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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:09 AM
For those Faithful in the Truth of Christ, I will share the words that were given to me this morning in dream. Those who Love Him and dwell with the Holy Spirit will recognise both the Truth and the Light in them. May they bring hope in a shifting word.


These very words are contained in Scripture and only serves to strengthen my Faith in Him and the Truth He represents.
Revelation 21:1-8

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband; and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away." And he who sat upon the throne said, "Behold I make all things new." Also he said, "Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true." And he said to me, "It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment. He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God and he shall be my son.

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:21 AM
Seeing as Hidden Hand has been brought up, I would like to take opportunity to explain that the author of that text TRUTHFULLY explained (amongst the distortions) that as the time of 'harvest' approaches, they (the Luciferians and their agents) are WILLINGLY going to ramp up the levels of negativity in this world.

This is the period the Bible describes as the days of 'tribulation', where it seems that many things are happening at once on earth with the will of increasingly evil deeds (engineered wars, plagues, famine) manifesting in the midst of the NATURAL CYCLE before the establishment of Heaven on earth here once again for those MEANT to remain in a state of RENEWAL.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:20 AM
Chris, I just want to express thanks most sincerely for all your efforts of awareness directed at those in the world. I am touched by both your examples of positivity and extended prayers for me on a personal level.

May Grace give you the strength and courage to deal with any adversary and adversity influence of the world, in Accordance with the Will of our Father and His Holy Spirit.

Although there was no formal 'farewell' of sorts between us, I will always know the Foundations upon which you stand. May the oil continue to be dutifully and fruitfully gathered for the lamps. Amen for all the lights in the world that lead to Him. He is Good.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:40 AM
I wish to join in that prayer for Chris's safety, that he keep above all harm and may all his goals for his family come true, may God send those to minister to him and keep him safe every moment, guide him and protect him, always. In Christ Yeshua's name, in the name of the Spirit of Peace and Truth I pray.

I also thank him for his prayers for the family and myself, and during surgery where the recovery was very swift indeed, and quite surprised the doctor and I could feel this love energy and prayers surrounding me, and spent time watching angel clouds outside the window.

And for wonderful posts I'd ever read.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by Beamish

Beamish, I have no idea of you personally as an agent, but I do feel strongly that the ones you seem to be supporting on this thread connected to that group, there is quite the control presence, and I've been writing that to online friends for some time. I note subtle things, and bigger things. Certain kabbala type trainings or studies for example always imply military or related background, to me, always. And the amount of control exherted to the point of burying the wonderful threads, the main players were noted by me. Won't be going into any details, there were enough threats given on this thread, but being asked to remove a link because someone else wasn't grow up enough to allow sharing of someone's personal truth and nde, and metaphysics is most odd. Being a stumbling block for another relates to leading them into trauma and breaking points, such as the policies of the controllers here, it DOES NOT relate to sharing truths and spiritual understandings. We need all the doors and windows we can wide open, so people can graviate to what activates soul memories.

I did remove the link out of concern due to all the control and threats, and was very upset and posted it under my profile and linked it to many other threads.

I note very much the amount of control. In that conversation I said, no way, I will never support any miiltary shutting down truth or controlling anyone. They have no right to shove humanity in boxes., and went on for quite a while. He said, I understand. There are a lot of so called metaphysical posters that are also assignments here and its all about spinning things, putting others down, and keeping the two main agendas: one is negative kabbala, law of one type, no right and wrong. The other is only traditional interpretations of religons or fatih. Clamp down on the rest. As soon as anyone brings out the words: new age, and calls down anyone who thinks independently new ager in a disparaging way, they're agents instantly to me.

Anyone that spends time putting others down or suppressing truth is an angent to me.

I dont ever lie, and share what is true, in additon search for truth or to expose their agendas, ie videos on nasa or soho or comets, research to explore what stories are out there and try to analyze if they are real or an angenda. Which some mistake for fear. Its not fear, its watchfulness. They/tptb, have never had a right to harm anyone or erect their pyramid systems and in addition to this no right, while they believe they're off the hook and over our head, they're totally accountable to us as brothers and sisters, cousins and soul relatives on the other side.

But that is finally dissipating too, because we really have to face whatever circumstances come, by bringing forth what we have inside us, a connection to our Infinite/Greater soul and Family. To shine our light, to not react, and bring forth peace and kindness.

And its coming more and more to me that some of this is perceptional too, since so many other things are. I really truly suggest people focus on doing what George Green discusses in his book and what ET_MAN has mentioned about the coloring book and coloring the pages up our way.

Because while the DVD has an outcome, a structure a framework, its all interactive within. We're also in private perceptional rooms. And that is where outcomes can be mitagated, goodness can shine forth in this world.

Its doing the work every soul here came to do, even the leaders, they don't understand. They came to make a difference as well.

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by redgy
reply to post by sphinx551

6. once gone, not our problem anymore except for survivors to clean up what's left of the mess.

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Chah... That's the best part! I'm planning on being one of those survivors.. haha.
Clean up this mess and start over, fresh. Like the phoenix from the ashes.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Its odd, the way the dark side works to convince so many that they are one, and good and bad mere illusions, the HH message. There are many who only believe in this Oneness in a positive manner, however, so this is only a trap for the ones who take this to other levels, who blend the lines between accountability. But it dawned on me the real reason for this message, is not even the ones they might be stumbling stones for, it probably is an attempt to actually continue to hold the duality, gravity of all together. That which keeps this plane in this frequency. They're not going to stop whats coming. Nothing they do will work. The stars going to line up and this entire sector of space, this galaxy, or even earth's universe is going to transform There is nothing than can do to halt the transformation. What they need to do instead of working to try and hold this realm together is to prepare themselves by making U-Turns in their lives.

Unity, you are not allowing people to claim their own misunderstandings or learning paths that were meant to be, by blaming 'dark sides'. People believe in things for personal reasons, people react and act in the world due to personal moldings and influences.

And for the last time...oneness did not originate with hidden hand or the law of one channeled is a part of almost all religions once you get right down to them, its a part of many ancient understandings, that what is divine fills and fattens all things, connecting everything as 1 great seem to want to give yourself your own existent rights as being infinite, when only God Thee Holy Spirit has no beginning nor end, and only Thee is constantly and consistently 'being'. To understand this, then there becomes a natural reverence, for life, for the Spirit that you are of, in true self.

Calling some of the oldest understandings in the history of man, a trap, does show fear in you, does show worry, does show anxiety....even though you say you have no fear. And to try to bring others to 'a higher level' through this 'worry/fear' would bring them to seek for unbalanced reasons.

I care not about holding onto duality...for I know its not the 'true life' to live for that Jesus spoke of. The true life is in Spirit...not in the flesh and individualism/self glory. My beliefs have nothing to do with holding onto duality and most people that understand what the illusions really are and that we all a part of a greater whole...they also dont seem to be the type that are holding onto the world of duality either. You are throwing around alot of strong assumptions on people. And they are also not the type that would ever wish to stop what ever is coming because they have accepted that what comes, is wht is meant to be. When you understand that only really in Spirit is the true life...holding onto this world and not needed but still trying to be a light that is aware of its connectedness to all other life while here.

And who are you to say that people are not making U-turns in their life? Who is it your telling they need to do this?

My best

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Your post makes no sense to me. If you think sharing metaphysical truth and not being silenced by one mistruth group is not allowing others free will. This is something so evil to me. Free Will cannot be found in a box that is distortion with the doors and windows sealed. It needs to put right out there. Christ said, no one puts a lampshade on their lamp. No veils.

If you think that speaking up for truth and promoting the actual thing we all came to do, wake up and make a difference, every soul is actually here to do that, is limiting free will, then Christ must have been too. Because we're to shine our lights. We're here to wake up connect within, work through our shortcomings and make that difference. Transparently, openly, clearly, no veils.

And a world where only the dark side has the microphone is not a FREE WILL ZONE. It would have to be taken back and everyone rescued.

Everyone is responsible for others. No one will be happy if they let their loved ones down. We are a Team Above and came in in teams, and the whole thing is Team Work.

Read Isaiah 28 and discover that everything the Gnostic/Bloodlines do to heap on lies and crapola and maintain its about CHOICE is wrong. Its about telling the truth, giving Love and Encouragement and being a good transparent example to the children. That is what the last paragraph says clearly. They really have mistaken their roles.

We're to shine forth Light/Truth/No Veils on it, as Armstrong so plainly put. And boost everyone up and out. Thats the job. Because it never was about two sides in the end. The ones who harm others and get overtaken by the gravity, will be in such torment, and that includes the leaders. They need to make those U-Turns and face the harm they have done to others with Support, because thats not even something people can face. They don't understand. When someone is murdered horribly, they die one by one and are out of here. When they heap a pile of murders up, they go through all of it, and everyone's feelings, including all their family and friends, anyone associated with the loss, and even the whole world who suffered the loss of that light.

So they've totally misunderstood the school and what Love is all about. They've been told nothing but distortions all along.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Beamish, I have no idea of you personally as an agent, but I do know the ones you talk to are connected to that group, there is quite the control presence, and if you only knew the odd u2u conversations I have going.

Well, I’m not an agent.

I don’t belong to any particular methodology, belief or creed; I don’t hold any particular philosophy to be any more valid than the next.

I’m just curious, sometimes cynical, and often skeptical…

I do not belong to the Dark Side, no matter what you may have been told, think, feel or sense.

I’m just a simple Man.

And what’s more, I don’t actively pursue talking to anyone outside of this thread about you or anyone else, if that’s what you intended to say.

I will admit that some members have sent me U2Us regarding my stance, but none have tried overtly to alter my perception or opinion. I do not engage in long-term conversations with any member either, nor do I engage with any one else who has an obvious agenda.

Many have asked who I am, but I ain’t telling…

So, when you say that that I am talking to a “group” that has a “control presence”, you are embarrassingly wrong.

I also note with great interest that despite me suggesting you could be a disinfo agent – willingly or not – you still haven’t actually denied it…

Repeating that you tell the truth and nothing but the truth does not a denial make.

And I can make a pretty good guess as to who you talk to on U2U.

As to the rest of your post; yes, you do carry out a lot or research. There’s an awful lot of material out there to read and watch, and you manage to cherry-pick all the most relevant data that relates to your beliefs.

Unfortunately, you are missing the extremely salient point that not everything you read online is real, based on fact, or even honest.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by Beamish

I'm not sure you understood what I was saying. I really can't go into details of conversations either. But have dealt with the control elements.

I wrote a whole thread up on how dangerous free minds were to them out of unsusual conversations in which all my signals/spider senses were tingling.

I kept asking the one I was writing to (and this is only one example of this, not to writing to the ones I suspect on here but I came out with this directly to this one), what is so dangerous about a free mind? Why is there so much control and such a need to put certain seeds in. He was not ET_MAN and he was trying to fob off pseudo ufology on me along with a lot of other things and using words, more like you or stereo does, as a friend who was discussing conspiracies, and spiritual issues for a long time, with a very analytical methodology. The word that made me confront the issue head on was, when he said, that was merely conjecture and I said only fbi types would use that term.

But really trying to control what I thought. And I kept saying, those are not sites I go to nor any light worker sites. I shared that certain people have a energy on them, that is recognizable to me, or share info, for example Sleeper and Observe50, on ats, I couldn't sit down. I was pacing and agitated, and having scenes open up. So one page would take over an hour or two to read. I have my own inner way of recognizing.

So why try to control me, plant wierd seeds in me, and then argue about this for hours.

This isn't actually about you. Also not everyone who I suspect on the forums, are consciously working the agenda they think, its all compartmentalized, and some are just being used as far as I'm concerned.

Control is not nice, when you see it in action it really sends of alarm bells.

What is so dangerous about free minds to them, hmmmmm? They seem to have the power to entrap bodies quick enough, but the mind?

Can one free mind overcome the world?
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Anything that is not right in plain sight, eventually is found to be right before us. This is what its all about saying to see with your one eye of light and shine forth that light...its not about preaching the end or that time is up. Its not about focusing on those that may be lost or have influenced their own thoughts onto humanity in the past. When one is ready to see something for what it is, it will be brought to them as if it was sitting there along.

The important things to bring awareness to the soul are things that can not be hidden! This is utterly important that in the design of life itself, in a place where the jewels cant be tarnished or destroyed, is the word and holds the basic things we need to learn to cherish and protect. Things that can not rust nor be destroyed. No one can hide these gems, and that is the mind blowing thing about this animation....that the real truths of what is important in life, cant be hidden and can be found when one is ready.

The really important things are not predictions that must be told to us be another man-if we all really look at the truth of this life, there is no guarantee for tomorrow, there is no guarantee of what history really was, there is only guarantee that we are here now and what we are doing now, matters. This now was molded by the past with purpose, for us to weigh and measure. The future is for us to dream, of what we can be and become. We all know deep down that catastrophes can come and the Earth with the solar system with the universe, is always changing.

I know you believe in shining a light to others but do you really believe the best way to do that is warn of what is to come, as if they may run out of time to 'jump ship'? To keep telling people they are wrong and that someone is out to get them and trap them?

Another genius thing about this design, is that our minds cant be boxed. If we have excepted a belief...there is a reason we have done such. There is a reason why different things resonate with different people. When ones energy body reacts to feeling something is not right or something can be better or should be better or different...they will respond through complex thinking, studying, and measuring...for their personal path of understanding purpose and life. Its very natural and each one of our paths is interconnected to those in our lives, our surrounding social environment, our childhood experiences, experiences of our life, each on a unique path of discovering.

We should not change our ways or make u-turns out of concern of what comes of us due to some coming transformation...for then we change our ways without true intent and understanding. We should be what we are, because we believe and understand, that is the best wy for us to be. If we became a united world, it should not be for a family of light to be pleased or for Jesus to praise should be because that is who we are, in true self, our true being, our nature.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I'm not preaching anything. I explore all the indicators and research others do, and articles, and connect dots, and then spend time seeking within. Because my message is always that we're here to bring forth goodness from inside us. To envision a world of everyone awake and caring about equality, not harming each other.

Which I've posted nonstop.

But the upgrade is coming. That is something in me. And if that superwave from the Galactic core isn't made up by the fourth reicht, because this person I was writing to said they control everyone, and all the scientists/metaphysics, writers/researchers. Its not hard to influence what gets published and even official NASA photos can merely concoctions. So if they want us to think an end time event is coming, for their criminal murders and reshaping the world, to blame it on something else, this could be the case.

However, inside me is the knowledge that we are being set free, that this is happening, and there is nothing they can do now to stop this. So if that energy is coming for the galactic core, then I'm so happy. Thats the upgrade. The stars will line up, and the Light will come in , Family.

And what is the Galactic Core to me. What are Stars? If you close your eyes in meditation and merge within your infinite universe, for we all contain that infinity within, what is our pineal? Gateway, connection to source.
That is the milky way center! Metaphorically its the pineal of the galaxy, and its also connected to the Great Pineal or what is called the Universal Central Star, where there is no center.

All the stars are connected by cords, magnetic ribbons and to the planets too. All of space is interconnected, wired up.

I even experienced contact, guidance during a CME not that long ago, and my greater soul was there, which opened another door to the mysteries to me. That was a miracle day all around for me, like a storybook day.

Also pane andov speaks of the giant red star, our sun expanding like the crop circles show.

Well magicians apprentice shared his vision of going to the new world, and it wasn't a red giant, but a white giant star, which I then researched akin to Spectral A stars, like Sirius A,and Vegas.

I actually felt sad and said to him, when we getting out of here? I don't want us to just go up a channel or more. I don't want to be in this universe where anyone can be harmed any more, I cannot stand it. I don't approve of it. To me, heaven cannot be built on so much suffering. And while saying that, its not being said in doubting Family above, I still have faith, in fact thats been the basis of lifelong prayers and soul rebellions for me where I was given visions, of being in a tunnel near the end, with the Light near me, being told to continue n my journey and in yet another vision, Infinite Progression and steep learning curves, endlessly up was shown me.

But I so much want us out of this universe were any harm is possible.

Also, the revelations along with the Hopi/Mayan prophecies and other documents, all contain codes, astrology, and basically point to the season, they don't pinpoint an hour or date, but give a time, and they show cycles.

For the longest time, I didn't know what nibiru was or wormwood. Now I see Nibiru as the eye of the needle, the eye of horus, the abyss, the shadow or inky cold black that is opposite the sun. Because its an opposition school, so think opposite. Almost a black hole, but there is no such thing.

Wormwood would probably be the dwarf star if we're in a binary system.

Its in the bible, including the once in 10 000 year Virgo sign above. And I'm not really sure how long it is between those two.

Point Im making is that no matter how much I just cast it all away, I'm well aware of the time we're in.

But remember that opposition school again.

One side: disaster and upgrade. Unity and peace and upgrade. We always have choices. If we had world wide push for equality, no wars, and never reacted but meditated and prayed for all world events. If we could respond with more light and grace within us, the upgrade would have happened swiftly. Pencils down, tests over, and upgrade within a week probably. Very swiftly anyway.

But though I am trying to clear out programming for negative events, the cycles are real enough and even coded in our scriptures.

So what exactly is Wormwood? And how does Wormwood differ from Nibiru?

I keep encountering people claiming our Dwarf Star Binary is Sirius B. That would make our sun the third star in that system? That one is fairly odd, but the ones who support this look to some research on mythology. Yet another theory is that Jupiter is actually symbolically our dwarf star binary If thats the case how would Jupiter play a role in this?

The media has come out with the binary that they say is still along ways out.

I'd like the truth here. I think everyone needs the truth.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I kept asking the one I was writing to…what is so dangerous about a free mind? Why is there so much control and such a need to put certain seeds in…he was trying to fob off pseudo ufology on me along…and using words…as a friend who was discussing conspiracies…with a very analytical methodology. The word that made me confront the issue head on was, when he said, that was merely conjecture and I said only fbi types would use that term.

That single word made you believe that he was FBI?

Unity_99, with all due respect, anyone can use the word “conjecture” when it comes to the discussion of Ufology, as there is no solid, irrefutable proof as to what Ufos are.

That is a fact.

Up until there is real, examinable verification, the word conjecture is perfectly applicable to the subject. And it doesn’t make anyone a government agent to use it.

I hate to say this, but you admitting to this makes you sound terribly paranoid and that isn’t helping your cause at all.

And as to your saying he used psuedo-ufology; how do you quantify that? What makes you so sure his opinion or approach used pretence? (I consider ET_MAN’s approach to the subject hugely artificial, not to mention imaginary, and I can guarantee that many others will feel the same, but that does not mean that we are all - or any of us - on the “Dark Side”.)

If your answer is that you read his “energy” then I am at a loss as to know what to say to you.

Why? Because your saying you can gauge a persons intent by their “energy” is – I’m afraid – conjectural at best, inadmissible at worst, and the most disturbing thing is you don’t see that.

I am not a nasty person or a serial, hard-nosed skeptic, despite what anyone may think, and even though this may be over stepping the bounds of this thread, I have to say that I am worried about you.

Take that how you will, but it’s the truth.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Beamish

No, and he isn't FBI, that is US. That one word frustrated me enough to just bring up what I was suspecting for some time. I'd had enough. And the rest of the conversation is no one's business. Oh and after he was writing again, and I was "wandering off topic" in his mind, being told to get back on assignment really put my nose out of joint. I was like
And then the idea came, hmmmm... is there a check coming in the mail then? Because I don't need to talk to anyone, its more of a gift whether we talk or not. He's only one, the list of what I supsect is a lot bigger. Control is the thing I note the most. And put downs.

And my answer to any and all controllers who try to put humanity in boxes is:

No one is ever going to control me.

One thing I won't share with him is the energy bouncing off him, because I read energy and placed a certain energy, so a certain group, world wide apparently. What I call the nazi's. Bush keeps popping into my head, though he's not american like I said. I read energy signatures, and use a lot of things to do assessments.This means a world wide group that I call the S group, of which Bush is one of the more visible heads, it doesnt mean he is working under him. It just puts that group in many countries, and controlling many agendas: The Bush, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothchild, WIndsor group, and there are many players. They are the opposite of my soul energy. They also need a lot of prayers.

One of the things I was told in these conversations is that there is One Country and One Government so all the things we see, from 9/11, to Gulf Wars, to Libya/Syria/Israel is all just POSTURING.

People need to stop reacting and being used like pawns by this heartless twisted group who are so far removed from universal truth, they are being misled and the consequences are severe. Though I'm not convinced they're all human.

While I'm at it, will add more details of what "they" believe. They promote controlled pseudo ufology, not the real stuff. Number one. Being given links on sites with universal law too. All the stuff I wont ever link or write about, if that was the agenda behind hours and hours of saying, no to all those links.

They don't believe there will be an upgrade, they have no imperical information that anything other than their 'controlled' new world and restructuging is taking place. And even that everything was controlled, all the information on cosmic issues is basically disinfo i guess or manipulated. I take it they think they can do whatever they want without consequences.

We'll have to see on all that, because I don't go with any of that info, but experiences and knowing. And they're going to be in for one big surprise apparently. That conversation was extremely odd considering that he is always interested in the disaster or doom scenarios and the cosmic objects, yet was either stating something they knew, and it was all concoction on their OR was planting those seeds.

In contrast to his conversations, I recall the meeting I had under the meteor shower, in August 2010, about getting ready to help people in need when things began to happen, and showing me all the different people that would be organizing and helping out. I spoke up really upset an said No Way, that is not goign to happen, it can't be allowed to happen, its not people's faulst that they are brainwashed. I kept thinking of the children, the schools, the hospitals, etc. And then I was shown people sitting in front of their tv's unconcerned about the plight of others in this world. That no matter how much the media is biased here, everyone still sees the inequality and suffering of many. And somehow rationalizes that billions should suffer to support the righteous good lifestyle of the few, those who have such good dog eat dog work ethics. Note the message was telepathic, the words I'm using to flesh this out are mine. Anyway, I was left with a complete understanding that it was in our hands, for disasters are only there to wake up people who are not overcoming the world and caring about others. But that people were going to be woken up one way or another.

So the SS group doesnt really have much a clue about the coloring book and whats going to happen. Its because they may be very organized but they ignore the Love/Light messages, and experiences, they only fit things together that they can make their agenda seem right with. They ignore all the other evidence.

They assess with only part of the deck and clues. They don't access true experiences with higher ups or prophecy as some call it, messages within, or contact from Guides, and dont come in wiht soul knowledge of something else happening. And ignore it all a subjective, mind you that might be why so many links are sent me to assess. They might truly be trying to see where this message is coming from, and keeping a very tight leash on those they're studying.

We've had choppers chasing the crafts, phone taps, internet/phone/tv all shut off numerously. I know very well they do tight monitoring. So this could be their attempt to dig for info on the other side.

But true love and light does not wear a lampshade. Its transparent. So no need for the agendas. It just speaks up. And sends them geniune love and attempts to reach them too, all the time.

Note to him: you asked how I knew, for your assessment report, I gather, lol.

You wouldnt let up and kept pushing in a negative way, ideas at me that I reject and will never accept, and was very aggressive at doing so. So the flaw would be thoroughly annoying someone and getting their backbone up enough to bring up what they thought. Aggressive persistance to push agenda.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 03:09 PM
To anyone who thinks we're not to speak up truth for people should be just left on their own, fumbling along and overcome by all the potholes and traps laid:

13“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. 14“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5; 13-16

Christ Yeshua spoke up quite clearly about shining light. Without a veil, cover, or distortion placed on it. The job is not to set traps and let them choose. Is that how you, as a parent, would send your children to school? Set all sorts of traps, to fail and disinfo, and then wonder why half the school didn't make the next grade? Who on earth would do that.

The point is to clearly demonstrate truth and get every child in the class to master the Love lessons and graduate. Thats what schools are about. Graduating kids to the next level.

They've totally misunderstood the school and their roles in it.

Get In and Get Out Fast!
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 03:42 PM
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Unity_99, may I ask where are you going to be on October 11th and what are you going to do?

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 04:07 PM
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The design is done in a way that the real truths that matter can not be hidden and they wait, perfectly, for all.

Your convinced that the creations that are being made through your own personal unique path is for the world and that in some way others can not access this 'knowledge' -well you say they can...but they arent. There are people with the same type of heart you have, caring, seeking...and they are not being shown the things you are seeing. Most of your information is preconceived ideas, from another person..and you weigh and measure through your personal facets of what you feel should and should not be. You have already made up your mind of what should be and should not be for the whole of this creation but then you also say you are open. You are not open, if truths fits into some other form, besides what you can accept or understand.

To think that you are figuring out all of this important truth by 'connecting the dots' and that what you are seeing through it all trumps what others understand is highly alarming to many people here and they have voiced that to you simply out of concern for you.

You focus on so many things...that matter not. It all distracts you from living to your full potential, in the now.

Stick with your words of love, compassion, ect....those are worth much more then you going on and on about all of these details that you brilliantly are able to put together as if no one else is seeking within enough to see the same. Im not sure if such ideas just makes you feel worthy as a human, makes you feel like you have a place in this world...IDK. But in doing so, you encourage people to accept something that comes with no certainty, besides what you tell them is so. How is that, any different, then what any religion or person in the past has done, when they passed on their findings from seeking within, when they passed on their limited understanding of what the universe was, of what symbols meant, of what astrology was about, of what names meant and why they were assigned to certain ideas or things? Its not different at all. You say you dont like control...but yet you also refuses to support others thinking for themselves if it disagrees with what you understand. You say to others to come out of the box....but yet you set another trap for them in the end.

The things that are really important to us, that will help us when we are ready....are things that will not have to be told to us by the mouth of another man. This is the beauty of the design/expression/animation of what is perfect and infinite....that the word, is found in life itself.

There is not one person that needs your limited knowledge or become their highest potential. What we say may help them weigh and measure their own being...but what we say can also distract them to focus too much in the past or future when the now is all we know for sure.

And this whole idea that you can throw out a bible verse, to prove a point of not working. I fine it strange actually.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 04:15 PM
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However, inside me is the knowledge that we are being set free

We are free-the spirit is within and the things our spirit needs have always been here. They are not things that we can only learn through someone else telling us about them. You dont really encourage people to seek because if something disagrees with what you understand, you tell them they are wrong, misled, or been influenced by the dark side.

Your mind is already made up about certain things, which causes you to not see the design for what it really is. Since you dont like certain things about resonate with ideas that would feed what you 'want' truth to be.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:44 PM
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I'm well aware of what you believe but not going to every tiptoe with the truth. Because what you believe is really depressing to my soul when you go into what it actually translates into and means. My own logic before even coming on this thread and remembering, encountering Higher Self and having the downloads, can tell me immediately that One as you've depicted, is still in diapers as a God Entity, because he/she is still murdering others and starving them to death, as aspects of other beings, still hasn't learnt these lessons in all the infinite cycles that have taken place. Please contemplate infinity. If you place a dot on a field of infinite fractals, or lines even and say, this is NOW, look in all directions and please take note, the infinite volume is equally infinite in every direction from that dot. Apparently, Infinity hasn't taught this One much at all, now has it. Unless you're into a non conscious One, which would make your belief kind of athiesm. I've known other than that ALL my life.

But I do worry that some of what you're saying could actually "make a difference" at a critical moment if someone was really looking for truth and came upon this, and consequently, didn't strive to overcome themselves. We're responsible to one another.

ERA - don't you forget about me (HD)

We're here to help other. Between your words and my experiences, and Christs message, I know the right direction.

By the way, even though these things are clear to me, and understood, I'm not wishing to be harsh and truly appreciate many portions of some of your posts. But those beliefs don't clip my wings so to speak. But wish you only Love, Light and High Frequencies. We're in this journey of life together and we're family too, so nothing said in the post was meant to hurt anyone's feelings in any way. Much Love.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 07:52 PM

Methinks I see a hairline crack in your writing style is becoming frantic, as if you are trying to convince yourself...not us. Why is that Unity. It brings me back to seeing a deep seeded fear in you.

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