of them and all that, ha.

TIME is the only thing of REAL value in this world. Even those that sit around on welfare should consider themselves the wealthiest people on Earth, because every hour of their life is their own (even though it's at the expense of others that are enslaved to pay for THAT, ha). Wealthy is not stuff or money. Wealth is time, and the most anyone can have is 24 hours a day, thus REAL wealth is capped. Just ask someone that is dying and has only a week left to live what is most valuable.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by grapesofraft

I think it is just a matter of being jealous of people who have developed the skills to be successful, while some people are incapable or unwilling to do what it takes to succeed.

So tell me why is there so much hate of people who succeed, and why do you consider them a threat to you.

Right! Many people is unwilling or unable to develope and use some "skills" for example cheating the others... Not everybody is born with the "talents" of Madoff...

Its not problem of hate, but fear rather- when they not only steal from You, but also try (succesfully) impose on you their wision of the world, and take away Your rights...even being Christian You must bevare of them, even if You still consider them as your fellow human beings.
And besides: how to define "Succes"??? a lot of money and great power???

If You winn whole World but lost Your soul, if You betray Your ideals/etics...Is it Succes?

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