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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN

A"TIME" shift/cycle will be accompanied by three days of darkness, earthquakes, super-storms, mountain building/block faulting, volcanic activity as a displacement of earth’s crust occurs. Upon the opening of these events- Earth will stop and be shaken, darkness will come, the sky and moon will appear red in color "as blood" from the elements/iron-oxide, the stars will appear out of their places accompanied by hailstorms, earthquakes/tsunamis/volcanic activity/extreme weather/storms.

Oh... everything happens for a reason ~I know that for sure and I do not fear death I just feel sadened to feel the loss of loved ones even though Someone has just given me a strong feeling of love as I just felt it. I struggle to say this I know I have already mentioned this on one occassion to ET_MAN the quotation above I dreamt of back in 2003 and for nearly 3 weeks the same re-occuring dream over and over and over and over. Its like whoever was sending me this event was trying to make me seriously aware by drilling it in nice and deep so I would always be aware! I feel loved by an entity I have always met through my soul.

Basically what I'm getting at is that as much as I do not fear death IF i didn't survive this event I would feel like I have disappointed my family becuase I have always truley believed I would be their for anybody, stranger's, friend's and family in the most difficult circumstance's and I know there is no such thing as accident's and coinscidance's as I've had my fair share of difficult times and distraught. And meeting some scary looking entity's etc etc. So yes I know a lot of us here on have had a fair share of difficult times but I see this as a lesson and a good lesson even when times get tough. I know for a fact I am learning for what ever purpose/reason whether this has anything to do with my pass later on in life as not only do I seek the creator and I have looked deep into my soul which at first startled me and made me feel strange as I only had to experience it once and that had changed my entire life perspective what is really reality.

Then all the strange happenings occured and before I knew it I was touching in so deep into my inner-self I pretty much live life everyday knowing exactly what will occur before it happen's. Whether these are the final stages I do not know. I feel I know when my time is even though I would like to live a long, strong life without a money system and live in a large community where we are all as one and love eachother eternally. I'm not going to deny it, I have seen stuff I wouldn't know how to explain and I know we are all in for one heck of an experience. I just live these days with patience, love and peace and watch my thought's, action's and especially watch my choice's very carefully. As I am starting to learn what great difference's one can progress to by staying on the right path

As much as I would LOVE for these events not to happen/occur. My first and last wish ever is that people can pass without suffering pain in these stages of the 3 dark days. I have seen stuff, horrifying stuff. Its almost as IF I was watching it all happen right under my nose and kept jumping from one country to the next and I just passed out and went under for ages as it was as if I went through some time hole as one event was 'I was there' then the next I'm in some black place surrounded by star's and reversing back at such speed even the light was being overtook by this portal then I found myself plumerting back into my body/vessle and when I say literally was thrown into my matress I awoke finding myself with a red mark on my chest a bit of a sore back as it was as if I was levitating above my bed then such force threw me directly into the bed. And all I remember seeing was bright white light's and could see light/destiny's coming from people and I can see people's light and when they make a different choice the line sort of re-direct's itself then that very same person walks towards the choice they just made. I don't see this all the time otherwise if I did I would have though i'd be in a coma using that much energy to channel into people's energy's/frequency's/vibration's.

The latest I can see at this moment and the last several days is when I would look at something that would appear to be materilistic infront of me or anybody else or even a tree infront of the road I will see energy flowing off literally everything. And I also see the vibration's pulsing off everything and the best bit is its all so very bright but doesn't have any colour's and is all transparent but its there. Its just a shame not a lot of people can see this. Even on a rainy day its so beautiful to see and watch. I'd love to paint it but I cannot think of a way to draw something that has more than 3 dimension's. To be honest I haven't a clue how many dimension's all this energy is all I know and feel is that ists from a higher force


posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 07:23 PM
Hi SeeingBlue,

reply to post by SeeingBlue

Quick question, from the perspective of a being in a higher dimension that us, what should we be doing to live in the up most proper way. What is most essential to the success of our time here on Earth? Because I'm to a point in my life where I don't want to do anymore or less than exactly what I am suppose to be doing, but I'm not sure what that is... maybe you can shed some light?

You’re exactly where you need to be for the “TIME” being. All you have to do at this point is watch your thoughts/actions/deeds/intents/desires/wishes as everything has a “Cause” and “Affect” based upon the mortality/duality laws of “Consequence To Actions.” Work on becoming a more patient/understanding/loving/giving/caring/sharing person and work on making the choices you feel to be “Right.” Live your life to the best of your ability in everything you do. Spend more “TIME” with your family/loved one’s, take a new approach to life and when you’re having a hard/stressed out day or become discouraged/frustrated/upset/angry have a solution at hand/ready to meet those feelings/emotions/challenges. Be mentally/spiritually prepared in every way you can to meet life’s daily trials/hardships (For those who are faced with them) and find you’re comfort zone knowing that regardless of what happens if you fix things in your life here/now/today and make amends with everyone you’ve wronged- you’re going to make it in the long run. It’s today that counts and onwards, leave the past in the past where it belongs and never dwell on past mistakes.

One does need to have a little “Faith” and when I use the word “Faith” I’m not using it in the same context/terminology/definition as religions do. Simply put your “TRUST”-”FAITH” in yourself, the one’s around you-your family/friends and put “TRUST” and “FAITH” in them that they can accomplish good things and do the right thing. Last but never least put you’re “FAITH” and “TRUST” in all that is out there that you believe in the Universe/Infinity and “Beyond” Put you’re trust in the “Life” that you know exists beyond the world and that you and you’re loved one’s will make it to a higher/greater place in “TIME.” (According to the temporal existence/progression Earth School) As the world turns so do the "Eternal Days” of your life. Hope/Utopia/Heavenly existences are around the corner for those who are focused on the right things and most importantly “DOING” the right things. It’s the Actions that speak louder than words and “Eternally Count.”

Finding understanding: Put you’re trust in knowing that “YOU ARE ALIVE NOW/TODAY” If you are alive today than you must have always existed - in truth “TIME” has never existed and everything has “ALWAYS” been. If “TIME” suddenly started or came out of nowhere then there must be a beginning and within “INFINITY” there was no beginning. The “Infinite” never can come from the “Finite.” If there was a beginning there must be an ending and within “INFINITY” understanding that all things are “Infinite” in nature there could never be an ending. If there was an ending then there must be a beginning. You can’t have one without the other and “INFINITY” could never exist or come from a beginning/start. There’s no such thing as “TIME” within “Infinite” Time as it remains absent to the “INFINITE” that has always existed. Understand that there is no beginning to you and your “INFINITE” family and there never will be an “ENDING.”Live life to the best of your ability and never let fear worry or weigh you down understanding that "Death" is an inevitability but at the same time "Death" is an “ILLUSION” within the “INFINITE” where you always have existed and “NEVER” Seize to exist. There is nothing to fear-if you’re alive now in the present rest assured you will live on forever.

Nothing takes place one time within "Infinity" if something only took place one time such as a “Big Bang” then all things would have beginning and ending which is an impossibility within “Infinity.”

The answers can be reached in realizing that all things are “INFINITE” in nature and if you exist in the present or here and now than that means you must have always existed. If you’ve always existed in one form/body or another than that means you will always exist and will live on forever. “Fear” can be eliminated in knowing that “Death” is in impossibility within “INFINITY.”

In other words a “Big Bang” (For those who believe in that) cannot happen only one time within Infinity, if it happened once it will happen again within “Infinite” amounts of “Time/Space”. If it happens again more than once it will happen “Forever” and a never-ending amount of time’s more within the “Infinite.” You'" are Eternal never- ending and will never seize to exist in one form/body or another.

Everything on Earth and in your own personal lives is happening for a specific reason/purpose by design more than people could ever see/know/realize/understand so regardless if a catastrophic event hits tomorrow the next day or ten years from now all that really matters in your own personal life is to always be prepared on a “Spiritual” level. For the many that have wondered if future events can be changed/avoided my answer has always been yes - “All things are possible.” But if “Death” Is inevitable within mortality one will eventually exit the physical body/container and it’s a celebration/recess break for those who leave on good terms. Once a person comes to a certain realization about life and death they should be 100% content with whatever life may bring their way whether it be today, tomorrow or fifty years down the road.

Never forget that death is an inevitability that everyone must face so being "Spiritually" prepared for that which is Eternal in the present is the most important thing. You must also know that the Designers/Creators that I call "Family" and they are “Your Family” as well as mine. (We are all family) from an Infinite/Eternal perspective-Those above and “Beyond” have the very best intentions and interests in mind for everyone regardless of what the future brings. Have a little “FAITH” in your “ETERNAL FAMILY” and those deceased on the other side assisting/helping/guiding watching over you in the “Here and Now.”

The Inevitability of Death is nothing to fear-Death is Life and Life is Death. (Illusion) A dream within a dream-You will wake up and remember!

Always hope/desire/wish for the best in all things with trust/belief/faith in good future/outcomes- Send desires/intent/hopes/wishes that a positive future/outcome will occur in all things putting you’re trust/faith in the “Infinite” and the Endless Teachers/Designers that are “You” from an “Infinite/Eternal” Perspective. Follow that inner feeling/spirit that guides you- “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” Dream a Dream, but keep in mind whether the end (As most know it) to mortality's short and temporal journey/experience comes for you today, tomorrow or fifty years down the road it will eventually come to an end WHICH IS ILLUSION where there is “No End” Awakening to the other side and you’re true “Infinite” Nature/higher-self could happen at any given moment-simply be wise and remain “Spiritually” prepared in the present day and hour in all things. Most importantly relax, have composure/integrity and do not worry/fear anything “LOSE ALL FEAR.” A wise spirit once wrote.

"The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you."

Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about you’re worries and you’re strife, I mean the bare necessities “Old Mother Nature's” recipes That brings the bare necessities of life.

Very Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 08:00 PM
It is nice to see you back in the forum ET_MAN, I thought that we'd lost you for good.

I wonder a few things.

1st. What are your impressions of the Galactic Federation of Light generally?

2nd. With apologies if you've answered this previously, but do you have any insight into circumstances in which our moon might be removed, replaced or otherwise displaced from it's current orbit?

3rd. To your understanding is the 11:11 increasing in frequency around the globe and does it have something to do with Planetary frequencies?

Thanks a bunch

Kind regards

posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 08:11 PM
Hi Sphinx551,

Originally posted by sphinx551
1. So, how did exactly did humans get on Earth? Naturally evolved? Bio-engineered by the Anunnaki? Something else happened?

Everything was Created on purpose by design.

2. What do you think of the Expanding Earth theory?:

Earth can/may fluctuate/grow as a tree grows/changes but there is much more behind that growth/change/alteration than meets the Human "Eye." "TIME" being the greatest mystery/key/illusion behind "Mysteries" within Earth's 3D Zone/reality.

3. Evolution theory - true, somewhat true or false?

If Earth's 3D-zone channel/reality/station was on "Pause" mode for "Some", could there ever truly be a "Natural" occurring "Evolutionary/Cycle" in the way "Humans" believe it/perceive it to be within Earth's seemingly real 3D-zone -"TIME." Perception/Consciousness/Thought/Action/Motion/Design-(Pause Mode)

Very Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 08:32 PM
Hi Llyynn,

Originally posted by Llyynn
Hi ET-Man,
I wanted to know if Las Vegas would be safe when this event occurs.

Safe from the initial flooding. More on the "Initial" part in due time.

I know we need to stock up and be as ready as we can, but should we head for the hills or can we ride it out here?

A true "Test" of who's ready for more than the hills. Everyone is right where they are at on purpose from an "Infinite/Eternal" perspective. "Follow your Heart Always" what do you feel/what do you think, what do you desire/wish/hope for/want? what does your heart say? St. George/Cedar-City/Arizona directions will be longer term zones in the aftermath as water supplies/survival will be made difficult in the open areas of Nevada. The crowds become hostile (those left unprepared) without understanding, left in the dark panic ensues.

I started reading this thread yesterday and I could not pull myself away. I knew that you were speaking the truth from the very beginning even though you could not provide the exact proof that everyone was asking for.

I'm about to provide a big chunk of it in due time.

There is another who I believe can, and it starts with the blue spiral over Norway. It all makes sense when you connect the dots, which he did. He spent the last 5 years accumulating all the information that is out there and put it all together in an excellent presentation.
Here is the link:

Good link, it's definitely awareness on their part and I'm still going over some of the video's/info on the site but so far it sounds like Lucas is on the right trail.

When you are done viewing all of the material I would appreciate very much if you could answer my question about Las Vegas being safe. According to the map that Lucas provides on his presentation, all of Nevada is under water. I tried to paste the map here but it's not working. Here is the link to the

Nevada is safe from the "Initial flooding."
More on the "Initial" part in due time.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 08:50 PM
Hi Truthbringsfreedom777,

Originally posted by truthbringsfreedom777
I looked at the website that you gave a link to, and in my opinion, it is a very informative and interesting site, in fact the best one I have seen yet so far. The text presentation seems very organized and well put together - which is exactly how it should be presented. Thanks for the link!

Those Who Seek Evidence, Will Receive Overwhelming Amounts Of Evidence!

Evidence & Facts (According to current Human Understanding/Knowledge) will be coming from around 30 documents from MANY outside/verifiable (Sources) (Not coming from ET_MAN) Anyone can look up/research/investigate the evidence for themselves.

You Won't Hear About It From Mainstream Media!

There will be inside/witness/testimonies- much hidden/forbidden knowledge/archaeological/discoveries/astronomical findings/ in the mix that will be included. (Again) (Nothing from ET_MAN as it could never be completely/backed up verified) all Sources will be listed per each document and can be backed-up/verified.

Within a few weeks "TIME" everything will be released that was originally planned to be put out- It's necessary/important for you and your families/the people of Earth to be made aware of.

The first document has been uploaded and can be found here:

Document #1

Bookmark the page and check back on it frequently or within a few weeks time for more documents that people should be made aware of. We will be providing many documents/texts/scrolls/books/discoveries/witness-testimonies/inside-testimonies of information that you can verify for yourself. We've taken it up on ourselves to take/choose/scan/type/cut/paste/use whatever "Information" out there that we feel to be "Applicable" to future events and that we feel to be credible enough/verifiable/important/necessary for you to learn/hear/read. It's the "Evidence" "Awareness" Verification that's important so you and your families can become aware of "Things To Come." Those who truly are seeking answers/knowledge/evidence.

"THE TIME" To Prepare/Become Aware-

Is "HERE" and "NOW."

Follow The"White Butterfly"

Your family is "OUR" family and WE CARE!
To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed in
Stay Spiritually In Tune/Aware!
Share the Love,
Spread the Light!

Another non-profit site dedicated to the
awareness of humanity that I recommend:

Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by Woodsy74
Hi Llyynn,
I watched that presentation around 4 weeks ago and the guy recons that the event is going to happen this year. I believe he is only suggesting this year because of the readiness of the elite, Denver airport etc.

Hi Woodsy74,

NOT this year but one should always remain spiritually prepared for the inevitability of returning (Home) - What is 100 years in imaginary "TIME" to "Infinity" where there' is "NO TIME."

2010/11/12/13, on an "Infinite/Eternal" perspective is "ONE" 1111111-
"Here" and "Now" that has always been-and will always be.

"Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent ILLUSION."
Albert Einstein.

"The whole secret of existence is to HAVE NO FEAR- Never fear what will become of you."

Best Wishes!

"There's a difference in knowing the path and walking the path, you're being told exactly what you need to hear."

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 11:07 PM
Thank you so much for your replies ET_MAN.
This is one of my most favorite threads and one of the most interesting ones I have read on AboveTopSecret.
Thank you so much.

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by FiatLux

Hi Fiatlux,

How are you?
I hope you’re doing good.
If you can previously recall, you’ve asked the same type of questions before and I've always answered your questions.

Before I answer your question- let me ask you a question for a change.

What reason/purpose/intention did you have behind starting this thread?
Some questions you asked.

Is there a true starting point for all that there is?

Now, where did all of this energy come from and who or what created that?

Is there really a starting point for all of that?

All of this energy surely came into being from something, right?

But now, is there really a starting point that one can find?

We can`t take the material with us. But yet, the powers that be can`t grasp that. Did they create all of these material things we see in this reality on their own?

Are they going to take all of these material things with them when they leave this life?

I don`t believe so. So, why do they even try to take control over all of this?

I previously found your thread and added information that I felt might be helpful. If not to agree with/believe-in at least perhaps to think about or add to your thread/discussion. Afterall you were seeking the answers and asking the questions. What was the motive/intention behind starting the thread? My motive for replying was to simply be helpful.

What is the point for all of this? That we all need to be afraid of something that may or may not happen? Please explain.

In answering your question I ask you the following.

Why are Humans currently continually testing/studying/experimenting seeking to learn/discover more about the Universe/Earth and their surroundings/world/reality/environment?

Why would it be so important for a person that lives in a jungle full of venomous snakes to learn about those snakes? Why would someone take the “TIME” to investigate/learn/study another species/objects/things within their own environment that could potentially harm them?

Could it be for “AWARENESS.”
To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed in

Is the answer.

74% Cannot Exist Within "INFINITY"
from an Infinite/Eternal Perspective where there is no 1/beginning %.There are "Infinite" never-ending 1's and O's within "Infinity' spread out in all directions 1111111111111OOOOOOOOOOOO! where there's no such thing as "spread out" within non-locality -beyond the finite/understanding/comprehension within "TIME." where there is "NO TIME" within "SPACE" where there is "NO SPACE" or seemingly so (or so it seems and what is that?)

Best Wishes!

"Fear Not-What is Not Real, never was and never will be. What is Real, Always Was and Cannot Be Destroyed. Consciousness is Eternal it is not vanquished with the destruction of the Temporal Body."

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 06:20 AM
Hi Llyynn,

reply to post by Llyynn

I've had a chance to go over the videos and feel that Lucas has found quite a few hints/pieces of the puzzle in various different ways that I plan to further get into with greater detail as soon as I upload the files/documents on the previously mentioned site. Nothing's by accident.

There's a much bigger/scenario/picture behind the scenes taking place-on Earth more than meets the 3D-zone eye. Lucas provides some hints/bits/pieces to the puzzle and I feel his videos to be an "Eye Opener" for those who are unfamiliar with the many ancient civilizations/texts/artifacts/scrolls/past-cataclysmic events/history etc.

In that "Light" it was no accident that these videos were created and I recommend everyone watch them.

Please take some "TIME" off and go over the videos when you get a chance as they are a prelude to many things I will soon be getting into among many other things. I've made a limit of 30 documents-that should be more than enough for everyone to get the overall picture/idea. Overwhelming amounts of "Evidence" exist that can be undeniable once viewed in the proper order in their entirety.

Best Wishes!

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:07 AM
Hi Saabacura,

reply to post by saabacura
ET man can you tell me what the creator/designer is like?

Are you referring to the "INFINITE" Teachers/Creators/Designers that never-end "Beyond” all “Time/Space” and Beyond.

Could it be possible that the creator is lost within his own creation, living life like an ordinary human being without knowing himself?

Can "Infinity" lose it's place within "Infinity." Can the "Infinite" Teachers/Creators/Designers Above/below/beneath/around/among- "Infinite" directions-"Beyond" The "Infinite" ever become lost? "Not" in a Million/Billion/Trillion Years where there's no such thing as Million/Billion/Trillion or "years." "Souls" on Earth are part of the "Infinite" where there's no such thing as /higher/lower/greater/lesser than from an Infinite/Eternal perspective. "Souls" are part of the Teachers/Creators/Designers from an Infinite/Eternal perspective among "Infinite" others and "Beyond" Where there's always a "Beyond."

Buzz Light Year had it right!

To Infinity And BEYOND!

Has the creator lost control?

Can a person lose control of his/her computer to the computer? Does a programmer/designer lose control of it’s program/design? Perhaps for "some" temporarily within 3D-zone but the backup software/systems are “Infinite” to the Teachers/Creators/Designers never-ending and “Beyond.”

Are all ETs beings from different dimension?

“Infinite” in all directions. Inwards/outwards/sidewards/beyondwards.

In Islam, god created two worlds, the human world and the Genie world. Humans are made from the earth, the Genies are made from smokeless fire. Could ETs be just Genies/Jinns manifesting in the physical world?

Technically entities/beings/demons/angels/God/Gods (Call them what you will) are labeled/defined (Not of the world) or ET-Extraterrestrial/Alien in nature/origin according to the current level of human understanding/perception/consciousness definition of ET/Alien-non-terrestrial (Not of the world) in definition. Applicable to the Infinite Teachers/Creators/Designers in endless directions/dimensions/channels inwards/outwards/sidewards/beyondwards. (BEYOND WORDS)

Jinns/Genies/Fairies- merely words defined/labeled/interpreted by human understanding/definition/comprehension of beings/entities- non-terrestrial or ET/Alien in nature to Earth’s 3D-zone/channel- existing within/without/above/about "Beyond." A shadow to man-kind in perception-a reflection of an object/thing-Think in “MIND” the object/shadow interpreted- materialized/assembled in 3D Earth-zone/channel/Consciousness-“Mind.” A higher dimensional residing/existing in-front/about/around - SPACE/TIME where there's no "Space/Time" and a 3D Earth-zone/human-wouldn’t even see/it know it/perceive it- unless for reason/purpose by design.

Tell me what you know of ETs and your encounters with them if you had any.

Off Limits for the- “TIME” being.

Best Dreams!

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:21 AM
Hi OdovacarDvilhelm,

reply to post by OdovacarDvilhelm

Explain step by step? How did you make contact?

Off limits for the- "TIME" Being.
A quick you-tube for the-Sphinx551 is all it was.
Twas all in good fun!

Best Dreams!

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Hello ET_MAN,

I did not read this thread completely, only a few pages here and there.

Can you please post a summary of the main points of this thread?

Thank you!

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by decoder404
Hello ET_MAN,

I did not read this thread completely, only a few pages here and there.

Can you please post a summary of the main points of this thread?

Thank you!

Hi Decoder404,

"Awareness" is the main reason/purpose behind the thread. Mostly of things unseen in the world/behind the scenes/ cover-ups/deep underground bases/ancient knowledge civilizations/cyclic events/secret societies about how some at the top are involved orchestrating certain events/Illuminati/future events to come with a tinge of non-terrestrial questions/data in the mix/life after death/dimensions and so on." The thread really moves in all kinds of directions and I allowed that to happen (intentionally perhaps) but it's time to get down to business and discuss the real deal issues that need to be discussed.

Many things are coming that I'm personally sure of but not all. Of course I do not expect anyone to take my word for it alone or just believe me but what I do hope for is that some may stop/think/consider and look at the "Evidence" themselves in order to have a chance to be prepared somewhat at the very least. In the long run it doesn't matter how one moves on into the afterlife from an Infinite/Eternal perspective and regardless of what the future brings it's the state of the "Soul" that counts in the here and now. (Nothing more, nothing less) Death being inevitable for all in due "TIME." It Could happen today, 17 months down the road or a hundred years from now but it's all the same in the long run from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

If I was you I would watch the 13 video series first a few posts back then read this document. That is a start and the more evidence/facts you become aware of the more it should become clearer and clearer that something's in the making/around the corner- revolving around a cyclic/event- NWO among other things.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hi again ET_MAN...

Your words...
"Live life to the best of your ability and never let fear worry or weigh you down understanding that "Death" is an inevitability but at the same time "Death" is an “ILLUSION” within the “INFINITE” where you always have existed and “NEVER” Seize to exist. There is nothing to fear-if you’re alive now in the present rest assured you will live on forever."...are absoultely perfect.

I could spend a vast amount of time explaining to you the things I now realise and the perspective I now have.
That would be useless know them all.

Much love...

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hey, how are you ET_MAN? I`m fine thanks, not bad at all.

I do have to say I`m sorry about the mixup in my question, as it wasn`t meant for you, but for the others who are posting in this topic.

I`m just trying to get a feel as to just what kind of answers these people are looking for. By that I mean, are they looking for a way of opening up that which is within them? Or, maybe looking for the answers for the fears that they are having?

Understand what I am getting at here. With all that is going on around us at this time, such as Earthquakes, wars, economies on the brink of falling apart, also, things that may or may not happen around 2012. There is so much fear being pushed at humanity right now, it`s like a dark cloud covering everyone.

It sometimes is hard for a few people to understand that fear can often make them look in the wrong places for the answers they are looking for. Some may have the same question, but the answer they are seeking may not be the same for them both, as we all have a different reality we are existing in. That is why you and I have to be very very careful in what we say when asked these questions. Because a general answer given for two people asking that question, may help one, and not the other. Understand?

Though you make some very good points in some of the things you have written so far, remember the point I just made above, we should never generalize an answer to cover everyone.

I have talked to many people around me who are looking for answers for all of these things. There are a few who don`t want to find the answers on their own, and are looking for a quick fix by looking all around them for that answer. When they find what they think is the right answer, they are finished, and there is no talking to them after that. And what did they miss in the end? Finding their true self, that has been buried within them all of this time. This saddens me to no end. That is why when I am asked these questions, I always tell them that the answers they seek are within themselves, and that each of us have all these answers within. I have even been told, that this sounds like to much work to do, having to try and go within for what they want to know, and it takes to much time to do it. So many in this world do not understand what this point in the over all reality is all about, and may delay moving on to the next step in our journey home.

This is why I asked that question, not as a cut down to you, but to seek out why these questions are being asked. So I do stand corrected in what I asked and how I asked it, and should have put it in a more understandable way. We all have our bad days.

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
Hi OdovacarDvilhelm,

reply to post by OdovacarDvilhelm

Explain step by step? How did you make contact?

Off limits for the- "TIME" Being.
A quick you-tube for the-Sphinx551 is all it was.
Twas all in good fun!

Best Dreams!

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ok .. when I did a YT search for Sphinx551 here's what I got ..

Sphinx YT link

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:16 PM
ok .. this will be my 2nd attempt to post on this in order to keep track of relevant events..

ET_Man....kudos to you for staying on the boards, it shows patient, which is the fruit of the spirit and for being a inspiration of courage in the face of ridicule.

You are surely putting your money where your mouth is IMO~!

*smiles at ET_Man*... from the # of posts... I'm getting the feeling that you sir are in a place of high ground and able to look down upon the big picture...higher ground means better vantage point.

am I correct ??

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:57 PM
Hi ET_Man,

You seem to know much much more then could have come to you in 4 visions, albeit 4 horrible visions. It is a lot to wrap your head around, all this information your giving out. So many things are happening in the world all around us that most people just don't see, perhaps they choose not to see, maybe ignorance is bliss, I don't know.

How do you know so much? Why are you warning us? Wouldn't it be better to not make it then to live in the world you are describing?

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 12:43 AM
Now your website link and your verbage indicates that the earth will undergo a rapid PHYSICAL pole shift. Not a magnetic pole shift. It's also stated that this has happened and been recorded in he annals of "human" history. But being as geological evidence indicates that the last axial shift was 800 million years ago when Rodinia existed, where is the shift in human history and why would there be no geological evidence. Especially since previous axial shifts left physical evidence?

All I ever hear on this topic is pseudoscience. Clarify please.

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