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M K WOLF I-Corps agent for NSA CIA

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posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 12:13 PM
who was he :
the late Dr. Michael Wolf served in the Viet Nam-era as an Air Force Colonel, pilot, flight surgeon, and as an I-Corps intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He has earned an M.D. in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a SCD in Computer Science, a J.D. in Law, an M.S. in electromagnetic influences of organisms, and a B.S. in biogenetics. Basically a Buddhist, Wolf also affirms the core truths in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native American Spirituality, and other major spiritual traditions. His personal seminal koan is: "The truth is a lie which has yet to be revealed

basically :From 1972-1977 Dr. Wolf engaged in covert governmental research into extraterrestrial technology. "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living quarters with them," while doing research at extremely-classified underground government research laboratories.

full run down:

I believe and no where is there follow thru on the issue of him freeing a hybrid super soldier who was undergoing conditioning from our black ops group . He was able to free this test subject by blowing up the lab . I noticed his book all profits were going to charity ,yet i believe the money was going to support the hybrid who is alive and well and my guess living in Canada??? Anyhow, if anyone wants to add info on this please do. Yet, i am aware of many sci fi channel plots and other hollywood movies that have simulair plots. Now, just because that has occured doesn't mean that Wolfs story isn't real. And yes, if the hybrid is alive and well please contact me at my youtube website That site is where nothing but the solid factoids and gut level ,yet sometimes wise reactions are shared. And yes, i can keep secrets too , why share important info with the potato couch clan, the masses, the mess-es etc etc

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:04 PM
Laboratories where Dr. Wolf has worked with ETs include: Site S-4 (near the northeast corner of the Nevada Test Range), and nearby Area 51 (where he lived for a while), the Foreign Technology Division labs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio), and the former Dulce Laboratory (near the New Mexico-Colorado border). Wolf also is aware that extraterrestrials work with government scientists at Haystack Air Force Laboratory, deep under Haystack Butte at Edwards Air Force Base, California. And when I brought up the subject of the government complex beneath Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field near the Nevada Test Site, Wolf quickly responded, "I can't say anything about that."

But i can, i camped across from it numerous nights and saw a tall white craft one night, dang bastards didnt land after i signalled to them .Check Charles halls story on them----since its all true. IM sure WOLF saw the talls yet he only mentioned Nordics

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:13 PM
plus wolfs dad was abducted and look at what little wolf did as a child:

On December 24, 1954 one such effort was observed by George Hunt Williamson, (whom Dr. Wolf identifies as having been a CIA operative.) Williamson, in his book, Road In The Sky, wrote that young Wolf, the year before his bar-mitzvah, was transmitting messages to space intelligences using modulated light beams [p. 150]. Michael had telepathically requested that the ETs confirm receipt of his mental message by flying over his house in a certain direction. Wolf recalls,

"Five minutes later, two flying saucers flew over my house, heading north, as I had requested."

The Intelligence community began to keep tabs on Wolf, and eventually recruited him. Wolf recounts that the government guided and paid for his impressive education, because they saw he had a good relationship with the ETs, and because he was the brightest student his teachers had seen.

( SO DONT CRY WOLF you non posting skeptics ...... eeek did i say that right??)

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:15 PM
Ohh, you sound like a compelling story teller.

I can say that this is a good thread and I will be very interested to hear if he does indeed contact you, or the Alien for that matter.

Often in meditation I have also said to 'them' that if ever they find themselves stuck in my neck of the woods and should need to seek shelter, that it would be fine with me, but if possible and they could appear as a humanoid, do so, although I have seen an alien that had the ability to look like many things within the environment.

In all reality, it would shock me less to see an alien in need than a human.

I think that there are laws in place to keep the average person from allowing contact or initiating it on any account. But I do not resonate with the way our Galactic and interdimensional visitors are treated by those that are hoarding their existence.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:20 PM
Would you tell us everything you saw while camped out? Do you recall in detail what they looked like and how you were able to distinguish an Alien from a human?

Also a timeline of your campout?

Yes you sound interesting.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:45 PM
Having now listened to a few of the sessions with Wolf, tell me are 'you' the interviewer? If so you did a good job and he seems very comfortable with you.

I wonder why no other takers, is this guy for real? it is a little difficult to understand him at times. Is he well?

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by timfixIndian Springs Auxiliary Air Field near the Nevada Test Site, Wolf quickly responded, "I can't say anything about that."

Indian Springs ah yes...

India Springs is where the kids get to play 'video games' except that they play with live ammo. Indian Springs is the location where the UAV's are controlled from. They get to sit at a monitor and control these UAV's via satellite uplink and never be at risk to enemy attack

Something like these... Pretty little thing isn't it?

UAV Battlelab stands up at Indian Springs

“We are looking at numerous items for the future,” Colonel Felder said. “UAVs originally gave us intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, but that has changed with additional roles. We are seeing UAVs used more in the shooter role, and aircraft, such as the unmanned combat aerial vehicle, will give us the capability to carry multiple payloads, pull high G-forces, penetrate airspace that hasn’t been penetrated before and hit high-risk targets without jeopardizing our pilots’ lives.”

Colonel Felder said his vision of the future is clear.

Warning this is a .mil link

So I would expect you would see many strange things flying around

But I am curious how you managed to 'camp' near there

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 07:18 PM
That pic looks extremely fake...

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:02 PM
well across the highway is blm land. i wanted to use lasars but i had heard the the talls have stronger eye sight then ours so i desided against it. I would of flashed the lasar at french peak which i think has optical devices etc ...placed on the MTN ,yet i'd have to show you a map as to where the best place i think for best position. Late at night 4 am is when the action occurs. the base shuts down usually ,unless of course there are war games going on at night . they use alot of flares,you see alot of stuff, jets , this is home base for the predators.

now, if i had a team of ufo hunters i'd also postion myself in the back , which is warm springs to area 51 . thats right indian springs is the back yard to 51 moreless.

dang tall whites.... are super security minded and do not trust average joe. charles hall was one lucky man ,but in book 3 the talls ask him to come back since his replacement weatherman was a jerk. hall said the hell wit dat , they almost killed him ,which is explain also in book 3 . my real name is mentioned along with my encounters in book 4.

now back to wolfenstien :

this guy was a saint , i can also back up the jesus was a et hybrid brought here to help us evolve from being so frickin violent etc.

its the col steven wilson story . the one where he meets a tall white female who pops out a crystal that projects hologram movies about our true history . they tell him that another race brought the J man here. since im multi denominational i wonder about the rest :buddha , krishna , ramana maharshi, yurkteshwar ,karoli, etc perhaps we can also do it on our own? or ...did i get off the subject oh well .... didnt mean to : )

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:04 PM
Hey Joe long time no see... how's life in the 'business' treating you?

Now what looks fake about it?
Sure its a fish eye lens and some cool lighting but...

OH I get it the purple 'Cylon" eye
I am sure hey had a reason to put that in, but it looks prettier with that lighting than the plain white version they had at the airshow

You know I am surprised to see you pop into this thread... I think the last time we locked horns was either over Kwajalien or SiPRNET for get which..

TWO stars huh my my we did attract attention

This baby packs a wallop though

They even had a nice cutaway version on display so you could see the engine

I always love it when you guys show up

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:16 PM
Same story as Bob Lazar's situation...

On the other hand, they have told him not to disclose too many government secrets, nor too many details about his role inside ULTRA-classified projects. (He characterizes his current low-profile status as "sequestered".) And to complicate matters further, they have "erased" almost all his records, such as the universities he attended, his degrees, and his record of government service as an independent contractor to the CIA, NSA and NSC. Such measures are common for individuals working in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, where their bosses must maintain "plausible deniability", in case a "sensitive" worker decides to make unauthorized disclosures. Additionally, the national security oath Wolf had to sign required him not to publish papers in scientific journals on his findings doing classified research.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by antar

i'll cut n paste this from my site, hows that
1.Back in the 60's i did a homework assignment were i clipped out a time magazine article entitled- Who were they? It showed a picture of the Talls all dressed-up having crashed a embassy ball ! Yet, ambassadors from N Spain were not invested, nor did they have proof.
2.In the '80s at a used book store i came across the lost book of the Talls, written by a NJ housewife who befriended military personel , photos of talls were used in book.I tried emailing many ufo-book-sources ,to no avail. Charles Hall once owned the book yet it vanished. Anyone who has or knows of this book please contact. Its about 150 pages ,dark front cover, black n white photos.I must of been confiscated for being top secret.
3.Then in '90 i came out of the bathroom of the Tropicana Casino late one night and noticed 4 talls ,one was climbing the stairs in a most peculiar manor. I later found it was due to not being used to earth gravity,thus a new arrival. I was dumbfounded. I felt guilty for staring as they turned to watch me. Charles Hall informed me who they were.
4.It was 15 yrs later that i heard the Charles Hall interview .He informed that they play poker at nearby casinos. I went back and confirmed that those stairs led to the poker room! (yet the casino was remodeled now but workers shared what it was like then.
5. 2005 i camped near their Indian Springs Base - scout craft came out one night, signaled my light ,it went in reverse and hide in a cloud.A few nights later one levitated-about near by.A tall guard descended down from the ridge.

2005 the first yr ,yet i went til '08 but never saw their ship again, i saw some fast moving things which could of been meteors ,yet they could of been tall craft. the ufos that went to the white house in '52 look like tall craft. on youtube listen to hall interviews for the details, they use a force field or anit g field that turns the craft into a white blurr with a fuzzy outline. scout craft is usually egg shaped.

so besides that i've had other ufo sightings ,this is why i waste time online doing research, connecting dots , wasting time too.

let me end by quoting wolf "Perhaps Wolf’s most startling revelation is that within the UFO Cover-Up there is a dark, covert renegade organization known as the "Cabal". He describes it as "well-orchestrated conspiratorial bevy of plotters ... top-heavy with the military, and headed by (a Navy Under- Secretary)." The paranoiac Cabal works against, and deliberately undermines, the goals of peaceful negotiations with the extraterrestrial visitors. The Cabal uses Star Wars weapons to shoot down extraterrestrial spacecraft and overcome the ETS by military might.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by timfix

sounds interesting
will have to read more

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by PokeyJoe
That pic looks extremely fake...

What about it makes you think it's fake?

Doesn't really matter since it's actually not and is a known craft that does exist like Zorgon has already proven.

I love when someone calls fake on a Zorgon photo that actually does show a real craft. It's hilarious when he comes back with more images and those who shout fake usually never come back. I never get tired of that.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 09:47 PM
Thanks to the OP for having started this thread and posting the pictures and the webste. I've gotten much from them. The OP gets a Star and a Flag from me.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by PokeyJoe
That pic looks extremely fake...

You just got ownt lolz.

I would like to know what "research" they performed.

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 11:05 PM
yes ,waste my time .... who cares about the pic ? i do not

i guess you folks should of started your own military thread ,or sign up since its fascinating to you. But becareful you might come home in a box ,like the song says

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by timfix
yes ,waste my time .... who cares about the pic ? i do not

You missed the point, my friend...
read your U2U

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by timfix
well across the highway is blm land. i wanted to use lasars but i had heard the the talls have stronger eye sight then ours so i desided against it.

Wise decision... pointing lasers at police aircraft military ot 'other' is a bad idea. They do not think its funny and Australia just made laser pointers an illegal 'weapon' Don't forget when they point their lasers back at you they are usually attached to a weapon

now, if i had a team of ufo hunters i'd also postion myself in the back , which is warm springs to area 51 . thats right indian springs is the back yard to 51 moreless.

Better to have good equipment and film it but hide the film as you take it so they don't confiscate it

my real name is mentioned along with my encounters in book 4.

Can you scan that for us?

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I'm not too sure that your the type of ufo hunter thats worthy of such info . I base my opinion, yes we all have them, on how you claimed to know insiders at MIT who make crop circles because there board??? Now, either you have been lied to or you simply made that up. At any rate ,in all fairness to honest and trustworthy investigators , i see a red flag here. Now, i'm not saying that you won't change your ways (someday) but if i were a pychologist i'd saying : well he likes to appear to be carrying a big sword which might imply the opposite fact on a personel level. Yet, for all i know is that your still growing up and perhaps a youngster who simply wants to walk tall , act bigger then you are etc. This is normal behavior in alot of kids . They have left the sand box after making thier sand castles and now play video games where they attack and kill the opposition. Yet, being compulsive or victims of habit they continue on in life doing the same --even tho the opposition isn't the boogey man etc. Yet, his last post does bring up some humanitarian view points and valid warning (lasars are a no no in such cases) so, yeah you could find out about good spots by doing a search . I have my favorites there ...... yet let me remind you its best to have a decent 4x4 and enjoy the desert life.

If anyone wants to inform any UFO hunter groups about this please do , but i doubt the AFB Creech will like seeing them around. They will keep an eye on you ..... (long story short)

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