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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by darrman

Wow, your post really hit home. I certainly don't have as much to lose as you did, but I get what you mean about fear growing like weeds. I have to be very careful to keep my fears at bay.

Although I think ETs warnings have merit,I will think of your post next time I feel like my fears are getting the best of me. Thank you for taking the time and effort to tell your story. I wish the best for you.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by darrman

Thank you for sharing your story my friend,I think it is very apt at this time that we dont get lost in fear,you had to learn a very heavy lesson indeed and your words are a very good reminder to me and I thank you.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by benedict9

So in the meantime, love your ‘enemy’, pray for them’and that includes the so-called elites. The force of love is more powerful than you can imagine, because it is a DIVINE LIGHT FORCE that darkness can essentially never pervade. Your ultimate strength.

The above statement is exactly what people should be doing, sometimes we curse those we feel are evil or enemies but it should be the opposite. First of all, humans are very limited in knowledge/understanding and they do not know the mind-set/situation/background of an individual/person and why they do what they do. Sometimes people are lost and they need to be found, have we not all had hard times in our lives where we have done something that we know we shouldn’t have?

Many who are very wealthy have been raised from birth as little children being taught things over and over about the world and see things much differently then your average person. I’m not specifically judging or putting the elite (Collectively) into a category saying they are all lost or bad but using them as an example. It could be any group out there or any person that you feel is on the so called “Negative path” whatever it is that’s happening in the world-all things do have a reason/purpose and these souls on that path are learning whether they see it/realize it or not at this time in the long run it’s all a big learning experience/test. Everyone has “Good” in them and “Love” in them whether they see it/realize it or not. If they didn’t they would have never existed in the first place because all souls were created in, through and by “Love”.

I was raised as a Christian and come from a very religious childhood/background/family. I have had experiences that have led me to new understandings about the world and life/religion and all things in general. Things changed for me instantly the first time I was taken off world to other places (Allowed to Remember) and when I came back I saw world 100% different as if this was a completely different world. The perception I had changed tremendously and I could never see things the same EVER again. When I look at basic human behaviors and everyday activity I see so many things that are right in front of everyone’s noses that are simply “Ridiculously Wrong” all having to do with the materialistic system of “money” that divides everyone! There is a division on earth that was intentionally setup to divide nations, cultures, languages, religions, rich to poor, middle class to rich, all kinds of divisions everywhere you go. There is a mentality among the human species of “I’m better” or “Look at that Person” or “OH she is so pretty and she is not” etc. The divisions in society can be found everywhere and in just about everything. It’s rare to find someone who walks up to a poor soul on the side of the street with nothing and actually offers them REAL HELP other than flipping a quarter or nickel in their hat.

Millions are starving, not only starving but also DIEING of starvation, innocent children and people die everyday. Think about this for a minute, these are humans just like us born on this planet with as much right as everyone else to live here. All they want to do is EAT what’s so wrong with that? Think about what divisions have done to the human species, they have separated countries and kept many in isolation and poverty so they cannot even feed their own people. Big power nations have left such countries powerless and penniless dividing them allowing such suffering to go on. THE WORLD has the RESOURCES by far and CAPABILITIES by far to take care of the problem and clothe, feed and house every single human being on the planet. IT COULD EASILY be done if people wanted it to happen. IF people wanted it to happen is the key because CLEARLY there are people in the world that DO NOT WANT it to happen. I’m not talking about everyday ordinary people caught up in the system of “Work” Work” Work” too busy to do anything about it or even think about it. I’m talking about the powers that be and wealthy elite and those who DOMINATE and CONTROL the system and have made the world what it is today. I’m also talking about some of the negative forces that WANT the world to remain the same way it is and even DE-POPULATE the world if they could.

Did you know that you could comfortably fit every single person in the world in the State of Texas alone? You could fit every single person in the country of Australia comfortably, 6.7 Billion people. SPACE is not a problem, FOOD is also not a problem if people worked together and wanted to survive, if you were to provide every poor family a place to live and resources to grow their own food nobody would ever starve.Farming/agricultural planting, growing, seeding IS NOT A PROBLEM. Food could be easily grown for every single person on earth. The PROBLEM lies within the way the system was designed and setup to DIVIDE people one from another. Division of the human species is what’s killing the body, mind and spirit of individuals and corrupting many-making them what they are today. I could give you a list of 100+ to 1000+ things that are all absolutely “Ridiculously’ just plain wrong with the way people live on planet earth in comparison to majority of other more advanced worlds out there. Now I have asked many questions before and have always been told things are happening the way they are right now for a reason/purpose unseen, not fully understood/realized yet by everyone so whether we see it or not I guess we have to go down this path.

Humanity in general are really only children in a playpen = people on earth. The human species needs to throw sand at each other, fight, steal each other’s toys, cry, feel pain/suffering and so on in order to simply LEARN and get over it all and realize everything they are doing is absolutely RIDICULOUSLY childish and wrong. The Teachers of earth are not going to change things for us “They want us to experience and figure it out for ourselves” Think about all the things people do to each other, it’s absolutely child like- there is no other words for it other than foolish, childish, pointless etc. This system of earth is setup by “Children” for “Children” so why are we here in the first place?Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that we were basically DUMPED here. “OK kids, we know your never going to learn any other way.” “Your spoiled brats all of you-lol- so were dumping you on planet earth to learn your lessons all on your own.” “You will have freewill to act and choose whatever you want but will probably get into a lot of wars, fights, arguments and suffer much pain/misery in the process of figuring it all out.”

This is not far from the truth, everyone was placed here because of weaknesses and imperfections that need to be worked on/learned. The Creators/Teachers above who are only family to us just on different levels are baby-sitting but allowing us to act however we want and go through all kinds of problems/hardships for the betterment/advancement of our souls. It’s the only way we will learn the lessons THE HARD WAY so we can move on and have higher/greater understanding/consciousness to finally tear up all of the play money on earth, tear up all the things that DIVIDE people and say WE ARE ONE, we are the same, we are all humans, we are all children with a FAMILY above and all equals in opportunity, we came here to learn/experience both good and bad. Life is a game of monopoly and the BANKERS have stolen everyone’s money. Some have not passed “GO” and been sent directly to JAIL unfairly, some are broke, bankrupt, suffering, without food, clothing, shelter while others starve to death or die of illness because they cannot afford treatment. This is life, earth is a board game and I wish the children of earth would wake up and change but that is only mean thinking out loud-“NO RUSH take your time“The Benevolents’ say- we have all of ETERNITY for you to learn those lessons and get it right.” “If you choose to not progress and fail the test you can take it hundreds or thousands of times again until you get it right says the “Teachers” with a ruler in hand.”

Most people on earth are STUBBORNLY hard headed. I hate to say things like this and do not mean to judge anyone in a wrong way but it’s for the most part true. It’s unfortunate that all newborn children are born into this system of DIVISION, with the mentality of rich and poor. Money is what lives are set on in this world. Without money you can DIE like anyone cares. If you don’t have it STARVE to death and don’t eat (most countries will never help you). If you don’t have money says the BANKERS you are thrown into the streets, kicked to the curb, left in shame without any place to go or anything left. Many people are in this situation and have nowhere to turn. Third world countries have the worst of it and big cities naturally have it bad where people are so used to passing up people on the street that they get to the point where they could careless or don’t even think twice about passing someone by and all the other many millions without food, clothing, shelter etc.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 05:08 PM
Religions In General.

RULE #1 Regardless of what religion you are the only thing that matter is the following:

Does it make you a better person?
Does it DIVIDE you from other people in a way that you look at others wrong or differently?
Does it make you feel guilty or shameful of who you are?
Do you dump your responsibilities on others or in a church instead of taking responsibility for yourself?
Is there anything being taught to you that is making you look down on others maybe even unknowingly making judgments on others unconsciously?
Do you feel like your better than others?
If your religion is positive/uplifting and made you a better person then congratulations you are on the right path regardless of what religion that is.
IF there is nothing negative to be found whatsoever in what your doing and you are truly down to earth, sincere, humble, grateful full of love, caring, understanding, full of humility and all the positive things then continue down that journey/path.

There is only ONE pathway to higher places through progression. That is doing all the right things, everyone knows what these things are deep down inside. You just need to discover them all and figure them out if you haven’t yet fully seen/felt them.

What is God, Who is your God?

A few more things about religion:
Technically there is a GOD but only to man there is a GOD because we have put a definition on the word GOD and the definition that man has given to GOD is our own perception of GOD. Every religion has become divided and just about all have different understanding/definition/perception on the word GOD.

Technically GOD or should we say spirit FATHER above in higher places is ONE in the sense that if you left ONE man on earth with ONE woman all the children they have over many generations would all lead back to that ONE FATHER but every FATHER has a FATHER and it never ends so our FATHER in higher places has a FATHER and so does GRANDFATHER and great grandfather and so on. It goes on for eternity/infinity something the finite mind cannot begin to grasp/understand or comprehend. GOD is a word used and allowed for everyone to use in this world as a definition- stepping stone- TOOL to give meaning to Creation/Creators, perhaps it’s an authority figure of a Creator and what many need to hear in order to obey the laws/commandments of the Creator/Creators but the way GOD is portrayed in most religions is much different then what it is.Most need an authority figure in order to obey, as a son needs a father as his teacher/mentor!

I’ve researched many religions of the world and laws/commandments and for the most part (many) are good and common sense rules- such as don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie and so on. Most are GOOD things so religions teaching such things are not bad or wrong in doing so. There is no division necessary in dividing GOD from man if you see things from a higher perspective. That is like you dividing your FATHER from yourself, everything your FATHER and FAMILY has in the infinite heavens/universe’s above will one day be yours and you will be equals to them not slaves or servants playing a harp singing in their midst on a throne like a KING. That is earthly imagination of kingdoms of this world that DIVIDE one from another. That is child talk on the other side but perhaps once again it all comes down to what people need to hear/ in order to make it through this life obeying the laws, keeping the commandments and doing the right things. The only thing that matters in this lifetime is “DOING THE RIGHT THINGS”

THERE IS NO DIVISION in the heavens/endless higher dimensions/universe’s. The term heaven is INFINITE and heaven is not ONE place like people imagine it to be, Heaven/Heavens really only mean higher dimensions/universe’s. Those in higher places are merely more progressed than us but there is no servant, slave, master or division in kingdoms like we have on earth. UTOPIA planets times infinity out there exist. There is not ONE heaven or ONE Father in heaven there are INFINITE that all link back to us, we are interconnected to all things some that are more progressed and some that are less progressed than us. Just because somebody that some on earth consider or look at/feel to be above them on this planet like say a President or Wealthy popular superstar/celebrity is looked at as “Respected’ or even “Above” people in general doesn’t mean that this same mentality/attitude is accepted and found above in higher dimensions because it’s NOT. Only on planets like earth do people start dividing value of one soul to another. It all comes down to ONE thing. Literally 1 = ONE.

1=1 plain and simple that is the value of our soul and the value of all things in existence. WE are all ONE in value and the same from an eternal perspective. 11111111111 is a constant in all universes/dimensions/existences and eternal never-ending representing equal opportunity for all. Think about this for moment, a PYRAMID structure could NEVER exist within the limitless boundaries of infinity. If there is a TOP dividing those below that means there is a limit and an END to infinity. Infinity has NO end and NO beginning therefore there can be no TOP, no bottom, no higher, no lower and NO PRYAMID type structure of ONE KING or ONE RULER etc. It’s an impossibility within infinity or infinity would not be infinity period-period-period. (There can never be a Most high or Most Low within infinity.)

If someone was to view all the many so called Heavens/Utopia existences/planets/worlds out there they would refer back to the movie “What Dreams May Come” because those are your heavens. You will someday create and have access to ANYTHING YOU WANT, you will create ANY TYPE of world/utopia planet you want but it all has to FIT perfectly in with the higher laws/rules of INFINITY. Everyone needs to learn their lessons first and have that understanding of ONE=1 and all things literally ALL THINGS are equal opportunity and ONE and the same in value nobody differing in the limitless boundaries of infinity. When a soul finally catches this understanding and it’s imprinted in them it will change the soul forever. ALL LIFE whether less progressed or more progressed is the same in terms of value and ONE. A tree in comparison to man is man in comparison to some that are above in the heavens/higher dimensions/universe’s. Then those above in higher/dimensions/universe’s are trees in comparison to some even above and this goes on eternally/infinitely. Knowledge/progression is never ending and eternal as soul progression is never ending/eternal. Most of what’s out there is BEYOND all comprehension for man and only some things can be shared and known by man as most things would be impossible to put into words let alone comprehend. A grasshopper does not know how to work the remote of your TV. The tree/man analogy is only a metaphor so don’t take it in the wrong way

I was raised a very religious person and I’m grateful to have experienced what I did because it has pushed me into a good direction. Whoever it is, whatever it is your following in this lifetime whether through religion or elsewhere it all comes down to those questions above I stated earlier.

Does it make you a better person?
Does it DIVIDE you from other people in a way that you look at others wrong or differently?
Does it make you feel guilty or shameful of who you are?
Do you dump your responsibilities on others or in a church instead of taking responsibility for yourself?
Is there anything being taught to you that is making you look down on others maybe even unknowingly making judgments on others unconsciously?
Is there anything negative about what your doing, are you happy with what your doing knowing you are on the right path? Are you sure you’re on the right path?

Wherever the words of wisdom come from they are coming from the right source if they are good. I have found words of wisdom that are right within many religious institutions but on the other hand I see words of truth/wisdom at times mixed in with subtle prejudices that divide one group from another.

Only take what is right in all things and leave behind all prejudice, ego, pride, vanity, judgment and so on. Never look down on anyone, do not let the thought cross your minds that you are better than anyone or more worthy, or more deserving or whatever it is because it’s false/incorrect. An important lesson to learn is 1=1 and ONE is what all things are with equal opportunity from an eternal perspective. Never judge anyone or think anything bad/wrong about another person you are not benefiting from it yourself spiritually and it’s a pointless act only damaging your own consciousness/spirituality by thinking something wrong of another. There is really no other purpose other than ego, pride or even self-comfort in feeling you’re better than someone by lifting yourself up above another in your own mind. (You are only better in your mind, that is not reality as every person is the same and all things are one/interconnected and equal from an eternal/higher perspective.)

All good things found in religion regardless of what religion it is- use and take those good things into your consciousness if they are positive energy and good for the soul. If you do not have a religion it makes no difference, you are still equal as religion is mere smokescreen and plays an important role- everyone will be happy with the outcome if they are doing the right/correct things regardless of religion/belief system, the only thing that counts again it’s very simple living your life in the best way you can, striving to make your weakness’s become strengths, choosing the right over wrong! (Plain and simple.)

Many words of wisdom to be found:

38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, forgive with understanding that this person is a little lost and only needs more love in his life.
40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, offer him more if you have more to give.
41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him and ask him/her if there is anything else you can do to help.
42 Give to him that asketh if you have enough to give, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away if you have.
43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Let your light so shine before men!
Blessed are the peacemakers:
Blessed are the pure in heart:
Blessed are the merciful:
Blessed are the meek:
Blessed are the humble:
Blessed are the patient:
Blessed are the sharing, caring and loving people of the world.
Blessed are those who face negative situations with positivity.
Blessed are all who seek equality and non-division among all people and nations.

All who do these things and remain on this path are on the right pathway regardless of religion, nation, country, race or division.

All are equal and ONE from an eternal perspective and have equal rights/opportunity to all things within the universe. YOU ARE the same as anything/anyone else out there and not looked down on as less, unworthy and so on. Your merely on a path and in the process of finding this information out and learning it so that you can better understand that nothing is greater in the way man perceives it to be. We are all the same, love your enemies as yourself. Do good to those who use you because they need to find this higher consciousness/understanding of love more than anyone does. Those who are thirsty for consciousness share what you have with those people. These are not requirements of you on this planet but they are the way of the higher/understanding consciousness. Those in the heavens/higher dimensions/universe’s are numberless and they all take JOY in helping those who are less fortunate then they are. This is the way of the FORCE the positive force of all things and the nature of happiness and love, in sharing, helping, caring, giving. When you are helping those less fortunate than you are, you are only helping yourself and your eternal progression at the same time you are only helping your family because everyone is your family in spirit.

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 05:42 PM
You may have heard that the path is small and narrow that leads to higher dimensions/higher consciousness or infinite heavens and that the other path is broad and large/wide in comparison. That is not the case, I will use this as an example.

There is a road. One side leads one way, the other side leads the other way in the same way you drive going opposite direction with two lanes. One side of the path is 100% the same size as the other side with “Good/Right/Positive” written all over it. The other side has the words “Wrong/Bad/Negative/” Since there is a balance of opposition found in all things there must be a balance of Negative to Positive and right to wrong choices in all things. 50/50 the road shares the same location within mortality balancing the laws of opposition. 50% negative availability-50% positive availability balancing one to the other which creates opposition of good/bad negative/positive choices found on earth. Making one choice leads you down the “Right/Positive” path, making another leads you down the opposite “Wrong/Negative” path. This is where the road shares it’s space in size as every choice has an equal opposition in choice from right to wrong.

When people are living good lives, learning from experiences, working on weakness’s but messing up at the same time well that is all OK and part of the journey.What is really happening is their vehicle/Body and soul is going down the “Right” path then stopping every now and then sometimes hitting reverse and going backwards but they are still going “Forwards” in the long run. Everyone is moving at a different speed/pace and some are cruising down the wrong path not even aware of it as they have lost their compass/direction or conscious mind in spirit. Others are running out of fuel which is the spirit of consciousness and they are beginning to feel tired like they want to give up confused in many cases lost not sure what direction to turn.

If one does not feed the fire, the fire will burn out, your spirit needs exercise and it needs fuel. It is fed by positive energy, love and uplifting things, if you are living in an environment that is negative and you have also been part of that negative environment you are hitting the breaks while driving and sometimes hitting reverse while moving on the path-your journey of life. We are little children all of us down here in bumper cars some of us recklessly moving not even realizing some of things we do that affects others around us. The attitude/perception of life is the energy you carry and share with others around you. It is affecting everyone not only yourself! So the road is 50% right direction 50% wrong direction. Now this is what the road looks like when you make it at the end of the journey- graduation day.

Metaphorically speaking it’s golden and you can run up it with ease and happiness is not even a word to describe it because the real yellow brick road is beyond all comprehension and emotion of this world and much greater than what happiness would feel like within a human body. This is just the next step up, it gets even better than that. But on this level all live in perfect harmony and peace with each other, higher understanding of sharing, caring, giving, loving. All of those on this level help people regularly out of the mere joy of doing it which is the higher way. These are those who people consider to be Angels/beings non-terrestrial (Not of this world)- not of this universe, Helpers from the other side, they just might drop by every now and then and help people out on this little rock sandbox/playground planet. Is there order to the universe? NOT MUCH IN THIS ONE… But there is much order without there having to be any order in the next because all possess the mutual understanding of higher consciousness in the higher levels and there is always another path/experience to go through in order to eternally progress. There is always a pathway that leads to infinite progression nothing wrong with progression if you were stuck in one place that never moved forward you would wish you never existed out of shear boredom because were talking about all of ETERNITY here. (Think about the movie with Tom Hanks being stranded on the island all by himself,could you handle talking to a volleyball for all of ETERNITY.)

To Be Continued:

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 06:09 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Things changed for me instantly the first time I was taken off world to other places (Allowed to Remember) and when I came back I saw world 100% different as if this was a completely different world.

May I ask how did you do that and if we can also do it?

Why you were allowed to remember?

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 06:58 PM

So what is the next level all about you might ask? It’s what we call “Schools out” Summer Party in paradise with family, friends, loved one’s mother, father, son, daughter, sister, grandma, grandpa all of these words truthfully are meaningless on the other side because they are all your family the same. Only on this quick temporal planet did they happen to be your Mom, Sister, Daughter, Son, Brother or Grandma/Grandpa you all knew each other before this world already and you were more than just a Brother, Sister, Husband/Wife, Daughter/Son Mother/Father to each other. Those are only words of identify based on this world/existence. But yes you will always be with those you love and your family up there is incomprehensible it’s so big.

Upon moving on most take a long needed rest/break. Then what happens after that, well many will choose to make some of their imperfections, weakness’s that they still have stronger and they will have a new program to enroll you in but it won’t be necessarily like earth but why even think/worry about that now whatever happens is always good for you and the soul in the long run. Eventually perfection is really the goal. I know people think well perfection is boring or why would I want to be perfect wouldn’t that be completely boring and dull if everyone was perfect. Well those saying this may not fully understand the meaning of the word and the definition of perfection will surprise them. The goal is mastering the basic laws of infinity and reaching that level of higher understanding/consciousness, which is perfect equality for all things, perfect respect for all things, and perfect love for all things.

This is the best part of perfection, PERFECT for everyone will be different.
Oh thank you- some of you might say. (We can thank our family in much higher places for that.) As long as one follows the mutually understood rules of the higher law in higher dimensions you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT because whatever it is you do will always be in accordance with that higher law. That is what allows you to get there in the first place so you can see that your soul needs to seriously be ready for such a stage by learning the HARD LESSONS of life to reach that progressed level of higher consciousness/understanding.

Enjoy doing anything you want as long as it’s in accordance with that energy dimension or frequency of existence. Some call that the vibrational state of all things within that universe or dimension/existence. Doesn’t the word PERFECT sound good?OH yeah, the word perfect really should mean FREEDOM. Freedom to fly around, visit, travel, take luxurious vacations galaxy to galaxy within that realm, explore and do all kinds of unimaginable fun things as long as you remain within the law of that higher state of existence where HATE cannot be found and doesn’t click in that dimension. In fact those words are meaningless and not even possible in those dimensions where there is no opposition to be found like there is in mortality where good/positive and evil/negative equally balance all things in existence.

This doesn’t mean you can’t battle it out with friends/family or whoever and play games with each other in opposition but it’s all for fun and nobody gets hurt and there is a mutual love, understanding and respect for all things. It’s ALL GOOD up there and it’s immortality not mortality so if you play war games nobody dies and you all laugh it off when someone goes crashing down. Flying like superman is easy, there is nothing you can possibly create or imagine in your human mind that even comes close or equivalent to what can be found up there. You can create your own worlds eventually and universe’s and much more than that. The rule of perfection is only this:

Obeying the laws of that particular dimension/universe in which you occupy. There is a mutual understanding of consciousness shared by all and they all know the rules just as all of us were born knowing what is right and wrong you will all clearly know the rules in those existences/dimensions.

Now doesn’t that word Heaven take on a whole new meaning for everyone? It should, doesn’t perfection take on an entirely new definition? It should.
Whatever you think is PERFECT in that universe will be PERFECT for you.
That will be your PERFECT dream, your perfect world, your perfect paradise.
WHY? Because you will be allowed to create whatever you want so it will be exactly what you want and your PERFECTION will be your own unique perfect creation.

Perfection allows you to continue being a unique personality, unique spirit, spark, light, brightness, smile, laugh and so on. That is what makes life so great and the higher realms are beyond all imagination. Think of any movie out there one of your most exciting fantasies/dreams/worlds/day-dreaming paradise’s whatever and times that by a hundred + and your just getting started. You can create those kind of places that people only dream of and live them/experience them in full beyond 3D reality much more real than this planet (Indescribable/Incomprehensible). Then when you are ready for a new adventure you can change the theme park to do anything you want you name it, you think it, you create it.- share those worlds/experiences with friends/family all together whoever you want or invite ET_MAN over for a little supper. lol

Have fun with this one.

Free Your Mind!

To Be Continued!

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:55 PM
Remember there is ENDLESS space available so you have ENDLESS space and matter to work with. Matter that is not of this universe and could never be explained in these dimensions is nothing but indescribable magic. Pure magical because that is the only word I can use to begin to describe such places and I have only been allowed to remember a tiny fraction of what’s out there due to the human mind being incapable of holding such memories. I loaded up with memories from my experiences but most of them couldn’t be stored/comprehended because of the incapability’s of the finite mind.

Nothing is impossible as far as creation is concerned in those dimensions, there are no boundaries, limits, none. It would blow your mind away to have a quick peak/glimpse.Open your minds at the universe and just imagine, if you were the soul owner of this universe and could do anything you wanted just by thought. Such as fly, move worlds with your mind, transform things into anything you want. Change worlds with your imagination by thought. What would you do? Think of all the awesome, amazing, fun things you could do. There will be all kinds of blissful worlds created among everyone on this planet some day, those blissful fun worlds are up there now. Parties galore happen in higher dimensions the hard stuff is only found down here, everything is allowed within the laws of those higher existences/dimensions/universe's you name it, you think of it, you create it, you imagine it-It will be yours..

There are blissful drinks BEYOND earthly liquid made of pure bliss energy beyond anything you can imagine available in such places. Most people love things that make them feel good including beer or wine once in a while and others enjoy other particular things that set them in the mood or relax them what is available in higher dimensions is much better than anything on this planet “Your in for a special surprise” Some people on earth take drugs to feel good or a quick shot of bliss sometimes to escape reality- hiding from feelings or depression-whatever, well you won’t need drugs when you get to such places the pure bliss is flowing all around you vibrations sweet as honey everywhere. The vibration is so high that it’s virtually impossible to feel negativity, depression or feelings of sadness/hate. It can’t happen even if you tried you would start laughing about it in total bliss realizing “Damn” that is impossible to feel here. It’s like your on laughing gas sometimes because you are in such a good mood and feel so uplifted continually, it’s as if your at that perfect high level of bliss X’s a thousand. That is the only way I can explain/describe it.

Another thing that is incredible is that you can share emotions and everyone seems to share blissful feelings with each other sometimes at the same time, so when someone laughs in a group all people feel it and laugh and get the joke or thought you had instantly as if they can perfectly not only know what your thinking but feel what your feeling and it’s the most awesome feeling like you are all sharing or experiencing feelings the same way at the same time and have complete understanding/comprehension of each other.

The feeling is beyond all description to be honest and think of one of your favorite video games or movies or whatever it is on earth you can think of that is awesome for you, think of pulling that reality out of a computer or movie or whatever and putting it here on earth in front of you and becoming any person/actor/character in that movie, game you want and experiencing that movie/game just for fun but in real virtual beyond 3D reality.

Transform the universe into a paradise and play war games just for fun not to kill or hurt but as a challenge or board game with another person/group or whatever. Nobody gets hurt and you love each other it would be just like playing board games with a family member at home only it’s real and it’s an entire world or solar system or galaxy even and you are doing anything you want and it’s all just pure bliss and fun. MAN the more I think about experiences and things out there the more I really ask myself what am I still doing sticking around on this planet. I wish I could move up to these worlds right now and have a blast with unbelievable things.

Also you can fly with your eyes closed by heart without having to ever worry about crashing because things around you can feel your vibration and are alive and move for you-that is how they do it up there by heart not by sight but of course there is sight. There are way more senses then we have down here so I couldn’t even begin to explain/describe them because they are beyond words but I can tell you that things are done by heart and by finger tip meaning you can point your finger at something and energy releases like a light ray as if your drawing out your own design with a paint brush creating reality right in front of you by thought and by releasing energy from within as if your connected to a source of infinite creation/design/energy and you could continue creating worlds and entire universe’s with just the energy you seem to have radiating off of you. It’s not just by finger point it can be however you choose or imagine but I’m just giving you an example so you get the idea.

Time to rest up the fingers!
Keep the soul/vehicle fueled up boys and girls and continue on that “Right” path.I can assure you that it will more than pay off and earth is the key to moving upwards and will be an experience that will change your eternity forever.I won’t pretend to know it all but I wanted to give a glimpse of what I know is out there with intentions that you can see how important this life is on moving forward, for most people on earth believing in places you can only dream of seems impossible maybe irrational but I’ve learned that is not the case at all. What dreams may come is real. Places do exist out there that are far beyond anything the human mind can ever understand/comprehend/experience in this universe and it sounds all too unbelievable to be true right now I’m sure but if one was to share everything about a place that seemed like pure magic it would naturally sound like a daydream.
Best Dreams

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:55 PM
For those who haven't seen "What Dreams May Come" open your minds a little more and remember anything you can create in your human mind could never come close to what has already been created out there.

What really happens to suicide's?

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by darrman

Hi Darrman,

I feel for you, your family and the situation with the year 2000 but I want you to know my message has nothing to do with me at all but with everyone on this planet. Things are going to change in the near future and my main theme/message is not about fear but about awareness/consciousness of what's really out there, what's coming and how to prepare yourself spiritually so this life doesn't go down the drain while here. I would think everyone wants to move up to higher and better places and I'm trying to give a message that opens the minds of the viewers to what's really possible out there as all things are possible. Just look at all that's out there in the universe now, how do you think it just got there? THINK DEEPER-In order to move up people need to conquer fear and overcome their weakness's and make them strengths in doing this they higher their consciousness/soul mind and eventually all things will be reality and become possible for them once prepared/qualified.

2011, is not just a made up story but there is in fact overwhelming amounts of evidence that this will take place, has taken place and will take place again. I'm just a messenger here on my own freewill, anyone can take the information I have on this thread or leave it but I would hope people at least think about it and consider maybe but either way it's your life and your own free choice. People who do not want to learn the lessons of life or upgrade/progress don't have to. That is why there is no rush on the part of those above "Benevolents' they are not waiting for us only helping when needed/guiding. For the most part they are having a blast up there and the message to everyone on the lower levels is simply.

"Hey if you want to join the party get with the program and fix all the many imperfections/weakness's you have" "We went through the same things you did and you can make it through it" "Everyone needs to go through mortality and learn lessons in order to move ahead""There is endless amounts of time in eternity so take your time if you choose to, it's your own freewill/free choice if it takes you a few billion years that is nothing to infinity." Eventually everyone will finally make it one way or another, YOU GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Law of consequence to actions, ASK YOURSELF- what is your intent in life? What do you really want? Who do you really want to be? What kind of life do you really want to live? What dreams do you have that you really want to fulfill?

It's not only in the movies but it's about as close to the concept as you can get to the way it will really be someday! You basically have freedom to create anything you desire/dreams but everyone on those levels must be in accordance to the higher laws/consciousness of that existence/dimension/universe/level. I have used as many analogies/metaphors as possible to give the best description of what is out there. Remember anything you can possibly imagine or create in your mind does not even come close to what is out there because the minds of the Creators/Designers/Teachers above far surpass anything universal/earthly. All things in this universe were setup and created by much higher dimensions for us. You could say they have a type of remote control to the universe and can pull strings/make changes/interventions as needed etc!

There are 2 websites going up in the near future that are being setup strictly for nothing but FACTS, EVIDENCE, Government documents/ inside-eye-witness-testimony and things you can verify read for yourself on 2011 and the upcoming event. You don't have to believe anything else I say but if you are a RATIONAL scientific mind you will at least view these websites and let the information speak for itself then you can decide all on your own. ET_MAN doesn't have to say a word about it, you don't have to believe a word I say but consider the information that will be presented OR NOT your choice!

Best Dreams!


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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 10:32 PM
I just wanted to add a few more things on religion. Most/All religions out there have the best intentions in the long run. Some of it is what is necessary to know/experience on this planet for all people. The Teachers/Creators/Designers are aware of everything going on in the world and have played a role in many different religions--many different times from the very beginning since man was placed on earth. Messages are given, prophecies are told, inspirational words of wisdom are given, miracles happen, prayers are usually always answered, everything has a higher unseen/not yet understood/realized purpose/reason even all religions.

This may go against what many out there say but I have asked/found out for myself. If you want to open your mind a little bit on religions I would start with this website: You don't have to look about what's being said so much about religion but keep in mind all religions of the world serve a purpose whether anyone sees it or not. Another book to read that might open one's mind is "The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley!Now I realize things will be said/thought much differently about world religions/government structure/power etc. They have created great DIVISION among many people on earth however they do play a role, in fact everything plays a role down here on earth whether we see it/realize it or not. Everything in the long run is for the betterment/progression of everyone's soul/mind consciousness and you need to experience/go through all these things whether good or bad. So cast your vote and make a decision/choice today on where you want to go. Which way are you headed or do you even care?

The only thing that matters and it always comes down to one thing.
"Doing the right thing, Making the right choices in life, following the right path! Period-period-period...

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by zenius

Hi Zenius,

The words of wisdom given about how to deal with impending doom and possibly death are very true and I am in the process of forgiving and finding ways to enjoy life. However, as time gets closer and truth comes out and panic starts to set in amongst society, well, how do we look in our childrens eyes and tell them they will probably soon die, and until then life on earth will be chaos and no we cant protect them?

Regardless of world events the most impending doom for all who are born is death.I suggest all parents discuss the fundamentals of life and death with their children letting them know that all things leave this world just as they entered it and it can happen at anytime, any place in many ways. I recommend all parents share the knowledge with their children that there is nothing to be afraid of at death and that when you leave this world you will only go to a better place and be with family. I recommend every parent convey to their children that they will be with their families forever and that if someone moves on they will all see that person again someday.

How do we spiritually prepare our kids in the gentlest, non fearing way, especially when we adults are having a hard time coming to terms with it?

I would use some of the recommendations above and find your best way of communicating with the children about life after death so they know how great it can be and that this life is a test for them and everyone “A learning experience” Let them know that this life if any is the one people should worry about not the other because in this life if we don’t make the right choices we don’t go to the right places. This life is a risk for souls because if they choose the wrong path they can be downgraded to even worse conditions that are harder to experience/learn from. If they make the right one’s they move up to much greater places than this.

We still have to go to work to survive until then and with no savings there's no possible way we can prepare for survival so how do we prepare our kids for death & destruction?

Spiritually prepare and there is no destruction, spiritual is all that matters- if people are afraid to die because they think nothing is on the other side then what is the point in living in the first place if it all ends. Just look at the many miracles that have taken place in order to just maintain/keep the universe in place, to keep earth in orbit, to keep asteroids and objects from hitting earth such as comets among many other things that could have taken place and obliterated all life on this planet many times over. There are Teachers/Family up there that are pulling strings on things and everything down here is merely illusion as real as it feels. Don’t lose sight of the many miracles it takes just to keep your heart beating and the many other ongoing miracles all around us. The very air you breathe is a miracle, people lose sight of the many simple things that are right in front of their noses and take them for granted far too often.

Count your many blessings I’m sure you can find hundreds of them if you look for them. There are no accidents or coincidences in this world only to man and the way we perceive them from a temporal finite perspective. When it’s your time to go it’s your time to go. Some babies come here just to experience a body, life and death then they leave. (That is all they came down for) Everything has a reason/purpose dice is not played up there only down here, we are the one’s rolling the dice by making choices like children playing on a playground not really knowing the rules, the Teachers/Family up there are continually monitoring/observing all things in the same way we run a computer program and simply run check on things. There is nothing to fear or worry about, I hope people understand and catch the drift of my message. I am not really here to tell you about 2011-insomuch as I am here to share a message that everyone should prepare spiritually for 2011, since I’m aware that something is coming I’ve come forward to share all that I can share with you. I can only share what I have so far and that is more than enough for people who are listening to the message.

I have given an advanced warning that the Benevolent’s/family has allowed me to give otherwise I could have never shared some of the things I have shared thus far. I have done this so that people can start looking at themselves in the mirror and changing their ways always preparing for the inevitability of death which is really only life. This website really only touches a few people, this message will be shared on a many websites among other places/outlets/video’s etc by the end of the year. All that matters in this world is your soul, the body, mind, death and all other things are just smoke/screen illusion. (You will know that when you move on because you take nothing else with you but your soul consciousness and the memories, pain and negative things with you if you have any so that is why I suggest you empty your negative memory bags and make amends now with everyone because if you move on tomorrow or are taken sooner then you will definitely not be prepared if your still carrying burdens/weight/shame/guilt on your shoulders.

For those people who leave this world with weight and burdens they will have a REALLY hard time and they can’t instantly fix them from the other side) Many spirits that hang around we call ghosts are spirits with BRICKS on their shoulders that they took with them never having a chance to move on and some are afraid to face all that they must face and stick around sometimes trying to make things right with family but they can’t do it because they are already out of body on the other side. This is all part of our test/experience so I hope people are taking notes. When I say move on or leave this world I really should say (WAKE UP) because upon what we call death you are only waking from a dream to the next world which is much more real then this one, in that world you are asleep down here on planet earth!

I hope this helps and I’m sure you can cleverly throw something together for your family/children or whoever.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 01:23 AM
ET_MAN, do you have any opinions about the holographic universe theory? According to recent science, nothing really exists until someone conscious observes it. According to this theory, we all create the world by our consciousness.

What we are not aware of does not exist. So the logical problem here is: how do we become aware of new things if they dont exist yet?

Interesting ideas for sure, so I would love to hear if you have anything to say about it.

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN


I just wanted to thank you for your contribution. You've passed along a ton of information in the last few months, despite a lot of suspicious and rude posters. I don't think i'd have stuck with it like you did, and for that i thank you! I wanted ask you if any of this doom and gloom surrounding 10/25/09 has any merit. I've been hearing quite a bit about it from various "prophets", web bot, timewave zero, etc. Will something of great novelty really happen in the next few weeks to come? (I read up to page 48 of this thread, i hope it wasn't asked already). My mom has been having strange premonitions and is asking to move back home to Michigan (i live near Miami now). Is there anything important we should know about that might be happening in the near future?

Thank you so much for being so open and candid with us

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by defcon5

Originally posted by spirit_horse
That guys videos will make you rethink a few things. He obviously got better after the first couple with the long images with loud music playing.

It only took me getting this far into them:

…To realize that they are BS. Chemtrails are a BS internet hoax, and that is from first hand experience. I would not trust the logic of a chemtrail believer on any topic…

Bro I don't know if Chemtrails are BS, but I can tell you that I live in san diego and I see planes at about 60,000 ft every 30mins to an hour flying from over LA and passing San Diego, and everytime they pass over the border of mexico the trails that they are making stop.

I used to think it was BS to, but after noticing those planes stop their trails upon hitting Mexico...I don't know.

They've been seeding clouds since the 50's publicly. I believe it has to do with controlling the weather more then putting stuff to breath in the air...

Anyway, the cages thing reminds me of "12 Monkeys"....weird.

E.T. Man....does your understanding of time travel include some sort of spinning device...this is a serious question. Does Vitruvian Man mean anything to you? Do you have a conscious connection to your sources?

Thanks for posting


posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:25 AM
"After Oct 2011 things on earth will permanently change forever, mountains, continents, forests, climate, species on earth including the human race. The ET presence will be publicly known but continue to run in secrecy, that is how they operate, most are on a completely different level. "
yeah It's all fine and dandy, wanting to pass away from this world to those heavens that enlightened hearts might find within themselves, but how will all this change the reality that we are in now here on earth.
yes we can all be better persons to some extent or other but I find it hard to believe that being one within ourselves will ever change the existance of life as a whole on this planet.
As for the quote you made above can you clarify what these changes to our species will be after oct.2011, as I will be one of those who will do my damdest to survive any events that might occur.
Also how will these so called ET's make their presence known publicly for all to see or will this only be available to those who are enlightened high enough here and to those that have passed away.
What about the negative or bad Et's that are with some of us, are they still going to be a controling body after this arrival of other ET forms and will they have any control over the people that are left here on earth.

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:28 AM
Et man do me a favor and watch this and listen from 6:55 - 8:30 and tell me do you agree. I think its something you will like.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:57 AM
What always gets me, is that the "travelers" are always ready to tell us only what we can handle. They would disclose all if it weren't for our limited ability to understand. Isn't it odd....I don't know how a microwave oven works but I use it on a daily basis. I don't have to understand the how nearly as much as the why it works to understand. So, if a traveler really wants to get our attention just throw all the information at our feet, we will pick threw it and find what we want.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 12:20 PM
We as humans have a great desire chore,
to search for meaning, outward, upward, to and for,
--and after we see all there is, and more,
we look where we've never been, before
The Greatest Soul, Explore. ................................... DRS / A.K.A Darrman

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 01:01 PM
Hi there ET-Man

I was re-reading what I thought was an interesting thread from 2005 called Revelations of an Elite Family Insider on the site.

Shortly into the thread I read this
The “higher beings who govern this realm”, do you serve them? By what name do you call them? Have you seen them? Where do they reside?
They penetrate everything and they are benevolent.

This thread and dare I say yours, are BOTH enlightening in a strange way.. The writer appears to think like you but approaches the philosophy/spirituality from a negative polarity/ interpretation. Seems like you have your own Nemesis lol.

I was wondering if you had read this thread?
If you have what is your opinion of the message and its delivery?

What is odd is I had been thinking about the word benevolent and was wondering if it had any relevance and all I could think of was of bene elohim.. Synchronicity perhaps?

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