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French Students discover SwineFlu agenda, gets killed in London 2008.

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 09:44 AM
Let's take a look at the killers.

Dano Sonnex: a career criminal determined to live up to family name

Seems like Sonnex was brought up in a very bad family, was addicted to drugs and had a reputation for violent crimes, robberies, assaults etc. From what i've read he was a merciless psychopath, capable of assaulting pregnant women and his own foster-sister.

And Nigel Farmer was a depressed, easily led loner with no fixed abode... Probably egged on by Sonnex, but equally guilty in the torture and murder of the students.


Now this is what i cannot understand... As some people are claiming here that they were killed off by shady people.

How? Did they get told to rob and murder these students? If so who by? Were they told to make it look like a murder/robbery?

Was the original burgalry commited by DIFFERENT people and then blamed on the murderers?

If these were 'hit men' then who hired them?

Because to me, it seems that the killers were very sick people, desperate but calculated (evil?) and although something does not add up here, for the life of me i cannot figure out this crime...

From what i've read, these killers were depraved, drug addicts and nothing more.... certainly not institutionalised hit men. Because surely if they had been paid to kill these men, then they would have tried to save their own skins in court by 'grassing' on the person who ordered the murders.

Can anybody see my problem here, trying to understand this strange puzzle.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 09:47 AM

turns out it was a white supremacist site)

I'll be all those people that were scrambling to Star and Flag this are kicking themselves. I wish people didn't hand those things out like candy at Halloween.

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 10:04 AM
I dont think the Goverment even has the man power to even think about forcing it on ppl thats just BS.

There is not even enough troops to put into warzones never mind a group of soldiers on every street in England forcing civies to take injections.

If vans of People came onto the streets with guns and syringes to force injections do you think the street will stand there and let them do it?
I dont think they would let it happen the whole town would swarm on them.
There isnt even enough police on the streets to help along side vaccination teams the whole town would riot. I know were i live there just isnt enuff police IMO to even think about carrying this out.

It will be media driven and very suttle like when u drop your kid off at school they will have vaccination stations when u get there. They will make it look they like they are helping you best they can and crap so you loose your will and submit to it without trouble.

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by ::.mika.::

Actually it proves it's a lie.

News that is not neutral will lie.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 11:02 AM
This alone makes me believe there are some top dawgs who want it spread, and those that actually care.

But, when it comes to power, it only takes one bad guy to ruin it for the rest of us.

A short, yet very enlightening thread.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by ChemBreather

Why are you posting that in a reply to my post?

That is not related to my post, that in itself was related to what posted before, about Russia being afraid of a bio attack.

And I said previously that I saw the news about that double murder case when it happened, one year ago.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 12:50 PM
Here are more Scientist deaths, all 'suicides' and 'accidents' and 'torture/murder' cases, all the same MO as my Op.

200 missing/dead scientists, there are ofcourse many more, but this is one such list..

Source link here

Top Deadly Contagious Virus: Harvard Professor Goes Missing

A world-renowned Harvard scientist and expert in highly contagious and deadly viruses mysteriously disappeared in Tennessee early last Friday, leaving a rental car on a Memphis bridge.

Herman Eisen, an MIT professor emeritus and friend of Wiley's, said suicide ''just doesn't fit.''

By Maria Glod
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 12, 2001; Page B01

A well-known biophysicist who was one of the leading researchers on DNA sequencing analysis was found slain in his rural Loudoun County home after co-workers became concerned that he didn't come to work Monday, authorities said yesterday.

Here is another list .

March 25, 2002: - part of KUSA TV in Denver:

"Denver car dealer Kent Rickenbaugh, his wife, Caroline, and their son Bart were killed Sunday in a plane crash near Centennial Airport. Pilot Dr. Steven Mostow also died. Dr. Mostow, 63, was one of the country's leading infectious disease experts and was Associate Dean at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Mostow was a crusader for better health, an early advocate for widespread flu vaccinations and more recently an expert on the threat of bioterrorism.

November 16, 2001: Dr. Don C Wiley, one of the foremost infectious disease researchers in the U.S., was declared missing. His body was fished out of the Mississippi some 300 miles down river on December 20, 2001, from where he "accidentally fell" off the Hernando De Soto Bridge. Wiley was world renowned and an expert on how the human immune system fights off infections and had been investigating such dangerous viruses as AIDS, Ebola, herpes and influenza. His resume and fields of research is very extensive.

If you there is nothing to this than 'Coincidental' murders of people that want whats best for you , so be it ..

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 12:52 PM
Okay guys.

I don't know about hospitals outside the US but all of the hospitals I have been in love to have everyone sit in a waiting room together using the same clipboards to fill out paperwork and reading the same magazines.

I work in an international resort destination working with the public from all over the world. I told this and the fact that I had a lung infection to the hospital staff during the big SARS scare. knowing this they sat me in a waiting room for 4 hours and I finally walked out and went home.

Why do you think these staph infections are so huge in the hospitals?

Because they make no effort to separate the patients and no effort to protect staff from getting illnesses from the patients.

This being said. If Anyone Wanted to Create a Virus it would spread faster via the hospitals than it would anywhere else. The patients all give it to each other and then the staff takes it home. Then their kids take it to school and the spouse to work.

If this were created it would be much bigger and would have spread much faster.

I prey to God no one ever creates a super bug, because our screwed up medical industry will be the delivery system.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by ChemBreather

just joining the thread

You said Mossad killed these 2 people, so is this an Israeli plot of a plot by the prevalent religion in that country?

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Guess NOBODY read my post about the actual murderers....


posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 01:35 PM

Originally posted by warrenb
You said Mossad killed these 2 people, so is this an Israeli plot of a plot by the prevalent religion in that country?

Hey, I dont understand the question, I dont know the word prevalent.
But anyways, I dont get why you'll so into the religion things, it has nothing to do with Religion. Mossad would, I gather provide resources to make it happen. It is realy not the issue at hand..

I quote from another site, i found they had it pretty much rounded up..

Remember these two students - bio-chem students ... and there are now over 200 dead/missing microbiologists, all working on ... things.

Innocent French students stabbed 243 times in London flat murder
Two French exchange students visiting London were stabbed 243 times, tied up, gagged and burnt in one of the most "frenzied, brutal and horrific" murders ever investigated by Scotland Yard.

Rogue Israeli Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination
Laurent Bonomo, left, and Gabriel Ferez, right, students who were
two French Intelligence officers, were brutally stabbed to death
in a London flat that was then set on fire.

It can now be reported that the murders of two French bio-chemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were carried out by Bush-Clinton “TRUE COLORS” rogue Israeli Mossad-British Intelligence assassination teams.

Both French students, Bonomo and Ferez, were studying at the prestigious London Imperial College researching the origins of bird flu and the link to the alleged vaccines.

BANBURY, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 04: Men in protective body suits enter a chicken shed on a farm that has seen an outbreak of the H7 strain of bird flu, near Banbury on June 4 2008 in Oxfordshire, England . The strain of avian flu virus was found yesterday in laying hens, and all birds on the farm have been ordered to be destroyed. The H7 strain has been found in Britain on several occasions before, but this is the first time it has been identified in the highly pathogenic, or deadly, form.

The murders of the two students was first released by France’s Directorate for Internal Security, not by Britain’s Scotland Yard, making it almost a certainty that the two students were French Intelligence officers.

Reference: A joint French-U.S. Intelligence anti-terrorist task force in Paris, France, headed by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former head of French Intelligence Jean Crouté, for years have monitored the activity of the out-of-control Bush-Clinton “TRUE COLORS” mercenary armies.

The patriotic American-French team has prevented various scripted terrorist attacks, i.e. false flags, on both the United States and Europe, with the planning of the attacks actually originating inside the compromised intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany.
The two French students, i.e. Intelligence Officers, had discovered that the alleged bird flu vaccine, H-7, which was designed to neutralize and stop the H5N1 avian flu virus, had been spliced using DNA to actually create a vaccine and a virus at the same time.The French students had also discovered that the bird flu vaccine, i.e. a virus, had links to both U.S., British and Israeli laboratories with the noted post 9/11 anthrax MOSSAD agent Dr. Philip M. Zackerie as a subject of interest.

Israeli ZIONIST, microbiologist Zackerie, known as Dr. Zack, not only worked for the U.S. bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where he was photographed handling the stain of anthrax used in the post 9/11 attack, but was a consultant at the Boulder, Colorado FBI Division 5 linked company Gilead Sciences Inc.

Gilead Sciences of Boulder, Colorado has been linked to the 9/11 anthrax strain and to the bird flu vaccine.

And, if that is not bad enough folks, listen to this.

Almost 50% of the Gilead Sciences Inc. stock is owned by former U.S. Secretary of Defense and 9/11 co-conspirator Donald Rumsfeld, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cindy McCain, wife of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, and none other than FBI Division 5 William Morris Agency and NBC anchor face, Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw has replaced the late Tim Russert as host of NBC’s alleged interview show “Meet the Press”.

Retired Republican Senator William Frist of Tennessee has major investments in the bird flu vaccine, i.e. virus.
These French Intelligence officers, who worked for both Colin Powell and Jean Crouté, were about to expose a plot by the Bush-Clinton “TRUE COLORS” intelligence rogues to use the H-7 flu vaccine, i.e. virus, as a way to poison the American People and create a flu pandemic, which would lead to a national emergency and give the outlaw Bush Administration an excuse to declare MARTIAL LAW and exercise emergency control over the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve.

This financial control would allow the outlaw Bush Administration the ability to block the G-7 ordered implementation of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which are designed to return BILLIONS OF DOLLARS back to the U.S., French and Chinese Treasuries.

The two French students, who had their apartment broken into one week before their brutal assassination, also had their lap top computer stolen and their apartment fire bombed.

The operation has been traced to a team of ten (10) Israeli MOSSAD and British MI5 agents.

The individual currently under arrest in the United Kingdom is a witness to the murders whose life is in jeopardy at this time given he has been taken into custody by the Bush-Clinton “TRUE COLORS” compromised Scotland Yard.
The two French students, along with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former head of French Intelligence Jean Crouté, were also in possession of a SECRET U.S. government “Death List”, which targets various outspoken political opponents of the American ruling junta.

It is conceivable that these outspoken political opponents would become recipients of the bird flu vaccine aka virus after their incarceration at various concentration camps under MARTIAL LAW conditions.

These concentration camps are SECRETLY headquartered in Yuma, Arizona.

Former Republican Senator William Frist of Tennessee was given a copy of this “Death List”.

P. S. The assassination of the French Intelligence Officers happened to coincide just after the recent meetings that took place in Northern Ireland between White House resident George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.The two murders also coincide with the recent assassination attempt in Israel targeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

It should be noted that the alleged suicide victim, who allegedly shot himself during the departure of Sarkozy from the Tel Aviv airport was an Arab patsy-to-be before the assassination attempt was foiled.

Sarkozy was also aware of the bird flu TREASON and the plans to use it against France as well as the Israeli MOSSAD hacking of French INTERPOL internet portals using the American NSA and a headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland.
The NSA-MOSSAD spy nest in Amsterdam has also been used to disrupt and hack all U.S. computers and email communications originating in the United States.
So, in other words folks, if you are a patriotic whistleblower receiving communications from overseas sources about internal government-sponsored terrorist activities on your own soil, i.e. U.S. soil, YOU, the patriotic whistleblower, are subjected to being spied on by your own government, i.e. the REAL terrorists.

These two students studied at the Pasteur institute. Claudia Haignere "the first French woman in space was a professor there. She "attempted" suicide in December on the same day that the institute suffered a fire!!!! which only desroyed papers!!! Check out what she was heard to say before lapsing into a coma!! It's on Wixepidia if I remember rightly.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

Toss the Thread..slide it in here ..

Well, Coverups usually means Make it so it looks like some thing Else.
Cant belive this is supposed to be an conspiracy site, no one here even beilive that is possible at all.. I think that is giong on much more than once a year..

[edit on 28-6-2009 by ChemBreather]

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by ChemBreather

Your problem is that your only source is from a known white supremacist that make unsubstantiated claims. The point of ATS is NOT to scream conspiracy at everything and see what sticks, it's for intelligent conversation and research. Asking us to just trust this blog is asking for ignorance, not denying ignorance.

If you want, I'll just make an unsubstantiated blog post discrediting everything you've said, link to it here, then complain that nobody is taking the conspiracy seriously.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Swine Flu Or Bird Flu: Scientist Warns Of Six-month Time Lag To Manufacture Pandemic Flu Vaccine

Dr Stephenson, of the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Leicester, said: "If an influenza pandemic occurs, vaccination will to be the main way to protect the population. The major current threat seems to be from avian influenza H5N1 (bird flu) which has spread rapidly around the world and causes human infections and deaths.

Source Link

Swine Flu Vaccine Tainted With Live Avian Flu-Baxter Pharmaceuticals….No Way Contaminated By Accident…Vaccine Against Which Virus?

“The A (H1N1) flu strain they had was quite unusual, said Dr. Nancy Cox, the chief of the agency’s flu division. It contained gene segments from North American swine, bird and human flu strains as well as one from Eurasian swine.”

In other words, Created in a lab.
“The unusual strain this year was noticed, Dr. Schuchat said, only because the agency was trying out a new diagnostic test at a Navy laboratory and doing more testing than usual through a new Border Infectious Disease Surveillance Project along the Mexican border.”

Death Cases 9/11 related - Bio chemists

November 24th, 2001 On Nov. 24 th, 2001, a Swissair flight from Berlin to Zurich crashed on its landing approach. Of the 33 persons on board, 24 were killed, including the head of the hematology department at Israel's Ichilov Hospital, as well as directors of the Tel Aviv Public Health Department and Hebrew University School of Medicine. They were the only Israelis on the flight. The names of those killed, as reported in a subsequent Israeli news story but not matched to their job titles, were Avishai Berkman, Amiramp Eldor and Yaacov Matzner.

~November 24th, 2001 John Mike Spann, CIA agent was killed by an unknown person, officially by a prisoner revolt near Mazar-e-Sharif. His wife Kathryn "Cissy" King died 5 weeks later in January 2002 from Cancer.

December 4th, 2001 A body discovered in a van in Pike National Forest was identified as missing 59-year-old Jefferson County James Watkins (Andersen Consulting). Watkins, had been missing since Nov. 13. Jacki Tallman, a spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, stated, he had committed suicide.

December 8th, 2001 BioTech + Database Scientist Robert M. Schwartz was killed by three young occult fans, who have been all arrested.

December 14th, 2001 Set Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant who had worked at the facility for 15 years, a microbiologist was killed at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's animal diseases facility in Geelong, Australia. (Same facility that, as the journal Nature announced in January this year: "Australian scientists, Dr Ron Jackson and Dr Ian Ramshaw, accidentally created an astonishingly virulent strain of mousepox, a cousin of smallpox, among laboratory mice) "Victoria Police said Set Van Nguyen, 44, appeared to have died yesterday morning [=December 11th] after entering an airlock into a storage laboratory filled with nitrogen. Police said he did not know the room was full of deadly gas which had leaked from a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Unable to breathe, he collapsed and died" An odd coincidence: Van Nguyen has almost the same last name as Vietnam Immigrant Kathy Nguyen, who died in late December of Anthrax, but no envelope was involved.

January 1st, 2002 Nancy Sonnenfeld, wife of official FEMA-WTC cameraman Kurt Sonnenfeld (->), was shot by her husband in the chest around 1:40 a.m. at their home in east Denver and died later that morning at Denver Health Medical Center.

January 25th, 2001 Former Enron executive Clifford Baxter (->) who resigned in May 2001 was found shot to death in a car in an apparent suicide.

maybe these two found swine flu in the Avian Flu vaccine, or maybe even an more deadly pandemic flu...

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Esoterica

I see your point totally, but you know as well as I this Flu thing is killing two birds with one stone..

They get their Depopulation plan in affect, and going to make a #load of cash in the proccess..
They dont even know wich strain to make a vaccine for, and how come they had the knowledge of the swine flu before it even broke out ?

And I see some poster cant imagine how thei are going to get to vaccinate every one, simple, the people are going to Beg for it .. !!

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by contemplator

Originally posted by total newbie
reply to post by wyleecoyote

They figure it is more humane to kill you in place than to take you to a FEMA camp and let you starve to death.


Sounds that way but my sources close to the vaccine manufacturing plant have stated once you take the vaccine your organs will liquefy over a 2 day period. This is NOT humane. My sources deep in the government say everyone will be physically forced to vaccinate, they state a vaxquad teams will administer it by force -those attempting to run will be shot with vaxdarts. Not only this but the vaccine's prototype designation is depop-x12

God help us all.

right, that's obviously not totally made up...

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Please check out my article on swine flu. What consequences can we expect of swine flu pandemic? Is it a biological weapon?

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by ChemBreather
I'm interested in this part of your post which has a quote from another site,(not sure which one yet),
"This financial control would allow the outlaw Bush Administration the ability to block the G-7 ordered implementation of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which are designed to return BILLIONS OF DOLLARS back to the U.S., French and Chinese Treasuries."
The chasing of "settlement money" is part of a big story in itself,I have been trying to find out more about this myself and as to why George Bush and Gordon Brown ended up in Belfast mid-June last year visiting bankers,

So now this article you quote is saying that somehow Swine 'Flu', the Settlement grants, and Students deaths are connected.
Only thing is, I'm not sure that Christopher Story,(see link above)has made the same connection yet.
June last year sure was a busy month, whatever.

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 05:50 PM
god damn... They are like gangsters they do w\e they want to do its like "ya we killed him and wat?" they are trying to create mass historian so that people will do w\e they want int eh name of stopping the swine flew. the flue is so bad that their are cases in #ing Somoa Tonga and papa new guinea. those places are the MOST isolated places in the world. i got family in Somoa man! #KKKKKKKKKKKK

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Reydan

Gonna read it tomorrow, it is now 1am here, time for bed unless the heat keeps me up.

i read an article that sayd the swine flu was confirmed in Australia before it showed up in Mexico...

Swine flu was also present in the usa after the vietnam war ended, I think there were 3 or 4 Us marins who died , some thing along those lines..

The info is on google, just use it !!

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