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WSJ: Nokia and Siemans Help Iran Spy On Its Internet Users

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posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 12:04 AM
Where Is My Vote?

Usually when you think of censorship and especially online censorship, you think of china, with its great firewall of china. This perception could soon change with iran now possessing one of the most sophisticated censorship systems, built by Nokia and Siemens.

Here is what Wired Magazine has to say about the article in the Wall Street Journal:
“Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint venture between Germany’s Siemens and Finland’s Nokia, installed the monitoring equipment late last year in Iran’s government-controlled telecom network, Telecommunication Infrastructure Co., but authorities only recently engaged its full capabilities in response to recent protests that have broken out in the country over its presidential election.

The equipment allows the state to conduct deep-packet inspection, which sifts through data as it flows through a network searching for keywords in the content of e-mail and voice transmissions. According to the Journal, Iran seems to be doing this for the entire country from a single choke point. “Seems,” because although the Journal states that Nokia Siemens installed the equipment and that signs indicate the country is conducting deep-packet inspection, the paper also says “it couldn’t be determined whether the equipment from Nokia Siemens Networks is used specifically for deep packet inspection.”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It isn't clear that Nokia and Siemans were aware that the tracking capabilities of its equipment were going to be used by the Iranian government in order to identify and spy on its citizens. But then again, they must have been aware that the surveillance possibilities of their equipment could easily be used by repressive regimes for the purpose of censorship, and they must not have cared. Business is business, I guess.

Both Nokia and Siemans are companies with products that are widely used in the U.S. as well. Maybe a boycott would be in order as a means of making them aware that their irresponsible collaboration with the Iranian regime will not be tolerated in the U.S.

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[edit on 27-6-2009 by Sestias]

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