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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 03:02 AM

Originally posted by polarwarrior
I'm not sure what he is now, some sort of human body with an et soul who has been to different time

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Not true and others who've followed the thread already know the answer; I've made repetitive posts in this thread on the very false accusation that you're accusing me of.

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I am in the same density as everyone on this planet but am from another time in which I cannot share anything further

Ok... so let me get this straight, you’re from another time but you’re not a time traveller? I see.

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Visiting planets in this solar system happened in my later years and I have full memory of these trips

Which planets did you go to?

This is you trying to have your cake and eat it too, again. On the one hand you claim an event will happen in October and on the other hand you say it won’t, so either way you are right. It’s a similar sort of thing with this et time traveller stuff, you love alluding people to the fact that you are, but have an easy out when confronted about the bold claim by someone sceptical of it. Here’s an example of what I mean...

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I have provided people with a few various clues and signs that your media and scientists have become aware of.

Note the careful choice of the word “your” in this sentence... “your media and scientists”.. while your careful not to make the claim outright; you do constantly try to allude to and hint at the fact that your special and different to the rest of us, while stating just the opposite. It’s just like how the highly biased fox news has the motto “fair and balanced” or how the army here is called the “defence forces”, every post you say to me you end with “love & blessings” when you don’t mean it at all, you really don’t like me at all its obvious so cut the charade its insulting to our intelligence.

Love and peace should not need to be announced at all, let alone in giant bold letters. You can scream LOVE & PEACE! all you want but it won’t make it true. TPTB use the same tactic all the time in politics and media.
Real love would never need to announce itself. I would question the motivations of anyone who feels the need to constantly yell it in my face. Caps & bold = yelling on the internet by the way.

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Originally posted by I Am Spartacus
Are you one of those "To Serve Man" aliens?

I am as human looking as you are

Why didn’t you just say your 100% human? no you had to leave the possibility open by only saying that you “look human” its all about leading people on. Just like with your username and many other things.. you like that both newbies would misinterpret it to mean you’re an ET and also that no skeptic can call you out on the claim because you never actually stated it anywhere, its genius(actually not it’s not, tptb thought of that long before you, you just stole their methods)

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 03:52 AM
reply to post by redgy

Hi Redgy,

will your belief subside after these dates

It's not a belief but the One-1 Truth and a 'Knowing.' It's not about a specific time or date; events shared in this thread if interpreted correctly WILL come to pass. It's not a matter of IF but When; what should matter the most for 'souls' on earth is Today, one-1 should clean out their inner cup/temple and spiritually prepare Today, for a Great Light shall come that will wither away the temple that cannot withstand it's presence.

One knew before they were born that they were coming to earth for a body and experiences; that they would have joys and sorrows, pain and comforts, ease and hardships, health and sickness, successes and disappointments. They knew that being born of a mortal body of flesh also involved death and that they would surely die.

'Souls' accepted all these eventualities with a glad heart, eager to accept both the favorable and unfavorable. One-1 shall be tested and tried and proved; the dross of nature must necessarily be cleansed and purified. Not everyone-1 that saith unto the Heavens let me in shall make it to the Heavens, but They that do the Will of the Heavens. Ask yourself, what is the will of the Heavens?

Avoid the energy of fear, but magnify your 'Awareness' when it comes to dimmer states of existences such as the underworld where pain, suffering and 'fear' is inevitable for 'souls' once there. If 'souls' enter into such existences it's impossible to have no fear; for they are evil and fearful existences, and those energies stick, cling and will take over. Be aware of eternal law and the spiritual cause and effects involved, based on one's choices/decisions/actions.

There is nothing to fear for those who understand eternal law and are walking on the Path of Light, but plenty to fear for those walking on the opposite path. There's no denying the existence of 'fear' once in such an existence. On earth it's easy to say “Have no fear” but if a 'soul' goes to the underworld existences it's impossible to have 'no fear.'

The awakening of one's conscience; that overcomes one's conscience with guilt and fear is a reality for some at death; even if they don't experience any of it while on earth. The awakening of the 'conscience' returns to those who've done works of evil. It will become an overwhelming reality for those who've done horrific and evil things to others.

If 'souls' on earth truly saw and knew what could be a potentiality for them based on their choices/decisions/actions they would know how serious of a matter this is and avoid the dimmer and lower underworld existences at all costs. Would people avoid being captured, taken and tortured unto death if they could? Be not blind to the potentiality of being led down the wrong path that leads to the opposite side of the road as the Heavens.

One should take warning and never wait for the death bed to repent, as we see the infant taken away by death, so may the youth and middle aged be taken. Let this then prove as a warning for all that procrastinate their day of repentance, or wait till a death bed. For it is the will of the Heavens that man should repent for the betterment of themselves and everyone-1 and for the sake of their eternal welfare.

Do not be conditioned when hearing that word 'Repent'; which means to clean out your inner cup/temple/house and make amends with all those around you. Ask forgiveness of all those you've wronged, and in return forgive everyone-1. Ask forgiveness of the Heavens and of everyone-1 for any wrongdoings that you may have caused them. Be humble and prideless, willing to ask forgiveness of even those that feel you wronged them, even if you feel that you didn't wrong them.

Be patient with others, tolerant, charitable, loving and respectful of others freewill, everyone-1 being free agents unto themselves to choose. Go the extra mile to help out a neighbor if necessary, be a Light to the world and hold it up for the world to see. That is the Will of the Heavens, one-1 that does the will of the Heavens walks in the Light of Truth, and out of Love for others and in service to others they sound their voice with a trump that all mankind should humble themselves and repent. The great day of Lightening is at hand and at the very doors. The Heavens will not wait for all of mankind to repent forever; they have called many through promptings of the spirit and few have listened.

A Warning unto the earth that the great day is soon at hand, they that do evil works and choose to remain doing evil will reap of their own spirit in works. They that do good works shall be purified even cleansed every whit from all elements into one compound of Light; a transfiguration of the body. Be virtuous and pure; be souls of integrity and truth, treat others as you would your beloved family.

Be not careless, blind or in denial of Eternal Truth; In wisdom Be Aware of the eternal laws and understandings. Realizing that everything one-1 does has an effect on them in spirit; whether in this life or in the life to come. 'Souls' have accountability in spirit based on eternal law according to their works; no what if's or buts about it.

If souls were with beginning and ending, they would be artificial AI.

Everything with a beginning has an ending.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, the Light Family's Eternal, and So are You.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 04:06 AM
For those who believe 'All is One'; anyone or anything in existence that they can possibly disagree with, no matter what it is, no matter what actions performed, or what's being discussed; they directly contradict themselves by disagreeing with the One and themselves.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 05:18 AM
hi etman,

thanks for the explanation, I agree it's not about a date or time, and that earth shaking events may happen which will see many in fear not if but when.
previous post may have been misinterpretated, but was trying to allude to the dates and some of the reasons given in the video, seems as though the dates being presented are soon to expire without the fruitation of events being portrayed as truth..

somewhat was in question about the levels and meanings of the mayan timeline, it's beginning and end dates or the fact that no unity of conscious enlightment has yet to have any effects for the greater part of man and world.

otherwise an interesting video on the oneness parts.


posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 08:10 AM
What a horrible, horrible thread.

Someone makes a prediction and says that "in October 2011 and months proceeding" "billions" will perish - while at the same time repeating and constantly repeating how bad it is to have fear and to spread fear...

I was personally very sad to read at least some replies (from the few pages i managed to read) where i could see quite some depression and suicidal thoughts by some people. I hope the poster of this thread can handle such a responsibility...

I was also shocked to read (quite in the beginning somewhere) where the poster kind of let know that "death is not that bad"...respective (between the lines) saying we should embrace to die because of the great transformation and we're only the bodily vessels with a higher, immortal spirit etc.

Now - this is old, old, old since any religion, be it Christianity or Islam or whatever, has some sort of "heaven" and makes people believe that death is "actually really, really cool" - combined with some cataclysmic event.

Here my first question: Why so un-original? We can freely interchange this with Christian belief and get the same result - the rest i semantics.

Second question: If you are so "all knowing" and got fore-sight of a cataclysmic event which will kill billions of people - why post about this in the first place? Why create fear from what is inevitable - why does your message of love and enlightenment need a billion of dead people? Is this how "love" looks like on your planet?

(Mind you: We will die anyway at some point...there is no need to embrace death since it will come anyway at one time, sometimes unexpected. So what is the point?)
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I have traveled backwards and forwards in time on earth and been shown events that will take place and if you look at it from a higher perspective have already taken place.

What years did you go to?

You know how you said you went to other planets in the solar system and it wasn't an obe, did they like beam your physical body up onto the craft or did they land to collect you? Did they, you know, touch you up the hiney? Did it feel good? ... traveling to other planets that is. How were you able to breathe did they give you a space suit?

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by flexy123

In my opinion, which could be wrong, granted, I believe that ET_MAN is proselytizing for his own belief system.

In this

very recently authored thread by ET_MAN (which was no more than a blatant bump for this thread), Blaine91555 asked of him, quite legitimately,

The test of a Prophet is simple. Do your prophecies come true?

Please predict something that will happen in the next thirty days that is unique and not in the news today. Something you could not possible know or guess based on all information available today.

Otherwise? What are you up to?

There has been, as yet, no response.

My own response to this was as follows:

Looking for converts, followers, believers?

It always disturbs me to see alien prophets delivering a message of peace and harmony, underneath which lies their own agenda. It's a sugary coating to make everything else taste acceptable.

Simply put: you accept one, you accept both.

I still hold this to be true.

All religions do exactly the same thing.

ET_MAN could – given his extraordinary claims - quite easily lift his belief-system above all others by predicting something that comes true to the letter.

Problem solved. Then the world would listen. His would not be the same as all the others.

However, there are – as to be expected – excuses, excuses, excuses as to why this cannot happen.

So, were does that leave us?

With yet another “faith” promoted by a “special” man who has been given “special” information.

And, of course, we have to listen solely to him to learn all about it.

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 08:32 AM

Originally posted by flexy123
I was personally very sad to read at least some replies (from the few pages i managed to read) where i could see quite some depression and suicidal thoughts by some people. I hope the poster of this thread can handle such a responsibility...

Handle? He thrives on it, he's the leader of the flock, the next Jim Jones. First you gotta break people down, keep them in fear, then they eat out of the palm of your hand.

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by flexy123

Those critical of ET_MAN came on our threads and were very aggressive at posting their minority viewpoints, ie. Law Of One. They have a problem with him sharing from his NDE experience and the truh he knows including the many experiences he's had.

Oneness is a lovely thought, the many in One, however, there are some hooks lying in this channeled work, the main one being that wrong and right are but illusions, and the LAW of ONE is an actual trap, if one explores it in any depth.

ET_MAN is not sharing that death is preferable, though he knows death is but an illusion, we're more dead while here than the homecoming. But its not natural to not serve and protect everyone, so one would never stand by and not give their all to help.

You have to remember if the circumstances become severe here, its because we havn't woken up sufficiently and started to treat each other as Family, that Oneness where we're all One Family, though individual, and remember each other in spirit. Its an frequency match what is coming. A planet of war and starvation and inequality has a lower pull, and would be attracting the dangers in.

Its always in our hands, to some extent, and this thread is to wake people up and nudge them to turn their lives around.

And as to those who follow what I call a cult, RA channeled works and other channeled works but consider someone sharing an INTERFAITH message of goodness from his nde and direct experiences a Cult Leader, Grow Up and stop manipulating words. ET_MAN is a non practicing Christian, albeit with the Quantum understandings of Time, Infinity and the Universe that he understands.

This is about spirituality and choosing the Light Squares in Life, weeding our gardens, overcoming programming to not care about others due to economic, politics, and the material goods we've been inundated with, but to share and share alike like the early Christians did. This thread is a profound sharing of information.

And a message to put our lives ihn order, and shine our lights. And yes that would greatly mitigate anything. Wars can't start if people refuse to fight them. Asking, meditating and praying for help to work for Good in this world and help others, to find our direction and work, asking for the help of Goodness and Love/God, in this world.

He isn't making up a new religion, he is sharing his Spritiual Quantum Chrisitan understandings, from his own experiences and nudges strongly for people of all spiritual beliefs to use discernment and stand only in the light squares. I'll give an example, God is not BOTH a warring/smiting God and the Voice of Yeshua, who said to forgive everyone, go the extra mile with those in need, especially the ones who, like the Good Sumaritan, are of another race and experience prejudice, or even are your "enemy". To Love everyone, like the Sun who shines Light on all and gives good things to all without prejudice!

Wonderful message contained within this thread and a warning for times coming for us to prepare!

The others need to do some deep soul searching because its not only not nice, but they're acting like bullies. And promoting their CULT, which truly is one, its channeled after all, and don't like messages of accountability.
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 09:50 AM
If we were awake and responsible and not allowing a small group to run the show here, and set up an economic musical chair game of haves and have nots, only in their game, there are only a few chairs and most are standing on crutches and starving to death waiting for chances to be happy, nourished, take good care of themselves and familes, and opportunities to shine their light, instead of being convinced its OK to war against nations, ie women and children and Families. Taking responsibility means the people themselves would equalize right under this groups noses, and they would never follow bad orders including sign up for warfare, even if a disaster occurs, which probably would in the event of more waking up. They always play the divide and conquer cards and if more awake, they will cause another 9/11, promote another war.

Stand Still and don't buy any of it!

Because if people here were truly mature this world would be a paradise already, equal and wonderful.

And these things would never come to pass. As it is, its in our hands.

I also had an experience about what was coming. Not exactly the what, where, when variety. I had several actually. One was stepping into two timelines when I kept asking why I was here. One was disaster, one was disclosure/awareness and people being prepared to meet whatever was coming and complete equality.

The other was a meeting during a meteor shower. Very hard to put that one into words. I found myself in contact with many beings, and shown that the research I had been doing on preparing homes, collecting seeds, and helping those in need would be needed, and that everyone would have a role to play in helping, even my father would. I have no idea if he will or if this will happen, for again I re-emphasize that its in our hands to some extent and Love can change/mitigate events.

I said over and over this cannot be allowed to happen, that people were basically loving and they were lied to, mind controlled. I was answered with yes, this is true, however, even with the false messages they're getting in their media, they still see the starving on TV, and still see the injustices. This isn't hidden from them. That it was up to us to change the outcomes if we didn't like that idea, by not participating in this Illegal Pyramid Scheme of Slavery and Fascism running the world and helping one another. I was told it was in our hands.

The third message, that those who go to the front of the lineup will be put at the back. And images of Christ breaking the bread and sharing the meager supplies of loaves and fishes, with the crowds, so whatever disasters may lie ahead, to tighten our belts, have faith in Goodness, and share our meager supplies with one another, don't allow anyone to fall through the cracks. Pay attention to those around you, and do all you can to help. Organize help and redistribution of supplies, and ask for donations, if the power gets cut off and people no longer have access to food and resources. Think of the elderly and those shut in their apartments. Volunteer. That is what the third message meant.

That saying many are called, few are chosen, is misunderstood. All would be chosen if the many, or all that are called, would pay attention and go within, and start to seek their way. Its not a pyramid scheme either, its that most of us don't listen.

And this isn't about sitting by and allowing bad things to come or occur on this planet. Bad things are low frequency. Love is High Frequency. Savvy?
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by flexy123

Hi Flexy123,

why post about this in the first place?

As a Warning to the world out of Love for them, so they may Be Aware and Spiritually Prepare.

May the Spirit of Love and Peace be with you.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by Beamish

Hi Beamish,

A wicked and perverse generation seeks a sign.

May the Spirit of Love and Peace be with you.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

He thrives on it

”Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

You are always forgiven by me polarwarrior, I have no hard feelings against you, those who know me personally know that I'm sincere in these words and have no hard feelings against anyone.

I sincerely wish the best for you, may the Spirit of Love and Peace be with you.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Yeah I spent my late teens with the thought my brain was working like a alarm clock, just never guessed at it's being there as a supernatural warning or meaning or message. Thinking that way allowed me to focus in a balanced place and ask the right questions, there is still no real answer to it.

If something does happen on any date or time with 11:11 again, I will be able to find the final pieces.

I'm not sure I read much of the 10.11.11 thread, link?

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:20 AM

he's the leader of the flock, the next Jim Jones
reply to post by polarwarrior

You don't come across as a very 'high frequency' spirit with such comments. How can there be Truth harboured in you void of Grace? Truth is a Divine Reward in Purity and Righteousness of those living accordingly to the Father's Will of expressed Love. Be a nicer person and you just may have your eyes opened a little so you can take the plank out of there.

The timeline given for attention to be garnered was no accident. It is a relevant enough period for consciousness shifting events to take place that will leave your mouth wide open enough to fit a little humble pie in there possibly. If not, I'll take a bite lol.

Remember remember it rains in November. Hope you bear in Light, your umbrella

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:28 AM

Love & Best Wishes!
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
I feel this important, people should know this please take note.

After being in touch with ET_MAN as a skeptic on some of what's been shared and having had my own doubts that later on turned out to be misunderstanding of what's been written in this thread I had experiences in the form of dreams and other types of verification or you could say connection experiences that I've kept record of.

In my own experiences and instead of being specific on how they took place because some of it is personal and private I would rather just leave it at saying I was contacted on 9/11/2010 where information was given to me coincidence or not on 9.11.10 that something would take place of significance on 3.9.11.

I was specifically asked by my contact in these experiences not to share this date with anyone but it was entrusted to me as my own witness that some know beforehand about the events to come. Now that this date has come and gone I feel right about sharing this. I was also told some specific things about the information ET_MAN provided in this thread about a dark star and how it's based on something mankind doesn't yet understand or know about. No wonder ET_MAN brought up dimensional objects intersecting and colliding in a puzzling way as I believe there are no words that could actually describe this event coming known by science. A dark star representing something more than just a dark star as mankind understand them to be but that this dark star does exist in a metaphor type way just not in the way mankind understands or knows about.

As you know over the month of March there have been significant events that have occurred some of which were fish species that died along with birds and animals, earthquakes began to occur on 3.9.11. to 3.11.11. of which was the biggest of Japan's earthquakes. The following is a series of links to videos I found to show what occurred on the date I was given 7 months prior to the date of 3.9.11. with specifics showing fish dieing off and also the seismic activity for that date.

Earthquakes on 3.9.11.

Fish die off 3.9.11. California

Fish die off 3.9.11. Australia

I feel I needed to post this by the way and also mention that the date ET_MAN was given of 10.11.11 may not be a specific date but definitely has to do with coming events of significance and a time-line. I strongly feel that spiritual preparedness is the most important thing at this time for everyone.

From my own dreams and let's just say contact experiences I want to also mention that I strongly feel that if you ask me what I think about ET_MAN's date of 10.11.11 I would point out to you 9.11.11 is ten years exactly after the date of NYC twin towers.

Is it a coincidence that I had an experience and was given the date of 3.9.11 on 9.11.10?

I have more things I want to share about what I feel is coming and the experiences that I've had since being in contact with ET_MAN but will leave you with this for now.

Set not your heart on the things of this world but set your heart on the things of heaven, know that no matter what happens to you in this world that if your heart is set on what's good and right then you shall find peace and be comforted. Keep faith in all that's good and right which is contained within the teachings of Christ. Where you are physically in this world does not matter as much as what's within your heart at this time, align with the Spirit of Christ and let it be your guide even in all things. For those who try to save their life shall lose it but those who lose their life for the sake of what's good and right shall save it.

I also want everyone to know that I have no affiliation with any religion or new age belief system of the world and I do not support the way churches and other new age groups of the world were setup by mankind for their own gain. For they have been corrupted and distorted. The bible has been altered and many parts mistranslated intentionally as many are being misled following spirits that are not aligned with the true spirit of Christ. I ask you only to follow the true spirit of Christ which represents all that is good, love and peace. The pure words and teachings of Christ is the rock and foundation on which a person should live their life and the true message delivered was about unconditional love, peace, forgiveness and doing good unto others.

Spiritually prepare yourselves for the times coming and I will be sharing more on this thread about other things I strongly feel and have been shown when I get around to it.

Blessings and grace be with you all.

Hi AdonaiChristBless,

I hope things are going well for you.

Thanks for contributing what you have in this thread.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by AdonaiChristBless
Since the 3.9.11 date given to me I've been doing extra praying, meditating, pondering and was directed to this information, do you believe in coincidence?

coming objects

Date given to me 3.9.11 with no prior knowledge of this, coincidence?

“234 days long made up of 13 different uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods. This places the beginning of the 9th wave at March 9, 2011.” Underworld seal opening

Date given by ET_MAN 10.11.11 coincidence?

3.9.11 1st day Coincidence?

10.11.11 beginning of day 7 coincidence?

Now look at this, dark knight prediction coincidence?

Dark knight threads

Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition


Shift of Earth's Magnetic North Pole Impacts Tampa Airport

The Earth is at the end of a cycle, the Harvest is upon us

Scientists' research warns humanity may be facing 'vortex of death'

What is happening?

Peace be with you!.

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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 10:52 AM
Would rather personally see more awareness and no disasters coming, in addition the ones that have occurred, both in terms of environomental poisons, BP and Nuclear, and economic/warfare disasters, would all be cleaned up and ammended so we have a truly free and equal/caring world in which both are valued and go hand in hand.

I really hope none of it comes true and its all mitigated, or like the feeling the other day, when the sun was shining through my window while doing dishes, of Soon, or even Now, to be ready for this great change, this transformation. Felt as if it was immediately going to happen, with a feeling of such excitement and expectation, like a small child getting dressed up for a much longed for event, that was happening now, this day. Thats how strong the feeling was building. Then I noticed the sun.

If there are supposed to be events from Revelations that are to come to pass first, forget it. I have never liked revelations and have prayed for many years that we are spared all of that and they never come to pass, except for all the Good. So, if so many things are metaphors, we could have all these bad things, metaphorically come to pass without anyone being hurt and quickly transform. So thats my position on things.

However, no matter what occurs or does not occur, because alot of that depends on the awareness and love, compassion, of people in this world, this thread has caused miracles in my life already, and I want to thank ET_MAN for taking the time to share his messages, and shine his light, and give so much to people, no matter who doesn't dig deeply to get the main message being shared. Thank you for putting up with everyone, when underneath it all, your message is simple, and its about awareness, and making U-Turns on the freeway of our lives, seeking Help from Family/God to turn our lives around, and help others. And for sharing understandings of Infinity, the Sun, and home. They helped me remember a little more, sense my own connection, and feel joy at the light within others, windows have opened.

Much Love, Light & High Frequencies!
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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 11:13 AM

For example, this is what I hoped for. Elenin will not survive

C/2010 X1 Elenin 8h magnitude - in process of disintegrating. Will not survive perihelion.
Low western evening sky.

This is very good news to me. Also, the sun! I remember the sun battting that other comet away in a video, the sun flare then looked like it had a nice elbow on it. Elenin will disintegrate as it gets too close to the sun.

Even more reason to realize how important awareness and love is, and the Sun itself is interactive to our frequency, as is Gai. Interactive to our frequency. High Frequencies mean, Love, Unconditional Love, waking up, caring about the needs of others. Then frequency naturally raises.

Solar Sun CME ~ Comets Disintegration ~ Planets - SOHO

Here is my favorite.

Mass ejection from the Sun strikes the NEAT comet

Thank you Dear Family Above for working through the sun, and Shining Your everlasting light. Thank You!!!
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