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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 10:38 AM
Not one phase of being shall be left-all must and will become aware

While some wait for their rewards and judge without the soul desire to also help where they judge....some will have the desire to show love and hold hope, for ever single phase of spirit

As long as you hold yourself above or better then any are not ready to understand what those others are to you, in spirit

And to keep pointing out the differences of them, from you-does not make you any more separate from them or less of a part of them, in spirit

It is only your ego that thinks you must be an infinite self...its only your ego that refuses to consider that we are all of one creator and only the creator itself, is infinite

It is the ego that holds onto any idea that you are equal to or even more then, the holy perfect creator-hence, you call yourself infinite...which is something only 1 can be, the source

You are only of the source, you are not thee source or a source, on your own, without Thee

What I find most odd about the beliefs displayed here is that some posters use the Bible and quotes from mix in with their own desires and beliefs....but yet they are refusing to give what is holy to the maker, they refuse to understand and accept that only one is perfect and holy and without beginning and while they want to bring God into their posts.....they limit God and all that Thee is and these are the things that makes God God...and us, not God (only of thee and filled with thee)-through awareness and awakening to what you are really of....thee shines from you, thee's will can work through you-souls as a phase of the great spirit are eternal because they are of thee eternal one-no matter which way you slice it, you are only 'being' through the very existence of Thee-the one infinite and eternal-There is only one without limits and bounds-

You are a part of Thee...only through the power and will through Thee....when you see this, when you know Thee is perfect...when you understand what holy is to see there are no errors, all has purpose TO THEE FOR THEE....but yet you wish now to step up and play god, trying to call out what went wrong as if something could even go wrong from a perfect holy source

Give to God what is Thee's....which is all and everything...including yourself...and including faith that all leads to Thee through a perfect design of life

Until then, you understand not

Instead of always pointing out the wrongs and negative on effecting them, work on showing a different way of being...just take one wrong person in your eyes, and try to get them to see their own light within them....instead of judging, try affecting/influencing-

Instead of always saying 'this is wrong'....try to see from the divine light, what each wrong has been able to teach us as a whole, what it has allowed us to weigh and measure as a whole unit, what it has taught us about our future choices and ways

Life is not supposed to magically just get better....just like all things in nature, it takes time, patients, love, attention, care, and will

Its alot like a garden and most of the time, its the smallest of seeds that you can plant, that will really count for something somewhere someday

Home is within, the kingdom is within....because you are of God, your being can not be without being filled and fattened by thee

To actually think that 'life' is for you, your learning, your growing, your being? You take away from, what is Gods.

Is there any other that has incarnated into every single life form and cycle and process besides God?

Nothing is without Thee 'being'. Understand that-and you find 'home'.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:02 AM

I screamed at God for all the starving children, and then I realized that all of the starving children were God screaming at me.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:13 AM
Life is what we make it, and we're here to shine our lights and make this place a wonderful world. Its a shadow of our home, our spiritual home, and was created in innocence and beauty, to hang in the point between light and dark, and be responsive, interactive, to our choices.

Its about choice, reflecting the state of our spirits, and our grades. We're to shine our lights, and be Love.

Clear you minds of all the programs, empty the cup, cleanse to the child mind, weed the garden.

Sit in a meditative state, of expectance, and joy, gratittude, and wonder.

Then watch this, and use the insight, the inner knowing, to catch the wave. I'm curious who can feel the light in these people, who can experience via their sharing, from the Light within, what they've gone through.

Even in what she says about the sins, you must understand, she is in the Light, her frequency match was to pulled there, and thats what we're talking about, being able to be of the same frequency of Love, in that family grouping of frequencies, to dwell in one of the many or infinite mansions or paradises in the Light/Love higher realms. She was asked to look inside her heart and soul and found herself to be Love. She was not a duality being there.

Those who are pulled to another area don't even go through this same experience, as the frequency match within them places them in another realm, denser and far more unbearable. Many speak of hellzones, I've always said, its like being in a cubicle going through perfect knowledge, but it hardly matters. If you've done terrible things to people you will go through them in perfect understanding and feeling. It would make no difference if it was done via downloads of thought and understanding, or in the astral "flesh" so to speak, for it would be the same thing. And while forgiveness is possible, some actions that are terrible, skinning infants alive, cutting the breasts off nursing woman after butchering the babies in front of them, the lists go on and on, of things that are unthinkable, and it will be understood, in absolute fullness, what they've done to others. There is no sheltering on this. I only hope people understand that what they do, will come back to them, that they are doing it to themselves as well, putting themselves in that very same vulnerability, where they will be forced, their free will taken and hurt just like their victims. But with a fuller understanding, they will embrace the very nature of who their victims where, their own dreams and goals, their baby steps, their celebrations, their hope, missions, all the things taken from them and their loved ones by these horrible acts of violence.

I was overwhelmed during the Rwanda event and will never ever forget it, for what was not only allowed but organized to take place. No one would stand up to their leaders, to stop it. 800,000 given in this account.


After combing through bank archives and government documents she reveals, for instance, that in 1993 the government of Rwanda imported, from China, three quarters of a million dollars worth of machetes. This was enough for one new machete for every third male.

Machetes were used for many of the murders committed during the genocide.

The details of pre-genocide arms imports from Egypt and France are also given, as is the extent of French military cooperation with the parts of the Rwandan army most responsible for the genocide.

Its a frequency match and the frequency is tuned by the behaviors, and intents behind those behaviors of those in the school.

No one ever had to give in to something bad. God/Goodness does not endorse this, and does not need to learn from this.

Near Death Experience: Brilliant white Light - Part 1

1. “There was what I always thought of as a block of knowledge, but I expect it was kind of a field of knowledge, and it came in and finally settled on me, and I knew that I was eternal, that I was indestructable, that I had always existed, that I always would exist, I just knew there was no end, no end. (because there is no beginning).....

After a few seconds....another block of knowledge came in and settled into my field and I was again
immediately knew there was a perfect plan, that I didn't have to worry about anything, that all is
well, that all the things we don't understand, its alright, we don't have to. I remember a phrase, “The
Plan is perfect and it is working itself out in its perfection.”

Near Death Experience: Brilliant white Light - Part 2

“Everything that I have seen, everything, everything here is so perfect, so beautiful, so wonderful, what about my sins? And he said, there are no sins, not the way you think of them on earth, the only thing that matters here is what you think. And then he asked me a question, What is in your heart? And in some incredible way that I don't understand at all, he enabled me to look deeply into my being, into my very soul, I think, and what I saw there was pure perfect love, and I knew that that's who I was, that's who I am, I am perfect love.

Near Death Experience, Lifted Up Into Perfect Body

Near-Death Experience - Aftereffects Changed My Life

Near Death Experience: Fear of Death

Near Death Experience: Light of God

BBC: PAM SEES GOD. NDE Pam Reynolds. Amazing! Full version!

These are real people, not hollywoods version, the beauty is within them, the Light is Turned On.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:19 AM
we know not what happens after a near death experience-we know not that one goes on being a separate self, with personality, with individualism

as far as we know, near death experiences could be just a moment of creation through the facet of that individual, a sum of their memories, emotions, desires, and even fears

the ego will wish to think that we go on, as a individual, being what we think we are, a self

near death experiences are very amazing to watch, but they do not prove that we go on, being a 'self'

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

The blinders you are keeping on have never been on me, and I can feel the Light in them , was taken to the Light in their experiences and overwhelmed by the soul memories of knowing this was home. These are true accounts, and this is very much what happens, depending on frequency. These are the outer realms of Paradise, where I was taken in a meditation, the next steps are even more wonderful than this. For we have real families waiting, real activities to engage in, adventures and joys, along with the need to lend a helping hand, to contribute and assist those still struggling in lessons. And since childhood, the need to return home has been within. Thats the real connection, not the distortions of this world. Also, you didn't have time to watch those accounts either before you posted.

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Hi LeoVirgo,

you call yourself infinite...which is something only 1 can be, the source

Each infinite and eternal spirit-intelligence (IS) (the source) --- (They) are eternal and have always been, nobody created them, there was no beginning to them; neither can a spirit intelligence be created being eternal and the (infinite-source) of their Infinite-self (IS)

Spirit intelligences have been progressing forever, like a light getting brighter and brighter to infinity. Eternal understandings are never easy to bend/wrap one-1's flesh earth/mind around. It's much easier perhaps for you to imagine something doubling in size forever versus cutting it in half forever. (inwards) Either direction ='s never-ending.

What is the source, where did it all begin? It never did, and the source is the forever Infinite drip of intelligence water 'you.' There are Infinite spirit intelligences and YOU Lynette are one-1 of those spirit intelligences of Infinite others 111111111111111111111111's --- Welcome to the Infinite One-1 Family, where there's no need for a welcoming because you've always been part of that Infinite One-1 Family. Plenty of Oneness-1111111, just not all the same ONE, but sharing and being part of that Infinite ONE alphabet Family.

There's not only ONE Spirit, but Infinite-Spirits and they are the infinite sources of themselves having no beginning or ending being divisible to infinity without end. Endless are you; endless am I, endless (IS) their name.

You Lynette are an infinite being, not because it sounds good or that someone wants it to be that way, but because it's The Truth. You are not a phase or drop of water that comes from a ONE being or ocean, you are an infinite and eternal spirit intelligence ocean in thyself that has always existed. You just don't remember, but one point/clip in 'TIME' in the not too far distant future, you will remember and regain your memory of it.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:47 AM

then I realized that all of the starving children were God screaming at me.

Not True

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 11:59 AM
The starving children were screaming for food, equality and love, having been betrayed by family being put to the test who walk away with blinders on, following distortions. And the ones who hear their cries are often the ones who are not positioned to help, but have experienced hardships and see through the world clearly. They get called all sorts of names by their programmed family and friends when trying to rally people up to stand up and do something. Insist their leaders tackle this head on. Most people are very programmed and divided, deeply not getting to the real heart of what is causing the inequality, the greed of the corporations and cartels, who have taken these people off their traditional lands and deprived them of their natural rights to use them, in addition not sharing the clean technologies they truly have.

There is a difference between purifying or feeling in a state of child mind innocence, what is real within people, and using the natural conscience and sensitivity of your heart to guide you, than reaching inside your mind for a program, to guide your actions.

I just asked a simple question above, watching those videos, how many can feel with their insight, and innocence, and with wonder, grateful for this awareness, praying that all others can share this, feel/discern truth? Is everyone just running on their programming. Be very careful with your programs.

The concept of Oneness and being a spark or avatar of this One might have an appeal, but then again, ask some basic questions that you've been avoiding.

Such as: Why would this ONE, need to experiene starvation, brutal murders, still, if that One is truly infinite? One still is a child, a toddler, a tiny light?

This is a crucial point. There is no logic to Law of One. It has no basis in logic. Logic alone tells you, this is a very dangerous trap.

I will quote myself from above:

God/Goodness does not endorse this, and does not need to learn from this.
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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

It is within us all for a need to find home. And until we are ready, we will fulfill that need with what satisfies and comforts us as a self/individual.

When you still thirst and hunger for this something you think you are looking for somewhere outside of you...the design leads you to the place you will find it, within you.

The soul looks out into this experience and finds disharmony-this is where the need for 'home' comes from-the soul experiencing something other then its true nature-

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

You are still stuck in the great illusion that you are a self at all-

The Holy Spirit is not a many spirits, which is why its the holy one-

Your very existence is due to the Breath of Life of Thee-

You as a self, are with beginning and end-but the spirit within you that gives you life and being-is perfect, holy, infinite....always being-

The design is set in a way where you will be able to experience being a individual as long as that is what you need or think you are-

There are many ways the design is set to awaken us...and one of those ways is through events that touch us emotionally, that pull at our soul-

You dont have to believe it or understand it, the beauty of 'one' is that no matter what, your still interconnected to all life around you, you cant change the fact that you are a part of it and its all a part of what you 'think' YOU are-your personality, your intellect, your behaviors....the past of your life that helped influence you and bring the' you' to now...all the foods, wind, water, people, down to each cell of your body that creates 'you'....its all connected, it all works together-there is nothing that works separately at all-even the go responds and reacts, to things around you, events, others emotions, others can think of you as a self as long as you need to....but you will come to find, there is only one true self 'being' in all-

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:31 PM
There is more work needed on this thread of mine, because the most important part wasn't added, as surgery and other concerns came up,and need to find the inspiration to flow through. But I will touch on it here and now.
Christ and the Crystaline Structure of the Pineal?

This is about the connection to the pineal, and chrystaline structure that transmits Light itself, energy, information, to the Christed ones, or Christ. But its not meant to imply that all via experiencing insight or inner sight, will connect to the right sources, or frequency. This is also why, those who experiment with unnatural methods, and those in occult groups, often experience distortions, and not the connection to the Frequency of the Light/Love Source.

We need to weed out our programs, and find that child mind of innocence and gratitude, again. We need to follow those nudges within us of conscience, they're the guides in this world, but that small still voice within can be silenced even distorted by departing from the sensitivity and warnings given, when they come.

We were told by Yeshua to walk in his footsteps, that we could do all that he has done and more. But it doesnt just come easily. We need to work on overcoming the world and ourselves/programs, and be like the child, innocent again, weed the garden, regain sensitivity to the pain of others, re-awaken our conscious, and be the hands of love and peace in this world..

If we were the only light in a world of darkness, where everyone was seeking for the truth, the way, our Infinite Source and Light, connecting to that Source would be sufficient to bring the Light in.

There are many levels to earth tests and the real goal, is that. Thats what we should always be seeking, the nudges within come stronger and stronger, as you are waking up, to do this.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Such as: Why would this ONE, need to experiene starvation, brutal murders, still, if that One is truly infinite? One still is a child, a toddler, a tiny light?

you will not see it by only look at things separately, like in the state of only a toddler or only the murderers-all works together-

God does not need to experience-but IS always being-to be is to express ones self-the universe is one great expression-life-its all one great work-

We see life act out in ways through ego/flesh-and we see life act out in ways of spirit/harmony-there are things for us to learn through all events and actions-

Its not for a separate purpose of being but a united purpose of being-showing we are interconnected-what one does to another affects and influences the whole-

The design has used 'bad actions' like killing another person to also show a goodness in another person-how could we see the will of Jesus to live for things of spirit and to not fight for this life, without those that wished him dead in the flesh-

Could we really see the worth and will of martin Luther king...without seeing he was knowingly putting his life at risk for what he believed in-we learn not only from the one who sacrifice the self but also through those that went against them for living what they believed in-

Look at things interconnected-

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 12:40 PM
Its not a debate, there is distortion on the one side, and a complete lack of logic, for at the core of such beliefs is that an infinite is still needs to experience murder and starvation, which is ludicrous. Its complete distortion.

And truth.

And someone not getting it, and no matter how many words they use to justify not going within and clearing out the worldly beliefs they've picked up, and seek,seek, seek, they're still not shining, love, light and equality, but a worldliness, they still have the world in their eyes.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

nature has cause and effect-the spirit emanating into expression of self has cause and effect-the illusion of being separate, a self, a individual-

someone doing what you perceive as 'bad things' is simply using the power and will through flesh/self-its a reaction to thinking they are a self in their own right, not knowing that they are a harmonic soul

many things are used to awaken our true being in this expression-but what you call bad and what another calls bad is only individual perception

many things occur for a process-the sifting of the four, the kneading of the dough, the pressing of the grapes, nature works through processes and works in a much greater way then we as individuals can perceive

just because some people have misused an attribute like power does not mean that they themselves do not hold the holy breath of life within them, does not mean that they are without the holy spirit-in fact, what we are seeing is they know not who they are and are acting in a very lonely way, using control and power to fulfill their selves as a being/self

it is sad when the soul see's another soul, that does not know itself

there are reasons why we are made to react and respond to what others do

and there is a nature within us all that does sing the same song of harmony-the bible often talked about learning to know what is the nature of flesh between what is the nature of spirit-when you see someone hurting another, know its the nature of flesh/individualism/self power/self desires....that roots such things-

without experiencing 'individualism'-there would be no pride, no greed-the cause and effect of not knowing we are one, creates many attributes that are not of a spiritual nature-and know those people are lost to their true nature-

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:05 PM
So anyway, awaiting the BIG quake in Australia. Mag 8.8 they are predicting. All my prays go to those, however it's more than obvious as I have been observing the seismographs all month pretty much every day and the UK upto Poland are in the "triangle quake zone" which basically means after Portsmouth quake that reached a Mag 4.9 just some two weeks ago in the UK and the biggest yet, we are on the increase for beyond Mag 5.0 which for those of you who don't know what that mean's.

A Mag 5.0 is classed as a large earthquake.

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

and such does not come through worldly beliefs...its in the very design of creation/emanation/the blueprint of the universe/being

its much easier to oppose the one that does twisted things then to pity them and try to allow understanding that there is reasons they have done what they do

the spirit within you would not give up on a part of itself that is lost to the ways of flesh-but would instead find a way to bring about that soul to its true nature-as we are interconnected, god works through us in a process to do such things

even natural disasters have their place in this process-but from human perspective, we may see them as evil and something wrong in creation-

posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Why do people worry about thing's they do not understand, it's called Fear, just let go of all fear and live, enjoy life, live it, love it, and enjoy it as my mate Louise has tattooed down her left leg

These past few weeks have been great, living purely in Love not Fear, just Love, and it's sooooooooooo exciting I could just sing about it alllllllll day. LOL



posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 01:59 PM

Another Huge event Happens on the 11th

Numerologist --Gary the numbers guy


Its easier seeing it in retrospect than forward, its hard to know how they're going to weave something, since they have so many options.

3's, 6's are all components of 9's. 3 is a triangle. 11 x 11 is a pyamid, this is ancient occult geometry and harmonics/vibrations.

Nearly every event has some variation on these numbers, or add up to 11, such as the day, after all the 11's in 9/11 that the US invaded Iraq, was on Nov 7th, 2001, and all those numbers also add up to 11.

April 6 1994 began the killings, starting in one town. 4 + 6 = 10; 10 13. All the numbers are: 4 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 33.

He's making some obvious predictions, but the problem is its in retrospect. They don't always play numbers on the obvious dates, but move to subtle mode, because distractions abound.

He doesnt get Canada yet though, we could close the border and be self sufficient, so thats not how I see things. Its the weather that is gone wrong, cold spells, rainy cold Fukushima clouds over the big farmlands. Hot spells in unlikely places. But I still sense awareness and goodness holding a frequency here, putting checks and balances in place of the plans certain factions here have.

Numerology to me is such a dark subject, I've never studied it, except Rik Clay, who died, woke me up to what is going on. I understand they use it from a dark magick type occult perspective. Still don't understand why in a holographic universe school where it is bad enough, this kind of vibrational whatever type of magic would be given to the bad guys. It makes no sense to me.

If it was my school, I 'd make it so interactive that people who plotted very bad things would have rainclouds over their heads, pouring on them, so that they would know, and everyone around them would know and see as well. While the good people would have wonderful weather. But thats just me.

Also 11 11, people keep seeing it a good number? Why is 11 a dark number where disasters are arranged, but 11 11 a good number?

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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Just a second here. Most people have never been awake to what's going on in the dark management positions. Yet through many events, often associated with numbers that add up to an 11, or 3's for example 9/11, 3/11, this group has harmed millions upon millions of people in the most hideous ways. The law of attraction didnt work because the people were aware and pulling it, it was something else that did it, their planning, technology and means to carry their plans out, and their occult manipulations of frequency.

The niaviety of the people did not protect them. This is a major flaw, and makes that entire viewpoint illogical.

But not being aware, also gave those dark siders more victims. Because we're here to help each other, to be and shine love and peace.

We should never be endorsing evil to run the world, nor should we be allowing billions to suffer through our refusal to do the work we came to do, and to wake up, and see it.

The law of attraction only goes so far, for many have been living in false bubbles and paradigms while these things are carried out.

All cosmic events are subject to the frequency or grade of the students. Hold light and love, that part is very good. But also be aware of others and this world.
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posted on Jul, 27 2011 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Another fundamental difference between the law of attraction, and the frequency of miracles, relates to the thread I linked above on Christ and the Pineal but the part that is going to be added or emphasized, is the state of the persons spirit or heart/mind/intent, and even actions. Its not the secrets attraction magic as in just attraction to some universal harmonic frequency that draws in your supposed good, so you yourself are this God, who can do such a thing.

There are forces behind the scenes that actually are given more empowerment and ability to act, based on your intentions. Many of the law of attraction proponents are actually into service to self wishes. Beings under the radar are meeting some of these needs for them.

However, its a frequency match. There is a frequency involved.

When I posten Linda West's videos, morningmayan, there is a reason for this. This kind of positivity is related to Faith, Miracles, Weeding your garden. I've read her book, and she is talking about cleansing from your life low frequency things, such as anger, addictions and non forgiveness, and introducing high frequency things, such as prayer, meditation, laughter, love, hugs, nature, excercise, and she says specifically, that prosperity and abundance is not all about Money and Things.

She talks about setting your life in order, making up with others, forgiving, if something is very low and aggressive around you, walking away from it, being Faithful, and Good, purifying yourself.

She says, the things now in your life are a result or match of the Frequency of the Past/yesterday, and the things Tomorrow will be a match or Frequency for today.

We're shifting our poles at each moment, with each thought and word.

But we're not bringing it in as if we're God. Yeshua did not just use magic powers to bring in miracles. He was a pure channel to His Source.

I'm really happy you're enjoying a good time right now, and hope it continues to bless you for eons, however, awareness to what is taking place, understanding that they often use distractions, and Elenin may be one of them, but they're setting it up as something, and finding ways to help others more, is very important.

Yeshua, was just one man, and though he gathered more disciples, he could not change the leaders of the world, the bankers, the commercialism, even their temples were places of commerce.

So he set about doing what he could, grass roots, walking with the poor and those hungry for the light and kindness, turning the lives of those caught in sins and problems, around, with His Love and the miracles that his frequency of good works/actions, drew in, from Father and Mother and Family, watching over. More access is given via our behavior. He spoke in riddles/fables/parables, to keep it kind of low key too because he would have created quite a controversy had he revealed the fullness of what he knew.

But he was aware of everything they were doing, he understood the world. His awareness did not draw in the bad events, he knew they were constantly happening by the intents of the ones bringing them in and their negative works, with leylines and frequencies.

Awareness doesnt draw anything in. Its heart, mind, soul, intent, thoughts words, and actions that count. Love or Fear, Service To Others, or Service To Self.

For the miracles or even the disasters have those behind the scenes, adding to this.

So lets give the Good, more ability to help, by attempting to be their hands in this world.
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