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The Arrivals Movie

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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 12:15 AM

Originally posted by thegear

Originally posted by open_eyeballs
This isnt to rile up the religious folk, but with all the anti-islam talk, you do realize your christianity is based on the same god and characters from the same lineage?

just saying...

You hit the nail on the head. Islam and Christianity are very very similar. Islam believes in ALL the same disciples and prophets, Islam just adds Muhammad as the last one.

I am no expert on either religion but there are obviously many other things that are different.

Islam seemed to keep a more pure version of the older religious text. For example how the council of Nicaea "polluted" Christ teachings 320 some years later. Around that time the Roman Emperor merged the Pagan holidays with Christianity and setup the astrological significance of the December 25th date and the three king manger story. I thought it was interesting that the Qur'an was made to be memorized and told oral to keep modifications to a minimum through the ages. Reminded me of Native American history.

There was the point mention along the lines of if the Romans had Jesus killed, how would it be that they would later be the promoters of his teachings and eventually the top religion (Roman Catholic) I am sure it is a Sunday school lesson but it boggles my mind that it turned out that way.

The picture of the young Pope with Nazi propaganda was interesting.

The film should have made more of a point to describe Jews living in Palestine PEACEFULLY as brothers and sisters befor Israel became a State.

The series was entertaining but the subliminal messages, flash's, and such were most likely just rushing through the editing stage. I tried to stop a few and see but flash 10 is terrible for anything useful like that. I look forward to the next documentary the two produce. Hopefully with links to sources so people can properly learn and debate.

Can someone please host the full 50some episodes as one, hopefully with the higher resolution. Honestly the fuzzy yellow text on black almost made me shut it off.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 08:54 PM
I watched this series and felt enlightened NOT because of the religious overtones etc BUT because it brought to my attention some rather disturbing things I didn't know about before.

I am not religious I am agnostic. I do however take into consideration world literature and yes even the religious literature. As fantasy like as the bible and religious works seem they do exist and they do have a huge impact on the people of the world and this has to be taken into consideration regardless of whether or not you are religious or believe yourself what is in those books.

Some of the more interesting aspects of this series were the mind-control aspects more specifically the advertisements and Disney.

Again for those who shut this series off after the first couple videos you have missed an opportunity to understand a different perspective. You may not like, agree with it, believe in it, or live by it but regardless of how you feel it exists and it has influence. I feel like I have a better understanding now of why exactly the western world is hated by most of the middle-east.

do I believe in everything this video says? Absolutely not, but I did find some aspects of it that were very thought provoking, I guess that's because I watched the whole series. Wouldn't expect anyone who didn't watch the full series to have anything of value to add, i could you?

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 02:50 PM

Just in case anyone couldn't find the series...

Good documentry if you'd like to call it that. It had some boring parts and it was honestly a little preachy. Alot of it made sence, though there was very little i didn't already know.

I always thought "the dome of the rock" was what everyone was after in jerusalem. Apparently i was wrong...though its hard to believe they're all after "magick books" I believe magic might exist, though the only proof i have is the thousands of books on the subject lol.

The star gate theory is also hard to believe but again who knows but the people that deal with it i guess...

These videos do express the true teachings of the prophets in minor details.

Also as anyone can clearly see by some of the posts in this thread, as the video states: The religions of the world are divided even within their own ranks.

This is the problem with religion, the real teachers are hunted down and killed. And what we're left with is a sad inturpretation of what should be taught.

Aside from the religious part of these videos, its very interesting to see a view point from the other side of the fence....(the evil side so to speak)

The fact remains, the elite do control the world. Its plainly obvious....the sad part is theres nothing anyone can do about it. This is the way things will remain unless something "divine" happens...

I'd like to believe that christ will return one day, but i have my doubts.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 03:34 PM

Yea watch this if you like but do so with extreme prejudice and skepticism...

It's essentially a compilation of world conspiracy, NWO, anti-christ theory, and that sort of stuff but fashioned more for a Westernized audience. Many assertions and statements in it come directly off the web that you or I have probably seen whilst searching for random # at odd hours of the day (usually on youtube). I recommend watching it like a fiction movie or referrence for more legitimate research.. and by that I mean use it as something to point you in a direction of your own interests, if you're curious about something, look it up.

Zeitgeist still made a devastating toll on the internet community that has to be rectified but some people just accepted it for face-value without comparing it to criticisms, reviews, or other contradictory evidence and what do we have? Christianity stealing off of other religions? Such bull#. The Federal Reserve, Idk, not my field of expertise, and the ending conclusion.. the Venus project? Really? A one world resource based economy? #ing socialism in a white dress, sugar coated on top. Venus = Morning star... guess where I'm going with this. Plus the ending being all like, oh connectedness and social conscious order... with the sun in between the cupped shaped hands, anyone who knows jack about Illuminati symbolism and NWO plans would see right through this and easily tell its just propaganda to further Satanism and try to debunk Christianity with blatant lies, why must they lie straight to your face? Maybe because the assertions they're making aren't even backed with enough evidence to truly disprove it. All they did was try making Christanity = Sun god worship, which is pretty much what they do already but say we're the ones #ing it up. They are painting their own religion as Christian to make stupid Christians or anyone for that matter think Christianity is bs and what? follow their religion of aesthetics, superficiality, and unholiness?
Just like with Waking Life, it's just an attempt to make fictional assertions in a fictional movie look truly legitimate.

Back to Arrivals and their uncredible information... Freemasons, look it up, don't take their word for it, same goes for the energy channelling, revolutions in history, zionism & world jewry, ect. EVERYTHING. Don't take it to heart, I kinda get the feeling this is propaganda in itself, that its like a counter-psyop from our Americanized/Zionized propaganda in which our media tells us to not give a #, be a patriotic American, and religions are bull# be atheist, as opposed to this message in which it is to stick to your faith and join the fight against the rising evil.

All I have to say is that there are powers both good and evil battling it out and we are in no place to interfere. We are but pawns on a cosmic chess game and just follow your own pursuits of happiness and if you come to faith in any particular religion I hope you find enlightenment and peace in it. I, personally, follow the positive aspects of Christianity, sure theres bad # here and there but I tend to ignore it and perfer to follow a lifestyle that promotes tolerance and peace among all people no matter the small differences. Thats really what Satan is out to do, promote ignorance, violence, and chaos. Satan embodies heirarchy, you see it in pyramids, freemasonry, and other symbolism, its even in this movie, but let me tell you, no matter what it looks like, GOD will always be at the top of the pyramid scheme or even above it, transcending it because He's infinitely greater than Satan.

Christianity no matter what way people put it, conveys a message that God loves you and Satan is out to destroy you. We barely understand our current universe (dark matter, nuclear fusion, particle physics), its arrogant and hubris to make assertions about things that transcend it. There is a large amount of moral subversion in America due to zionism, in my opinion, but do your own research, I have many anti-zionism beliefs, but ask around for sources of information from people to learn more, if the sources don't exist, make your own inference or just avoid the subject. In all, much of our media today is out to distract us from the big picture, we are truly being exploited by an elite, wealthy ruling class. You may choose to fight it or join it, in my opinion, just live a normal life, even if you join the workforce working for the elitists, the meek shall inherit the earth, just live good honest lives. Perpetuate good and good shall be perpetuated, we have seen how evil only begets more evil, we are but children who have issues learning our lessons, the oldest among us are not the wisest. I strongly recommend reading the Bible and I hope you see God shine brilliantly before you, even in our dark world that points all the wrong directions.

posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 05:15 PM
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