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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Hello benedcit9. I watched your supplied video about ufo's and their being demons even was already watching John Todd before you provided that name, interesting stuff. If people think 'Aliens' are not harmfull or demons they are welcome to their own delusions but they are. Back track my life 20 years and I would have thought just like some of these posters. Aliens made humans, they are coming back to save us, They are the God spoken of in the Bible, yadda yadda yakity smakity. All the while singing it's the 'Age of Aquarius' and all we are saying is give peace a chance. Pleeeese! Get over yourself and wake up. You won't get a second chance.

I must disagree with you about the microchip though. I don't believe in that. A mark in your forhead or your hand. What's in your forhead, your brain, and what do you do with your hand's , work. It clearly says "In your forhead" not on your forhead. My $10 (inflation ya know) but that's my opionion.


posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Yes levels of conscious awareness differs greatly to make the schoolyard challenging and the more awakened to the 'bigger picture' are always in the large minority. Unfortunately therefore, wider society often deems those persons as the delusional. Oh, the web we weave lol.

I give full credit to the Illuminati. They have done a sterling job, manipulating the masses behind the scenes, having brothers and sisters turning on one another every second of every day whilst they deny that the devil and his fallen legion even exists and rejoices as we kill and harm one another in division. People only tend to trust what they can see before them so I understand why beliefs remain so for those who do not pursue Truth diligently. Athough the bacteria on the flesh is unseen by the eye as is the soul that departs from the flesh of the deceased--it does not alter the reality of the 'what is'.

The microchip technology has already been created. It only requires a catalyst to implement under executive order. A large scale worldwide event will be that catalyst. And I don't mind if nobody agrees with such

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by benedict9

You know what that video is alarming. Thanks for it. My son goes to a religious school almost Catholic but not. Three years ago they started this bio scanning fingerprints for lunch accounts. I was livid and asked them not to do it to him. I said, this is a religious school and they above all people should know better. Next year he won't go there. They jumped before any other school on this technology. Even before Public Schools.


posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi, I added a second vid. There was one I viewed a while ago of an actual chip implant surgery within a man's hand. The establishment are going to dress it all up as something necessary and full of benefits. We have been warned by our Family in Heaven, for the influence of the 'beast' is apparent in many places.

Perception always changing with awareness.

Okay bedtime for me, have a good day if it's daytime over there. Blessings to you Daphne.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by benedict9

I love it how someone can come along and put down someone's work and cast slants on them, when they're Good Works, and filled with Light and High Frequency, but because they don't share the same religious viewpoint. Morningmayan/Linda, is a recovering catholic in her own words, much like myself, and her ET experiences are with Angels Bearing Math, something that won her a scholarship to the Mayan Rainforest wtih Terrence McKenna and she is works hard to raise awareness politically about Monsanto and the Codex GMO and other NWO related issues and has helped, influenced and nudged many people. Her words could be misread, by someone, just like the bible and its dark and light squares can easily give way to many interpretations.

But she is doing the work she came to do. I know that and recognized her as Family/family and my sister, along with quite a few others Aug 09, when energies hit that opened my memory bank more and I became my extended self. I knew we had night time meetings and several of them were like Guides to me themselves. That we were all family grouping.

I even reached into the universal understanding or Oneness/Telepathy as my Higher Self, because I felt so isolated here on earth suddenly, I suddenly felt so unnatural, and just reached in. When I share and speak those words, you interpret them one way, but there is only the true way, but its hard to paint with words. I know what it meant, I know who I am and there are no words to do justice to what I'm talking about. If the universe disappeared tomorrow, what I'm talking about still stands, because they're the real things that happened.

Linda has an incredibly high frequency, lots of Good Will to others and doing good. She talks about God, Jesus and Angels and that the keystone frequency is Love and its all about raising our Love frequency and holding awareness over this planet. We're not all on the same page for religions here. I too am a recovering Catholic, I don't prefer the word God. I prefer the word Family or F O L, or Prime Creator, and I don't emphasize the patrarchal Father word, but say easily and equally, Mother/Father, Dad, Mom, and see this more akin to Infinite Fractals, Infinite One-11111111111111111111111111111's......................

If you were working to overcome the negative areas, energy and things in your life that are not Love and not high frequency, and work at replacing them with those things that are, which her basic teachings, and raise both your love, frequency, vibratory rate, she is expecting you to wake up more, to connect within and to begin to do some works yourself. She has faith and speaks of faith alot, and that we're the Light. Also, if you took a notebook and kept a record of this, you'd soon find far too many coincidences and Miracles, she does call them miracles too, than you could imagine. I've had many myself, it works!
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:38 AM
Also, this thread is about how we're going through turbulent, earth changes, and a possible SHFT. As every generation believes its in the end of days, so do many here, with the messages they receive and this channel, earth's universe channel in the patchwork quilt of infinite space-time channels, and how we're going up a floor, so to speak. Some could be filled with fear over the events that are occurring and may be coming.

There are many here that are to hold light, frequency and love, to nudge others to awake, to see Eden, and Paradise, not destruction, not harm, not people loosing their lives, not the Destroyer. But to ensure and envision miracles, love, peace, awakening from slumber, Equality, and a new era. Its the positive we are supposed to hold and envision and pray for. To prepare for every event and possibility but to see the positive and a SHFT in spirit and all that matters, raising our frequency to heaven.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:43 AM
I wouldn't agree that the aliens that created us are the God written of in the Bible but then that's because what I've seen and read on ATS and other places seems to suggest that the aliens talked of as God are not the same race as our true creators.

Regardless though, the one thing we can all agree on whether we like to admit it or not is that only love for one another and our own species matters and is the thing that binds and unites us, differing belief systems are nothing in comparison to that.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by curious7

Aliens tampered with our true forms, however our spirits were created naturally. Some of us are incarnations of the original humanoids, and some of us are even older... The rest are what you would call "mutants" from a spiritual standpoint, that are entanglements of differing spiritual families, owing to the scrambling and hybridisation of DNA. That is, some people are actually more than one spirit combined. In the end, we will be freed from each other to rejoin our place with our respective soul groups.

From my battles, there seems to be an effort to "remove" undesirable spirits from different bodies, however, we are all God and can share the same consciousness. It made me question who "I" am, however, due to enlightenment, I can be happy with whatever or whom ever I am, I could even be an entirely new "composite soul" that has managed to find a balance between conflicting selves.
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:36 AM
There are infinite space-time channels, and infinite density channels in this universe/school, something that could be likened to a grain of sand with an infinity inwards or even a TV/DVD player with an Infinity Inwards, where in Infinity there is no inwards/outwards, bigger/smaller, higher/lower, but our perceptions of this and more.

Akin to a computer with programmed language, dna is a construct of energy waves exotically formed by frequency, sound, and there are many many many different bodies, both organic ai machines and ai, they are similar in that they're akin to robots truly. We're human, here. Humanoid is very common. The ETs many of us experience are Human ones as well, and greys who are universal maintenance workers, body suits/ai. Some could be robotic, ie surgery bots, some are suits that anyone from any side could be wearing, ie. the movie AVATAR, that way they can do the work in any system, with its own unique atmosphere, gravity/magnetism, etc.

There are many positive ETs watching over as well. But there is a law of consequence/karma/affinity and frequency. Much like the karma or cause and effect everyone speaks of here, or MorningMayan/Linda speaks of as well.

All this is doing is taking similar information and putting into different words. Its talkign about the same or similar ideas and translating them into different words, that reach and appeal to different people and works.

Holding positive, holding high frequency awareness, holding Light & Love over this planet as a foundation, are all forms of prayer and meditation, spiritual work, and they can be seen in different ways. The videos I gave above, or this:

Philippians 4; 4-9:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

This is also the same kind of thing. And we need to work on seeing with the eyes of light, and asking for healing our sight, our thoughts, our weaknesses/flaws, and for them to be gently revealed to us in a way that we can then try to address. To be kind to self and others, to be positive. To have some humor in how we approach things is good, and humility, gratitude.

All my affirmations/visualizations are prayers that are given to Father/Mother, F O L, and Higher Self, or in short, all that is the Highest Good in existence, for everyone's Highest Good, and with a prayer added to only happen in the most loving positive healing uplifitng, restorative gentle way, only positive ways for all.

I pray, and I affirm/pray.

Though people can practice on things like, getting a job, or a parking lot, or a positive move, things they would normally pray about, one should realize that if you make a list of the low frequency, flaws, faults, addictions, anger, temper, violence, down the list and start to seek healing, learn the lessons you were meant to learn and seek to heal from them and overcome them, and put into place high frequency things:

Prayer, meditation, music, nature walks, sungazing at dawn or dusk when there is no or very low UV, excercise, healhty foods, laughter, gratitude, joy, kindness, charity, giving to others. Giving often unblocks our receiving. We don't achieve true prosperity in this world, by being greedy or selfish. We need to give to receive. Even if we have achieved monetary success, and lived in a very self motivated, self centred way, then we would have ignored the Mind/Body/Spirit triad and we would be completely out of balance, closing off the true source of direction and inspiration, our connection to God/Goodness/Family/Higher Self, because the only way to reach this is the Love Frequency or the Love Channel, and love is giving, caring, kind, gentle.

So the bible does have the ET elements in it as does all of earth. The good and darker squares. But the Spirit of Peace and Love does not use one book. And the universe is not filled with one type of citizen, the negatives.

When we do things that grey or compromise our light, and get lost or overcome by the brambles and thorns in our lives, along the path, we switch channels, ie. there is no way that negativity can overcome a person or world that is positive. They need permissions to enter. They do enter worlds where there is negativity: wars, starvation, hostilities, greed, selfishness, etc.

When we become more aware and humble and start to seek to root out and overcome the weeds/thorns, and negative flaws and faults, and set right any wrong doings to the best of our ability, and pray for insight on what to do, and for our insight to grow, our sight and healing, we give those who are Postiive and Loving, both Higher Up ETs and Higher Ups from Beyond the Veil, the F O L, to assist us, and help, guide, heal, protect and inspire, direct in more and more ways. Its about free will, and permissions both conscious and unconsciously given.

But its not about one religion. There is a way where religion/science/quantum physics and everything is one and the same. There is a method of seeing, Good is goodness in action, the right stuff is being down and prayers for healing. The oppositie has its own markers too.

We're all ETs!

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I would just like to clarify that I do not feel any 'negativity' whatsoever towards the woman you promote as teacher. She stated herself in her second video that she didn't know much about u.f.o's and that was certainly evident. That is why I made the statements that she is vulnerable to falling prey to the same deceptions as everyone else. You come across as offended by me claiming that the other materials were nothing new to me and also taught by many others in the 'new age' movement. If that makes me 'negative' and needing to work on raising my frequency in your eyes, so be it I just stated a viewpoint, which did not attack her person.

It is all based on your own perception the definition of 'high frequency'. To me high frequency is saint like, not just somebody whose thoughts correspond with my own in recognition---To me, the most highly evolved people I know of are Saint like, and Mother Theresa she ain't in my eyes hehe, hope there's a sense of humour with that one.The highly evolved would also teach about releasing one's self from the bondage of material desires as Christ did as opposed to giving advice on 'working on' manifesting material desires.

And just to note, the people behind 'The Secret' are occult operators. Your teacher if she was aware to discern the group in her 'high frequency' would never have even referenced their work. The Holy Spirit wouldn't allow me to desire to get anywhere near it even as a hardcore researcher/seeker, had zero inclination even before I discovered who the agents were behind it's promotion to the masses. Similar deal with Ekhart Tolle, Conversations With God, Urantia Book--all the New Age rubbish all mentioning love in their cleverly packaged 'products', but all leading to the same Luciferian doctrines for those without the careful God given graces to recognise their intention. And no, I am not suggesting your teacher is doing such.

If one knows little about the adversary (or even acknowledge their existence) and how they operate, how do you think they can form a defense against their trappings that are everywhere as you yourself stated? Good luck Unity. Sincerely.You will never be able to say you were not warned that is for sure.

I recognised she had a very good sincere heart just from the photo, I don't doubt that for a second. But good well-intentioned people get deceived every day regardless. And that was what I wanted to primarily highlight. I had my elder cousin try to pull me towards the new age ideology concepts, because I was giving warnings to him as I am here. He thought I was being caught up in 'negativity' and 'religion' and also kept talking about harmonic convergence and manifestation so things could be changed/averted trying to sway me from what the Creators were directly sharing with me to pass on to others. And now that the things I have warned about well in advance to him are coming to fruition, he has stopped calling me for meetings to try and 'pull me into the light' as he would put it. Yeah I understand the new age mindset, so I am not surprised by your 'advice' for me to help me grow because my message conflicts with your 'desired' outcome. Thanks for the advice, but I'm guided to be doing and saying everything I am regarding future events. Keep rejecting them until they are at your doorstep. For some that's what it will take.

I think of the Jews who scoffed at those warning them that the trains were taking them to their death chambers.

This is the last I will be discussing this subject with you Unity. And that will probably come as a relief for both of us lol. There are no hard feelings on my end ok. I understand the mindset and how rigid it can be. My only choice of religion is the Truth of the times I have been shown, and to the total trust in Christ in which it has led me to at the later stages of my journey.

I hope in time all are delivered Truly.

We are never going to agree with anybody on everything. I have love and compassion for them regardless. Holy Father/Mother/Son/Spirit/Ghost bless you.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 12:28 AM

Originally posted by benedict9
reply to post by ChaosMagician

Hi ChaosMagician, glad we could switch discussion away from demon fornication for a little while.

If you are under the impression I am pointing fingers and condemning my brothers and sisters to fire and brimstone, you are mistaken and apologise for any misunderstandings via my expression. My fire reference was metaphorical. A person can only condemn themselves via spiritual weakness in ignorance lacking in wisdom of these coming challenging times. And yes many good people are having the wool pulled over their eyes by very nefarious groups and I won't apologise for raising awareness of such.

The things I express will become more and more apparent with time. If you don't 'get' my intention right now, it's okay--still a bit early in the 'game'.

The dragon I speak of is Satan. And yes he is our issue very much so.
Mathew 10:16
Behold, I send you forth as sheep (innocent children) in the midst of wolves (spiritual adversaries): be ye therefore wise as serpents (to understand the 'trappings' of the serpent), and harmless as doves (to retain innocence in guided grace).

I'm not basing that comment just on the above scripture of course, but on personal experiences and accounts of others in turn discovered.

P.S--the issue is not about denying our Creators when we are beside them. It is about denying them in this life of temporary 'amnesia' here and now. And denying their divine teachings of right and wrong so much so that many will feel shamed when they do face them eventually.

I mean no disrespect to anybody here, especially to Unity99 for I know her heart is in the right place.

All the best brother, go easy on the chaos. There's enough 'magic' manifesting such already.

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Friend... don't give me an ad-libbed verse. Just don't. You've got the verse right there with you to quote... Talk about what you think it means or whatever but don't add stuff within a quote from the bible while you are preaching it to me.

How am I supposed to take this seriously?

You went to a completely different book of the bible and adlibbed a verse with "serpents" in it and this is supposed to be compelling or something. I dunno.... I wasn't impressed by the argument to begin with when I read it the first time. Now it seems REALLY overdone.

As for bringing paranormal sex to this thread or whatever your assumed rank would have you call it... talk to the one who marched it in here and chose to take up their qualms with it in this thread instead of that one.
Otherwise I have nothing to say unless someone wants to continue accusing me of sleeping with demons... which you continue to insinuate.

...and no, don't go easy on Chaos. this little shindig was a party meant for the likes of me and my demon fornicating ways so let's just cut the pretension, shall we?

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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 12:33 AM
as for the rest of the posts in this thread that i haven't read beyond what i just quoted... I will read all this later... assuming everyone in here is not baiting about paranormal sex and have other things to talk about.

I will have to check back later. I want to play a video game and this isn't real high on my list of threads I want to read because the # is getting pretty deep in here.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Hey I just want to add something so you don't think the wrong thing. I have lots of respect for your wonderful posts, not always comfortable with too much patriarchal things and am a recovering Catholic myself, but have alot of love and respect for you and your integrity.

But I took a slight offence, it was more feeling this innuendo as if she was love and light new age christian likely to be misled. But she has such positivity, any negative trying to fool her would be reeled in by the Fisherman, he'd become a fish. In anycase, she's got nothing to fear that way.

My point simplified is the Light doesnt find fault with the Light and there is not one belief here but many on spiritual matters. Yet, Love = Love. Good = Good, and Light = Light. And the Light rejoices in expressions of Light, they don't all have to have the same way of expressing the spiritual.

So never meant to take it the wrong way, just felt defensive, been having noticing too many posts that are directed against positive ones. Tired of it and so read the wrong things into yours, sorry about that.

If someone were being misled, but they were sincerely trying their best with so much positivity and were working so hard at doing the right things and only good things bringing awareness and faith, and love and high frequency into the world don't you think that they would be helped by the good spirit and assisted due to their inner sincerity and very best genuine intentions?

By them doing all good things and trying their very best praying, meditating doing good deeds and acts to others you would think that their frequency would only be good and high enough that they would only return love and forgiveness to anyone and everyone even those who were trying to deceive them if they found out about it. The good family knows the intentions of our hearts and the spirit of Christ and goodness and love would help guide and assist us if someone was praying continually and only sincerely and genuinely trying, I believe in that strongly and have faith in the good family.

Peace and Warm Wishes!
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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 01:37 AM

22:11 He who acts unjustly, let him act unjustly still. He who is filthy, let him be filthy still. He who is righteous, let him do righteousness still. He who is holy, let him be holy still."

22:12 "Behold, I come quickly. My reward is with me, to repay to each man according to his work.

22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

22:14 Blessed are those who do his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city.

22:15 Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

22:16 I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify these things to you for the assemblies. I am the root and the offspring of David; the Bright and Morning Star."

22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" He who hears, let him say, "Come!" He who is thirsty, let him come. He who desires, let him take the water of life freely.

22:18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book, if anyone adds to them, may God add to him the plagues which are written in this book.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 09:33 AM
Quite a few have wondered if what I've written in this thread IS really going to happen or not, this is what I have to say.

If what I've written is interpreted correctly in spirit it WILL happen and IS coming in due time, TIME being the factor/equation and it's just a matter of TIME according to the human understanding/definition of it. The coloring book pages can turn at any given clip in TIME if understood correctly as the key to all of Eternity exists within the Sun while the Earth revolves around the Stationary Light of this world or the Sun of Man. Be spiritually prepared today and now and make amends with all of those around you to the best of your ability. Forgive all, patch things up with those in your past however you can. Hold no grudges, guilt, shame or weight on your shoulders and find that Peace and Lightness in Spirit that comes from the Good Spirit. Let the Good spirit of Love & Peace always be your Guide.

In regards to the word ET defined as extraterrestrial or something of non-terrestrial origin as Benedict9 has touched upon in warnings you should know that there is much more going on than meets the eye. The word ET is a broad term that covers many fields that I won't fully get into or share at this time. But I will say this, that there are great deceptions and manipulations taking place on earth at this time behind the scenes and entities do have access to cloned vehicles they occupy as there are many ongoing deceptions taking place on earth. There are some from other worlds ET's and those who were birthed as mankind in bodies among others and those which have the capability to possess and transfer into energy/body/vehicles and work among mankind on earth. There are truly great deceptions and manipulations taking place behind the scenes that the majority are unaware of, even those working amongst them and with them, some of the very elect of the world in the highest of places have been deceived.

Have no fear and worry not about such things but focus on that which is Good and living your lives in the Good following in the footsteps of Christ and the pure and unconditional loving examples set by all those who represent that which is Good (if interpreted correctly) and you cannot fail and will always be guided and directed according to the same spirit of Love and Goodness which they have within them. Let that channel/station and connection to the still small voice and calm and peaceful station be your guide. Stay humble, thankful and grateful always and watch your every thought, action, deed and interaction with others carefully. Be sensitive to others feelings and work on being more patient, tolerant of others, kind, charitable, giving, caring, sharing and loving to the best of your ability. Everything I've shared in this thread IS a forewarning to my Brothers and Sisters and good spirit family that I consider to be all of you on Earth and I've shared this with the purest and sincerest intentions to hopefully help people however possible even push/nudge and wake people up if possible to get them to question and think further about things. Hopefully some of you took some of the information and put it to Good use but either way I continue to hope, wish and pray for the best possible outcome on earth and for all of you and everyone. Please do the same!

I know that the day comes in due time that the Good Family will return and there is a great deception coming moreso than most can foresee and imagine but Benedict9 does have some clues to that puzzle and I recommend that you follow his website and discernment. It was no chance or coincidence that he found this thread and setup that website and it's not by chance or coincidence that I am here now sharing with you everything that I've shared so far. This is not about a person or a messenger of any message but it's about you, your families and everyone on the planet coming together and working towards being prepared spiritually for the day that will come when those like Christ come from the beyond to finish the purification and finalization of creation of why all things have been and the plan before the foundation of earth's universe/creation. Some prophecies were given/inspired by the Good Family for a reason and they remain the same if interpreted correctly and will come to pass and be fulfilled according to the spirit of Truth and original creation plan. The book of earth life --- Be prepared when the school bell rings and the great Lighten-ing day arrives. It will come suddenly and quickly and unexpectedly for many. I will be there and I have faith and belief in all of you that you can remember that this life truly is all about Love and Good and doing Good unto others, choosing Good and becoming Good. That is what eternally counts and the rest is not priority or truly important so please focus on the eternal things and the things that truly count and matter the most in life such as your Family and loving them all unconditionally including all of those around you who are also your Spirit Family. Let your Light so shine always to anyone and everyone. You can turn negatives into positives if you stay the positive and become not the negative but be diligent, patient and have faith, hope and belief in those around you and in yourself that you can accomplish and do Good things and most importantly believe and have trust, hope and faith in the Good family and the true spirit of Love and Peace.

Love & Best Wishes Eternally!
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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

By them doing all good things and trying their very best praying, meditating doing good deeds and acts to others you would think that their frequency would only be good and high enough that they would only return love and forgiveness to anyone and everyone even those who were trying to deceive them if they found out about it. The good family knows the intentions of our hearts and the spirit of Christ and goodness and love would help guide and assist us if someone was praying continually and only sincerely and genuinely trying, I believe in that strongly and have faith in the good family.

I see nothing wrong with Morning Mayan's video's and there is some positive and good advice from what I've seen from the video's so far. I think what Benedict9 was trying to say is that even the very elect in the world can easily be deceived and that people should be very careful on everything they buy into and always carefully discern what is Good and what is opposite to Good (If interpreted correctly) according to that which has been shown by Christ in teachings and examples demonstrating pure and unconditional Love.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

My heart leads me to those things that are the most helpful. Her videos have always been inspiring both in NWO messages, and her frequency course. Most unusual is that her book is only a small part what she puts into all her videos. She gives 110% more in them. Love = Love. And in her book the basic message of the spiritual and rooting out those things in your life, that are flaws and lower frequency things, like addictions, anger, violence even, and forgiving self and others, learning the lessons such things teach you in your life, for their presence and frequency will attract more lessons of the same, and to overcome these with Love and Integrity. This is very much yours.

She also gives lists of things, high frequency, to start to add to your life, to raise yours and love, awareness, awakneness, compassion: laughter, joy, music, meditation/prayer, yoga/excerise, ,walks, nature, healthy rainbow colored food, ie. fruits and vegetables, not GMO, and points out that prosperity doesnt = money, its far more than material things. That those in your life, family, children , even ex's are major lessons with more karma potential, so to really put them in order, with Love. Its all about Love.

I would add you have to give to unblock, and just finding ways to think of others all the time.

I want to share something one day in a high frequency, when I went to the door and just noticed that the sky was not right, dark with these stormy dark pink streaks and this very fast moving almost black sheets of clouds. I had been watching her videos and it just occurred to me, spontaneously, that this simply wouldn't do at all, the sky was wrong!

So I spent 20 minutes, not going for something small of course, picturing pink hearts everywhere. I wanted pink hearts, and so I vividly and energetically pictured it, but finally gave up, and made a pot of coffee. About 20 minutes later, was at the door and there were pink hearts everywhere, big ones, little ones, abstracted ones, white ones. No dark clouds in sight. I have never in my life seen anything resembling a sky like that before, nor since.

She calls this God or angel help, or miracles at times too, acknowledging where it comes from, and so do I.

I included those videos because they're very helpful, anyone actually feeling the energy and doing this will bring more positivity and Love into the world.

We should be able to see the light squares easily.

Much Love & Light!

edit to add: Now if we could pray, meditate, seek to love those around us including those in need, and sent positive thoughts healing in both actions and energy to the grid of this planet, to the core of this planet, then what I saw in December, when there was the red moon eclipse, when I saw these whiter than white shiny discs stacked in the form of a dove, then a man, and I thought the Lamb and the 7th seal later on. Well to me, for changes, the SHFT, it was almost like I was shown that its the Lamb that breaks the seal:

ie. Gentleness, Kindness, Unconditional Love, breaks the seal. So should we not hold the most positive healing, awareness, miraculous and uplifting SHFT there could be, without harm to anyone, upgrades!
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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 03:24 PM
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I remember the reason for all the visions that have all been about staying on the surface, defeating the object which are the cycle event's and having enough will power and courage to stand up to all fear. Staying on the surface is a test of FAITH.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 03:53 PM
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Hopefully this has it's place here, I was approached from an angel in my dreams that took form of an old friend, and said that I should keep on working on being studious, diligent and attentive which I have read the definition's and discovered that I have recently been achieving these same very thing's,
especially being very careful and listening carefully as I am doing lot's of tree felling of light to medium tree's some 30-50 feet in height.

Last week just gone got hit on the head due to not paying attention with a 11-12 foot tree and a 1.5 metre branch that hit me directly on my head without the hard hat, then had the dream about continuing to LISTEN and be diligent especially.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 07:35 PM
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I got that "listen" call in 1980, and have been working on that every since.

And, yes to that stand on the surface keeping calm, in the face of what is going to manifest. There will be no need to worry and worrying will keep you grounded in this physical experience.

That is what I was referring to earlier. It is about the physical experience versus the spiritual one. The beings who dominate us at present are very physical in nature, very self serving oriented. This is the nature of these demons. They have counterparts who also are self serving, non 3D physical beings.

You can say our original creators were more spiritual in nature. Somewhere along the line we got hijacked and are kept in this physical experience because we enjoy the physical nature of being here, which includes the act of sex. Here, we are taught it is not good without all the physical foreplay, we need more physicality.

The physical expressions of anguish given off by humans during times of great distress, create a festive feeding frenzy for these Lizards. Do cattle in the field know they will be the main course for someones dinner?

There are also many reports of humans having sex with above, so below!

But thanks DC for your excellent hearing, I was close but now the whole picture became more clear. I know that hiding underground is the wrong thing to do. We have to face whatever comes, square on, without flinching. I have been practicing that for a while now and wasn't sure why. I do know hiding is not good and could keep you grounded in the physical. Our quest to rise up, in the physical.

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