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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by amc621

I'm entilted to my opinion.

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posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Who ever said I was a God, I'm not as God.
Yes I admit I went over baord, and rather interesting as I've only JUST realised that that comment wasn't intentionally directed at YOU! I was trying to speak from a metaphorical point-of-view with people hiding in the corner of the room moaning to themselves in their own ignorance. Slip of the toungue I didn't mean You.

Anyway I'm already aware of what TPTB are capable of. Enough to the point I just shouldn't speak about it where I go to college as the whole organisations truely connected with..

And saying that, I too don't agree with the suffering. I don't where in my quote you got the impression I don't care. Because I DO care what happens to people especially those suffering. I' just get annoyed at people over here in the Western World who have everything and anything and go sit in the corner of the room complaining about how crappy their lives are when they are the ones who have it better than people from third world countries. I'm very much aware of life over in third world countries as most of my family haven't had it easy all there lives. That's why they moved to the western world to get a better life. To encourage us to succeed in life and get good qualifications and strive for a positive career and love and happy friendship's and relationships.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

That post is more balanced, just remember Love is about the other. Also, if some people think I'm not forgiving, or fear based in any way, they don't know me, this is about awareness, and also serve and protect, all people, especially the children. The nudges are dots connect from within, as does the direction. Always remember others, with whatever ways we have, even if they're prayers. Prayers are very strong.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by TribulationIsNear

Thanks for that, gets my vote!

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 06:28 AM
where's ET man???? you made this thread 2 years ago and october is coming dont you think that it would be nice of you telling us the details of what's gonna happen to be prepared??? it's selfish of you to keep information like that, are you even planning on telling us what exactly is gonna happen and locations and time, you only said october and mentioned a some things but never gave us details, come onnnn please say something.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 06:32 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I come with a message,

A world disaster will occur causing a cataclysm event on the horizon that will bring coast lines far inland around the world, super storms never before seen in history will occur as a result of this, earthquakes will be seen on a scale unheard of.

This warning is something not to be taken lightly, this message is not to spread fear but to spread awareness and knowledge so those around you may start mentally and spiritually preparing for such an event.

Many compartmentalized societies have been planning for these events.

Most of you know within what lies ahead but you must now come to the realization of it. You are here on earth now at this time for a specific reason and those who are here for such reasons already know inside what they must do. It is within you, all answers will be found within yourself. Follow inner feelings as your physical mind is incapable of connecting with such knowledge.

I will be offering information and will plainly tell you of unspoken things happening in the world and about to take place with a look at what has been right in plain sight. Things are intentionally placed in plain sight as to bring them to pass, most do not realize all that is out there. Compartmentalized groups have been working together knowing these times are very near and preparing for such events.

These events have been intentionally kept and hidden from the world and public.

Become aware of what is soon to come, I will further explain what more is not being shown or told you. I will go into further details on what events will take place, how and when. For those wondering who am I and what source has brought me such information I plainly say it is within you to know if my words are true or not. I cannot share with you who I am or what I know only that I am a voice coming forward with a whisper and warning hoping some will listen who were meant to hear.


Watching YouTube videos and subscribing to new age pseudo-nonsense websites doesn't qualify you as the messenger for humanity.
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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

Originally posted by KSPigpen
reply to post by ET_MAN

Why are you here NOW?

To warn people about the years to come.

I need to know why we need TWO YEARS to prepare....especially if a relocation may not do any good.

Two years is but a short time away, conscious awareness of these events must take place. There are many safe relocation's.

I have a family. We are all alive, as near as I can tell. If you have information that could allow us to remain alive, I would like to hear it. If you don't wish to share it

Half of the battle is being consciously aware of things to come having knowledge of your adversaries weakness's and strengths. I suggest you start preparing your family mentally and spiritually. I will share a map of the world with areas designated safe at a later time.

Just wondering...What happened to the map of safe locations? If you have indeed posted it I apologize, but this is a huge thread and I can't seem to find it.

Peace All

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Happyface

You claim that humans have been on earth for millions of years, but I was under the impression that the Annunaki created us to collect gold.

Using a group called the illuminati, they controlled us and have collected 99% of the gold of the earth and are now ready to remove us.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 02:11 AM
Do you know if the "three days of darkness" from Book of Revelations will be fulfilled in fall 2011?

And is comet Elenin "Wormwood"?

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by Gexi1992
reply to post by Happyface

You claim that humans have been on earth for millions of years, but I was under the impression that the Annunaki created us to collect gold.

Using a group called the illuminati, they controlled us and have collected 99% of the gold of the earth and are now ready to remove us.

What led you to that understanding?

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by ExistentialNightmare

What led you to that understanding?

Years of research and dreams.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by Gexi1992

YouTube videos, and pseudo-scientific theories like that proposed by Zecharia Sitchin?

Cool story, brah. Follow your dreams.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by Gexi1992
reply to post by Happyface

You claim that humans have been on earth for millions of years, but I was under the impression that the Annunaki created us to collect gold.

Using a group called the illuminati, they controlled us and have collected 99% of the gold of the earth and are now ready to remove us.

oooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkk then....

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 08:24 PM

Why do you answer people's questions with a question of your own. I don't believe that is really answering anything at all.

By the way, I'm like many others and feel as though something is upon us. I just feel it is unjust to answer someone with a question of your own. If you know you know, if you do not then you don't.

Also, if you could be so kind as to describe the story you told on a separate thread about being abducted by aliens. Do aliens (as you say your are) get abducted by aliens?? This interests me as you state that you are not of our world, but in a body of our own.

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 12:16 PM
I'm been following this for a while. I'm really looking for some solid proves of what ET_Man's saying but thus far the Earth is not acting too much out of the ordinary. You know deep inside I want this Oct 11, 2011 event to happen so that I can confirm his spiritual teachings are true, and I want to believe it. Now it's within the 3 months prior to the event date, and I still don't see any build up of significant catastrophic events around the world, certainly not more than the 9.0 Japan earthquake back in March.

What do you all think?

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Hello Matrix Traveller

I appreciate your time and sharing of thoughts with me-I dont claim anything as right to any other....for what ever we all understand here and now, is what we need or are ready for-what we understand, reflects what we have discerned from spirit and flesh....

If you are suggesting that The Universe is the Expression of LIFE i.e. “The True Mind” or I AM, as referred to in Ancient Christian Writings then I also know this to be so. But if you mean The I AM is The Universe I know otherwise, for you can Not number the Number of Universes or Other worlds, which look nothing Like a Universe. The Universe is but a "Holograph" INSIDE your SOUL.

Interesting way to put it all....Im trying to understand if the way you put this can be parallel to what I understand in that the soul is but a phase of the spirit....the spirit being in many phases of being -through life- and it is only through all (not just a few or some) that we can see the oneness of us, in that we are all phases, of the infinite spirit through 'being'.............and please note I will be the first to say that language limits us to really try to explain what we may see in our minds eye, in words

and please note...I dont respond to your post as in a debate to disagree...but share and observe others joy of sharing-I have totally respect for everyones path, for what they understand and what they may need or may not be ready for....many times my own observations are challenged and this is a good thing

You mentioned a few things about to and fro, true mind, and rotation-I may be excluding some important parts of the divine animation but what I understand is silence and sound-which leads from stillness to movement-and is as simple as like breathing-in and out-in and out-or like a heart beat-the blood flows in and out-or like the waves on the shore the crash in and roll out....when I went through my phase of totally just giving myself to the Holy Spirit daily and asking to understand....Thee kept pulling me into nature, and saying 'look' the design of 'life' is all around you, even the design of the infinite 'life', the eternal one-in and out....and that this is not something that happens through 'god' wishing for it, or for god needing to experience itself....but more of a natural occurrence, its of the very nature of 'being' be, still, then to observe being, to push outward....well something like that-
but all in all, I feel with all my heart, the understandings are within the very design of what we can observe in nature, that the understandings are all throughout the universe...that any being any where, can connect to its true inner being....through 'life' itself, without books-and that books, even the bible, are more a glimpse of what men understood at a certain moment in time and books can be beneficial to us learning about the evolving of the minds of men and the growing, in spirit.

I know you use alot of what is written in a book to claim for a 'truth'.....and that is fine for you, if that works for you....what ever helps you grow within you-

Energy is Made manifest through The WORD of GOD

This could be so...but I dont shrug off the idea to fast that energy may also be infinite....even in the moment of stillness and silence.....I think there could be 'energy', but a singularity of sorts....

As far as I know right now, energy may not have a beginning and end and may be very connected to the eternal whom would be constantly 'being'

This is The “Spirit” of A'DAM. In other words “The Breath of Life” in that this is the Created Nature of A'DAM, NOT The Spirit of LIFE within the MAN or Soul, which was Created in the image of GOD. We refer to the Return of “The SON of MAN”, and NOT “The Son of A'DAM” The Return of "The Son of A'DAM" doesn't sound quite right does it???

Hmmmm...Im not sure what you are trying to say really...for I just dont see it so complicated. To me, nothing can 'be' within being filled, of, the Holy Spirit....and the words 'breath of life' is a way to describe that we can not be, without 'thee'.....I dont believe in the fallen 'adam and eve' but see their story as mans explanation for becoming what we think as to be a 'separate existence' from god-I dont go with the idea that Jesus saves from our sins or that Jesus must return....I think we are to all pick up our crosses and find the way to understanding 'the father and I are one' and the kingdom is within us.

I also understand evolution as needed, that the divine nature works through cycles and orders...and does not skip steps....and that conscious beings are a unique part of this animation but earth itself, is not...that such animations of conscious beings are throughout the universe-discovering their own inner connectedness to all things-but we can not forget though conscious beings are unique, not to over look everything else of the design which plays its own unique part, like the food, water, trees, planets, suns, stars, all matters and is needed for the whole in our understanding of interconnectedness

I once read something that struck me very deeply where Jesus was talking about the earth and how the our bones are like the rocks, how the waters flow is like the blood flowing through our body, how all around us the design uses things to show us something

As without The “Up” there is No “Down”, if there is No “Left” there is No Right, if there is No “small” there is No “Greater”, and so it is with LOVE, if there is No “Hate” then there is No LOVE for ALL is Created through The existence of the “Opposites”. “To” and “Fro” are “Opposites”.... This is why a “portion” is CAST OUT into “Outer” Darkness, where it will Exist instead of in The “Inner", as it is Written.

From the human perspective, this does seem to be so and is needed....but beyond such perspective, one can see that what seems to be opposites are of the same coin-

We do need to see both sides of the coin to appreciate love, compassion, empathy, ect.... I actually dont see to and fro as opposites any more, but see them both as of the same coin, in I said breath in seems different then to breath out, but they are both in the same act of 'breathing'

From what I understand, nothing can exists outside of God or within the Holy I do not go along with the 'outer darkness' idea-any kind of outer darkness can be a human perception...but in oneness, the darkness is used to see the light in the forest.....I do not believe or adhear to the idea that any will be forever lost or forever unaware....of what they are of...even if its only at death they see through the divine eye, they still awaken to what they are of and how all that they harmed or loved, was connected to them, was a part of them, in spirit....mabey that phase of being cycles through again, sifting and measuring again...idk....but I feel I know that every phase of spirit awakens to its true self

All things were Made by GOD, and NOT just some of the things...

I totally agree and will add to this that all awakens or returns, just as every seed returns to the earth from where it came

You posted several things about Jesus saying some were not worthy of Thee...and let me say why I disagree with such a statement-for every single time I go to Thee....there is never judgement but only mercy, there is never a time where Thee is not understanding of where I am or what I have yes, Thee may show me why my actions were more of the flesh then spirit...but Thee also always reminds me, its a process, every thing we do, is a moment of learning....I have never experienced anything but love and understanding from Thee and it is I who is the one that is hard on myself, it is I that then casts the judgement on myself...from 'god' I have only sensed all is worthy and all is loved, and that there is understanding in our processing of what is of flesh and spirit

If one is still on a path of placing their family before Thee, or not picking up their own cross....then they are not ready and there is understanding that it takes time, its a process...that can not be forced...should not be quickened without proper understanding-each phase of spirit is processing itself through and our actions and thoughts are but markers to show where we are at in this process

We should never hold ourselves above any other and suggests that any are not worthy for what they have done-we then would only be adhering more to our own nature of flesh then of spirit, by doing so-forgive them for what they know not

Is Referring to EVE and "The Wicked One".

I do not believe in such...for all things are meant to be...we may perceive one thing to be 'bad or wrong' but in the whole, it is a part of the bigger picture and has purpose. I do not go along with the whole adam and eve story as something them doing something that was not supposed to happen....but instead I see it as men trying to explain something THEY think was not supposed to happen

The flesh, separation...causes many things to occur-it is only through the illusion of separation that attributes like pride, lust, greed, selfishness ect....occur-but the thing is, its meant to happen that way, its meant to be, 'life' is like a wine press....we are like the yeast in the dough....there is a natural process going on and all is just as it is to be and has been just as it should of been-for us to go and become, what we are becoming

I do not give any credit to anything being outside or not of 'god' and I was taught that to give credit to something like the devil is to take away from the causes of flesh and causes misunderstanding of what separation causes of us....its very easy to cast the cause onto something like the devil....but to not take the cause within our self, we then cant properly understand and heal the cause within our self-I do not believe in a 'devil' but I do give credit to the flesh/individuality of us being a tempter and we should not shrug off where the idea of pride comes from, where greed is birthed, where lust plays a part in having a individual body-

Think of anything bad you have every done....and then try to understand how that manifested from you. What caused that to happen? It was not something outside of you that caused it, but it will link you back to being a individual, a self, experiencing yourself amongst other selves-the illusion of separation is the cause of things that are dis-harmonic-and to properly heal-but know its needed

But “The LIVING ONE” is NOT The “Flesh”. All "Flesh" of this world shall pass Away...

Which is why I find the saying of 'know what is of flesh is of flesh, and what is of spirit is of spirit' to be so useful-

If you refer to the “Flesh” this is NOT so.

Can you really say that what others have done by the flesh are things we can not discern and learn from, ourselves. Look at Hitler and the pride that he allowed to consume him. Through his illusion of being a individual and through the lust of thinking he was a part of chosen ones or that there are those that should not be....have we not been able to weigh and measure through his acts of flesh that he was not acting through a divine nature?

All the time there are actions and ideas going on around us and depending on where we each stand in our process....depends on if we can discern between what is of flesh and what is of spirit nature. We can use both natures to weigh and meassure what we ourselves are trying to be or want to we want to be a benefit to those around us or do we want to hinder those around we want to cause chaos or do we want to try to create harmony where ever we are.

What we do influences other people, constantly. This is unavoidable...for we are interconnected.

Things as simple as smiling at a stranger today, can influence another-if you choose to push by someone rudely today, you still project a energy to them....we are projecting a energy print to people all the time, be it of flesh/self or of spirit/one.

But Jesus said The “Spirit” does the Works of The “Spirit” and the “Flesh” does the Works of the “Flesh”.

Exactly-and when one starts to become aware and discern between the two natures....their being will become more of a harmonic energy to others.

I dont think its a matter of we are to hate the flesh we are....but to discern between what life is to live for...just as Jesus was able to do....he did not live for the life of flesh therefor did not fight for this life of self. When one understands that this life of flesh is not what the true self is....there is no reason to fight for it or to harm another to try to keep it....

It can't animate into the All, as it is already in All things.

Agreed-but when one is not aware of will show in their actions and ways.

Even though you keep pointing out that the flesh of things is what is is the avenue that awakens us so therefor, it is of use and needed-it is like the instrument in which the song finds its harmonic chords through-when we look out into space and see all the places where there seems to be no conscious life...there is still a purpose for the spirit processing, cycling, working through the order of nature. Its all one great work, together.

We can look into nature and see that everything has to have another thing, to become. Even through the very death of a star, much is birthed to 'become'. The processes in nature has much to teach us. Not the shells of what we see as 'things' but the life and cycle and process that allowed those things to 'become'.

The “Flesh” is NOT “Aware” or “Conscious” of anything at all, Only “The True Mind” or “LIFE of GOD” The real YOU is “Aware”....

The only reason there is ego, is due to the illusion that we are selves at all. The only reason there is pride is due to the illusion that we are a self amongst other selves. We dont have to be aware of what causes such things but still it is so. Our intellect, our personalities....are by products of being in the flesh/being a self. The flesh is not aware, you are right, but it still causes the many illusions, such as what we think we are, separate selves. Many relate 'who they are' to their intellect, to their personality, to their personal desires or fears.

Your assumption is based on pride and NOT knowledge. I used to think the same once (Basted also on Pride)... None of the children of Earth have any right to impose on others in the Universe what they should or should not think...

I do not wish to impose onto anyone...but still can see that any being of this interconnected life can find the gems because the gems are imprinted into the design/universe itself. I dont wish to impose onto others in the universe, why would I need to when I know that the gems of their true self can be found in 'life' itself. It matters not that I can explain it to another person...for it only matters in their own awakening and experience of being 'one'. My words have not weight....but ones own experience through 'life' is what will matter. This is why I dont think the spiritual wisdom has been placed in a book by god...for gods 'book' was written in 'life' itself...where any being could find it when seeking.

The only other ones in this Little Universe, who are like the children of the Earth are the bannished ones who were given wives also after the 200 Alien cam to the Earth and took the children of Earth as wives etc. etc. These Ones still interbreed, with some of the children on Earth today which is a Crime in itself....

What ever happened or happens, is a part of the perfect animation that is evolving....I dont give credit to mistakes or errors in the aniamtion of God. Instead, I try to find the purpose for what we humans would call mistakes or errors and see how the Spirit will use such things.

I think we are all to one day walk as Jesus did and this is the 'christ' for us all to become-willingly and knowingly, living for our true self-in spirit.

I feel this is why exactly he said for us to pick up our own was not for him to carry the cross for us all. In our journey/process/awakening to what we are of....the 'self/flesh' is not what we choose to live for anymore and it took all that influenced us, good and bad, to get us there.

I only share back with you, what comes from my heart-its a limited understanding and I dont claim its any perfect/whole understanding-I know that it has all led me to trying to be more harmonic in my life to those around me and has led me to seeing all others being of the same infinite light/spark/spirit as I am of.

We are constantly projecting energy vibrations all the time to others, through our actions, through our words, and even through our body language. We can not escape the fact that we are constantly influencing each other with energy.

At the same time, we are constantly deciding how we are going to react and respond to other peoples energy.

Thing back to all the books you have ever read, all the authors who ever made you think and wonder, all the people you have crossed paths with, all the people that you have seen or heard of through stories of things they did or did not do, these are all influences to you and you have chosen to react or not, respond or not, become emotionally effected by them or not, allow them to imprint your own being or not....we cant imagine our 'self' being, without all the others that have influenced us, effected us, helped us weigh and measure our self.

Be it ways of flesh or ways of spirit....other peoples actions influence us. Even when one decided they dont want to be like that person....that action of that person, influenced them to weigh and measure, what they did not want to be.

Feedback is always best to you always

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 01:23 PM
all the benevolents do is to warn, warn, warn and do nuffin. the whole message reminds me of the geologist prof. dude in my country who keeps warning the nearly 20 million populated mess called istanbul against a min. 7,8 pointer earthquake while the city is so illicilty structured and suffers bad urbanization. he warns us since the huge 7,8 disaster in 1999, popping up on tv's and newspapers every now and then, repeating the only thing like a broken record for 12 years: "take measures". how is one supposed to take measures against such and earthquake? you simply have to demolish and rebuild the whole city based on high end construction. i'd gladly do if that prof. is ready to fund me
measures my ahem bottom, sorry to say.

long story short, stop warning us unless you have to offer a powerful alternative solution (which should lack a tldr; of course).

and here's an alternative from the malevolents:

"scr.. everything and enjoy every bits of time you have. cheers. prost. nazdrovia. *clink*"

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by TribulationIsNear

What you see as 'truth' has purpose for you on a personal level of you being a phase of spirit awakening to what you really are....which is not a self at all.

When we know not what we are...and we see ourselves as separate from all others and separate from god....things like hate, pride, greed manifest.

There is no reason for you to believe anything I say if it is not what you understand to be so. I can only tell you what I have been shown. The first and ultimate thing I had to learn to 'see' was that nothing can 'be' without the Spirit of while one ''hates' they are simply reacting to a emotional response within themselves while they see their self as a separate something from another self. The Spirit within them that sustains their 'being' is still perfect, while that person reacts in to the flesh they think they are...the illusion.

Hate is a emotional response of being a 'self'....its a part of the illusion. Its a part of the sifting and measuring we go through. Find someone with a deep passion of hate for another...and you find a soul who is suppressed by the illusion, the flesh, the intellect, the personality...the things we are not.

Outer darkness is a separation from God and that is where some will go who embrace evil and reject God. God has no place in them because they have no place in God and embrace that which is in opposition to God

There is only a illusion that something can be separate from God. God is not something that stands before our eyes like a real object...but is something that will be found within life, if looking. Its not a mistake that many are not ready to see they are of God...and there is not blame but learning, through the avenue of being of the flesh.

When released from the illusion of separation, no soul denies God, for the soul then just knows what it is of. Only in the flesh can we 'think' we deny such things. We are free to test it many times to think we are something in our own right....but we are all brought back to what we are really of.

Your understanding of oneness is quite frankly twisted and distorted, just because all things are made up of energy and spirit doesn't mean that they are the same being. You misunderstand the many definitions of spirit behind the energy of matter, there is not only one spirit or only one definition of spirit but many.

Psychologists would agree and the insane asylums would happily have straight jackets ready for those with such a belief

There are many spiritual psychologist that adhear being of one to help people understand how others influence their being and how they influence others being.

Oneness is not a new concept, but a very old one.

Its obvious though that the concept bothers you and its not for me to assume why but if you ever wish to look at why, it would be for you and you alone.

Many things in our life show that we are separate entities and separate to objects around us, just because all objects and ourselves are made up of molecules, cells, atoms and the same energy behind those particles doesn’t make us the same being.

The signs of oneness are everywhere and you will only not see it if you are still holding onto the illusion of separation.

You can look at all things being separated....or you can see it all as a one projection. How ever you see it shows what you need. You may need to see yourself separate from others and them separate from you...or you may be ready to see everything working together for 'one' purpose of being.

The funny thing is that throughout your posts you reference others as separate to yourself. Do you not realise the contradictions that you make in your own posts? You are trying really really hard to make yourself appear to have no self but your ego is all over your posts and you just can't get rid of you, you, you.

It is funny....for no matter how we look at it, Im seemingly still this personality that is different then you, Im a mother of 3 children that are not your children, Im typing on this computer that is in my home with my hands....and it can be complicated to describe the illusion...and the true self. I know I have many attachments still as a illusion of self....and while in this body of flesh, I now try to be more aware of my actions to others as they are also of Spirit trying to learn, having emotional reactions, having thought responses to things that occur around them, as I know all things are filled with the same spirit and that makes us one, I am also still fully aware that we are living the illusion of separation and cant ignore or 'not be' of it. All I can do is try to be a part of it in a more spiritual way now then a way of flesh. I can now try to learn that my true self of spirit is not what makes my personality, my intellect...therefor Im really not, in true self, my intellect and personality. I am a seemingly self, in a body, amongst other selves that have their own body, that have their own emotional and thought responses to the world around them....and at the same time I can go outside of that illusion and see, we are all of one great spirit that nothing can be, without 'thee'.

Only through the eyes of flesh are we separate. Through the divine eye, we are one. I dont have to try hard to see what part of me is finite and what part of me is infinite.

Why must a person awaken to their true self if they already are their true self, everyone and everything already a One God being that's perfect?

In the expression, which is what we are experiencing now, we do not know or are not automatically aware of our true nature....but yet we are more in a responsive state through our body to the world around us. Each of us as a phase of spirit may be pulled to a more harmonic state of being then others. Why does yeast in the dough rise? Why do grapes need to be pressed to make fine wine? There is a process occurring.... and each part of the process has its purpose. A wise man once forsaw that we would go on to do better things then even he and that we would somehow move mountains. I would assume that as we look into the world and the wars and disharmony....we know that the process is still cycling through and is not by any means finished. There comes a time when we all will listen to the soul as it longs for its nature of unity. Could the world be a better place? Could us as a better?

Am I correct or incorrect? Is it possible for a perfect being to be incorrect? What makes what you say right and what I say wrong if we are the same one being and perfect?

Each understanding will be a reflection of what one is in need of...your understanding has purpose for you right now and even if that understanding changes one day, your past understanding still held purpose for your path of growing and understanding your nature.

Instead of looking at understanding as right or wrong....look at all personal/individual understandings having purpose for all individuals are a part of a greater we all share our understandings...something bigger is going on here way beyond our seemingly individual selves.

All throughout nature there is cycles and processes....surely we are not the only thing that does not go along with such a order. We can see us processing on a individual level/phase of being level-or we can see a processing on a 'whole level/united level'....just depends on what your ready for, depends on what you will see happening.

It all has its purpose....for the whole.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 11:57 PM
Elenin just got moved up a notch OFFICIALLY. CNN article and it goes into depth siting Cornwell University paper on the earthquakes and allignments and suggesting that NASA isn't telling all it knows telling us to see if another earthquake happens on Sept. 6 when the next allignment ocurs its a very in depth article that covers pretty much what all the doom threads about it cover.

I've saved it with pdfit.

Even included the Washingtom Post article from 28 years ago and addresses skeptics.

They mention the code in the name even the eleven nine interpretation but not the 9/11 flip that it signifies. The 9/11 is very important.

They don't mention that its closest to the sun its perihelion on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 according to the JLP or a few hours short according to NASA, who I don't trust. And no matter which way you combine these numbers, name and date, it works out to 10 11 11 and 9/11.

So False Flag Event.

So I submit if there is an earthquake ITS HAARP!

edit to add: I did notice just now, that pop up that says its our voice, so this is not endorsed by them I guess. Still odd they would let it stay like that.

And 9/11 still makes this somehow a false flag, don't know if it will be overt or subtle.
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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by jamsession
all the benevolents do is to warn, warn, warn and do nuffin.

and here's an alternative from the malevolents:

"scr.. everything and enjoy every bits of time you have. cheers. prost. nazdrovia. *clink*"

Ya, also get together in intentional communities,
gather up all the "power" knowledge/technology/skills,
have sustainable vehicles (sailboats/wagons) and underground bases.
then when TSHTF we'll have the upper hand,
can amass larger following to fulfill agenda(s).

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