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remote tarot readings!!

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posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by CosmicEgg
reply to post by uk today

I'll wait right here then. Please tell me everything you see, in the cards and otherwise.

I feel that we've met elsewhere. Am I wrong? No headaches this time though, okay?

Okaaaaay.....I'm going to try a new experiment with you if that's ok ??

I'm going to ask the cards your cosmic question as requested, but I also want to try a crystal ball reading on you as well, asking the same question as asked of the tarot

There's something about you.....

peace n love

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by uk today

You have my permission to do whatever you see fit. I expect there is something and I look forward to seeing what you discover.

This egg needs to hatch one day.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by uk today

Oops. I might have misread your opening topic regarding not to ask questions.

With that: Will my `friend` keep his promise(s) and if so, when?

[Please let me know if my English is clear enough or not. Thank you.]

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by CosmicEgg


Well I asked the tarot THE cosmic question and I think we both know baby that a pack of cards is pretty inadequate to answer a question of this nature and magnitude !!

Your covering card was the Hermit reversed, which indicates disguise, concealment of the truth and fear.

Above you was The Emperor, which indicates power and protection in your life.
Another card the Page of Swords shows spying, surveillance and maybe authority involvement

Your " sees self " card was Ace of Wands which is a fertility card, but no other fertility cards came up so unlikely to be this.
It is also a card of creation, new beginnings....

The outcome card was Death....
But luckily the 10 of swords was'nt on the reading, which is the actual death card in the deck

Death in this case could mean the leaving behind of one lifestyle/ mindset and embarking on a new life altogether, a total transformation of both mind and body !!

I don't have a crystal ball btw !!
I don't think I have any psychic powers either but stuff did enter my head when I did your reading....pretty trippy stuff as well !!
Here goes....

You are know you are.
You were drawn to this thread.
You seek answers to a question that in your heart/soul you already know the answer to...the definitive proof will prove elusive, although not impossible to attain.
You know the " reality " of things around you

Bet I'm completely wrong !!

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by uk today

Thanks for that! Taken with other interpretations (or at least other than you might think), you might just have given a fairly accurate picture of things. What deck did you use? Did you do this reading just a while ago or was it last night?

Mind if I do a reading for you? Don't tell me your question nor anything else. Send the question out to the cosmos and send me a message giving permission to read...if you dare.

Your non-psychic visions while doing the reading are interesting. Develop that more, dear. It would be interesting for me to know what sorts of things you saw. U2U those things, if you feel so inclined.

Thank you again.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

I used the Rider Waite deck, it's a newish deck cos my last pack of cards got very worn out, so this new deck is what I've been using for the online remote readings

Oh and YES I would love you to do me a question will be sent to the Cosmos shortly.
Bet you already know what I'm asking though eh ?? We probably use the same mindset in creating the answer !!!!

Please feel free to post the answer on here baby...can't wait !!!!

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by uk today

Here ya go. Couldn't get to a comp for hours! =( And btw, I used the Goddess deck. All the cards were chosen intuitively, including the deck.

First up was the 6 of Cups - A longing for the past, nostalgia. The ability to create sweetness in the home. Incorporating the strengths of the past into the present.

Followed by XX, Judgment - Important decisions, news. Welcome change but frightening because of its magnitude.

Then the Princess of Cups, inverted - Incomplete understanding and a desire to move but feeling thwarted.

Eight of Staves, inverted - Waiting too long for communications. Take the initiative, create waves! Stop waiting for others to make the first move!

VII, Rhiannon (The Chariot), inverted - Disregard or insensitivity to the signs around you. Feeling trapped or unable to make the transition. Impatience. Necessity of waiting.

5 of Cups - Disillusionment or disappointment with relationships, concentrating on problems rather than assets, desire to move on. Creative block or infertility, pessimism or depression.

X, Fortune - The generosity of the Universe, ability to open to abundance. Feelings of expansion and positive expectations. Awareness of beauty and love. Chance.

IX, Contemplation (The Hermit), inverted - Distracting oneself by immersion in the world. Refusal to listen to intuition. No time to think or reflect. Superficiality.

6 of Swords - Transitions that go smoothly. News. Knowledge that helps one grow and move beyond current limitations. Lessening of difficulties. Travel to gain distance from difficulties. Detachment so as to better understand the situation. Healing.

You know what it all means.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Wow, thank you for that baby

It was real cool to have someone else read my cards for a change !!
Kinda freaky as well that you chose the Goddess deck....
Won't say, but that does have significance!!!
But you knew that.....

I do have a massive desire to go back to the past, but it's to a past I never experienced in this incarnation.
Weird, cos I've been chatting to a friend on this site about it quite recently on U2U

I am undergoing a major transformation at the moment, both in body and mindset.
I altered my mindset last year, discovered my perception of reality was not what I thought it was...and since that day, I've been on a journey to change almost EVERYTHING that was negative in my life

and I'm succeeding....

Starting up a new life is scary, sometimes I do get afraid, but I know somehow things will work out for the best and tbh, it's my pathway, my destiny so BRING IT ON !!
I believe in it, so it will happen.

Mmmmm, yeah guess I'm trippy !!

peace n luv

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by uk today

Glad it was accurate. You know what to expect, or what to change should that be the case.

I'm not familiar with Rider-Waite so I'm still trying to figure out what your reading means. I guess I'll just meditate on it for a while.

Would still love to know what sorts of things you saw while doing my reading, if you remember more than you've already written.

Keep moving through those transformations. It's a b*tch, but well-worth the effort.

Won't be the last time either. heh

Be well.


*** Back from meditation and the message is now clear. Thanks for great info! Just the encouragement I needed.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Hey again

When I did your reading I did'nt actually " see " things in my mind, I actually " knew " things, which is even trippier !!!

Anyway thanks again for my reading and there is a question I may ask you but if I do I'll u2u it !!

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by uk today

You may indeed, freely. I've friended you. Hope that's okay. You seem like a decent type. =)

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by uk today

Wow, thats scary UK !!! I'm scared now !! haha.

I've always had this vague notion of being prepared for some post apocalyptic event, ... as if I was going to help rebuild in a substantial way. but its just my imagination.

Do you have any advice for me UK ?? those cards are kinda creepy !!!

Death, destruction, catastrophe !!!

Look into your crystal ball and give me some direction !!

I'm kinda worried now.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by IntastellaBurst

Hey there !!

If it's any consolation baby, my cards are throwing up the same kind of reading !!
Aaaaaaaargh !!!

They have been for a long time and obviously, like yourself, I want to know what the future has in store !

Hey, I keep saying this, but these cards are soooooo unlikely to work remotely, so just stay open minded and positive yeah

At least you ain't got the actual death card, unlike moi......

I will ask the tarot again for more info on your destiny, but need to do a reading for pikypiky next, cos she's been waiting very patiently for it !!

Catch you soon Saviour of the planet !!!

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by pikypiky
reply to post by uk today

Oops. I might have misread your opening topic regarding not to ask questions.

With that: Will my `friend` keep his promise(s) and if so, when?

[Please let me know if my English is clear enough or not. Thank you.]

[edit on 2010-7-12 by pikypiky]


At last.....
A normal kind of reading with no mayhem and catastrophe !!!
After the last 2 readings I've done, believe me sweetie I needed this !!

I asked the cards your question but the initial reading just wanted to show your past for some reason ??
Covering you on this was the death card, and other cards showed quite clearly it was a death in the past.....
Nostalgia, memories are attached to this death so it could possibly be someone close to you, but not sure who I'm afraid ??

The outcome card on this was The Empress reversed, which shows the search for the truth, the unravelling of matters and maybe certain questions finally being answered.......

In relation to your question re: your friend, your covering card was the 7 of Swords which indicates a wish, hope and desire for his promise to be kept, BUT failure is certainly a possibility as the card also means a plan that may possibly fail

The cards also show some sort of delay on this matter, keeping you in suspense, waiting ........

Another interesting thing on this reading was you drew all the inertia, stagnation cards....nothing moving.

Your outcome card was The Lovers, and you also drew the 2 of Swords which shows courage, friendship and intimacy.
Your question was very vague, but from this reading if the promise had any romantic connection, then this would obviously be a really cool and positive outcome card.

btw, be cautious over money...........

That last bit was what came into my mind when I did your cards, so its probably completely wrong, but thought I better mention it, just in case !!

Hope this helps...

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 01:47 AM
reply to post by uk today

The liberal usage of smiley faces helps to emphasis key points in your reading. Of course, your mind is keen. That's for sure. I'll have to meditate on your readings and thank the cards (and you of course) for the `interpretation`. Amazing. Meh!

[edit on 2010-7-16 by pikypiky]

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by uk today

Hey there uk today,

if your still doing readings, id like a gooo.
I read you need some info, so here goes -

Dark brown hair,
24 yrs old.

My questions-

What career field will I be most successfull in..?

Thanks for your time.


posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by Esrom Escutcheon Esquire


Well I've done your career reading and the cards were pretty clear on quite a few things !!

You drew a lot of Pentacles, which are money and work related cards.
Covering you was the 5 of Pentacles that shows some sort of money loss, in fact you drew quite a lot of financial loss and money problem cards when I pursued this

The Page of Pentacles reversed was in your past which indicates bad, unfavourable news on the financial front

But, hey that was in the PAST !!

Your question was re: the future and the cards were quite promising, although you may have delay and obstacles in the way of achieving your ideal job.

The tarot showed ahead of you is employment in a job that gives you both interest and responsibility

It could also be possible that you may move away as indicated by both The World card and also the Knight of Wands.
I think from this reading your future could well be in a new place ???

I can tell from the reading that you have great will and determination and if these cards are correct HAPPY DAYS !!
Because your outcome card was Ace of Pentacles !!! That is one of THE best cards to draw in relation to anything financial, cos it shows PERFECT contentment with money !!!

I really don't know how far ahead this is baby ??
It's not near future unfortunately, which is the next 6 mths, but hopefully it will come and hopefully sooner rather than later......

That's what the cards came up with.

Hope this helps,

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 02:52 PM
hi uk today.....
you did a reading for me some months ago,just thought i would update you on what has been happening regarding what you told me,back in September you said we wouldn't move for at least six months,we moved almost six months to the day .....i asked if we would have enough money to do the work that needed doing as ours is an old property,we have already done quite a lot in the month we have been here and the bank balance hasn't shrunk to much.
your readings are great !!!!!!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 03:17 PM
Hey UK Today!
I'm a male, 21, dark brown hair and I'm 21 years old.

Can you tell me what career field will I go in or I should go in.
Also if you have time can tell me about my future love life.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by uk today

hi Uk!

I need a little reading when you have time... because I can't be really objective when reading tarot cards for myself-!

it's about career...I'm thinking about a major change direction- what do the cards tell you?

thanks a lot in advanced!

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