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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Im not running with anything yet. I like to dig around before deciding what to believe.

Thanks for the information.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by benedict9
First of all, where there is no first I would like to thank Benedict9 for the sincere/genuine efforts/intentions-“Good Spirit” and uplifting messages that he has selflessly shared “TIME” and “TIME” again with everyone throughout the thread. He is truly a great example/inspiration “Spirit” showing humility/compassion/understanding/awareness-displaying the true meaning of “Unconditional Love.”

Be aware that perception and discernment in realizing what is truth and what is illusion in this world is a DIVINE GIFT.

Always use the “Heart” - feel within the “Heart”- let the “LIGHT” inside which is “Consciousness/Awareness” guide and direct them. Always say a prayer in heart and mind- meditate, do what one must do in order to connect with that higher infinite source of Love & Light which will always guide/direct and inspire/comfort them.

Do you consider yourself worthy of grace (truth) by existing and devoting your energies to a life of grace?

Everyone is on their own path/journey and from an Infinite/Eternal perspective they are right where they need to be for the “TIME” being.

Do you 'worship' the word of science and deny the true nature of your eternal spirit (which is love)?

Science- merely a subject/word with definition/meaning according to the current level of one’s perception/understanding/awareness/consciousness to better understand the world in which one lives/occupies. What is science to “Love” which is “Infinite” in nature-what is believing in the world to be flat with an ending to understanding that the universe and all things/”Souls”-“Eternal Consciousness” “Infinite Intelligence”- interconnected to all things-Infinitely/Eternally- never end.

That is not for me to judge. Your path is your own. However, understand that what you deny will also deny you, so be careful of what you deny and the energies you embrace.

Always follow the heart (There are no accidents or coincidences) - “LIGHT” is always shining for all to “See” and will always “Be’-one is Infinitely/Eternally part of that “LIGHT” or those with an eye to “See.”

Only the light of the divine path will offer you truth. And that path is the one of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

“Unconditional” Patience, Forgiveness, Love go - hand in hand…The Divine Eternal Plan/path for all “Eternal Consciousness” –“Souls” on current Earth/Life/School experiencing.

It is not easy to overcome negative influences and heavy conditioning, but no great reward comes without effort.

Part of this life’s/school/test is revealed.- “Eternal Progression”- “Eternal Reward” -beyond all human understanding/comprehension a reward of “Infinite” awareness/consciousness/understanding a reward of “Infinite Joy/Happiness” and “Beyond’ where there’s always a “Beyond” from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

When you CHOOSE to open yourself up to a life of grace, tolerance and love, you will discover truths that no science or 'evidence' can show you and you will be guided without fear.

One must open their heart to who they truly are “Deep Down Inside and from Within.” “FEEL”-One must let go of who they “Think” they are “Within the Mind.” Find the true “Infinite” self through the- “HEART.” The way/path/truth and “Light” can be found/discovered within the true “Infinite” nature/connection to the Teachers/Creators/Designers and the true “Infinite” nature found in all things which is “ONE” and part of “YOU” in Creation/Similarity/Likeness/Design- “Follow you’re “HEART” and it cannot fail from an Infinite/Eternal perspective and by “Infinite” Creation/Design. Everything occurring/happening with- “Infinite” reason/purpose- “TIME” to realize and come to the realization of Who/What- “YOU” Truly/Really are. “TIME” within “TIME” where there is no “TIME.” (ALL THAT IS) where there is NO (ALL.)

For your spirit's sake, try to avoid judging and insulting others based on matters you have not yet understood.

Trial/Error-Experience/Mistake -all part of life’s/school/experience make no mistake. Reason/purpose by “Infinite” design. Learn the lesson through experience-pull oneself through. To overcome/progress/advance sound familiar- That is -“YOU.”

Open your mind, but most importantly open your heart and you will discover truth without the help of any forum or scientist for that matter.

Open the “HEART” (Discover) - There was no beginning-there is no end for that “Matter.” All Matter- “Infinitely/Eternally”- Never-ending and so it is/was/will be-I am what I am, you are what you are and so are “They”- “We are what we are.”

I wish you the very best in your truth seeking endeavours and I hope for your spiritual awakenings sake that they are genuine. There is nothing to fear where truth is instilled, and that is a message for everyone. Peace.

Thank you for sharing this inspirational message Benedict9 - Reign02 is here now reading this- not by accident or coincidence but by “Infinite’ reason/purpose. His “Truth” will be found within himself and within his own due “TIME” within “TIME.” Reign02 is among all things- “Infinitely” connected to all that is, an “Infinite” brother-from an Infinite/Eternal perspective and much more than that my friend.

Do not fear for ET_MAN. He would not be doing what he is doing if he was in fear.

Fear is a cool Teacher/Creator/Designer learning-tool/obstacle allowed for reason/purpose within this learning/school/experience-It would be nice if all could conquer/overcome it. Yet all have/will/did/once/now/then and “Beyond” and so have “They”-“You.”

The divine cosmos recognizes human intention. NOBLE LOVING INTENT counts for much where spiritual protective guidance is concerned. The main aim here is helping aid others to 'survive' spiritually (evolve) foremost, and not become fearful/negative as these changes unfold. Understand you will be where you need to be regarding Earth change scenarios.

Nothings by chance, accident or coincidence-where one currently is now is where one currently is intended/meant to be. Nobody leaves the flesh unless intended/meant to be from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective. There is nothing to worry about or fear from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective.

The notion of death is the biggest illusion ever sold for we possess the gift of eternal life, though it is vital to our spiritual path that we fast wake up to our true nature and role here and act according to it in love before the coming harvest.

“Rise and Shine” -TIME for one to wake up and come to the realization of who they Really/Truly are-The Infinite/Nature found in all things becomes “Activated” in due “TIME” opening a door of “Awareness” leading to a higher/greater state of existence/awareness/consciousness where there’s no such thing as “Higher’ “Lower’ “Greater” from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective. I did it my way, you did it you’re way, we all did it “OUR” way and never forget the “BEYOND.”

And yes IT IS coming. That is the whole point of these disclosures and offered guidance and I applaud ET_MAN for his continued courage and perseverance in this role.

It is “Coming”- I will share a little story about this thread and Benedict9. I once started a thread once upon a “TIME” within “TIME” due to reason/purpose – nothing by accident/coincidence or chance. I dropped a “date” of 10.11.11. nothing by chance, accident or coincidence knowing that the date I dropped was merely a“Date’ but much more than just a date “As there is no Time” from an Infinite/Eternal perspective- having everything to do with “BEING PREPARED” and- “AWARENESS.” I happened to have communication with Benedict9 previously in “TIME” within “TIME.” I shared with him some of what I experienced/know and shared with him something along the lines of this parable/analogy/story (Call it/take it how you will.)

If you knew that someday you’re children would be faced with certain challenges/obstacles/trials/tribulations would you not prepare them for it. If you knew that you’re child would soon be up against something would you not want that child to be prepared for that which is to come. First preparation in understanding what they are up against and second to be prepared to meet/face and overcome that obstacle/challenge/trial/tribulation. If a child has an appointment and they cannot be “Late” due to (unmentioned outcome) would you not give that child sufficient warning to prepare for that “Date.” Would you not forewarn that child or set their “Alarm” clock in advance so they will “Awaken” in advance prepared with enough sufficient “TIME” to prepare and make those special preparations/arrangements for their appointment in order to be on “TIME” prepared. I shared with Benedict9 that 10.11.11. is a date that was given to me for reason/purpose-not an exact date that things will occur and those who have followed closely and read past the direct lines and in between the lines already know/understand this. An alarm clock must be set in advance for the “TIME” being where there is no “TIME.”

What happens today, tomorrow or a thousand years from now is on purpose from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective but what you do with you’re current “TIME” today in the here and now “Spiritually” means the world and more than this temporal life/existence. Seek the Creators/Designers-Seek the understanding to better understand the “Creation”- diligently seek “Them” “You” and “They”----“You”- will reveal themselves within “YOU” for they are with “YOU” and all “LIGHT” is contained therein/within “You” interconnected to all that is within “Infinite”---“Light.” One must find their true “Infinite” nature- finding the Teachers/Creators/Designers-‘Truth.” How can one find the “Truth”- (Deny yourself of everything you know and make that personal journey all on your own, not being spoon fed information/knowledge/understanding by “Others’) “THINK” “SEEK” for yourself. Start from scratch and question everything around you. Ask the many questions that need to be asked, what you’ve been taught is not necessarily the way it really/truly is and far from it. Understand that “Life’ is a school/test/exam and only you can find the answers to your own personal/unique test. “SEEK” beyond and “THINK” beyond- One’s “Infinite” Heart” shall “See” and “know” if one can perceive/understand/tune-in/connect-find it.

The best spiritual 'weapon' of defense through these difficult times is LOVE FOR ALL LIFE.

Unconditional Love, Respect, Patience, Integrity, Never-ending Diligence-Never give up and never give in.

Our will is our own to rise above the coming adversities in spiritual preparation- filled with love and grace to help overcome fear to work together as one no matter how situations develop.

I can assuredly write/say- that regardless of what occurs/takes place in this duality/mortality existence it was intended/meant to be and things are FAR more under control by the Teachers/Creators/Designers beyond all Universal-ET powers- (according to current human understanding/definition of Universal ET) powers within this Universe of “Infinite” (Universe’s) - More than can possibly be imagined/incomprehensible to the human finite/understanding/temporal/mind trapped within “Temporal” “TIME.” Everything WILL happen/occur according to “Infinite/Eternal” plan/Design which is “ONE” Eternal “Round” within “TIME” –Where there are “Infinite” loops/rounds/perceptions/levels of understanding of “TIME” yet at the same “TIME” ---“TIME” seizes to exist,,,Yet at the same “TIME”---“TIME”--- must always exist within “TIME” or “Infinite” TIMES exist on “INFINITE” /levels of perceptions/rounds/loops- of understanding/awareness of “TIME.” (Circular in Motion)---“TIME” within “TIME” and never forget the “BEYOND.” Where there’s always a “Beyond.” To “Infinity” and “Beyond.”

The materials in this thread are allowed by authorities for good purpose to act as a conditioning/awakening tool.

Absolutely for those who will pick-up/understand/see and come to a realization of those tools found/contained therein/within.

Simply being exposed to Earth Change media ingrains information/scenarios into the mass subconscious mind (even if the conscious mind rejects the notion of presented truths). Therefore, as the Earth changes build up humanity will still have a level of conditioning/anticipation/mental preparation beneficial to coping mechanisms in aftermath scenarios

The apocalypse of revelation is in the making--- “COMING” ---preparation is necessary at this “TIME” on every level to see/realize/understand/comprehend and be “Prepared” on a spiritual level for that which is to come. ”AWARENESS.”

An Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

This is what the current Hollywood/Media machine is doing in presenting their range of 'disaster movies', serials and docos. You are being exposed to many difficult truths of course combined with illusion.

And so much more unknowingly without realization.

We will not be spoonfed the whole truth by our 'trusted' scientists/corporate media/ govt/ military folk, however we have been provided seeds (like those provided within this thread) to assist in waking up to this 'end times' period. Of course we must CHOOSE to actively seek and faithfully request truth with an open mind to awaken.

The only “TRUTH” one will find comes from “Within” themselves and each student/soul/individual must come to the realization of their own “Truth” which can be found “Within.” “Follow that “FEELING” within, follow the “HEART.”

The elite and their compartmentalized agencies are currently busy with their preparations. Do you seriously think they will employ the logistics and financial cost involved in preparing/supplying/relocating billions of people for the coming passage of a highly destructive Brown Dwarf?

Not in a “Million/Billion/Trillion” years but then again “Million/Billion/Trillion” never did exist from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective.

Outward direct disclosure is simply not going to happen until the changes are blatantly obvious. People are deluding themselves if they are waiting for full mass disclosures well in advance from their 'credible' official sources.

Yet disclosure can be found/realized “WITHIN” in the here and now for those who find that connection—Diligently Seek- and Ye Shall Find.

Allowing the 'commoners' to help themselves via these online info exchanges/ forums/websites/media clues providing warnings is likely considered fair opportunity by elitist standards. They are well aware the messengers and awareness will be growing in time. Many may be silenced by fear, many will not. Grace (the divine light of love and truth) does not allow fear (darkness) to overcome.

The Teachers/Creators/Designers know/accomplished/saw/finished ---Not 1 jot or title shall be misplaced, not 1 piece of the puzzle shall be lost. “ALL” things come together perfectly as an “Infinite/Eternal” picture and by design in the long run where there’s no such thing as “long.” “LIGHT” comes from the same “ONE” source of- “LIGHT” and all “LIGHT” will return to which/where it came from/is/was and forever will be from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

Those who devote their energies to the interests of service/love for others and truth will be guided truly. May ET_MAN keep up the good work serving awareness in spite of those whose eyes are still wide shut whom attack in ignorance and fear.

Nothing is about ET or MAN nor is it about any one person/group in particular. It’s about “US” all of “US” in “TOGETHERNESS.” Those who become aware of the “LIGHT” and the “Infinite’ Understanding within of “All That Is” within- should according to that which was given to them--- “SHARE” coming to a realization/understanding-of the lesson to be learned- that sharing, caring, giving is the true path to “Infinite Happiness”-“Selfishness/Greed/Wickedness never was “Happiness.”--- Eternal/Joy-Happiness is “Infinitely” obtained/found through a higher Understanding/Awareness/Consciousness” of WHO one “REALLY/TRULY” is within the limitless boundaries of “INFINITY” -never forgetting the “BEYOND” where there’s always a “BEYOND.”

To Infinity and Beyond!

Best Wishes!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by Reign02
"Why would the people at the top of the hierarchy you are part of tell you the truth about whats coming? Do you see a reason for them to tell you the truth?"

No but how do you guys think you know the truth?

I've been told as well as searched/looked and found, not blindly accepted what I've been feed. For some it's like a puzzle or dot to dot, really quite simple! Once you put the pieces together and join the dots you get to see the whole picture! Many/most/all have been subjected to a huge amount of brainwashing and have been cleverly manipulated by fear to keep your eyes of the truth! Fear is the first lie, once you've embraced it you will find it impossible to ever find or know the truth, for fear leads to separation from the whole, which you are not and nor is truth, it is not separate/external from you. The truth is, you are the truth, it's found within!

Originally posted by Reign02
"How come you trust that organization when you know everybody is taking orders and their orders will sometimes be to hide the truth from you if it fits their purpose?"

Because I am in the Military and that is how it works. Need to know basis.

This response i really cannot grasp/understand! Just because you are in the military and think you know how it works you feel is a good enough/justifiable reason to except/trust what they say as truth. This is an extremely disturbing/dysfunctional thought process you have, totally illogical. Clearly shows the huge amount of brainwashing that you've been subjected too!

Originally posted by Reign02
"Why do you need evidence to believe something is possible? Do you ever think something could be possible even though there is no evidence for it?"

I do not require evidence for something to be possible. But however it should atleast make sense. Especially when someone is you saw this event from the future and he has visited other worlds.

It does not make sense to you, so therefore it is not so? What do you know about time/past/present/future/now? What do you know about other worlds? It is also obvious to me that the meaning of sense has escaped you in all its glory, for your reasons for trusting your government/superiors/organization does not by any means make any sense.

Originally posted by Reign02
- Whats your age?

I am 26, why does this matter?

For some it might make it easier for them to understand why you are so asleep, closed minded and on such a vastly different path from us at this time.

Originally posted by Reign02
Perhaps there is a difference in perception on some deeper level that makes one person believe the norway spiral was a rocket, and another person believe it wasnt. Perhaps not all of us are meant to see the same thing.

Ah perception, everyone's perception is different, everyone sees things differently its all dependent on what you know/heard/seen/believe/experienced and state of conciesness/awareness. My perception of the world is vastly different with nearly everyone i know, but I've experienced things that have made me seriously question my own sanity, if the veils of illusion was lifted right now, 99.9% would breakdown in shock and despair, but if i tried to explain, 99.9% would believe i have serious psycological issues.

Here's some views/angles/perception of war/military which i think might be of some benefit to you:

Originally posted by Reign02
Have you ever been in the Military?

No, never would never will. From where i'm sat most military personel are nothing more than glorified killers/murderers. Never would i support such evil and destruction! No one has the right to end someone else's life, ever, period. Never would i take instruction from someone else to do so, how those do it without question escapes me and sends shivers down my spine.

Originally posted by Reign02
As for the underground bases thing.... we are building them to store people, books, art, and all kinds of other stuff and for shelter in case something major does happen. It is not for this "event" that you think is going to happen. Looks like your "spirituality" has misguided you young grasshopper.

No, this is what you've been told and blindly believe, Nothing more, nothing less!

Originally posted by Reign02
And looking at ones avatar and simply trying to read that person is foolish.

Not so here as your avatar gives a good idea of whom you are, what you do/stand for/believe! Copernicus is right on the money!

Originally posted by Reign02
My avatar represents the fact that I will fight for my country and the people in it till I die, I fight for the rights of everyone in the US. I fight for our freedom, not for some officer sitting behind a desk.

You are not fighting for your country or the people or rights or freedom! You are fighting to keep the negative, destructive forces/people/organizations in power, supporting/contributing to an evil war machine that will carry on invading/destroying/killing people and there home land unless those at the bottom of the pyramid (you) wake up to what is going on. Your rights are being stripped away by the day, i take it you have not noticed? $750 million a day is being spent on the war in Iraq, been there for almost ten years. Thousands of innocents have unnecessarily died, all for what? With the money spent, you/we/them could have feed/clothed/sheltered all of the 40,000 children that die of starvation and malnutrition every day! It goes much deeper than this, but just on the surface things are obviously not right. Maybe you should start to question everything, deny ignorance and start looking/searching/listening within.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Tingopoo

The perception quote in the post above was by me actually.

Dont judge Reign for how he thinks. Even though it is his choices that has put him on his path, he is most likely exactly where he needs to be to learn what he is here to learn. He wouldnt have come to this site if he wasnt already interested in alternate views I think.

Besides, I think its interesting to talk about how someone ends up in the military. Specially in the United States, it seems like a popular choice and people are seen as a force of good for being part of it. They believe they make the world a better place by being part of it. They dont see how they are being used by the government/corporations (or dont care).

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:17 AM
Unity_99, has uploaded information and has many hints/details in her current ongoing thread addressing certain particular/areas/issues with - suggestions/ideas that I won't/can't get into in this thread. I recommend that everyone view her thread and read in between the lines as she puts together some of the pieces of the puzzle/connecting some of the dots from this thread among others-

Best Wishes!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:28 AM

I would like to thank Benedict9 for the sincere/genuine efforts/intentions-“Good Spirit” and uplifting messages that he has selflessly shared “TIME” and “TIME” again with everyone throughout the thread. He is truly a great example/inspiration “Spirit” showing humility/compassion/understanding/awareness-displaying the true meaning of “Unconditional Love.”

I wanted to add that Benedict9 took a great deal of "Time" and "Effort" on his own expense/account to setup for the sake of spreading "Awareness." (Selflessly thinking for others and not himself, non-profit website.) He has a solid message with information that everyone should view/check-out.

I want to thank Benedict9 for all the contributions and the great deal of effort that he's made and put into this thread and his website in order to bring "AWARENESS" for "SPIRITUAL PREPAREDNESS which is the most important of all things.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I come with a message,


This warning is something not to be taken lightly, this message is not to spread fear but to spread awareness and knowledge so those around you may start mentally and spiritually preparing for such an event.

Many compartmentalized societies have been planning for these events.


I will be offering information and will plainly tell you of unspoken things happening in the world and about to take place with a look at what has been right in plain sight. Things are intentionally placed in plain sight as to bring them to pass, most do not realize all that is out there. Compartmentalized groups have been working together knowing these times are very near and preparing for such events.

These events have been intentionally kept and hidden from the world and public.


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just wondering if 'the benevolents' knew how america, or more so the political unrest going on currently inside, were in relation to the 'benevolent prophecy'

i realize this thread is 140 + pages of discussion already, but i'm pretty sure it's all been on a very philosophical and metaphysical, almost spiritual level

just wondering if 'et man' had anything to say about the unrest going on right now in america, perhaps it is a branch in the same tree?

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Thanks for the link. Its not easy to keep track of the good threads here on ATS sometimes.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:38 AM
How long ET_Man do you plan on posting on this forum? This is the All infinite One question.

The Infinite One asks if you will be on this Earth when the disaster occurs? You said you've seen this. Will you go through it again?

When do you, ET_Man continue to stay on on untill what date of timeline on the binary star we call Earth home world?

Is Earth really a blue planet? This is a question also.

I'm a spiritual poser and need advice, please enlighten me.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by Copernicus

Oops silly me, Sorry if my post came of as cold and judgmental, i completely understand everyone is on there own path and according to the law of the uni/multiverse everything is exactly as it should be. I'm sure he has learned something from reading my post as i have yours!

I'm well aware of how the majority of people perceive the military and know most have there heart in the right place. I try not to blame/judge them for there actions/choices/thoughts.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 03:29 PM
First off all WTF do you know about me?? NOTHING!!!!!!!!! You don't know why I joined the military, you don't know what I fight for, you do not have any idea how the military works, you do not KNOW SHT!! Reguardless of what you say I do fight for what is right. We don't have a choice in the military whether or not we can go to Iraq. I'm not going on patrols just shooting people. I have not been brainwashed by the government. I joined so I could get FREE college.... And I really could careless about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, we are over there for oil we all know that. It is not my decision. I fight for everyone that lives in the US, I defend my brothers in arms till I die and I will defend you till I die. If our government wants to take away our rights, well then I will fight them or die trying. The military is not how you think it is. And I really wish that we wouldn't have enemies and we could all be one in this world but we are a world of MAN, and men can do some horrible things for greed and power. Wake up and smell the coffee, you are living in a fantasy world. Like I said I wish everyone could just get along but despite what you think America is not the bad guy of the world, if we took down our military to start world peace, all HELL would break loose. I bet most of you here talking about me have never even been outside of the US. Go to Africa, go to Russia, go to many places in the world and see how they are living. Despite what you may think and or think you know about me by looking at my avatar. YOU ARE WRONG wake up and join us in the real world. Yea what you guys talk about is really nice and all but it is not the truth. It is not how the world works and no matter how much I wish it was, it isn't. The only thing that is going to change this world is some interaction from some ETs from another galaxy or a one of two possible global type events. Like ETs want to destroy all humans on Earth causing us to join arms together or a global event like ET MAN has been talking. So please do NOT talk down on the military, if you must talk down do it on the higher ups not the enlisted men that are out there dying FOR YOU. I know what you are going to say to that "they are dying for an unjust reason and it is not for freedom" ANY person that has ever served, serves for all of you back at home relaxing in your little air conditioned house sitting on the internet all day, and all the things you take for granted EVERYDAY. Yea maybe our "wars" are not so just, but we believe that we are doing this for a better and safer America. Wait till someone invades America and then you will be THANKING US instead of disrespecting us. What about all the soldiers that help in major disasters?? Haiti ring a bell?? When Georgia was overrun by Russia?? Chile?? New Orleans?? I hope one day that you military "haters" will be stuck in some rubble from an earthquake or stranded on the roof of your house and require us to come and get you, or be ruled by a dictator that SLAUGHTERS hundreds of men, women, and children just for the hell of it. Have you ever seen a mass grave with women and children in it that were killed because of their religious beliefs?? You think you know what is going on in this world but really you have no clue.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 03:37 PM
The post above is not meant to be cruel or mean to anyone directly. Just for the military haters out there. I read several posts from people talking down on the military and most of you guys have no idea what is really going on in this world.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by Reign02
The post above is not meant to be cruel or mean to anyone directly. Just for the military haters out there. I read several posts from people talking down on the military and most of you guys have no idea what is really going on in this world.

I was rejected from the United States Army because of my felon criminal record "Attempted Burglary of an unoccupied structure and non felon record of Tresspassing on Private property "ie panhandling for ciggarets with my sister, both of us were charged"" when I was 17 following my later age of 22 now.

I have no shame to admit my crime on here and my past mistakes just so anyone else knows, it's a cleansing process and how society looks at me as trash, a rouge credit terrorist. Including our soldier recruitment officials in the USA, who look at me as a trash bin.

The USA Army currently wants $700 (seven hundred dollars) in Jacksonville, Florida just to clear my background to join for training. It just goes to show how I'm not suppose to be part of that experience. I will never ever join the United States Army if I have $700. I now declare myself an International citizen. I am no longer American. I no longer believe in the Constitution of the United States, I will not fight for it even if this country is invaded/taken over.

The country isn't at war but within itself.

And I to looked at the Army for benefits also. I guess it costs to get benefits for me.

Nothing wrong with being part of a war if you are properly trained, serving an agenda, especially when you need the money before you join or feel you want to fight for the false illusion of freedom in the United States.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by FungShuiMyLife

Do you still live in Florida? And you are telling me that you wouldn't fight an enemy that envaded the USA if they killed your family? Or even killed thousands of random people? Come on now.... I take it that you have never been outside the US and by outside the US I don't mean Canada or Europe. I hear your hatred of America because I know it is slipping through the cracks right now but we are the only ones that can keep America here, if not for the citizens standing up for our own rights and our freedom or whatever lack of freedom you think we have then there would be no America. I suggest you take a trip to Africa or Russia or some third world country and see how they live. That will wake you up to just how good your life is. I feel for what you are saying but we all need to hang in there and stand up for what is right and turn America back around. You say that you don't consider yourself American and you are an international citizen, well what other countries have you visited? If you really hate America then go live somewhere else, but if you are like I am and ready to fight and die for what is right and what you believe in then we will need someone like you to do what is necessary to defend our families and our way of life because soon or later the time will come. I feel ya man but hang in there.

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 12:54 AM
Hi Reign02,

Thank you for sharing.

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And I really could careless about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, we are over there for oil we all know that.

The world could use a lot more caring/sympathy/charity for other humans that are in less fortunate situations/suffering. “Awareness” of what is taking place in the world and wishing/desiring/hoping that the world can change for the better is a step in the right direction for everyone. I can see that you’re a good person and full of charity in the “Heart” as you have the desire to stand up and help others and help those in need/in less fortunate situations. You are willing to put you’re life on the line for loved one’s and family and you have the best intentions in mind within the “Heart.” The “Heart’ is where it counts from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective.

Everyone existing on Earth playes a role with a certain piece to the puzzle in the stage/game/school of life whether it be a - doctor, judge, teacher, soldier, worker or whoever. From my perspective - Life is merely a “Temporal” school/experience for everyone to learn/experience trial/error (working on weaknesses and turning them into strengths through trial/error/tribulation/hardship through real experiences both good and bad. Trials/tribulations/error all part of the reason/purpose for duality so that it can be experienced and learned from.) Man-kind has a very small amount of power/control over the planet, less than most could imagine/think from an "Infinite/Eternal" perspective where there is "No Time."

If someone freely chooses to do certain things that affect them in a not so good way perhaps it was for a reason/purpose in the first place where there is no first from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective as there was no beginning and there is no (Real) ending. For a person to have made a decision that affects someone or them in a bad way then it can be looked upon as perhaps meant to be/allowed to happen for reason/purpose necessary for one to learn a lesson in that particular area/decision/choice/experience/ it being one of their weaknesses. Progression only comes through experiencing/learning and going through trial/error/tribulation/hardships in the long run where there is no “Long” from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective. “Duality” must be experienced to learn the lessons necessary in this life/school/test/experience and sometimes people get curious. As it’s been written: “Curiosity killed the cat.” But did the Cat learn from it’s mistakes afterwards where there is no after.

It is not my decision. I fight for everyone that lives in the US,

Having belief of the above that the Military is there for oil never justifies the suffering of others. Deep down inside is one capable of hijacking another in a less fortunate situation than themselves in order to gain a certain possession for the betterment of their family. Is it right to take from the less fortunate for oil alone and does that justify War and the takeover/occupying the territory of another with many innocent lives on the line and caught in the battle/cross fire. From a certain perspective it sounds like army ants going to battle/war- the black against the red invading one ant mound to another fighting for the left over bread crumbs dropped/left over by those above and “Beyond.” In Truth the war is not about “Oil” or about “Terrorism” but the word “Terror” comes to mind and comes close to fitting the bill. The real reasons behind “War” on planet Earth are not for everyone to know- A“Terror” beyond what most could handle/live-with/accept (Duality comes to Mind, where there is LIGHT so must there be DARK) but there is never anything to fear from an Infinite/Eternal perspective if everything is happening exactly how it was meant/intended to happen with reason/purpose by “Infinite” program/design from an “Infinite/Eternal” perspective. Those behind the veils of "TIME" have ensured the design/fulfillment of the Eternal/Plan and School was intended/meant to occur/happen with both opposition forces in the mix. Dark to Light, Evil to Good, Life to Death. But Death is Life and Life is Death from an Infinite/Eternal perspective as nothing ever truly/really dies but Eternally wakes up and lives.

"FEAR NOT-What is Not Real, never was and never will be. What is Real, Always Was and Cannot Be Destroyed.- Consciousness is Eternal it is not vanquished with the destruction of the Temporal Body."

I wish you the best Reign02,
keep thinking for the less fortunate,
and always follow you’re “Heart”
the “Heart’ is what truly/really counts.
in the long run where there is no “Long”
from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

Best Wishes!

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Hey thanks and I do apologize for my earlier posts as I was just confused by the way you were wording things I guess. I really sat and thought about your later posts on this thread and I get the message you are trying to send but the world will not wake up. I hate it, people need to realize there is more to the world than money and power. And it is going to take a major significant event to change our ways of thinking as each country throughout the world is on a different level and after different things. Thanks for putting up with the trolling in earlier posts as I did not fully realize that you are more or less trying to get people to realize what life is.

I was wondering do you still think that this is going to occur in 2011? Or was that more of a "scare tactic"

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 02:52 AM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
reply to post by millicake
Enjoyed the presentation Millicake,
It's clear that you've picked up on the message
within the message-between the lines.
Thanks for sharing those visualizations.

Love & Light!

Best Wishes!

Best Dreams!

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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 05:47 AM
how does one learn a lesson by being shot on the streets or stabbed to death in a nightclub brawl, or just walking down an alley and a flowerpot hits you on the head.

how is it something learned when one goes on a shooting spree, or a war breaks out and can only mean kill or be killed, is it meant to happen, is this what the benevolents want.
teachers are supposed to be there to teach, not to harm, kill or murder.

what benefit would these kinds of lessons give anyone in another life, in another place, in another time.

how about those starving kids in africa, haven't they been listening to these teachers, hunger, disease and poverty. Sure makes one wonder what the reasons of purpose exists for them.

If the next world is so much better, why even bother being here.
life here is what one alone makes of it, wether good or bad. the freewill that each and every one of us has, and what one does is not controlled by others, it's not directed and probably not even judged to be wrong when the end time comes as those who do these 'bad' things, in their beliefs are doing right and those things that they need to do.

If there are no rules set by these teachers, how can one learn the lessons or know what is right from wrong. what's right for you doesn't mean it's right for someone else, so who can we judge to be right, who should benefit and who shouldn't, who should rule or who can be the slave, who has a right to die, who can live.

good people go down just as hard as the bad, and no amount of kindness, love or goodwill can change any of that, not in the now or in the hereafter.

take care always.

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 12:26 PM
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I think you have hand picked the worst events in life. You cant say you arent learning something. We all do. Just the process of growing up and becoming a mature person is quite an experience. People change all the time.

So maybe your life ends because you get killed by some robber. Thats not the part you should be focusing on. Thats like reading a book and saying the book was useless because you didnt like that it ended too soon.

Anyone knows what is right or wrong to do against other people. I have never read a rulebook for life and I still know exactly how to work for good. So do you.

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didn't mean to offend,
but no not all people see the same as to what is their own right way, how about the jews and germans, what about the muslems and christians, in the name of allah or god. Don't both sides think their right in their ideals or beliefs of what is right or wrong.

I agree we are on earth to learn many lessons and the challenges that go with these. and yes, I really do hope that doing things from the goodness of heart/mind can lead someone to a better life in the light, even though that shouldn't be the only or main reason to strive for in doing these good things.

ET man did explain the freewill side of things and the duality of opposites, just not sure on how it ties in with having enough lessons learned or having the right way of life by experiencing these types of wrongs/hardships, of life being cut short, or killing through wars, having different ideals/beliefs of right and wrong.

without any guides/laws on what one must achieve or what one calls right from wrong, how much awareness must a person raise to gain entry to these higher planes, how good must one be and what lessons are supposed to be learnt to succeed.

Even God didn't keep these things a secret when it was written on stone that 10 commandments be obeyed or when Jesus died on the cross for all mankinds sins. is just a strong belief in these benovolents ruling our souls the key in making it through to the next level or is there more.

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