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9-11 and a code to reveal truth

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 08:00 AM

On 9-11-2001. At around 8:00am i get home from my night job. I listened to art bell alot at the time and got into trouble for it at work for being distracted. I never saw the possibility that my path would be naturaly crossed with communication with the earth.
I grew up rejected and abused, subsequently self abused from this abuse. To fight this I got into sex and then parties. And ended up on three different occasions passing out from what i would not call a head rush, rather an envelopement of light. 3 times i have connected for a moment I believe to the aether. In my head. All my shakras were likely open fully. Now I live a normal life, work a job, living a semi-healthy life. I admit I dont always eat right.

Im a gemini. And suffer from its effects daily. Well lately I have noticed a numerical sequence of connection as if the earth, or the universe or the other side is sending me signals through time and events. as if lines are connecting to me. numbers which i am relating connect to Jesus Christ. He suffered temptation of satan, who offered him the world if he joined satan in his quest. for 40 days and nights.


another sequence of numbers is a birthday.


1977 could be 1014 or 10 77

Im not aware of all numerical meanings out there. But the links that open up to esoteric realities are amazing to me because I see it everywhere. Also 22 is representative of power later in life if used right.

well i see a lot of coincidences surrounding these numerics and my communications with life. I see clouds communicating with me. I am being expiremented on by a rogue group using mind controls..recently detected. And i grew up in a town with masons and magicians and partied in places these people go. unwittingly.

Based on recent learnings of this occultism I am only left to guess that i am right.
That earth is being turned into a giant paradox machine by those who love evil as good. Meaning the removal of freewill. If all cities are designed to be energ conduits and magic is being invoked, this points to raising of the dead, or the stored.

Transformation is not permanent. Transfiguration is longer lasting meaning that it changes fully. Transformation is merely a mask. What im saying is that I see 11:11 sequences. A clock, a countdown is happening, 10 is the focus. Not 9, not 11, 10.

So extrapolating from this life, early contact with aliens at age 7 or 8, rejected by masons even to this day being used by there secret government projects, random visions and connections to earth. Seeing 9-11 in a dream where im at a church..or a nuke go off and i live through the fire watching people blown away around me. I dont know what to make of what God or the universe is telling me, I just know I have a good heart, and a confused head. And see a world that refuses to be truly good.

I dont control events or people, but I communicate what I see and the earth sends me the reply that it understood me through events or communications even down to a microcosm of daily event coincidences. I use my eyes and what I see to determine truth. The capstone that was rejected by the bilders is rejected why? Becuase he rejected satan and I believe that there are magicians using cities to collect and focus energy from and to a person. This person will have power. And money. I have neither. i want neither, based on what I see I have love. That in itself is power.

For instance I posted about the universe having 9 cycles. Days later a major accident killing 9 "K9" people after a trailer truck "TT" slams into cars on a highway.

Then theres recent unexplainables in the Ukraine and Chechneya or rather U.C. as in "you see?" as if my psychology is being read and earth is telling everyone. Storms form just for me sometimes it seems as i like them. and despite the world dragging me down, its as if a spirit is keeping me above the below.

The reasoning for this crazy belief of myself is the masonic Black and White Good and Evil Positive and Negative resonances. Meaning that im generally a good person with a normal human flaws. And the bible mentions many qualities the New Name of Christ will hold as clues. It only makes sense that those who are working against Christ will do everything to deceive, mock and belittle in the name of promoting there theft and lie in accusing the people, as is happening through official channels. So they miimick theoreticly energies of the strong pillars, the star dates that allow them to leak energies like a mixture of potions of the universe upon a pharohistic man who becomes the world leader accusing the people who are caught between confusion, the alter they will be under, is the where I believe Christ came back from. AkA the right hand of God. And there is beauty everywhere and war is only made real by those who are blind to the beauty and aware of themselves over it.

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 08:24 AM
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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 10:24 AM
you know i once thought, ok maybe twice, that i could be jesus, but to say it and believe it, well wouldnt everyone just crucify you? not to be blasphemous. they would want you to walk on water and change water to wine. well regardless....

i kind of understand what you are saying about numbers and what not. i see 4:07 8 times a day. 9:11 4 times a day, 11:11 3 times a day, mainly because all the clocks are wrong, but it is odd.

though speaking of birthday and numbers, mine breaks down to
5 10 10 10

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by mastermind77

thank you for your thread,although I found it impossible to follow or comprehend it did actually give me insight into something,I'm just not sure what.So keep up the good work,I await your next thread with trepidation.Peace be with you.

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