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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Copernicus

ET_MAN, do you have any opinions about the holographic universe theory? According to recent science, nothing really exists until someone conscious observes it.

That is true from human perspective/perception/observation.

According to this theory, we all create the world by our consciousness.

It sounds good in theory. Ask yourself where does the observation come from? If we observe reality from the mind and create it in the brain does this imply that the brain is all that exists? What is the human brain- is it another illusion behind another illusion? Where does this conscious observation really take place if there is no brain and there is no spoon? What is the source of all information/upload/upgrade flow found within the universe that makes us perceive and see things the way we do? Where does the information, frequency, signals come from that brings observation to what we consider to be consciousness/perception of reality?

What we are not aware of does not exist. So the logical problem here is: how do we become aware of new things if they dont exist yet?

Is science so very sure all things do not exist until they are observed. What is real, how does one define real? What defines exist? What defines an observer existing to observe? 16 second clip:

If one understands/finds the source of all consciousness and what is behind all things within the universe and mans perception of reality they find the answers.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by letthereaderunderstand

E.T. Man....does your understanding of time travel include some sort of spinning device...

Not a device but there can be spinning involved. Depends on how you look at the word spin.

This is a serious question. Does Vitruvian Man mean anything to you?

Many interpretations!

Do you have a conscious connection to your sources?

Always, so does every individual if they find the connection and recognize it.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by redgy

As for the quote you made above can you clarify what these changes to our species will be after oct.2011.

Higher state of awareness/consciousness/upgrade.

Also how will these so called ET's make their presence known publicly for all to see or will this only be available to those who are enlightened high enough here and to those that have passed away?

Everyone remaining on earth will be aware of an ET presence after the pass as they will assist humanity in ushering of a new age/era or higher state of consciousness/upgrade as they have always done upon “Wormwood’s pass.” All things in the universe change/progress/upgrade and evolve from human perception/perspective. The pass of the object is part of the upgrade/downgrade cycle. This is what the Hopi refer to as the "Great day of purification" (Not of this world) beings have always been here but the consciousness/perception of man is dull, only in recent years has there been in increase in awareness/consciousness allowing more observation.

How clear is a monkey’s perception in observing a jetliner in the sky’s? Most of the people on earth cannot fully perceive/observe things such as the Sun. It is an object looked for light, warmth and seen as hydrogen/helium burning in the sky but is that really all that it is, does all life not come from the sun and is being supported by it, is it really all that we perceive it to be or is the earth still flat from mans perception. The earth appears to be flat, it looks flat to one standing on the ground. Do monkey’s understand/know the earth is round! What man perceives things to be is not always what they are but at the time an observation is made they are what they are technically for that particular observer at the time of his/her own observation/perception.

What about the negative or bad Et's that are with some of us, are they still going to be a controlling body after this arrival of other ET forms and will they have any control over the people that are left here on earth.

Negative can only control those who give negative control by choices that allow them to act upon the law of opposition which is consequence to action. Plus+ for a Plus+ Minus- For a Minus-.Even negative beings/entities have a reason/purpose somebody has to fulfill the law of opposition this includes all negative both terrestrial and non-terrestrial. Can a benevolent (Not of this world/universe) fulfill the law of consequence to action. If it was a positive force answering the opposite side of the law of consequence to action would that force not be playing two different roles both malevolent and benevolent-positive and negative? Can a positive be a negative!

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by doiknow

Et man do me a favor and watch this and listen from 6:55 - 8:30 and tell me do you agree. I think its something you will

Science can help separate and divide understanding/awareness (Which is part of human consciousness) for those who choose to follow/believe science but it also has reason/purpose and some of it is right for the time being. Review: 8:47-9:25

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by spannera
Hi there ET-Man

I was re-reading what I thought was an interesting thread from 2005 called Revelations of an Elite Family Insider on the site.

Shortly into the thread I read this
The “higher beings who govern this realm”, do you serve them? By what name do you call them? Have you seen them? Where do they reside?
They penetrate everything and they are benevolent.

This thread and dare I say yours, are BOTH enlightening in a strange way.. The writer appears to think like you but approaches the philosophy/spirituality from a negative polarity/ interpretation. Seems like you have your own Nemesis lol.

I was wondering if you had read this thread?
If you have what is your opinion of the message and its delivery?

What is odd is I had been thinking about the word benevolent and was wondering if it had any relevance and all I could think of was of bene elohim.. Synchronicity perhaps?

Q. The higher beings that govern this universe/world who are they?
A. They penetrate everything and are benevolent.

I’m under the impression he knows some of the picture but may not be who he says he is, I would never judge, I haven't had time to review the entire discussion as it's quite long but if you have a question on a particular answer/quote feel free to ask.

“You are confused for you have accepted the other version of the “Truth” and you think you have a sight of the big picture.”

“There is a misconception about bloodlines but there is a reason for that and it serves an important purpose.”

“We manipulate this world only as far as we are allowed to by Divine Law.”

“We Provide you with tools then it is up to you to determine how you use it.”

“Tools can be used in a malicious way but no one is forcing you to use them that way, you are choosing yourself.”

“So despising the one’s who provide you with the tool that you voluntarily choose to “Sin” with is about you trying to camouflage your tracks.”

“Really, if the goal was population reduction, it would have been done a long time ago in a span of a few weeks.”

“It is not our duty to enlighten you that is yours.”

“There is just one struggle and it is now here on this planet and a personal level, there is no enemy you can attack accept yourself.”

“If you observe closely you will see we are merely spreading the tools that can be used by you to free yourself or chain yourself, your choice.”

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Hi Benedict9,

Please contact me I have new information that I'm starting to release that I would like to pass along for your website.


posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Thank you ETMan, all you have written is already true in my heart but the anguish still exists. I hope I can find the courage and strength to ready myself & my family for the years ahead.

If anyone out there can recommend a meditation suitable for children would you please u2u me? I think it will help them prepare by experiencing those deeper levels of conciousness.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 02:40 PM
An interview I recommend people watch on religions/structure of the world so they can have a bigger picture as many things said are true but perhaps seen from the wrong perspective by Mr. Jordan Maxwell but nevertheless it will help open your minds further to the world and keep in mind whether things are happening for a negative/evil purpose or not everything plays a role in opposition and is here for a reason/purpose. Your choices determine your destiny/outcome, what you put out you get back, negative/evil can only act upon you according to the law of consequence to action and according to your own actions. If you treat others badly your only treating yourself badly in the long run. The Spirit/Soul and consciousness is all that counts-making the right choices is all that matters!

The basic idea/concept/image representing right to wrong, negative to positive found within the universe balancing opposition one to another equally or 50-50. The road of choice so to speak between "Right" and "Wrong" before one reaches the yellow brick road as spoken of earlier in another post! .Look familiar!

(Dark with light, negative with positive, right with wrong.)
(Hidden Truths mixed in with Hidden Lies.)

Jordan Maxwell Interview! (Worth Watching)
Website worth looking at research/religion section:

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 02:58 PM
I would like to clarify the main purpose/reason why I am here posting on ATS among other various websites.- The information that I am providing is what you need to hear whether you want to believe it or not. In 2011 a catastrophic event will occur changing life on planet earth as we know it. I am a witness to these events and know 100% that what I am saying is true. Do not take my word for it alone, there is overwhelming amounts of evidence for this and (high level) of governments know about it and have been long preparing for it. We have various government documents and eye witness testimonies along with much evidence/facts about this event.

This is the 1st page on this Warning Thread:

If you don't have time to read the entire ATS thread or are looking for hard evidence/facts with proof on many levels of this incoming brown dwarf called "Wormwood" then please visit these sites that are setup to give you more information. Everything will be provided in due time all that you need to know about this event including survival and recommendations for safety zone areas! We are a non-profit organization only donating our time to get this information out to the general public.

The message is not about fear but about being prepared spiritually/physically. Spiritually being the most important because whether you die from this cyclic event or not you will still die eventually one way or another. Being prepared spiritually for death is the wisest thing a person can do, be prepared for all things.

I sincerely wish you and your families the best!
I have given you this message for your own benefit/welfare.
You can hate me for telling you about things to come that I'm sure nobody wants to hear about or you can consider that what I am telling you is the truth and look at the evidence/facts for yourself. This information could save your lives or help you make it through hard times whether in this lifetime or the next.


p.s. I would like to add that 2012 was forseen as a transformation period as there will be a raise in higher consciousness/awareness as there always has been upon wormwood’s pass which is a cyclic event, all things in this universe are continually progressing/upgrading/evolving as we see it from human perspective/perception. What was forseen to take place was the spiritual transformation to higher awareness and consciousness in 2012 not the catastrophic events that lead up to that date that happen before mostly beginning in October of 2011.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hi ET. That picture reminds me of Michelangelo's David. Do you know if David was assisted by aliens in his various battles or was it like the supreme being came in a cloud with lightning to help him out, cause as far as I know God of the bible is depicted as a cloud with lightning making a lot of noise. And could you please let me know if those benevolents have shown u anything in addition such as wars to take place within 2011 and if so can u share those with us...?

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:16 PM
Hey ET_Man, I just found this thread yesterday and have read the whole thing, if your just making all this up you are very good. I dont think you are though, I think you are of good heart and really trying to help people here.

I've spent well over $10,000 on supplies over the past year...everything from solar panels,generators,wood stoves,food,ammo,water, name it ive probably got it and it still isnt nearly enough...We will probably still die from something other than normal reasons.

This thread had nothing to do with my decision to stock up...lets face it, even if this event you speak of doesnt even happen, something is going to go down. There is just no way this planet can keep going on the way it is. At first my wife thought i was a nutjob but she gets it now and she doesnt even visit ATS.

I think this world economic meltdown was by design to strip people of there money so they simply cant prepare. My wife and I figure we could survive 2 yrs with our stocks provided were not killed by something, We live on vancouver island in western canada so im sure something will kill us as we are surrounded by water and on a fault line...atleast we tried though

Even a big earthquake could do it...let alone a dwarf star.

My wife is an angel, i swear she is from heaven...been together 20 years now...dont get me wrong, she can still be a bitch from time to time as any other women. However I on the other a child, well I was really bad... a rebal, I would break into houses and do lots of drugs and stupid things. I got caught when I was 15 yrs old and did 2 weeks in the pen then probation...upon release from the pen i met my girl friend who is now my wife, this was 20 yrs ago...been clean ever since. How does one clean his soul of things he did as a stupid kid?

My only fear in life is this will come back to haunt me and would like to deal with it...we are not real God people, as in we dont go to church, however believe in a creator or superior being (something made our lives possible).
Never harmed or killed anything outside of bugs and spiders...we love animals, infact have 2 dogs and 2 cats of our own.

I have prepared for everything except cleaning my soul. I cant go knock on all the doors of the houses i broke into and say was 20 yrs ago and they have probably moved.

Anyway I would like to officially say sorry to all those I have effected in my life and if I could give back that vcr I stole as a kid I would...thats the best i can do...I havent done it since and wont do it again...I'm sorry.

If it makes a difference I have been a home owner for 12 yrs now and did have my house broken into...they got my $1200 ibanez guitar and other yes, it did come back to me that way...hope thats all i get...and yes I guess i forgive that little punk who has my guitar

Thanks again ET_Man...I can tell you have a big heart.

Edit to add: when i say clean for the past 20 yrs that just means I dont lie, cheat, and steal anymore...still have a drink with the boys after a hard days work, and as stupid as i am... i still smoke cigarettes.

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by helltick

Great post, helltick. You sound like a good guy. I wish you and your family the best. Don't sweat the $10k you spent, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure after all

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by CuteAngel

Hi ET. That picture reminds me of Michelangelo's David. Do you know if David was assisted by aliens in his various battles or was it like the supreme being came in a cloud with lightning to help him out, cause as far as I know God of the bible is depicted as a cloud with lightning making a lot of noise.

God is a word used by man, defined by man and needed by most men to keep them on the correct path, to bring definition to what creation/life is all about, to bring hope, meaning, purpose and so on. This does not mean God does not exist (Technically God does exist), only that mans perception/definition of God is finite, shallow, limited and incomplete. God/Gods are technically infinite Teachers/Creators/Designers, beyond all human understanding/comprehension as the human mind cannot even begin to grasp what infinity really means, man can only touch on the concept/idea of infinity and/or infinite Creators/Gods. There are hundreds of interpretations of what God is to man and technically everything out there is “Family” Interconnected to us and we have a mutual universal and non-universal (Spiritual) relationship with all things “To Infinity and Beyond” like Buzz light year eloquently put it.

The Teachers/Creators/Designers of this universe which I plan to further illustrate at a future time have created setup/designed all things within this universe to have opposition in all things such as “Hate” to “Love”, “Good to Bad”, “Negative to Positive” and so on. The Creators over this universe are “Family” technically to us and they are what I call EU’s not ET’s. Extra Universals! The ET’s within this universe or that are physical taking on matter of this universe and are not immortal but change bodies so to speak some of them in order to maintain life are ET’s of this universe or Non-Terrestrial basically (Not of this world) All ET’s that interstellar travel throughout the universe are inter-dimensional and time travelers at the same time. It is impossible to travel the galaxy or galaxy to galaxy without passing through certain dimensions and travel through time as there is no time in many places and we base time upon the revolutions of earth and the sun within this solar system. Every star system, solar system out there is different. The EU’s or Extra Universals are far beyond the ET’s of this universe because the ET’s of this universe are their creation just like we are of their creation. This universe comes in the form of a bubble within a bubble with infinite layers. Space wraps around itself like a bubble and takes on circular form! I am going to share a few things that most might not be aware of. The human species at one time in a lower consciousness state considered the earth to be “Flat”, the earth now is recognized and shown to be “Round” this was only mans perception/perspective of things according to it’s current state of consciousness.

The universe we consider to be “Flat for the most part is with “No Direction” or “Shape” to us because it goes in all directions with no “Up” “Down” Sideways” “Backwards” “Forwards” and so on. When travelling through space there is no “Set Point” to determine calculation of direction unless you consider earth to be that “Set Point”.The Universe that is infinite is wrapped around in “Layers’ of space/dimensions and wraps around itself in the same way earth appears to be flat but is round. The universe is spherical but shape cannot be seen by man or comprehended because of the curvature and vast distances of all things within this universe! Within a large bubble of space/time that wraps around it self, there is infinite layers of other infinite bubble’s above and below it. This can get very complex and hard to explain but to give you the basic concept of it, think of a bubble then think of another bubble within that bubble and so on going on forever. It’s too big of a picture to remotely understand because it’s infinite in size/structure and that is only the smallest beginning.

The Teachers/Designers “Family” EU’s Extra Universals are above all the dimensions of this universe. When I say “This” Universe I mean “This Universe alone or this bubble of our universe” that is made of laws to opposition and mortal with laws of death, birth, sadness/happiness and so on. Everything within this universe as we know it is subject to change/opposition/time and death because all matter within our bubble of this universe is “mortal”. This doesn’t mean there are no other dimensions within the universe only that the higher dimensions outside of the bubble are made up of materials much differently than this one, the only word to describe physicality or matter on the other side is pure “Bliss/Magical” because it’s incomprehensible to physicality beyond all description nothing like what we have in this universe with “Matter/Energy/Light”. EU material lives forever and is nothing but pure magic, that is the only word to describe the energy of matter within the outer bubble beyond this universe. Anything on earth and within this universe is subject to change/transformation/upgrade or downgrade birth and death unlike other existences that are technically not even worlds like within this universe it’s geometry is completely different so the only word you can use is existence/higher dimension/higher universe/higher consciousness.

The EU’s come from outside/universe- higher dimensions where there is never an end and where things only get better and better. (Eternal progression) Once souls reach this state of existence there is “NO” turning back unless out of “Freewill” and someone decides to come back down on a very hard world to experience life/death all over again like earth among many other worlds out there. In the Milky way alone there are billions of planets with life on them just like this one yet Man on this planet is for the most part left completely unaware feeling lost in space, all alone, like this was some big mistake and the universe just created itself all on it’s own miraculously. How naïve for humans to think such a thing don’t you think? Lol Seriously Also some may think that well “WE are the GODS” and we created all things in this universe by thought or by our own consciousness, well for such people it may feel good to think something like that “Someone may feel almighty or powerful thinking they created all things by thought or consciousness alone but” Seriously- if everyone created all things in the universe how come they can’t even figure out the simplest of things or fix the simplest of things with all the many problems on earth? Consciousness can create only if the Teachers allow or give to man. The Teachers/Family above can only act according to our own behaviors/actions. If someone is doing good things for people this justifies and brings balance to the law enabling the Creators/Teachers to give and bless man with higher consciousness or other good things within life.

The truth is everything was Created/Designed/Setup by higher dimensional “Benevolent Beings” Interconnected to us “Family” They seeded us basically and organized all matter within the system we now know as this universe “All of us” Including the billions/Trillions/Ka-Zillions of other ET’s out there in this universe were all seeded/created in the same way we were. They are all “Family to us on spirit level and on the same boat as us, some exist in other dimensions within the universe both lower and higher in some cases but beyond the bubble of time/space and physical matter lies upper universe’s that are made of exotic/magical materials that mind could never even begin to imagine or comprehend.

I have simply revealed the tip of the ice-burg on what I’ve been allowed to share in memory and the rest would take pages upon pages to explain in greater detail and I could probably never put it into words without having pictures/illustrations to give diagrams of what I really mean. When I find the extra time I will try to put something together on the universe and on souls and human perception clearing up where I see science/understanding/perception wrong. Don’t feel you have to believe a word I say but I will tell it the way I have been shown and seen it from my perception/perspective/consciousness and honestly I am sharing a lot of things here that I have never spoken about or even tried to describe/explain to anyone before. This all has nothing really do with the future events or earth changes to come, I guess it would only expand one’s mind and broaden one’s consciousness in understanding more about the universe and this is my only intention. The Sun in itself we give hardly zero credit to and appears to us as a “great light” “Daytime” or “ ball of gas burning.” What are we missing? Do you think a tree is conscious of a human standing next to it? Is there something more to the Sun then meets the human eye/perspective/vision? I think we all have that answer somewhere inside of us. All life is continually supported and came from the Sun. (Light rays) If you can even call it that, light is all we see because that is our perception and as far as human consciousness/perspective can go at this time. I will leave it at that, something to think about.

As far as the question about David and a few universal ET’s playing around in the clouds well that kinda stuff happens all the time but when ET’s intervene/interfere on this planet they are always approved to do so by Teachers/Designers EU’s and always have a reason/purpose why they are here-(without their knowledge). If the Teachers/Designers/Creators wanted to block or stop something from happening or a particular group of ET”s from coming to earth they would never make it here in the first place or have access. Keep in mind because of this universe being setup in laws of opposition found in all things there are always answers to our actions and if we play around too much in this little sand box with all the tinker toys/weapons such as in “Wars’ we allow/invite particular forces to come among us and if it’s WAR we want, it’s WAR we will get. The EU’s will basically unleash/allow War for us on earth in order to answer the law of consequence to action/desire and teach us a lesson. They will tell us “Ok little children if you really want to fight, kill each other and die then go ahead fight it out without stopping us allowing the fights to continue until the children are all crying and have fallen down” Then maybe one day they will learn their lesson permanently and bury the tinker toy/weapons forever but every new generation seems to have new souls that need to learn the same lesson over and over again, well for the meantime whatever teaches the lessons- EU’s are up and above allowing earth to basically fight it out down here and will never “Take Away Freedoms” because of the set laws of 50/50 choice between good-bad, negative-positive. If they were to intervene with freedom of choice it would be breaking the higher law and like the Teacher handing the student the answers to his/her test! (Waste of life/pointless/Disqualification)

And could you please let me know if those benevolents have shown u anything in addition such as wars to take place within 2011 and if so can u share those with us...

If I told you then I would have to kill you. Lol No really I have shared what I feel will be the most beneficial for you to know. If the Teachers/Designers/Creators wanted to hand out the test answers down here they would. If they wanted to tell you everything about the future they would. But they won’t because that would ruin the experience and test for everyone however this particular event is a cyclic event like a season comes and goes every year so does this brown dwarf “Wormwood” come and go every so often. This is only something the “Powers that be” of the world have kept hidden/secret from the public/masses. There are thousands of websites out there talking about this event for those who do their homework. I am only telling a little more and giving a specific time-frame with a date so you can take this information that I have shared however you want but I would highly recommend you at least do the research on it and maybe pray about it or whatever it is you choose to do. All prayers/requests/thoughts are heard. There are also many ancient civilizations that have spoken about it and underground cities around the world that used to house hundreds of thousands from ancient civilizations such as the cities in Turkey for example. Do some research, find the answers and remember the physical part of this universe is “Not Important” who wants to live forever down here in this universe anyway? NOT ME, there will always be opposition, death, pain, horrors/tragedies/hardships and so on found and I would rather be up in extra universal EU territory drawing out my own universe in my own perfect perception/perspective of what I feel “Heaven” or “Perfection” to be. Once a soul reaches a certain level of understanding/consciousness they will have no way of ever turning back to such childish behaviors found here on earth. Last but not least if someone viewed the lowest levels outside this universe they would be willing to do anything to reach them including suicide if they had a chance of getting there.
Religions Of The World, The Bigger Picture!

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by helltick

Thanks for the kind words and sharing your story. I want everyone to understand something about the word "Spiritual" so they don't misinterpret the meaning. When I say spiritual I only mean "Feeling good inside" doing things that make you feel good that you know are right. That is the only meaning of "Spiritual" to me because "Feeling good and doing the right things" is the way to a higher consciousness and this is what allows the "Family In Heaven" "Benevolents" so to speak access to blessing/giving us higher understanding/comfort and consciousness from within. Our perception changes and we see life differently and enjoy it more along with material blessings as well!

Helltick, you do not have to do anything that is not in your power to do. If you still are worried or feel bad about past mistakes then that is enough just right there in itself "There is no Sin" so to speak. There is only "Trial and Error" Since you have reached that state of contemplation for the past and regret wanting to fix things --you are clear just in having that attitude. Just rid yourself of whatever emotion, guilt, shame or past memories you have that are still attached to you or still carry weight on your shoulder. The only thing that matters is HERE and NOW today not the past or the future but the present. Remain free in the present, free of shame, guilt or any other thing you have burdening you on your shoulders remain free in consciousness in the present.

Beer and smoking is physical smokescreen "Illusion"- if you want to drink there is nothing wrong with that "There is no Sin" so to speak in having a few drinks or smoking every now and then-however things of this world that are naturally not healthy for the body can affect you on many levels. There is nothing held against you for drinking or smoking but it is not advised as naturally some things are more healthy than others in this world and cutting yourself on the wrist every morning may not be healthy either. Some people are hypocrites unknowingly when it comes to health while they never smoke or drink at the same time they eat, consume or do things that are just as bad or worse for their bodies usually completely unaware that smoking may just be more healthy then some of their other bad habits!

All physical things of this nature are not held against you, a person working in a factory full of contaminated/harmful chemicals/smoke or whatever damaging their bodies on the job so to speak is not held against them as a person eating junk foods, highly toxic foods and other chemical foods/intake/consumption is not held against them either. There is only wisdom when it comes to taking care of the body and that is your own personal choice/preference but doing more extreme things such as hard-drugs on the other hand lead to other things that can damage the soul. The most important thing in life is not mis-treating others and learning to share, care, love those around you including yourself. Forgiving everyone, never judging or looking down on people, basically all the things that fit into the positive “Good” category are bonuses and as long as you remain in the “Positive” so to speak all the other things are smoke screen illusion and they don’t count for soul progression. The soul only grows by doing what’s right it doesn’t shrink by what a physical vehicle takes into it’s gas tank.

Rule #1

Never feel guilty or shame for anything your doing. The rule is very simple if you are doing the "Right things" you should not be ashamed or guilty for anything. Never carry that weight, it only holds you back in life and holds back the growth of your soul consciousness! Try to be positive in all things, look for the bright side and remain Happy if you can. Cheer people up, make people laugh, joking is good for the soul. In fact most ET's from higher dimensions are way more comical about things then we are, they are not what people imagine them to be-They have superior sense of humors then we have down here. Life for the higher dimensional EU's is pure fun/bliss and they are continually playing pranks, gags on each other for fun. It is all fun up there, incomprehensible just think if you could do anything you wanted and be so called "The Creator" for the day what would you do? If you were given all power and basically told "All things are possible" and you can do anything you want, what would you create? Something to think about over a nice cold beer. Lol I wouldn’t mind a nice cold one every now and then as long as it doesn’t lead me to losing control of my vehicle and making bad choices.

Sex is not something to be ashamed of or guilty about. It is 100% designed/naturally for the human body which is only a vehicle/container for the soul. Sharing love with another person or the one you love through sexual relation can actually be uplifting/spiritual and beneficial to the soul in most cases. As long as you love that person and it is not lust versus love then it is nothing but positive. I will have a glass of red wine every now and then out of personal choice knowing it's not that unhealthy in fact can be quite beneficial if not overdoing it. Over all I do not focus normally on the physical appearance of my vehicle/body because that is not what we are physical. You look nothing like your body at all in spirit. It is only wise/recommended to take care of your health and take care of your body while occupying the body just like people maintain their vehicles and have them washed, cleaned out or taken in for a tune-up. But remember more importantly than your vehicle is the person driving the car inside. That is your soul, you need to take better care of your REAL self that is found within instead of your FAKE self "Illusion" Found without.

When I find more time I will post a few pictures/illustration of what the soul really is and looks like and maybe that will be easier to envision! Have a good one and cheer up, be happy, stay positive in all things. Enjoy the beers and don't even feel bad about it, just be wise and take care of yourself but more importantly take care of your "Soul" which is the REAL you and most important being "Eternal".

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Everyone remaining on earth will be aware of an ET presence after the pass as they will assist humanity in ushering of a new age/era or higher state of consciousness/upgrade as they have always done upon “Wormwood’s pass.” All things in the universe change/progress/upgrade and evolve from human perception/perspective. The pass of the object is part of the upgrade/downgrade cycle. This is what the Hopi refer to as the "Great day of purification" (Not of this world) beings have always been here but the consciousness/perception of man is dull, only in recent years has there been in increase in awareness/consciousness allowing more observation.

Thank you for your answers earlier. I might as well ask another question...

What does this cycle look like exactly? Wormwood passes, lots of destruction, then a rebuilding phase. What comes next? A long peace? But some kind of disaster must come later since humans "start over" for every cycle with nothing it seems. Or has history been manipulated?

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Thank you ET_MAN for filling us in a bit more about who started all this mess!

I can feel there fun loving nature because Ive been visited sometimes by very powerful beings in my meditations and I know exactly what you mean by having a sense of humor,I get all serious and humble but I get back" loosen up,its all good "type of reply.No words yet just feelings.Very strong feelings!Cant wait to meet them face to face as it were.

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Not been regististered very long but have visited the site over the past year. Everyday since you started this thread, ive been reading everything within this post.

Basically, with the positive an negitives you describe above, I understand this as 'What goes around, comes around' abit like ying yang.

So with their being infinate layers and the soul wanting to progress or upgrade, does this mean the soul progresses up in layers after we die or does it jump up layers the overall more positives less negatives? eg 20000 more positives mean soul progresses 20000 more layers to happiness.

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do you have any dates when this will occur? if so what will happen if it doesnt happen?

Yes and no, I have an exact date with an hour specifically known, however in the order these events will occur and to what degree can be unknown at this point. I have been given specific instructions on how to release this information.
LOL This makes me laff

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A very interesting thread indeed ET_MAN. I started to read the whole thing but ran out of steam on page 32, and that was with reading only your posts.

I have a question/concern about your divulging this information to us here at ATS.

Surely those you are in contact with know the fallibility of man and thus they would know that, for the most part, a thread like this would not be received too well.

In knowing this I would think that they would allow you to "prove" your story with an act of faith. Why not give us a bit of information on something that will happen in the near future? A prediction of sorts that comes true.

If this has already been asked before I apologize. Thank you for your time.

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The Universe seen from Earth.
A Bubble within a Bubble within a Bubble Universe's!
Infinity is One Eternal Round, Never Ending!
Everything in the Universe fits within one spherical shape like a marble!
There are many shapes and flavors to dimensions and universe's some made of EU (Extra Universal) flavors and materials beyond all comprehension where there is no death, there is no pain, there is no sadness, misery, hate or opposition. There is zero polarity/negative forces found within some bubbles/universe's and all things are positive energies the only words to describe such places are beyond human comprehension, "Pure Bliss" "Happiness" Beyond what man could ever call "Heaven" far greater than anything Man can ever create or imagine in his finite mind where dreams do come true! “To Infinity and Beyond”

The FAKE you, the physical ILLUSION!
(You do not look like your body-when you look in the mirror that is only the temporary you but not the REAL you which is eternal.)

This is similar to what people in spirit/energy form look like, you are not what you look like in the mirror. Your physical appearance/body is not even yours and was given to you as a gift/blessing/tool in order to enter this school of mortality on earth. You are nothing but a spherical soul of “Light” We are all “Light/Energy/Intelligence” Your family in higher dimensions that man refers to as the “Gods” are also “Light/Energy/Intelligence” and interconnected to all things just as you are interconnected to all things. All souls are nothing but “Light” and from the same source only differing in brightness and size depending on level of soul and consciousness!There is nothing different about light and if you can imagine a small sphere of light entering into a larger sphere of light that is where you will go someday when you meet back with the Teachers/Creators/Designers of this universe. The body and all matter DIES/Changes/Transforms in this universe but your “Soul” “Life experiences” and “Consciousness” lives on forever without beginning or ending!


Is it mere coincidence that the spherical universe concept can be found in the Men of Black? Do you believe in accidents or coincidence?

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