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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 04:31 AM
Yikes, I guess 250+ pages can change a thread's direction pretty severely.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by redgy

We don't need to continue this. There is a thread for that discussion, and some of the responses on it alarmed me and I consider some of that, especially dna stuff ET things, alot of it not, etc, so gave some deep warnings about it and never went back on the thread. I could only read a few pages of it and don't even follow it, in short if you don't remember who you are why do you trust an entity? It is not something I am comfortable talking about even. In this case, win52 made a comment, asked him a question, and someone from that thread, went into this full mode. I expressed the general negativity of this and how one doesn't remember anything here, so distorition is very real, and then let him have the last word. I usually try to respond to anyone asking me something, feel its rude not to. So thats what got me into this predicament.

If you want me to give my own views on what you asked, I'll U2U you because this topic does not belong on this thread and I'm sorry I didn't say immediately to u2u me to CM when he wrote, I certainly didn't intend to ever go back to the other thread to discuss it as was suggested by ET_MAN.

So if you wish to ask me what I feel about this in a U2U, I'll be glad to share.

Surely most people have enough sensitvity to notice when someone is using general watered down words and feels very uncomfortable with direct ones, in comparison to someone talking more direct and using those kind of words about things, and not go after someone who is very uncomfortable about it ruthlessly, I don't consider that to be decent at all, I would not do that with others, and prefer to try and be sensitive to what makes them comfortable.

Please understand I always respect other peoples opinions, doing so does not mean I should ignore my own nudges (on another thread) to give a voice of caution. We can speak up from our own perspectives, and should be able to disagree without anger. My respect for other view points does not mean I walk around with a gag on.


B9: I know I have a Father, had an experience that was wonderful there, AND a Mother, and believe Yeshua was real, not metaphor, though if he is metaphor, he still is our best Teacher. I don't follow manmade warring religions with so much that is not from Love. I also like Superman's logo. The inverted pyramid. Infinity and equality. Just in case its all manmade and metaphor, or there are distortions I still walk straight, even over potholes, with faith, and often add, my prayers/intentions/visioning is to The Highest Goodness, True Goodness and Love, in Existance.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:12 AM
no harm, no foul.

my questions to chaos I feel are in line with this thread, and though could have been posted in that other, decided this one to get a better reply other than what that threads title suggested.

This thread is not about doom and gloom but it’s about understanding the doom and gloom and overcoming fear of the doom and gloom.

It’s about understanding who you truly are being an “Infinite/Eternal Soul”, it’s about being prepared for all things and understanding your true “Infinite Nature. There's a difference in knowing the path and walking the path, you've been told exactly what you need to hear.

there was no real need for such a dirty remark for my interest of other posters beliefs either, no matter how rude his previous posts may have been. feel free to message anytime you wish to, I'm always open to opinions or others beliefs

peace accepted.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by redgy

I have to follow inner nudges here, and I was just given one. Without going into the topic brought up recently of course!

With regards to anything involving ET or entity, and considering that this thread is a very serious one, written in the spirit of love and peace out of concern for people to be able to accomplish the most important reasons they're here, their progression, to pass the tests, to grow in love, to put their family lives and lives in order, to uncover their faults and weaknesses and address them with integrity, love, honestly.

If one has been seeking and looking at this, rooting out the lower frequency, negative things, such as discord, anger, things that can cause depression and blocks, and have been working at increasing their love, compassion, putting higher frequency activites into their lives such as honesty, gentleness, humor, meditation, prayer, problem solving and caring about others more than themselves.

Then anything happens, contact, et things, spiritual messages, anything including Channeling, at all where you have to Trust and you do trust. Love and Goodness yields growth and has fruits that can be noticed. Not all at once, sometimes an accident or an illness is needed to get us into more deep contemplation mode, but overall, there will be a noticeable effect.

Do you feel drained? Tired, though you have rested? Stressed though you have not allowed yourself to be over burdened and taken some good self care? Has things gone wrong like a general malaise?

Often those around us who are not consciously seeking positive spiritual things in their life, and act more unconsciously, and variable, are more open to be influenced. So do you notice suddenly those around you suddenly all seem to have a whirlwind of negativity in their lives?

We need to really pay attention.

Reminds me of the one who channeled the Cassiopian wave with a ouji board, and who kept getting sick and bad things were happening, and she brought this up to these entities and they maintained that negative attacks were occurring because they were trying to put her off her mission, but instead.......

Naturally there is the Opposite of this in this Duality, where people who have had positive messages from loved ones and family, those perhaps with health issues, who will be passing on soon have been contacted and shown encouraging things. There is naturally AN OPPOSITE as well, and your life will reveal this, over "time". This is not a judgment on anyone.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by Bridge_Boy

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Please keep this thread on topic.

The thread is not about paranormal sex.

MODS, please remove any further posts about paranormal sex.

Thank You

Love & Best Wishes!

Thank you ET_MAN. This thread is getting beyond weird.

I'll second that....thanks...

I kept popping in as I've wanted to share some more, but did a U turn eveytime I saw Chaos Magics walls of text and SHOUTING at people! I wanted to chime in, but did not wish to add fuel to an already raging fire.....Glad it's over....Phewww

Also to add, 'Chaos Majic' has been refered to as a him/he/male by several different members, but due to the volatile and irrational nature of the off topic rants, I can garantee that HE is actually a SHE and more than likely ON! Yes it is a judgement....No, I'm not sexist and hell I could be wrong.......?!?!

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 11:52 AM
So many divisions, that are meaningless. We living in a world with blinders on, this temporal existence, for the time being, not realizing we are Infinite Consciousness and Light. If we connect to the Love within us, we need to realize that the Progression of Love is the Love that we are looking for. The Good Family/God or the High Progressed Love is the Love we are looking for.

There are walls all around as we live in boxes, houses, apartment that separate us from others and hide so much sorrow, tears, neglect, people getting side tracked, off track, divisions, poverty, hunger, violence, discord, in short, our family is suffering all over the world. Even many of the homeless are divided.

They, the often more negative ones, running this world would have you believe that if you speak light and truth, if you attempt to meddle with their caste system in their house of pain, which they think is the way to gain, only, then you are taking away free will, and ruining the school. They, feel that their direct actions against others, a kind of social darwinism and somehow they equate this with a God Law or something, that the Free Will of the Bully To Dominate Another does not violate free will, but that any opposite Actions or Words Taken or Shared Freely IS in violation of free will. They don't even apply logic to their thoughts.

In reality, I have a prayer today, while the sun has been shining in again, and I've been sungazing. That we all grow in Love, that we find that Love that is the Love our souls and hearts are looking for. That the Light within us grows ever brighter, each and every one of us, here in this world of tears, can find the rainbows and share them with each other. That these walls that separate us can come tumbling down, so that we can be of assistance, one to the other, without forcing but sharing, with respect in all ways. That we can live in a world without walls, and share with each other and take off our training wheels. I ask this of the Highest Love/Goodness/Truth in existence, Father/Mother and Family, in the name of Christ Jesus, or in other words, in the Spirit of Peace and Love.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
If one has been seeking and looking at this, rooting out the lower frequency, negative things, such as discord, anger, things that can cause depression and blocks, and have been working at increasing their love, compassion, putting higher frequency activites into their lives such as honesty, gentleness, humor, meditation, prayer, problem solving and caring about others more than themselves.

Then anything happens, contact, et things, spiritual messages, anything including Channeling, at all where you have to Trust and you do trust. Love and Goodness yields growth and has fruits that can be noticed. Not all at once, sometimes an accident or an illness is needed to get us into more deep contemplation mode, but overall, there will be a noticeable effect

Hi Unity,

I agree and can relate to a lot of what you have just shared, but when I went through the process of awakening, discovering and remembering, the 'pesky lizards' knew what was happening to me before I did and it was not at all pleasent for me...infact...I came close to 'ending it'.

Over the last two years I've been manipulated by negative (ET's) entities in human form/residing in a human container as ET_Man has just shared, I've had contact with positive, loving, light beings (ET's), I've had dreams and visions of what I believe could be possible outcomes for the future and have been guided to many things, people, places Etc.

I do intend to share more once I'm... grounded. 'They' are still watching me and it was only a few weeks ago that I was deep in thought about future events (things I'd discovered/uncovered) and I got 'zapped' on the tip of my left thumb, someone/thing had lasered a perfect, yet tiny triangle into it, I took some pictures a couple of days later for reference and believe it to be a pathetic scare tactic (not the first) but has only served to make me more determined.... Still perplexed as to why they think I'm a threat, but then again they did 'knock of' the late, great Rik Clay.....

Also, I agree with the statement that

sometimes an accident or an illness is needed to get us into more deep contemplation mode'

On my journey I met two young girls that spoke of things (that at the time) I couldn't quite comprehend. Both of their story's are interesting, one had a NDE at a young age and the other spent two years in hospital on her death bed so had a lot of time to think, pray, meditate, yearn and seek. They are probably the most spiritually enlightened people I've known, unfortunately they are still falling for the 'all is one, all is well, all is perfect' crap, so consequently they are happy to sit by and watch the world burn....

I believe we can change this place for the better, regardless of any dimensional shift and or incoming energy, brown dwarf, celestial body, or galactic space station that is potentially on its way. I know that the TPTB have some horrid plans for us all...........I keep being asked to 'change' and not to fear 'them' or anything. I now fear nothing and am trying my best to change...

People are getting these personal warnings and revelations so they can make a difference, not just so they can sit about warning people of imminent danger.

I really like what you are sharing.......I gave you some stars...

Much Love

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by de1111codEiT

I love you and thank you for sharing. Due to the nature of forums and posts, and I am emotional too, and so they can flow overlong at times, I do not go into as much detail, the words are touching surface and compiling things in my life or life "over time". I share everything you've said. Both sides are always there and if we could see past the limits in our brain wiring, ie. the light spectrum, or into the channels around us, we would simply be shocked at what we're surrounded by. We're not alone, there is no moment that is alone, and our lives are open books. [shock]. For those who are wishing for a little privacy and think they can hide things from others [horror]. We're so not alone, and everyone has negatives and positives.

And they go for a persons weaknesses. So you like fame, well if you have enough talent, you just might get that traditional devil appearing in your dreams or even room, with a document to sign, or if you can be bought off by riches, then you may get those offers, though only a few will see the real deal there, and many might go that route to have it all crumble and be in jail. They do like causing pain and also causing train wrecks in peoples lives. If your lonely or more romantic in nature, they may go another route. If you're balanced overall they just might do other things. Bad experiences, illness, negativity.

But for every effort to turn to light, love, Family, Goodness, we have help. And those watching over us have more permission to assist.

This does not mean things that are deep rooted go away over night. And some things can be real challenges. Sometimes, negativity can really put you through the hoops, for reasons we don't know, even when you are trying hard "over" time.

I prayed for years and went through negative things, but kept seeking. It was gradual. For somethings it may be karma from the past or even past connections to family, or even something that came to me the other day, because this is a big long process. And if you are really striving to overcome things in your life and trying to find ever more ways to help others or just being service to others, it can get really hairy at times, they know, you can be targeted, in ever more ways to get permissions.

The Good Family, and your Higher/Infinite Self, know this, your IS has walked this walk themselves and its something perhaps pre-arranged even.

So the other day, always wondering why, why I have both memories of past lives, and also since childhood was never the average thinker. ie. the Venus Project was known to me without terms, words, I just knew this was so wrong and how it should be, I came from somewhere wonderful, and this was with me always. Yet how to compare that to the difficulties I've gone through and in my life, and my perpetual pouring it out in prayers, meditations, even sungazing, how sorry I am that I've messed up, always taking the blame for everything not good in my life, or family, how bad I feel for ever letting anyone Above or Below down. One night doing that, I couldn't sleep and was in a bleak feeling state of just feeling I had let everyone down and was out the door. A star moved in close, and suddenly this light came inside me, joy, hugs, encouragement. "You can do it! We believe in you. You can do it!" My mood was uplifted for days and everything was easier, dealing with some of the negativity around me.

They monitor, take dna, make threats, just influence our thoughts. Even our thoughts need to be safeguarded, alot of its not ours. We can say, "no thats not my thought, I don't feel that way, cancel, cancel!"

Over time, all of it, or some of it, can be taken away, almost as if you're born from above, or the prayers get answered, you gain protection. Every person and every situation they're in is different, how fast or long something takes is all relative.

My words are for a process, over time, in my life.

Now what came to me a few days ago. The CME's are hitting, the Solar Flares, and I embrace them. In any case, they are causing awakening for some, the positive draws the positive, its like magnets. I didn't have the viel lift, see my home and Family/family or my last residence like that, that viel is subtle in place but lifts a little here and there. What I knew suddenly in a flash was. I AM THE LIGHT, and I came into this world to forget temporarily who I am and to go deep into the trenches and then to Find Myself Again, with the help of Friends! And so are you!

In the trials, sometimes, you know, like a meditation that goes wrong and you sense negativity around, or your friends/family errupt into anger and you don't keep your own cool, you catch yourself, and pull back, or a judgement or shallow thought that comes, anything not what you Want or Choose to think, I now remember the movie about Budda, and see myself sitting on a mountain top, storms around, but I am just laid back serene, telling it all to peace out, L & L.

Or I see myself as the Sun, shining light on everyone, even if they're not being positive themselves.

Your light inside is like a star too. If you take away time and there is no time and we're in a school learning to love in progression, and attempting to Grow Up, then in the "future" how big is that star? IS, infinite potential. And we're just tiny parts of a huge Family. They are the Grown Ups, and all our Lights are Connected, so........we can connect within.

We can also ask and pray to find out what we're not seeing, and what negatives in our own lives and thoughts need to be overturned, to pray for our thougths and sight to be healed and for all negatives around us harming us, to be removed.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 01:37 PM
Again nudged. This is the positivity I need to fill myself with calm and serenity or reach for this in my life. But the caution was given. There is an infinity here, with much sorrows and shame and sadness for those who are not seeking to love, forgive others, self and with integrity and honesty, work through their faults and failings. We are all in this school and some have allowed their lights to be very muddied, some are tricked into it, or lied to or given distortions from those they trusted in, some think that there is no wrong or right, these are only illusions, that polarity is something to balance. We're all far from perfect, and nearly everyone who lives to reach adulthood has done things they feel ashamed of. If someone has harmed us, do we allow ourselves to harden and become cruel ourselves? There is rape, murder, infanticide, usary, and neglect, there are many ways we can fail.

Its not all Love and Progression, in this school, and regression is a very serious thing, hurting others has consequences that are very difficult and can seemingly take a long time to recover from. There are winterlands, in the astrals, hellzones and phsyical, emotional, mental suffering, and as we shut our love off we become more robotic, cold, how do you get the Light back when you can't feel love?

Our Higher Selves can be very strict with us too. And we don't all get to feel that presence, because aside from some interventions and miracles, that the Good Family alone know to make, it takes effort to try and reach the Love frequency/channel. And even then we can fall back, slip up, grow neglectful, stop being humble and grateful.

If you feel the suffering in the world, and see how horrible it is, then you can have some insight that there are worse places and we're the ones making these choices inside us.

But I believe it starts with taking responsibility, being humble, grateful, and prayer, meditation, seeking.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 03:46 PM
I just got a message, it was direct communication. Its still taking shape its fullness, so not all of it was the first words spoken, now its the abstract ideas, connecting. To begin with we have to go back to the basics and see earth as a school, and realize there is more to life than the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the possessions we own, our status. These are all illusions. Here, in the first world nations, most of us, even those who are more vulnerable,have had good things. Often food, to waste even, and deserts, vitamin supplements, things that can't even quite be grasped or imagined by many in this world. And yet, with all the nudges, and the media, its still there, we're still looking at the world of starvation, and even voting in leaders who give corporations and banks the rights to rearrange other nations and take from them the little they have,and go every valuable they own.

There are times a head. I don't know when, but, this will be turned around. We're going to be put to the test through a series of tests. And each stage is (I can't say they won't happen on their own even with the right answers being given, should that happen) but, they are interactive.

Life is an illusion. This is not life. Real life is something beyond these limitations. And, soon there are going to be rations, food lineups, people will run out of what they have already, and there will be some emergency supplies. I saw, levels of watchers in this, from our establishment to the Higher Ups.

Are we going horde? Will we nudge others out of the lineups and grab as much as we can? What would we do to our brothers and sisters to get ahead? Could we take their share, or not be generous with ours? Can we take a life?

I was shown that since the series of things were coming, would it matter if we survived 6 weeks longer by doing bad things? Not at all!

To have faith and love.

To be willing to hang around the back of the lineup, or to not ask but recieve what is given and share that if possible, depending on family size.

The parable of the multiplying loaves and fishes came to mind instantly. I saw that we have to be willing to have Faith and Love and not worry where the next meal comes from, if at all, but trust in the Family, for they are with us always. And to share.

I saw that, those who cling to their lives will lose them, those who lose their lives willingly will gain them, that the ones who budge ahead in the line will be sent to the back of the line.

Now, I really hope and pray that this, and the series of ever worse things, much like Mother Shipton's prophetic poem, may not be coming.

I am going to take this message I received and turn it around, and shine Light, Love and Miracles into the Future, but, its all going to test us truly, whatever is coming.

Its cold here, snow when normally there isn't and after a warm winter, that was like spring. It could that ice age coming, so the seeds for planting may or may not be great outdoors, but for planting indoors, going to grow the root vegetables in tubs, like potatoes that are self propagating and contain minerals/vitamins/vitamin C and protein. You can almost survive on potatoes, with a few other things added, and they can grow year round indoors.

Love & Light!

edit to add: This is going to come in a series of steps, and I just got added to this, to be prepared spiritually, and be prepared in all the ways one can. To think of family and friends, and strangers. To be as positive, and not give in to despair. To keep your spirit high no matter what is occurring. To keep faith and love in your heart.

I'm really upset by this message but it came with this feeling of, something shaking out of my eyes, as if this life was a dream, and an odd sense of withdrawing belief or support in it. I can't explain that, but I'll praying alot. It was 2 11 pm when it came, that Mother Shipton's message needed to be emphasized, whether or not its real or metaphor, she had some surprisingly modern images given her centuries ago.

The gist of it was: Those who thought they had prepared well, out of privilege, ie. land owners, survivalists who have more than they need for basic necessities in life unlike many in their own countries and the vast majority in the world, where going to be hording. They may defend their goods even, not to mention the elites. That after the dust settles and they begin to think they're OK, The Higher Ups return, with far worse devastation, in other words, one way of saying those at the front of the lineup will be put at the back.

Again that doesnt matter if its a metaphor or not because it shows us clearly these things are Tests and there are right/Loving Kind ways of responding on the tests, being a True Adult and letting the children go ahead, even if they're not all small children, some might be fully grown adults. But to be mature and wise and be willing to let others go ahead.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by curious7

Those caverns in Bosnia, The Grand Canyon where The Hopi hid underground. People have a long History of hiding underground, it seems. I think the ones who hide underground remain stuck here. The ones who don't flinch will find Jacob's Ladder.

Those who can stand will be able to walk out. This path is not for many souls, it also seems.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 08:45 PM
Large crack opens in the earth in southern Peru,

100 meters wide and over 3 km long. House collapsed and a 5 year old boy is still missing.

I do hope people are going to stop insisting we're not going through Earth Changes.

I've had two direct messages about the changes now. Aug 09 during the meteor shower, a kind of team meeting, and yesterday after sungazing. Both were very serious feeling, deeply disturbed me, and I am holding love and peace. I do not believe in anything that harms anyone, ever. To me, disclosure and waking people up was what needed to happen. We need to share. Nothing in this world counts, only the people in it, the loaves and the fishes, and sharing, forgiving, being kind to others.

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Please keep this thread on topic.

The thread is not about paranormal sex.

MODS, please remove any further posts about paranormal sex.

Thank You

Love & Best Wishes!

Hey ET_MAN i thank you for your time you have put in to all this. is the october 2011 date still correct? what about the march 15 date next month? i heard somthings going to happen than.... peace !

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:27 AM
I found this really interesting. There is a thread on GLP about fluctuations in earth's orbit around the sun, and a link to a nasa article on page 4. They removed the info, though when I did a search for the key words, it brought up a lot of sites that copied this information.

Earth’s orbit around and orientation toward the Sun change over spans of many thousands of years. In turn, these changing “orbital mechanics” force climate to change because they change where and how much sunlight reaches Earth. Thus, changing Earth’s exposure to sunlight forces climate to change. According to scientists’ models of Earth’s orbit and orientation toward the Sun indicate that our world should be just beginning to enter a new period of cooling — perhaps the next ice age.

However, a new force for change has arisen: humans. After the industrial revolution, humans introduced increasing amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and changed the surface of the landscape to an extent great enough to influence climate on local and global scales. By driving up carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere (by about 30 percent), humans have increased its capacity to trap warmth near the surface....

It looks like greenhouse effect may have been good and offset ice age. I had read some time ago that we should be increasing this.

I still cannot shake remembering BP's hand in the disaster that may have halted/slowed our Gulf Stream. So, the question is, how much of this information is truly valid and how much of it has been instigated by elite.?

Are they simply going to wait out a die off. I think we, the people, should look at sharing with everyone. And we should look at Energy devices, I'll link a thread, where the ideas at Greenscience and also, free energy experiments would be really good info.

Power, hydroponics, going for high yild, heritage seeds, think villages. Water pumps, water purifcation. In short, what would benefit developing or third world nations, would benefit survival and we should be doing both, helping this to benefit the needy and getting groups going locally.

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:59 AM

The Pear Proposition

The effect of consciousness on outcome. This is why Mormingmayans channel is well worth practicing and looking at.

Consciousness has a real measurable affect on outcome.
Princeton, I can run with this, its credentialed.

I kind of see a problem with people not waking up, not getting together. We can overcome, by sharing, by getting together locally and having fun acitivies like building generators, exploring Tesla, coils, free energy, scalar and basic tool building even.

By hydroponics, growing food indoors and making sure that the developing nations/third world are benefitting as well.

We have to have a strong sense of love and equality, and gentleness, don't blame any group, work with anyone in your community. Think of solutions for homelessness, donated land, and yurts maybe.

Make up vision boards, pictures of earthship homes and beautiful yurts and think the venus project only grass roots counsels and citizens not some mysterious elite founder. Think in terms of envisioning a smooth and not regressive or violent, safe and wonderful transition from this way of life to a far better one, without catastrophes.

Think of the leaders and their underground entities, giving up, becoming good themselves, the wolves lie down with the lambs.

If there is to be a SHFT, to the next level, picture it being done gracefully, peacefully, suddenly things go from Good, to Better.

Consciousness plays a huge role.
Can humans alter probability by thought alone?

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know- Can humans alter probability through thought alone?

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know- Quantum Physics: Teleportation and Holograms
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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 11:37 PM

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

The Pear Proposition
The effect of consciousness on outcome. This is why Mormingmayans channel is well worth practicing and looking at.
Consciousness has a real measurable affect on outcome.

does this then mean that if enough people hear about a world destructive message with a certain date and with a certain equally bad scenario attached to that date, that there could be a consciousnessly effected outcome in bringing forth this same scenario by those who believe and continually take heed of through such a message.

should anyone then be talking about death or about destruction or anything else with dire effects in mind, if this type of reasoning can trigger an event by conscious thought alone, no wonder the world is going down the plug hole with so many end of world subjects on hand and continually thought to exist and also being believed in as about to happen.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by redgy

What it means to me, is if, others become aware of things: ie. weather changes, homeless need shelter ASAP, monstanto everywhere, tomatoes with cockroach dna (they're one of my favorite foods), the wars and abuses and starvation, the poisons in all their food and water supply, the fascism, if they open their eyes, they can do the right thing.

I envision the right thing in my meditations and whenever I lie down and close my eyes, or look out the glass sliding doors at the snow. That is no meltdown, no negative transistions, no earth changes. It heals. It heals with awareness and love.

If people wake up we can do things locally, form counsels and write to leaders and fire them and tell them they've dreamed the wrong world up, turn off the negative media and what they're holding our consciousness hostage with, so we bring it all in. We can take actions, ask locally, how to provide shelters for ALL people, how to donate land and build yurts or eco villages, how to separate more hard core issues wtih homeless people, so they have half way house type care from the community, people watching over, and those who simply had no support system, but are more responsible?

How to get together and start gathering nutritious seeds, help each other grow things hydroponically, start getting together and having a build a generator day, over and over: wind, sun, free energy, water purifiers, hand tools, creating a platform for communities and all people to thrive. And adopt an area over seas, and help equlaize them. So everyone world over, is doing it together, with concern for the homeless children being rounded up and shot in the east block countries and south america.

If we do things good, together, and take some actions, then we will affect anything coming our way. That ice age is melting, the crops are blooming, the winds are warm and friendly as are all the people waking up, and the leaders will join us, and disclose all, the entities underground give up and leave or convert.

I hold light, over this planet. I see a huge wake up. Things can transition without pain and suffering, simply by people being aware. Not a system of scarcity, but like our Familiy, everything they own belongs to everyone, there is no ownership, and yet there is no limit to prosperity so everyone is propsered beyond ideas of wealth here. No limits.

Imagine a world of eco villages, clean high technology, transparency, good educations, people volunteering and helping, for a few hours a week and doing other creative and inventive things, child birth a planned event, smaller families, well cared for children, educational downloads and community team evens and work, no one left out. You can move to any country, and if you want to stay, you can take up a permanent home there, or semi permanent, as there are always extra places and things can be signed over or upgraded for another. We are all family, and we're all taught to be positive, the ability of our minds to affect things, so we never allow consciousness to be shackled and misdirected again. Imagine a world where you could go to dinner with friends in Italy, watch a concert in China, stay over night with friends in Africa, and their children come back with you for a weekend with your kids. Advanced transportation.

Most people are GOOD.
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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 09:30 AM
do agree, though if there is any truth to this consciousness of thought in outcome thing, then it could work both ways.

just seems to add more weight to reasons why one should always strive to be positive, think only of love, peace and happiness instead of the doom or gloom in life as is seen regularly around or in the minds of the many.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 09:39 AM
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Yes thats why the flouride, poison, media, games, even all the leaks about nibiru, and the zetatalk, stichin, its all on purpose, all to get people negative and they're already not taking actions or speaking up and questioning why their leaders have arranged such a terrible world? Why the poisons? Why is everything cruel and ugly and backwards?

Its hijacking our consciousness. We need to bring in the Good, by being the Good, and keeping our thoughts positive. But I don't believe the negative group running things is going to just go away, so we need to group up in counsels and make decisions about how to help the homeless, adopt a similar sized area overseas or even 2 and start making inroads to water, food, ecofarms nutrition, providing for orphans, etc. And also, we need to find ways to have these groups in every area play have some good meetings wtih their so called "leaders" who are their hired employees and get that disclosure out, get that energy out, get the poisons out, get people as positive in their mindset as possible and actions to bring a wonderful world in.
I see all this snow melting.

He's a good man! And when I says he is not afraid of what they can do to him, except he wouldn't be able to continue waking people up. He is afraid of not being up to the task of helping, basically the same thing I've said about always feeling sorry for letting other here or above down. Thats the fear. I really liked this video. Not that I agree with his hero, the explorer guy. To me it wasn't right that all those men, who are to me, someone's children, husband, and even father, should have perished to blazen a trail forward, which in turn wasn't freindly to the natives living here either. Well anyway, I just think everyone needs to value human life alot more.

Alex Jones: The "Justin Biebler" Rant
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