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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Jewels found in the first 6 pages

Most of you know within what lies ahead but you must now come to the realization of it. You are here on earth now at this time for a specific reason and those who are here for such reasons already know inside what they must do. It is within you, all answers will be found within yourself. Follow inner feelings as your physical mind is incapable of connecting with such knowledge.

I'm editing this because when I reread it it looked like I was saying ET_MAN was now going away from out of the box discussions when he's made wonderfull posts, some spiritual, some Christian, and some very Quantum Physics, and also for awareness on the world. What I meant to say is that I've noticed online, some who are trying to control the posts of others, and roughly around the time things became more into authorative religion/spirituality, don't trust yourself and go within. In other words, don't escape the box, but obey me, or follow others directions, this was also roughly the same time, AREA 51 was put down to a Russian plot, and the moon and mars, don't look there, and disclosure was shelfed. In other words, you guys are waking up too fast. Go Back To Your Slave pens, now!

I connect dots faster than a silver bulltet and leap tall buildings with a single bound in my mind, and can outthink a locomative.

ET_MAN made good posts, I remember one about the rainbow bridge as well. Thats probably why I linked the one about the third eye. They're connected.

What questions do you have? I will share all and hold back nothing. I have provided people with a few various clues and signs that your media and scientists have become aware of. There is much more to know and if you feel ready on a particular question or subject I will answer. If you are wondering about the underground earth and tunnel systems that have been well kept from the media and world we can start there so you understand that the human race has never been alone.

Or perhaps some are more interested in Genesis and how people on earth came to be? The story of Adam and Eve is a script from a long distant past and there is much to discuss there. In order to understand everything taking place now in it's entirety you must understand the reason for these things occuring and it's beginning.

"They will be used for labor work and some traded away."

I have openly offered to answer any questions you may have but to explain all events in history to present would take weeks of writing. If you want to know about ET's and future events simply ask about ET's. If you want to know if a certain rumor or conspiracy is true I can share what information I have on the subject. Other than that I am simply here to put out a date and message, by placing this date out there I am doing you all a service. It is for the viewer to decide what they will do with this information. The date will reach those who it was meant to reach, the weather and months preceeding October 2011 will be signs and warnings that people cannot dismiss as coincidence.

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 12:18 PM
No Ets, just entities, just bluebeam?

I think NOT, and can testify otherwise from my own family and some where shared. Not to mention countless out of the box converstions. It was roughly Oct-Nov of last year that some kind of control mechanism came down.

All human races of earth whether black, asian, caucasion or hispanic have been genetically downgraded and upgraded over time on earth and were redesigned/created specifically for earth, placed here taken from other worlds populated with mixing races as you have on earth. Much of what you see and have been led to believe is mere illusion including the story of Genesis, which is symbolic and a representation of a much larger untold story that took place outside of earth.

When the human races were genetically created for life on earth and placed here there were multiple races planted, both white and black included, human DNA can be altered for change and manipulated over time, Many upgrades and downgrades of the human intelligence, color, race and body have taken place and will take place.

Thousands of humans were planted on earth in the beginning when humans made a first appearance. It was not 1 Man or 1 Woman. Humans have been around on this planet much longer than people are led to believe but have been downgraded and upgraded many times and many changes have taken place with human genetics and body.

3D matter that earth is made of including your body comes in infinite layers, if you were to peal the layers you could never reach the center. Within this world and above this world are infinite dimensions, times, and densities. These other dimensions and worlds exist on, above, within, below and beneath earth, your consciousness and physical world resides within layers of other times, dimensions of lesser and greater densities that are infinitely connected.

All matter is equivalent and equal to what you perceive to be the universe. The universe exists within and without all things, your biological body is infinite in space with no end. This is the very philosophy that man has struggled with because of the limits placed upon understanding and comprehension of what the word infinity really means. The concepts of infinity can vaguely be understood but never comprehended or seen by man. Your body is infinite in space and never ending inwards and outwards and in all directions, times, densities and dimensions.

You can travel to a destination half way forever never reaching that destination. All matter is equal in space there can be nothing greater or lesser as there can be no measurement for an object within the laws of infinite space. All things advance equally and are equal in all directions inwards and outwards. Intelligence is infinite, individual intelligence which you call your spirit or soul has progressed infinitely and is equal to all that is, nothing is lesser or greater, bigger or smaller as there is no measurement to one’s growth only continual progression, evolution , advancement.

Spheres are eternally infinite in size and can be cut into half or doubled in size infinitely with no end. Consciousness and intelligence of an individual is the same as a sphere and can be infinitely doubled or cut in half with no end. You are made up of intelligence and are infinitely advancing through infinite experiences, you have always existed, death of this 3d material world is another stage, transition and process into infinite progression. All things consist of oppositions from light to dark, positive to negative with polarities. There are unseen energies forces necessary for advancement that are adversaries to the positive as negative pushes against positive this allows the process of advancement to occur.

Extraterrestrials exist within, above and below our density in upper and lower dimensions. Within time is another time and an infinite amount of times with an infinite amount of space and dimensions. As an example, dinosaurs exist and can be seen today in another dimension in time and past, as future and past is nothing more than a separation of present, today is everyday if time is frozen. Time can go backwards and time can go forwards or time can sit still.

Jewels found in the first 6 pages alone.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 01:24 PM
I missed a comment directed towards me, and just want to point out something. I have a mind of my own, and am self directed. I am inspired by others, and find the stepping stones in life or the next step on the journey. But the nudges to post or even what to write, come from within me.

So I don't write for others. And they don't ever write my posts.

Also, there are times when I don't want to post something and would like to ignore others, even though I groaned at what they expressed and will lie in the tub and suddenly have a light increase and strong nudges to get up, and make that post. I'm not off the hook yet, being pushed to learn, grow, and share, try to wake ppl up.

But its not about one way, to me, though I AM A CHRISTIAN, people have been indoctrinated into obeying and allowing poverty and war for thousands of years in religions. This is about Faith, Spirituality in something Good and Loving, but its not dictatorial or authoratative about one way. Its about seeing through the world and waking up to the mechanisms and programming in it, and choosing to be unconditional love.

But I do skip over some posts, especially when there is the same worldly stuff being said and it feels childish to me. Childish = selfish.

I have prayed most of my lifetime, sometimes many times in a day, and meditated, and sought strongly, which is a part of seeking and going within by the way. They go hand and hand.
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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:38 PM
OK, this was just linked me, this thread, just now.
This is a genuine prediction and I guarantee the biggest show on Earth

27th of this month is 9/11. That date is when we enter the magnetic field. Something in those docs I linked a while back, also sent by a friend, was that when we enter the magnetic field the south pole of our planet will be grabbed by the magnetism and the planet will flip, which would be massive flooding.

I don't like injustice. Period.

I don't like thinking that the worst cases of humanity, the psycho sharks would have prepared for this event.

Without getting everyone to safety.

And, that they would have this ugly Fascism waiting for survivors.

To me there is Logical Frequency Match In A Spiritual School.

The Gates of Hell, well their behavior seem a good match, so this would mean they'd go flying off into space to meet their friends there, and we'd be spared.

Anything else is unjust and on I don't walk down unjust paths.

I am expecting the good people to be rewarded and rescued and the bad people to be in a hospital recovering from mental illness soon.

Isn't it odd. 9/11. 9/11. 9/11 and Revelations 9/11. So those ones who seem so interested in conducting bad events on that date really are the ones whos magnetism should be a match.

Ours shouldn't.

Those beings in the abyss, the ones that didn't get born as people but choose by some people's opinion to harm others for fun in their more empowered selves. They need healing too! Anyone who harms another is MENTALLY ILL. Anywhere you see negativity you see an absence of Free Will.

I suggest people think on the dates, do some research and do some praying for everyone including the ones who need the most healing here and on in that magnetic field as well.

Edit To Add: This may be the time that Isaiah 28 was referring to when it mentioned that they would go to their hidden lairs (well look at all those resignations recently) and the water would rush through them.

But personally. I have this feeling that all their preparations will be in vain, and their Fema camps. Humanity overall are Lovers, not Killers. Wrong frequency match.
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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by benedict9
Materials included are 'on topic' as both coinciding earth changes and wars are going to be catalysts for wider implementation of such scenarios as prophesied. The chess pieces are being positioned as we speak while many of you engage with your daily opinions void of any semblance of Truth. Your lack of seeking is only going to make your path more difficult in the 'long run', that much is assured.

Deniers of the Truth within Christ's Word will not only be blind as to what is taking shape, but will not be given the strength to endure either for such denials, wilful ignorance and wickedness. So many on a ship of fools, so that when the boat eventually rocks, many will be floating lost in a sea of illusions.

There will be great cowardice, fear and error for misunderstanding the Eternal Truth of the Eternal Word, including Benevolent warningsof the times within. Checkmate.

Just some more clues as to the direction of our future for those who may feel they were born into paradise or there is no meaning to this earth life, being likened to just random 'animals' or beings living in some pointless 'illusionary dream-like' existence. Oh yes my friends, our choices determine spiritual alignment/allegiances and what they are will account for the 'afterlife'--there is black and white in that regard. Choose wisely what spirit you contend with.

Hmmm, why is this 'crazy' topic reaching mainstream? So many 'mysteries' indeed.

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This is such good information I felt it needed to be on the next page, so, brought it forward. I will also add to it.

Why would we need guillotines? For the almightly dollar, electrocuting people fries their organs and organ transplants will be big business. That's right. When you donate blood, they get it for free ' from you' they then turn around and charge the patient in the hospital 650.00 for one pint almost 800.00 for Plasma. I know someone who works in blood med tech. and know what I'm talking about.

When Tribulation gets here, boy will they have fun. No amount of sticking your fingers in your ears singing "la,la, la, la, la, will change one darn thing. De Nile is a river in Egypt.

God does know what he's talking about. Thanks benedict9 for this pertinent information, I assure you it didn't fall on deaf ears.

And for people who may have missed this video I put at bottom of last page I will post it here again.

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I missed a comment directed towards me…

With respect, you miss them all in your hurry to post more of your own agenda. And from experience, you don’t read posts or threads properly either before churning out the same material as an answer.

And please learn to use the “Reply” function. It’s there for a reason.

I have a mind of my own, and am self directed. I am inspired by others, and find the stepping stones in life or the next step on the journey. But the nudges to post or even what to write, come from within me.

Or, you are so completely obsessed with a multitude of conspiracy theories that you believe you are thinking autonomously when, in fact, you are regurgitating other’s unproven material.

Is that not a possibility?

Also, there are times when I don't want to post something and would like to ignore others, even though I groaned at what they expressed and will lie in the tub and suddenly have a light increase and strong nudges to get up…

Yep, migraine is a terrible thing. Ever thought that these “lights” you see could be something else, something you need to see someone about?

Its about seeing through the world and waking up to the mechanisms and programming in it, and choosing to be unconditional love.

Or, believing all you read and imagining it has a place in reality. Unconditional love? Does that include all those who are behind your secret/black-ops/Illuminati government?

But I do skip over some posts, especially when there is the same worldly stuff being said and it feels childish to me. Childish = selfish.

Oh, the joys of hypocrisy! And “worldly stuff”? Like reality? Boy oh boy…

You are doing exactly the same thing as ET_MAN; proselytizing.

The beliefs you both hold may be tenuously connected – hence your insistence in hijacking his thread – but essentially you are practicing the same principle; trying to convert people to your way of thinking.

Yes, you may have put up copious Youtube videos (that modern version of the Alexandrian Library…), but at the end of the day, all they contain are someone’s opinion, are often based on conjecture, a misunderstanding of data, are frequently wrong, sometimes labouring under psychosis, or are just plain trolls.

There is no proof that your view of the world is correct.

And what’s more, there is no way you can prove it. And that’s an important point, because if you actually were being “nudged” to wake people up by “them”/God/ET, then they are doing a bad job because none but a tiny percentage of the population of the planet are listening to you.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by Beamish

Because things have been happening, and dates are very strategic. 9/11 is used. 3/11 is used.
Rwanda, the actual start of the massacre was also certain numbers, so were the Haiti and Chili quakes.

Currently we're being set up to a really big gloom and doom. And yet, it can't be a spiritual event, as its not based on the frequency of the majority who are family oriented.

That means, if we don't match the frequency of the gates of hell, then what do you think the controllers are likely to do in the next couple years to try and force a fit?

Because being safe, having every single person safe, having the ones who already suffering's lives change to joy and opportunities is the most important thing on earth.

I happen to believe something is coming. I don't think humanity is a frequency match for it. But that means we're in a lot of danger from the leaders. They are extremely negative beings.

I've had contact concerning something coming myself. Which I've shared on here several times. One of them was a brief contact that said, "Those who go to the front of the line will be put at the back" And sharing from meager supplies like in the Loaves and the Fishes, was shown. In the other contact/meeting with many, under the meteor shower, it was far more in depth. In that one, we did have a hope, it was in our hands. The events that would come were going to wake up calls, apparently, and the thing that was shown me as to why, is that it didn't matter that many were indoctrinated into a false paradigm, that we supported wars and politicians, bankers and flatscreen tvs while billions starved, and children died of starvation, often homeless, some war orphans. Because I brought that up in humanity's defense. I was shown someone sitting in front of his flatscreen tv, filled with luxury, and told that while the media is controlled, he still has seen all the starving children.

The frequency that is negative, is harming others, and allowing others to be harmed for the greed of some. The school is a test that has two symbols. The hexagram is at one of the poles of saturn and its a very good symbol.

Two interlocking pyramids. One power to the few, capped resources, slaves. The other, infinite family, and progression and complete substantive equal equality, real equality.
fficial&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw =1680&bih=897

We may be basically good people, and family oriented but we're living on a planet that is almost a hellzone. And with freedom like we have in the west, more freedom given, there is far more responsibility.

So, its up to us.

Because whether or not YOU BELEIVE or are spiritually wise, it does not alter the reality of the school and that everything in this universe is a Spiritual Test, and we're in the testing grounds.

I'd look at the dates a little closer because if its not a natural event, why the hell are leaders leaking things about these things. 9/11. Magnetic field?

I think they got it wrong back in the Washington Post in the 80's. It looks indeed to be incoming mail.

Now I'm probably going to go back on ignoring I wasnt really into the debate between you and Valeri. I didn't see at all what you were arguing back and forth with him.

Valeri and I already have long discussions and we don't share the same view on the school and free will, and the work that needs to be done, that if you're waking up, are a part of the tests you are in. With more gifts given comes more responsibility, which is why I'm always pushed inside. But he is a good researcher, seeking for truth constantly, and an abstract/spiritual thinker, even if we don't see to eye. But when you two debated, though your posts are also intelligent, you were lacking the seeking and caring element for humanity, not that you may lack that, but this isn't an excercise, its not a debate. In fact, to me the use of words as a weapon instead of to help wake up and serve and protect the starving children and those in need is childish. People need to get out of their heads and into their hearts and start to feel for each other.

They need to stay away from all the programming and indoctrination they've had since childhood and renew the heart of a child within them, sensitive to others. Not willing to follow bad orders, not willing to walk by those in need, not willing to intellectualize things that should never be.

I don't have time for that, in fact its so alien to me, just can't go there.

Because since my wake up call I have been pushed, not nudged, contacted, to continue to see the connections, uncover the trails and share them to make others aware.

Because if you think its just agenda to have the puzzle pieces come up this way: comet Elenin ( a code for 9/11), reaches perhilion, give or take a few hours on 9/11, when many of their worse events relate to (9/11), with Revelations 9/11 there as well. In addition we now have another 9/11 date and not even give it look, thats either a mind not open, or one on his own assignment.

Oddly enough 9/11 isn't a date in my mind associated with cycles and natural disasters but with the leaders, so I reiterate, so we're probably in for some events, either way.
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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 10:10 AM
There are many debates that go on here and on other threads that are so completely selfish and childish to me. All adults, when the children are in danger, serve and protect desperately with great feeling for the safety and well being of ALL children, if not they're not adults. And the children have been in danger all of my life in urgent desperate ways.

To intellectualize anything that does not help them, to go on about spiritual pursuits and rationalize the amount of suffering on this planet by faith in economic policies, casting blame on others, pseudo spirituality (Law Of One, right and wrong illusions) is all shallow, greed oriented, selfishness and childishness.

To wonder why others are faithful to their wake up calls, to the contact they have (which by itself is a miracle, most people are not aware of their contact, though we all have contact), and to the nudges inside, is outside my scope of understanding.

As one discussion I had went into, to rationalize that no one needs to help others, that they all knew the risks before they came and to just let the dark side take over, and a spot of suffering for everyone and winterlands is OK, is so completely alien and foreign, and to me no mentally sound, well healthy individual would ever think like that.

Wake up. Things are happening both cycle wise, it appears, or by intent of ruthless controllers, and billions are suffering in ways that destroy the very fabric of space and by their allowance, the universe disappears, and even the Beyond to me.

There is no intellectual debate I would ever enter about it. Nor will I stop posting on any events we need to be aware of, to examine, and to reach a yearning for equality.

With that, also note, there are agendas designed to wake ppl up here, and make them crave NWO serfdom equality, sharing within the capped monetary resource society, dismantling middle class.

Whereas middle class or equality is the only right thing and all else is a sure sign of evil.

That is not what I mean. We are never to equalize down to the lowest demonaitor to please the corporates. They need to go away, all the wealth in the Catholic Church/Church's, Windor's, Rothchild's, Rockefellers, and all the top echlen, need to be redistritubed equally amongst everyone. And no more slaves. No one has to work for their corrupt, amoral corporations to have rights to land, houses and resources.

Equality without forcing and NO Group over your head.

Take all the rules and all the documents and scan through them and through most away.

Real abundant prosperous beautiful joy filled empowerment equality for all.

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Now I'm probably going to go back on ignoring…

Way to go. Nothing like a balanced discussion. And this is nothing like…

And yet, it can't be a spiritual event, as its not based on the frequency of the majority who are family oriented.

That means, if we don't match the frequency of the gates of hell, then what do you think the controllers are likely to do in the next couple years to try and force a fit?


“The frequency of the gates of hell”? Good grief what are you talking about?

You know, I could cut and paste quotes of yours and answer them one by one, but I really don’t think it’ll make the slightest piece of difference to you, as I honestly think you are completely, inextricably and hopelessly lost in conspiracy.

It’s my opinion that you’re just writing stream of consciousness posts that are totally coloured by your beliefs – Christian and conspiracy - and none of it has any place in reality other than the tenuous “evidence” you supply.

And by god there’s enough out there for anyone to concoct any type of outlandish theory about the world’s plight and “substantiate” it with the same stuff you do, and that’s precisely what a lot of people do.

But some of them know when to back off and maintain a grip on reality.

I wasnt really into the debate between you and Valeri. I didn't see at all what you were arguing back and forth with him.

That’s my point. You can’t see that there is an alternate view-point to all these doom-laden prophecies. And you need to.

But when you two debated, though your posts are also intelligent, you were lacking the seeking and caring element for humanity, not that you may lack that, but this isn't an excercise, its not a debate.

Just because I’m pragmatic and logical, does not mean that I am uncaring or inhumane. You are basing that on my stance of non-acceptance of the concepts in this thread - and the agenda behind it. My stance is based in reality. What’s yours based in?

And as to your idea life isn’t an exercise; argue that with the estimated 370 + million Buddhists worldwide.

In fact, to me the use of words as a weapon instead of to help wake up and serve and protect the starving children and those in need is childish.

And what are your words, then, if not weapons to convert others to your belief?

And “childish”?

…stay away from all the programming and indoctrination they've had since childhood and renew the heart of a child within…not willing to intellectualize things that should never be.

I don't have time for that, in fact its so alien to me, just can't go there.


So, it’s ok to be “childish” as long as you don’t think too much?

Intellectualizing subjects means discussion, analysis, reasoning. Thinking and reasoning is what made us different, allowed us to progress.

You don’t agree with that?

Just what are your “contacts” teaching you?

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Beamish

I'm not discussing. I simply come on and share things or connect dots, and put info up on things that add up. And express what is important spiritually. Other people can debate all they want.

There is nothing to debate. There is truth, and connecting the dots is truth, or buying the lies.

Love or apathy.

Maturity or childishness.

Love of others or mental illness.

I've spent about 5 hours the last couple days debating with someone on why have compassion and work to wake people up, they knew the risk, winterlands and suffering will do them good.

I don't have more time to give. Thats just EGO to debate nonsense. There is a right and wrong, in the debate. Only that which tries to help people is right.

Some things people learn on their own, and I trust the Family will wake them up soon enough, and trust also that prayers will be answered.

By the way, you also have access to your Family watching over. You don't need christian prayers to reach them. You, like everyone on earth have had contact, but possibly don't remember it, and monitoring influences from both sides.

There is No Time. And someone has the remote for the clock in our heads.

To not be interested in seeking inside yourself, for answers, isn't natural to me. You must be very content in your life, one of the lucky few, and someone manages to ignore the pain in the world. Many of us are on a balcony overlooking horrendous starvation, wars and shells going off, feeling the pain of so many, while dealigng with some messy stuff on the balcony too, and so every opportunity to pray, seek would be taken. I've prayed most of my life, and sought.

What is there to seek to remember, if one could? What is behind the memory blocks most have? I can share some positive ideas with you.

We have a team, and Family watch over, along with Guides and our greater Soul. Time is different for all people, so the ones around us can be on their own timelines, to the point that interactions with family and those around us can be perceptions, akin to programs. Each of us is being tested to see how we deal with the programs. I do not support this school at all. This is not a free will zone, the free will of a tiny group slam dunking everyone elses away, then saying, they stil have choices even if they were in a Fema camp as to how they act or if they give into dispair or cruelty to others to me is the complete opposite of what any Parent or Adult would ever say about their children or anyones. That is NOT what Free Will means. Giving into despair and harshness when abused is Basic Human Psych and would be HEALED by every adult there was if they possess the gifts.

So something beyond anything I accept is happening here, and the amount of individual testing can't quite be what others think.

It has be, alot of positive visits and encouragement by Family, things taken from memory like vacation time, reunions, meetings to fill our spirits and keep us going.

We all have this. So if you're intellectualizing helping others, seek within and use any tool it takes to synchronize left and right hemisphere: binaurals, nature, meditation, prayer, sungazing when UV is nonexistant, like dawn or sunset, seek.

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 11:31 AM
A message just came, in the bath, where I often get flooded with information.

Matthew 7 11

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Going back to free will existing even in a torture chamber, and people being judged for how they respond. This world and its so called growing dark side, reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials and the torture they used to obtain confessions. I suppose some could call this world free will.

But no parent would ever take their beloved child and torture them to test allegiance.

Nor does the Family above.

We were NOT given a hellzone school, we were given a wonderful planet. And what has happened has been the takeover by a negative group of the school.

This school has already been taken back. They 've taken it back and healed restored the people, who were taught a fresh to Love and Share, and Caretake people and planets selflessly.

We're just waiting for the right clip in time to bump forward to that date now, where there is No Time and each clip is eternal snapshot. We're in the past clips.
Motion doesn't exist just reference frames of space

I can't find the video, that was perfect, clips in the roll of film, quantum physics, but if I do I'll post it.

This doesnt' mean there is nothing to do, for with greater awareness comes greater responsibility, but the ones here who are using that against us by providing greater awareness and puttting things out in another attempt to entrap, don't understand that they're not the ones walking in others shoes, and they're not the judge of these things.

In other words, though we're walking in the past clips, we can't let our vigiliance down, for all efforts of Love are a part of what it took to free this planet, since some do have more free will and safety, more choices than others, free will is not equally distributed but still exists for some.

Individual testing, and though we have real families and everyone here is a real spirit/soul/person, we're in our own "time" trials.

This reminds me of Quantum Double Slit, where the electron existed simultaneously in all Possible Locations, At The Same Time, and now I understand the timelines. We could each of us be experiencing a slightly different earth, even while the main events or clips remain overall the same, the individual coloring book is all those possibilities of the Electron. 6 1/2 Billion people all in their own slightly different timeline earth.

That would really be putting us on the line, as to what we're worth in this world's testing grounds, and reminds me of what HS showed me when the big red curtain pulled back and I saw the movie playing. We need to step up to the plate and try and do the work our soul came to do, and seek inside to find it.
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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by MamaJ
reply to post by Bridge_Boy

I am not trying to get in the middle....I just want to offer my insight. I remember being excited about coming "back" here. When I was a little girl I remembered A LOT that entailed another existence. MANY people (believe it or not) have memories of if not a past life...being at home and choosing to come here on Planet Earth.

I don't necessarily call that an "alien"...I call it Spirit.

We are all energetic entities and have been conditioned with perception of this world.

Are there good and bad energies? SURE ARE! We are to be very careful as to not be deceived. Instinct alone can help in this area.

Peace and love to you and yours!!!! xoxoxox


And that's fair enough. I'm not a close minded person, I have a lot of beliefs and I'm not denying the possibility that you could be re-incarnated to this planet.

I would take into account anything a person said and come to my own conclusions as long as the story is consistent.

My beef is with the fact that there are waaaaaaayyyyyy too many holes in this story, so now I don't believe a word he writes.

Peace x

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 03:34 PM
It would appear the comet elenin is in fact falling apart..
this may be a change in events for October.

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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by thedoctorswife

Originally posted by polarwarrior
reply to post by benedict9

I call a spade a spade.

Its called speaking the truth.

I'm not going to lie just so that I sound nice.

I still stand by my so called "insult" of him being the leader of a flock.

The worst thing I could possibly do would be to sugar coat my criticisms with huge PEACE & LOVE banners even though I don't genuinely mean it, half the people here would fall for it and think I do really mean it, but in actuality it would make me 10 times more evil. Just because someone comes across sounding all loving and caring does not mean they are, I would be very careful of anyone who feels the need to constantly yell in your face LOVE & BLESSINGS !!!!

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HI polar warrior, its literally been months since i last looked at this thread, to be quite honest with you i cant COPE with it. Its become ugly, and for some unknown reason my cynicism has increased ten fold in the last few months. I dont see why et-man has to continue talking in riddles, its unnecessary, if hes so concerned about giving us a warning and for us to be prepared spiritually, well guy, put it in plain english.
I hadnt even thought about the repecussions to those who could make dire alterations to their lives only to be up a certain creek without a certain paddle if this doesnt come true.
On a more amusing note the LOVE AND BLESSINGS!! reminds me of when complete strangers try to air kiss you (which i hate).
One thing i know for certain, i used to be scared but im not anymore, i trust my god completely, and i found that within myself and NO ONE put that faith there, i put it there.
Hope all of you that are kind and decent people are well, safe, eating well and getting loads of sex.
Now that s genuine.
(if thats your thing that is)

do you mean to tell him that after 300+ pages you still do not understand? we have people coming at this thread in all sort of angles, from gifted geniuses to people who drink out of toilets. they invited jesus and einstein over for dinner, allah and god for a drink. if i get a nickel for every time someone say they wish they get a dime for everytime someone says "this is a warning blah blah blah blah blah," id still be richer than the guy who's getting the dime. and guess what, YOU STILL DONT GET IT. you, as a person who hate this et guy, you sure have a lot of feelings invested in him.

as for et dude, for someone with superior knowledge, why do you have the need to relentlessly justify yourself to a virtual audience post after post after post?

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by DOADOA

I’d like to reply even though your post was not directed at me, if I may, firstly for this comment that made me laugh out loud (which is no mean feat at the moment):

we have people coming at this thread in all sort of angles, from gifted geniuses to people who drink out of toilets.

And secondly for this:

you, as a person who hate this et guy, you sure have a lot of feelings invested in him.

I don’t believe that anyone who is posting contrary opinions hates ET_MAN per se, rather they – and me included – are curious as to why he’s doing what he’s doing purely because we don’t believe him, and consider the distinct possibility that he has issues and an agenda fuelling his online ministry rather than real knowledge.

Your closing shot surmises my stance exactly:

as for et dude, for someone with superior knowledge, why do you have the need to relentlessly justify yourself to a virtual audience post after post after post?

I have already asked, twice now, why he posts on a “conspiracy” site, but he is AWOL (he seems happy to leave the thread in hands that he obviously deems capable). I offered my view on this – that he has a ready made audience willing and eager to believe his conglomeration of concepts - but have yet to receive a response.

Which was not unexpected.

I wouldn’t expect a response to your question either, if I were you.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Heres a link to the Supernova that's over 21,000,000 light years away and can be seen tonight in the Pinwheel galaxy with just a pair of binouclurs. It has been increasing in size since August 20th onwards.

Maybe this is what you are referring to.

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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by Dachende

I receive my information from The National Geographic Magazine, monthly issues. There is evidence of pictures from helicopter view some of India's coastal lines are flooding the farms however there canals are still intact and below the boarder line of over banking the river banks. You can blatanly see it in their own research from the sky of Indias ocean flooding from the outside in, not the other way around. That is already proof that the sea level is rising.

Be a member, go pick up your copy, go contact them, ask them, they'll send you an issue of it.
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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

No, its not a supernova, its a field of gravity that elenin is on the outer skirts of. Now, the only problem is, what I post frequently on, is that 9/11, (obviously originating from Rev 9 11 and a symbol of who the controllers here serve) is a number they act on, they commit crimes against humanity on. So, the scientist who relayed this info, could very well be a paid shill, which i've posted on a few other threads, as well. So much of what is going to happen IMO, involves the Fourth Reicht corruption going on here, and a very distinct group of ultra bad guys even amongst the controllers ie. Rothchilds/Windsors/Rockefellers/Kissinger/Bush's are amongst the worst.

We often hear that they are mere fronts for the real secret power we can't see.

There certainly is a higher level of power in the dark side, but they truly are the ones off world.

The irony is, they are fronts/decoys for themselves. They are the same ones that were here and created the body suits of the bloodlines, and corrupted this planet. Those giant skeletons found, two species, one more reptilian, one more human. The human one was a hybrid, still wired to be cold and ruthless and dominating and violent. The bloodlines were again hybridized from them, some of this metaphorically is in the bible, to create races of humans as their prefered leadership, races ruthless, predatory, lacking compassion, and designed for takeover, of a frequency match for the dark ones to enter. That is in part memory that stirs whenever I hear a name, something in a movie a friend was watching last night, for example, or see their pictures, ie Royal Family. My soul recognizes them as the opposition to Light and Family. They need prayers too, so deep is the mental illness and separation there.

The dark side, is also infinite layers, and in infinity, one cannot find a moment when the first person erred and then stubbornly held their ground, and began to atrophe to more distortion and illness. Just as there is Infinite Progressed Goodness, the other is there as well, and its very sad, to find such set, confusion and illness. I was surprised by that, an insight that came from the movie. I do not believe or give any empowerment ever to illness being allowed to stand for any length time. It must be healed.

But we're in dangerous times not just due to cosmic events that have 9/11 names or dates, but especially because the dark side is gearing up to cause alot of trauma here and control.

A friend yesterday mentioned to me that in revelations, the part about the ground smoking and the locusts with human faces was fulfilled in IRAQ. Choppers filled the sky, while the oil wells burnt.

Many of the revelations were fulfilled by intent of this negative group under GW Bush. He suggested that as much as 1/3 of revelations has already been fulfilled. He said there would be a war, and who has the red flag? China? In this war 1/3 of all who fought it would die.

Fema. Guillotines. If I see one anywhere I will douse it with gasoline and set it on fire. Stand up for what is right. Period. Do the right thing!

Now, I suddenly realized, something I understand, about whats coming, what earth is becoming.

I knew about the lineup and Alcyone, and the Galactic plane.. But, a window opened and now I realize that they're throwing everything at us, in the next while, if they can, IF and ONLY IF, the Family, God/Goodness permits, and that is a BIG CLUE. Have Faith and belive in Miracles. But, its not because they can ever hope to win.

They know whats coming and are so desperate to try and halt it, try to lower earth's frequency. They will never halt it! U-Turns instead.
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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 12:38 PM
Preparing for events physically, like power outages and emergency stock up of food water is a good thing, all people who can should do so. However, this doesnt mean that we should be roped into the game of negativity or fear, or the belief that negativity can act and do as it pleases on this planet.

I understand that now. Though I've posted for awareness, and also connecting lots of dots and finding their dates and space objects even to be way to much of a coincidence to make sense, it means something is up, or their deliberate plan is in the works.

But I wish to say, there is no need to look past the point that negative people are taking actions and wake up more to the world, so we can see through it and care about the things that really count, family, our neighbor in need, and work on establishing faith in Goodness and seek direction to turn our lives around to serve others. This is the most important thing.

So, I'm sorry for even focusing and giving their space objects any real look. Its not what its about. We need to hold paradise and heaven in our minds, to hold equality and goodness growing to such a force the world is transformed, to choosing to see Love, and imagine what life should be.

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.

They'll never stop or halt or slow down what's coming, for it will arrive in the perfect timing, in the moment we least suspect even, possibly. And the negativity they're employing is only backfiring on them. But I see Goodness cleaning it up and lending a helping hand.

So being ready, physically for an emergency, and shining light, is more important than allowing them to capture our imagination with their distractions, traumas and space objects that basically their codes.
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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 03:55 PM

The CME's, apparently the first one should be hitting. This explains what I'm feelng today. All the tension and worry over their codes is gone. And this strong guidance, and the beautiful sunny day, is like a storybook day, almost surreal in its beauty. This feelng of peace, and connection to Guidance and it was like me, I stepped in, not sure if that was HS, felt more like more of me.

The message I got I tried to write above. It was to express being sorry for ever giving into worries about the 9/11 coded things, because, they were setting it up. Its ok to know how corrupt the tptb are in what they're doing,but to pay no mind to it, for fear is not needed. Don't allow them to grab you imagination. Focus on the most positive wishes for the world now, be peace and love now. Only what is allowed or will happen will happen and if anything does, to keep calm and ask for the Spirit Of Peace and Love to be with you. Just focus on the most positive. So I apologize for allowing worries to get the best of me.

And this CME, I think its white pure light. Its a wonderful day here.

My heart goes out to those experiences power outages, due to the nuclear plant. May they be filled with Peace, Love and Guidance to look after their families in the difficulties.

L & L

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