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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There was water main damage underneath the area, that's what caused the sink hole.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by amc621

In actualment it says that the huge sink hole took out the main water and gas line, but that they Don't Know What Caused It!

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Hey DC, a part of me believes all this deep down (I guess soul wise?) the other part doesn't (Ego? Because it doesn't see?) so I'll just ask.. What's to come of Vancouver Island when this all hits? I know my fate will guide me to safety as I'll be fighting tooth and nail, breaking down my shell and a protector of Mother Earth. Thanks.

posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 12:06 PM
Thank you so much for the warning ET_MAN.
It would be a catalyst event, like Adonai has said.
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posted on Dec, 13 2010 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

It's a typical problem encountered in many cities where there are all sorts of problems with leaking water mains and old sewer systems that cause these sorts of sinkholes. It's common. It's the norm. The main reason people in cities hate naming the cause is that there are legal responsibilities. It's not because someone doesn't know it's the money that's at stake.

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 11:15 AM
Its raining in a way that doesnt make sense, I've never seen rain like this before. Its been pouring for days, which may very well have caused that sink hole at the coast

Its so moisture laden, I can't breathe when I step out the door. Yesterday the sun came out, and breifly the rain stopped, and it was mist, and so much water in the air I nearly drowned in my car. I couldn't breathe and looked at the sun and just felt like hugging it prepared to leave earth behind.

Well its pouring rain again. And I can't breathe out the door. I'm sure fish could, however here is the odd part. Its smells like a cannery, like fish in the air. My hair and skin do too.

What exactly is going on?

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 12:14 PM
This isn't the norm and anyone trying to tell me who has paid attention to weather all my life here ,and they even mentioned this sink hole at school by the way, it was all over the school news, and its NOT THE NORM for the Fraser Valley, is really not getting life at all.

I even wonder about this Wikileaks ordeal, and i support Wikileaks 100%, BUT, is everything now a distraction because the coloring book pages are turning now as we speak. 10 11 11 seems to me to be 01 11 11. If the coloring book pages are now turning, what next.

Even while I say that its true we should do all we can to turn all negatives into positives, but what should we be doing right now, what is coming up, what next?

posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 06:29 PM
I heed your warning. I request a private message indicating the month day and year this event is to take place. Stange happenings have been occuring, we shouldnt turn a blind eye to this one folks.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Don't connect the rain to the sink hole without proof. The sink hole is more likely associated with underground activity than above ground activity.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by stereologist

"The fortunate thing about geophysical pole shifts is that they are slow events - almost impossible for someone to notice over the course of a life time. No such events have happened in 200My and there is no indication that anything is happening now. So there is nothing to worry about or consider."

This is only reasoning of the 'rational logical' mind and I certainly understand why you harbour such 'reasonings'. However in actuality you will bear personal witness in due course as the intensity of climate events unfold (as we approach the shift) which will be akin to Mother Earth giving birth. We are experiencinng early contractions currently that you do not appear to CURRENTLY recognise, though when she goes into 'deliverance'-- things will prove very intense with great upheaval affecting all on Earth.

The mind is easily led, however Spirit recognises Truth of these times. Connect with it. You are not here to convince otherwise of what is to come, you are here to receive further consciously what your eternal spirit in greater awareness already knows. It is divine guidance which has led you to this very thread, whether you realise this or not. I wish you well Stereo.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by benedict9

You do realize that if you understand my rational logical mind, that this clearly implies that climate changes are minuscule during a TPW, i.e. a polar shift. The shift is slow and its effect on climate is imperceptible over a life time.

There are no contractions or Mother Earth giving birth. There is no delivery. There is no upheaval. Nothing on average is different today than before.

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 05:59 PM
ET Man,

I have been following this topic for quite some time now and have decided to make an account on ATS to ask a couple of questions.

Ok, as opposed to all the earthly changes and conscious shifts, I am also quite interested with this "UFO Deception" that is rumored to happen within this time period as well. My question is. If there are going to be Negative ET's working with certain governments and The Elites, will there be any Positive ET's working against this misleading agenda? Or will the truth be fully lost?

Also with The Elites and others high up having hidden safe zones (Denver Airport etc) and basically guaranteed safety for the years to come then how will the earth become a better place if these negative entities are still around and able to control?

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

3D matter that earth is made of including your body comes in infinite layers, if you were to peal the layers you could never reach the center. Within this world and above this world are infinite dimensions, times, and densities. These other dimensions and worlds exist on, above, within, below and beneath earth, your consciousness and physical world resides within layers of other times, dimensions of lesser and greater densities that are infinitely connected.

All matter is equivalent and equal to what you perceive to be the universe. The universe exists within and without all things, your biological body is infinite in space with no end. This is the very philosophy that man has struggled with because of the limits placed upon understanding and comprehension of what the word infinity really means. The concepts of infinity can vaguely be understood but never comprehended or seen by man. Your body is infinite in space and never ending inwards and outwards and in all directions, times, densities and dimensions.

You can travel to a destination half way forever never reaching that destination. All matter is equal in space there can be nothing greater or lesser as there can be no measurement for an object within the laws of infinite space. All things advance equally and are equal in all directions inwards and outwards. Intelligence is infinite, individual intelligence which you call your spirit or soul has progressed infinitely and is equal to all that is, nothing is lesser or greater, bigger or smaller as there is no measurement to one’s growth only continual progression, evolution , advancement.

Spheres are eternally infinite in size and can be cut into half or doubled in size infinitely with no end. Consciousness and intelligence of an individual is the same as a sphere and can be infinitely doubled or cut in half with no end. You are made up of intelligence and are infinitely advancing through infinite experiences, you have always existed, death of this 3d material world is another stage, transition and process into infinite progression. All things consist of oppositions from light to dark, positive to negative with polarities. There are unseen energies forces necessary for advancement that are adversaries to the positive as negative pushes against positive this allows the process of advancement to occur.

Extraterrestrials exist within, above and below our density in upper and lower dimensions. Within time is another time and an infinite amount of times with an infinite amount of space and dimensions. As an example, dinosaurs exist and can be seen today in another dimension in time and past, as future and past is nothing more than a separation of present, today is everyday if time is frozen. Time can go backwards and time can go forwards or time can sit still.

This 3D Reality is based on illusion and time is illusion, a human biological clock is constantly ticking and programmed to accept nothing more than forwards like your computer believing backwards to be an improbability. The biological body and conscious mind keeps the physical body and mind in the present. The revolutions of the earth and movement of the sun keep man from passing the third dimension and viewing lesser or greater densities in time allowing access beyond the illusion of time with infinite possibility both backwards, forwards, inwards and outwards.

Extraterrestrials have been working for and against mankind from the time man was placed on earth and for purposes of opposition and order. There are infinite amounts of worlds similar to this one with races of man like on earth in this dimension and endless others. There is no such thing as the center of the universe, there is no center, side, front, end or top all is equally placed as there are no limitations in all directions inwards and outwards infinitely within and without. Dimensions of all sizes exist with no end. Your body is equivalent to what you consider to be the universe, so is a grain of sand, a particle is equivalent to the universe you know. Nothing lesser, greater or more than, all things are on a different level of progression and equal.

What will happen in October of 2011, a brown dwarf star yet to be seen in this dimension/time will intersect from a parallel time/dimension passing your sun causing change. This will affect orbital paths, weather and cause a cataclysmic event within your dimension. The earth comes to a complete stop before reverse polarity will occur changing consciousness, time, dimension and density. Those who survive this event must survive the change in consciousness and physical changes that will occur as this dimension will intersect with another.

I will answer more questions upon my return.

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Thank you , based on many NDE's in the last few years , I feel this is absolutely the truth and being so, we have absolutely nothing to fear, only prepare ourselves for a great shift toward where our highest self directs us.

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

(And surely only some groups in true power positions are in the know while the others are on a need to know basis) but we will go over the FACTS first and make it our own investigation.

You the reader can come to your own conclusion of what you feel and think is going on. I believe that everyone deep down inside can feel and knows that something is around the corner whatever that something may be. Let's get into what is going on and what preparations have really been made and take a look at it all and go from there.

Best Wishes always!

Facts you can actually prove? I'm highly doubtful. Most of what you've put on this thread is common information. Anything new? You've never stated how you came by your information concerning a Brown Dwarf. Do you converse with unseen beings or visit aliens? The information you provide is already on the internet. You stated half the population would perish. No, not half and I can't prove that either.
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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 07:43 PM

First of all, I would like to take a moment out of mine and the reader's time to thank you for your gift of warning.

Secondly.. I have often been communicated warning of the endtimes in my dream state. I have had a reoccuring dream of a flood in my town. It almost always starts in my room in my hometown (now I live elsewhere). I can see the sea from my window and suddenly bigger and bigger waves come until the water reaches my level (second floor (and my house is pretty high up on a hill)).

The other apocalypse dream I've had a couple of times is that of nuclear attack. You know scientists say you can't ever die in a dream? Wrong, numbnuts. I've died in my dreams -> I was in an urban area and I just KNEW there was a war of some sorts going on. And there were these rebels poking at something at the other side of a fence than me. And I yell at them "DON'T TOUCH IT, IT'S GONNA BLOW" (I knew it was a nuke)... but they touch it.. and it detonates.. and then.. all I see is a whiteness... all I see is pure, blinding white.. and the feeling I have then parallels nothing else in my experience of reality so far. I think to myself "Either this was a dream and I'll wake up now or I'm dead" and I try to wake up, but I can not.. and then it hits me.. the thought hits me - "I'm dead, then..". Human language was not created to communicate such states of being, so know I can not communicate to the reader how I felt then. The other dream was similar, it was just in another setting and I actually saw the bomb falling down and jumped for cover from the second floor.

Other than those dreams, I can actually FEEL in my GUT that the end is near.

I haven't really read the whole 200+ pages thread yet, I'm 30 pages in, but I'm impatient to ask my question, which I speculate wasn't covered so far...

So my question might seem bizarre at first, but I personally find it most interesting and of rather large implications.

Is there some possibility you have some opinion on the use of psychedelic drugs as a means to spiritual englightement? Allegedly, the transformation we're going through right now is above all an evolution, an expansion of spirit and consciousness, so will psychedelic use possibly be of benefit? I have thus recieved conflicting opinions on the subject, with some claiming psychedelics will be a vital tool, and others saying they are our worst enemy. Many have said the pineal gland is the portal to hyperspace. So what does that make '___'? Why do so many meditations focus on the pineal gland?

I am most interested of what you might have to say about it.

Let us all live in love, truth, wisdom and prosperity.

Thank you in advance !

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hello. You still stand by the date October 2011?

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by Theonlywoody

I hope you read the last few pages, and noticed yet again, what was said about dates. 11 11 is an awareness code, and its one used by the sun, 11 year cycles, and the cosmos.

As soon as you read 10 11 11 you get the understanding it is more than a date or a "time".

We're meant to wake up, to put our lives in order, and reverse engineer our weaknesses, find out what needs work, dust off the smudges on our souls, pray, seek, meditate. Ask for help from Family, Mother/Father, if Christian, Yeshua/Jesus or all that is True Love.

That being said, this is 2011. We need to work at overcoming the negative in our hearts and minds, and work at uncovering the things that are unresolved in us, that need healing, forgive self and others, really strive to love.

Much Love & Light!

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 08:12 PM

2012 - Pole Shift, UFO's,Ophiuchus and Dying Birds - It's Happening

--- Morningmayan said she came to youtube based on her studies of 2012, and her channel is one I have been following for a long time, its wonderful. Not only filled with awareness, and frequency raising course, metaphysics, not only does she support Max Igan's wonderful work and his Great Intentions, but.....she is a wonderful activist. She is doing the work she came to do! She is an inspiration to me.

---Now her she is giving a direct account of her experience I will quote

To make a long story short, about 10 years ago I started having dreams with angels coming and talking to me about mathematics and quantum physics and the mayan calendar. I wasnt' particularly spiritual at the time I had kind of considered myself a recovering Catholic although I do pray to Jesus daily the Church wasn't for me and I wasn't really expecting angels to show up in my dream.

Nonetheless, they showed up and they showed up with math. And when they wouldnt go away I started writing it down and what came out of it was a connection that won me a scholarship into the Mayan rainforest with scientists from around the world, one of them being most notably Terrence McKenna, may he rest in peace,one of the most brilliant minds I've ever encountered or we've ever had on this planet.

I will share his videos below so you can understand just how profound he is.

---the way the Mayans study time is different than the way we study time. Harmonics! Synchronizing Harmonics in the Universe and in 2012 they believed we were going to go literally ONLINE.....with beings from all over the universe!

Then she discusses the Hz. And the frequency of earth is raising and this is going to affect all of nature and us, ie. the birds and fish, and us too.

Her main point is to be positive, to be loving, because thats what this is all about. I know this too, rather than run for safety, we should be listening within, emptying our cupts and seeking form Father/Mother/Family, and Higher Self, Inner Self to be in the right place at the right time, to follow our inspirations. To be faithful and have faith and love.

But if we really want to seek to draw in Love and Protection to me ,the way is to shine, work on self, overcoming dark squares within us, our negativity, and be unconditional love for everyone. To pray for and love even the murderers and the ones in need all over the world of compassion and understanding, who are spiritually poor, not just the poor in substenance, those too. But impoverished states of mind, to compassionate people, to pray for them.

If we can't forgive someone, or ourselves, look for the child within them, their innocent state. See the innocent child, and pray for their renewal. Even Hitler was a baby! Even the Bush's! Even those who have harmed us, or harmed our families. We need to work on overcoming selves, and if we increase our positivity and love we draw in protection, and/or inner guidance.

I do believe Faith has a lot to do with everything too, its not just law of attraction, that is part of things, co-creating, its our intention and belief, and its faith too. The only thing is, the F O L are humble and not into we are all Gods, but we are all equal in potential in Infinite Potential, though not at the same level, and we're Family. I think faith is very important and a big part in this. Theres nothing wrong with prayers.

I knew some time ago that even if we coudn't solve things, if the leaders had everything blocked so severely, in a web, that nothing would change, we couldn't feed the poor. That they didn't want this done, it would be easy enough to do this, also to bring out the geomagnetic type free energy, that is the unlimited electro magnetic energy that they've kept away from mainstream all this time due to their negative greedy controlling plans for humanity. They are heartless in a way that is unbleivable, yet they need our prayers too, what they're doing to others is a huge pit they're going to fall in, that they will face one day, and if they can be helped to wake up now, we may not see it that way, we may have a hard time forgiving. But when we leave our bodies and recover, we remember who we are. I know that to my expanded self, everyone here is a child, and felt like my child. And we have a lot of compassion for them on the other side. So we need to reach into that now.

Well even if they, the leaders do block things and every way seems blocked. We have to get really mad, really choked, really fed up, and shout with bullhorns HELL NO! I want to see their faces fall, I want to see their expressions change, because they will loose if people stand up to them..... But there is a difference between violent uprising and being extremely confident, upset and assertive. And there is a difference between just demanding things for self all the time, and yes, not allowing rights to slip away but standing up for your childrens freedom and our rights by all means, however, its even better to be upset because THEY'RE STARVING SO MANY IN THE WORLD AND HAVE CHILDREN AS SLAVES PRODUCING OUR COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, FOOD, CLOTHING. NO WAY!!!!

We have to yell NOT ON MY SHIFT.

But we need faith too!! Big Faith. We need to stand under the stars every night, in the rain if there are none, and hold our heads up, and pray and cry out to the cosmos, to Family Above, Prime Creator and All Who Are True Love, to help us. For we don't want to become them to get rid of them. We don't want to have any more violence. We don't need to solve this alone. We need miracles. So lets have that faith and ask for nonviolent absolute win!!!!

We can reach into our future now, in a sense, our infinite potential to get help.

We need to pray, to overcome the negative in us, and to like detectives uncover all the things that need work in our lives and pray for the insight to do so, and the healing we need.

More quotes from MorningMayan:

We're raising in frequency, and moreover, the scientific truth is we are entering a pole shift, we have been entering it for a while, and we've changed directionally about 10 degrees....

we' may even see our own cats and dogs be affected....and our world and ourselves are also going to be affected. Its all about frequency.

What I won my scholarship for 10 years ago was that I said the frequency of the planet was going to be rising as we neared the end of this 2012 cycle.


We can't be afraid!...Our focus needs to be on our intent to Love and to Change our Planet For the Better and to take care of our planet and each other, because its that Love that is the Frequency that is going to create the world we want.

If you have Love in your heart, and you have goodness in you an dyou love this planet there are good things ahead of you, and it may be look scarey..... but we're creating this together. …....

I said that the earth schuurman was going to start rising, with it humans as well, we are also 7.8 hz The planets hz is rising. When it rises it gets closes to a healing or divinity. ..Are we going to rise with the planet? Are we going to keep love in your heart and rise with the planet? …..

You're Going To Pull To You Exactly Where Your Frequency Is.

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 08:20 PM

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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 08:41 PM

Frequency Series Intro - 2012 What's really up?

Frequency Pt 2 - "How to Discern a Frequency"

Frequency Pt 3 - The Law of Affinity - How it affects your life

Manifesting Now! Frequency Class pt.4

Manifesting Now! Frequency Class pt 5

5 Easy Steps to Manifest! Claim Empowerment Now!

Masters Class Spirituality - Time to get connected

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