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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 02:52 AM

Originally posted by win 52
I found it interesting about asking what the speed of this thing was.

In this link, it describes something like this and also seems to have a simmilar ring to it, compared to what you say ET. I can't take credit for the link as it is another poster's which I bookmarked and just last evening read parts of the e-book.

It seems there is something like a "big bang" wave headed our way, which is traveling faster than the speed of light, which is why we can't see it. There are also many races from all parts of the Universe, riding this wave, headed our way. They say traveling like we know, would be way to slow.

I am only at chapter 5, but my eyes are sore from me pushing them back into my head.


Hi Win52,

What a long read, I'll have to get back with you on this when I have more time to go over all the material or better yet ask me a question about a particular part. It appears there's a lot being said so I could never really go over the entire thing or comment about it all but I do see a few things worth discussing mixed in. Sounds like a good movie!

Best Wishes!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 03:12 AM
This ones the best entertainment on ATS right now!

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:54 AM

Still waiting for your answer....look 1 page behind please..

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:13 AM

Originally posted by Eavel

Originally posted by Pryde87
Do you still think you are an alien? And are these gullible people still believing you?

He never claimed to be an alien. I have read all his responses, sorry I can not say I have read all the post. Most post on here are derailing and aggressive.

I do have a question for you though ET_MAN, since you are saying things are infinite. When I look at this word I start imagining what exactly "infinite" is, and that is impossible becuase its infinitely continuing. With this in m,ind, every thing imagined exist. Infinite means all ideas, thoughts, imaginations exist. this means your wildest dreams exist and your worst nightmare. Somewhere in the infinite of infinite actual predator with exact looks of our movies exist. Death ending everything exist, our soul living this life again exist, our soul living this life differently exist.

So with that said, when we die, how does our infinite amount of connections (souls if you want for the unimaginable) combine? Does our soul ever meet our soul? While we die here and now (or the future) we are dying every second (if time existed) just in a infinite amount of other lives that never quits.

Another thing thinking about infinite, you say think positive, but if we are living infinite, our soul is living in every possible scenario infinitely, and you never reach every possible scenario because its infinite, so out there is the most evil to a infinite multiple, and the most good to the infinite multiple, so why does living any differently than we are now based on free will even matter? As you said, other things/begins to a infinite multiple are controlling our current existance, so what is the true meaning of pursuing anything other then whatever you want.

just food for thought. Not trying to question your motives, as I am heeding your warning. As any person in a enviroment with uncertainty (military is a good example) being prepared for the worst does not mean the worst will happen, but having what you need if it does, means you have the upper hand. Whether Mental, spiritual, or Physical this applies to all.


He never claimed to be an alien.

what does ET_MAN means than to you??

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by MoonandStar

Just sent you a message on it MoonandStar!

Best Wishes!

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by heineken

what does ET_MAN means than to you??

Hi Heineken,

Still getting around to the other questions but I'll make a quick comment on it.

What is your definition for ET?
What is your definition for MAN?

If you've followed the thread you would know what my definitions/interpretations are.

Once off Earth is there such thing as ET or is ET just a word labeled/created by man, defined by man and applicable to Earth and to Man?


Do you believe a MAN has a 'soul'?

If so where did that 'Soul' come from?

On Planet or Off and if Off does that make it 'Alien' or 'ET' to Earth?

A few things to think about!

Best Wishes!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

no i dont believe in souls

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 05:32 AM

He never claimed to be an alien.

what does ET_MAN means than to you??

Well, many different reasons can follow this, but assuming ET_MAN as a alias on a website full of quacks and truth/false finders only means he is claiming to be an alien is obsurd. No further comments required, most people pick names based on what they are interested in taht moment. stop speculating and start reading what he has written.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity_99,

Morningmayan is in the video, and she is someone I strongly recognized as from my soul family in august when the energies hit me, I was recognizing many at that point, and had two experiences regarding it, one I saw that many of us had come down throughout the decades and was aware of assignments, and knew when one, a rather famous one, had gone off assignmet.

Interesting you bring that up about recognizing a strong connection with someone because if people only realized how many ‘soul’ connections they had with other ‘souls’ on Earth so called complete ‘Strangers’ they would be blown away knowing how many other pre-existent family/connections/ties they had. Usually people are drawn to those people recognizing a connection from close experiences/relationships from pre-mortal existences. ‘Soul’s’ are placed in positions to be near what you refer to as ‘soul’ family. If a ‘soul’ only knew how big it’s ‘soul’ family really is of course ‘Infinite’ is a word extremely hard to wrap one’s mind around. No coincidences or accidents are happening from an eternal perspective. Just thinking about that statement in itself can blow away one’s Earth reality if it fully sinks in.

A projection of self. Boy this is hard to explain, as I had never experienced it before. But in August, when energies hit, and my frequency raised, I spent several days, perhaps a week with a burning headache and had to sleep for hours in the afternoon and had been setting intentions to be strongly connected to my higher self. I experienced an expanded awareness and memories during this time. In this time period I was recognizing my own family and friends and those in the media, as coming down for the assignments.

I have never experienced a burning headache unless you mean fever with headache but I know what you mean by headaches and loss of sleep after extraordinary experiences.

(note, I have been a lifelong experiencer of both the grey program since at least 4, and nordic contact as well, and have had many sitings of crafts in addition, many of them shared with family members and even two guests.)

Much to talk about, do you have much memory left on any of your encounters and/or do you feel them to be of a ‘benevolent’ nature, neutral or something else? I won’t get into the grays and Nordics just yet that would be an entirely separate thread in itself and well people have to understand that ET’s interacting are just like ‘Humans’ could be interacting with another planet if they were technologically advanced far enough to do so and that would really make them ‘explorer’s’ ‘scientists’ and even at some point ‘collectors’ ‘keepers’ or even something else ‘lips sealed’. Everything has a reason/purpose and it’s not fun for the participant when tested/experimented on even dropped off miles away most of the time by many (particulars). I think I’ll end it there for now.

This moment of seeing this famous figure in ufology, who was lying a lot, I was very upset, in an expanded awareness and knew I had been briefed on his mission, and he wasnt meant to start a religion, amongst other things. This projection of self almost left me, to go and have a talk with him, and I said, "No, no karma."

The next day, a guide/advisor, J'anus, sent me a postcard and explained that I was not under any circumstances to ever judge another, that earth was very difficult and many did not wake up and even went off assignments, (compromised?) and that instead I should pray for his recovery and to go back on assignment and send him light and love.

Sounds like sound advice/truth to me.

I know that there is an individual growth that is occurring, and the overview of possibilities and probabilities as one, for time is not real, and all things do exist at the same time, wherein we still incarnate into a localized moment, locale, it is isolated for us, and there are assignments that are done. Many do not consider this level of mind control and takeover of this planet free will.

There are many ways Earth can be seen and from many different angles using different words definitions/labels but all coming from an individuals current state of ‘soul’ consciousness/understanding each ‘soul’ ‘differing’ in current level of comprehension/understanding- that is why it makes it hard sometimes to put things into clear view/perspective.

People are so much more than they think they are, many are cosmic, more recently coming in from moments that would be called the future.

‘Souls’ are incomprehensible beings if only a human was shown a small glimpse of how spectacular and ‘infinite’ a soul really is it would blow their physical mind away. There are many great things to look forward to beyond all comprehension/description/understanding.

Recently, for example, I've been doing meditations listening to whale and dolphin sounds/songs, often combining pure binaural tones. I had some experiences that were unusual during this process. Then a really unusual experience happened. After the binaural meditation, I was looking at some dolphin videos on youtube, and kept nodding, and saying yes, yes. Then suddenly I said, "yes, yes, yes, you will be freed. We are here now. I am here now." And saw myself in another world, a future water planet, with a plan in place with regards to the cretaceans here.

There are ‘infinite’ water worlds in existence with ‘infinite’ beings and types of intelligent species such a dolphins/whales even mermaid types and I would have to stop right there because how do I describe what a snuffaruffaluficas is if you’ve never seen one because they don’t exist on Planet Earth lol If I started getting into more and more people would quickly dismiss it as pure ‘fantasy’ but it doesn’t change the reality of what’s out there. I have a strong connection with ‘dolphins’ myself. People rarely take the time to realize that ‘dolphins’ possess greater mind capabilities on certain levels then humans do.

These are awakening moments, and while we have choices, many are not freed to make them properly, in a massive system of slavery and mind control. Duality is thrown around alot. One friend even went so far, as a believer of this, that he felt if one was encouraged to light and love, a light would turn to darkness to balance.

There are a lot of mind games/illusions going on but it all comes down to how we deal with what were faced with and there are always choices to be made. Everything is a continual choice/test on a regular daily basis. A family member comes home for example upset and starts taking it out on everyone projecting negative vibes you can just feel the room and mood suddenly change. You try to cheer them up a little but they quickly snap and turn on you- there so upset. lol Well just an example-negativity can be found everywhere on Earth on a large scale and when someone decides to execute you if they ever get the chance just smile crack a nice joke and let them have their fun with zero fear.

Look on the bright side your finally getting that vacation ticket you’ve always wanted and will visit much greater places. So deal with the world and what your faced with in all situations to the best of your ability. I’ve almost lost my life many times in my younger days, saved at times by so called ‘miracles’ ‘Doctors’ in ‘awe’ and my mother almost renamed me 9 lives at one point. It wasn’t fun or painless to say the least but extremely difficult on many occasions but I always strived even at the lowest point to put on a smile and stay focused and make that experience out to be a ‘positive’ one to the best of my ability and it’s a really hard thing to do when your in excruciating pain bombarded by negativity and certain things around you that were let’s just say ‘out to get me’.

More men believe in this kind of thing than women. I believe that we grow throw life, and learning curves that are thrown at us, but that the real job is to grow in light, love, unity and awareness, knowledge, learning everything. Strike a match and a whole lot of darkness is illuminated.

Experiencing hardships/trials/tribulations are the very things that are pushing ‘souls’ to become stronger/better and very necessary. People can look at ‘accidents’ as painful events happening to a person and see them as a negative thing or they can even call them a ‘blessing’ from an eternal perspective as hard as that seems or sounds but without that particular ‘soul’ ever having that experience they would have never learned a particular lesson necessary for them to learn/experience in order to overcome or reach a certain level of understanding. Eternal progression happens in many ways that is why I say (you are right where you need to be for the ‘Time’ being.) Since there are no accidents or coincidences from an eternal perspective therefore everything happening is happening for a specific reason/purpose.

With the whales and dolpins I then had another moment that I cant really discuss that was incredible, and thought I was losing it.....the next moring a contact/friend from south america wrote to me, connected to the ufology situation and asked me about my connection to the whale and seemed to know the whole thing. That was confirmation before I shared.

No accidents or coincidences. Everyone is experiencing/living their own individualized/customized ‘game of life’ test to specifically suit that particular ‘soul’ individual. ‘Those’ running your individualized/customized game/experience/test know your every move before you make it from an eternal perspective. Things are not always as they seem - many ‘illusions’ ‘Stage Props’ to be found all around you. Many surprises when you reach that final destination and as Michael Douglas steps off the building sometimes it takes a ‘soul’ that moment of ‘losing it all’ before he realizes ‘all that he really has.’
Game Of Life!

All of us need to know we can do more than be victims of the currents of life and need to stand still and start to scratch the surface of this matrix. I agree with much of your response to me, on the personal lessons, a lot about each moment being a test. When your a little psi and your frequency is higher, you seem to be even more aware of the moments, and the moments when you could have done better. Or, if you responded unconsciously, say, you were cranky when someone else is, and you repeated a typical pattern, you can suddenly become aware that you are conscious and what went wrong in those moments and attempt to change them. Sometimes this occurs in failing the test, I really think I fail most of them on the surface. Yes, we are gaining in light, information, and love, unity and compassion in our lessons.

Nobody gets it perfect and an infant must fall down quite a few times before standing up to walk. It’s a learning experience, trial and error. Failing and experiencing certain areas are very necessary for ‘souls’ to learn. Sometimes we let the kids ‘hurt’ themselves under controlled conditions so they learn their lesson once and for all. We are on a playground and under controlled conditions more than ‘souls’ on earth could imagine/realize.

But there is more to this as well, there are many other things that people come to do, their purposes. The question is, are we believing we are on missions, because this is a part of our individual test, or do we really have the missions to change things as a whole? In the end, does this matter as much as still striving to do our best and the right thing, and to find where we could have improved and make adjustments.

I used to believe in ‘special’ or ‘mission’ or ‘prophet’ or ‘chosen’ and had a different outlook/definition on what those words meant. Such words separated one from the rest or made one more special, chosen, better, greater than another and so on. From an eternal perspective we are all technically here ‘studying’ so I choose to use the words ‘studying/learning/progressing’ instead of ‘special, chosen or on a ‘mission.’ The only goal is exactly what you already stated and know for yourself. Living life to the best of your ability and dealing with the hardships/trials negative moments in the best way you can. Trying to find a positive experience in your deepest, darkest hour. I recently read a book about a survivor from the concentration camps who barely lived through it all and watched most of his family members suffer and be killed while enduring extremely hard things.

He writes about how he survived and how he would have never made it if he didn’t alter his perception of his current situation/reality and try to make it as ‘positive’ or ‘bright’ as he possibly could even though he was being treated like garbage. That is what ‘souls’ on Earth need, it’s impossible to avoid negativity and pain, misery, hardships/trials but a ‘soul’ does have a choice on how they will deal with that situation and live through it. Make it a good one and smile on your ‘death bed’ because your close to graduation with such an attitude and doesn’t everyone want to make it to greater/higher/unimaginable ‘wonderful’ beyond all comprehension/description places. I could honestly say that if someone saw some of what was on the other side or beyond within a ‘souls’ reach/grasp- some would probably ‘take their own lives’ just to ‘see it’ and get there even if just for a moment. But I will leave it at that, let’s just say ‘Hang in there’ there is so much to look forward to. That was not just directed at you Unity_99 but everyone.

Best Dreams!

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by Valeri

Hi Valeri,

The last couple of days I have been reading up on IX-777(Maggador) messages and his answers to me on page 10 of his thread in the gray are section where he answers questions..well,he and ET-Man somewhat ,their responses saddened me,to put it bluntly.

I’m sorry you feel that way and hope you have interpreted my responses in the correct way because if you feel that I’m telling you that you’re a ‘slave’ in ‘prison’ that is misinterpretation.

Maggador,if you care to look, basicalyl said that "new-ager ascension love and reincarnation as a school is all nonsense" and that those are lies and deceit all"

Depends on what your definition of ascension is? Asking someone what ascension is for me is like asking someone what God is? There are so many different interpretations/definitions but I would be happy to comment on the subject further if I understand your definition of the word first. Reincarnation is nothing but a word and everyone continues to live on and ‘eternally progress’ Reincarnation should only mean enrollment for the next level/grade class and it’s the ‘souls’ signing the paperwork allowing the ‘Teachers/Creaters/Designers’ to customize/individualize your own personal life experience/test that will allow you to grow/learn new things and progress further along. The entire goal/purpose is to make your weaknesses become strengths, experience new things both good/bad and that is what it takes to push a ‘soul’. It’s like training an athlete you can’t get them into great physical shape without really pushing them first , the ‘soul’ needs a lot of pushing to get in shape so it’s capable of hurdling, running tremendous ‘marathons’ with the others on higher levels/states of existence.

He also says that the lives on Earth we have have no purpose,we are enslaved by having our memory deleted basically and recycled back into another incarnation.

Everyone is free to believe in anything they want and even have a little imagination while they’re at it. ‘Souls’ have a reason/purpose by design and they are right where they need to be. Memories are wiped clean at ‘birth’ and for a specific reason/purpose all part of life’s test but all of the past life memories are ‘stored’ and can/will be remembered again on the other side. Every single thing that happens within your lifetime is recorded and by your own ‘soul’ everything is known/seen/re-lived even re-experienced sometimes on the other side. You are not just thrown or recycled into an existence like a piece of ‘garbage’ in fact ‘souls’ willingly knew/understand and chose to come to Earth signing a contract. Every ‘soul’ knew exactly what they were getting into.

Eternal progression is a never-ending thing but ‘souls’ will reach the destination eventually of their choosing depending on where they’re headed through freewill/choice/actions, it’s only a matter of ‘Time’ time being the key/element and ‘Illusion’. Never get discouraged you can find the answers deep down inside and ‘know’ that you are not alive on Earth now experiencing/living life by accident or coincidence there is a higher/greater reason/purpose for your life/experience at this time so live life to the best of your ability in the best way you know how focusing on the ‘bright side’ positive side of things even in your darkest hours.

for slavery to the elites,so we never realzie our spiritual self and don't evolve.

Slavery to the ‘elites’ in the physical world well I would say some of that is happening ‘now’ on many levels. Take a look around at all the 3rd world countries and the many who undergo starvation/suffering. Is everything on Earth happening by chance, coincidence or accident? Who is letting the elite get away with all they do and why? Do you really believe it’s the elite behind the world power or could it be something else? Is there a specific higher purpose/reason why there is so much ‘Hate’ ‘War’ and ‘Greed’ in the world? How are you personally going to deal with the situation?

The darkest hours will come and you need to meet them with ‘ZERO FEAR’ and with ‘Integrity’ facing up to the so called adversaries to the best of your ability knowing that everything is being recorded and there are more people watching then you could possibly imagine, your guides are there with you ‘All the time’ ‘Time’ being absent and endless to them. They are directing/guiding/assisting you when you need them so never forget that protection is available but some things are necessary and allowed to happen. Remember there is a bigger picture than meets the eye of all that’s taking place on planet Earth and for you personally in your own individualized game/test/ life. Stay focused on your own experience and don’t get to caught up with all that’s going on around you, there is enough to deal with right there in your life on a daily basis. Focus on the ‘soul’ and try not to get too distracted by the many ‘Events’ ‘Wars’ even ‘illusions’ taking place in the world.

By that logic,how is it that I have this intuition that seems to know inherently many things. That could not have just occured in the 20 years of my life if all my memory of past lives experiences was deleted and I was "recycled" with a clean slate.

Intuition is a gift and your ‘guides’ are inspiring, directing you in many ways all the time intuitively and through dreams, thoughts, ideas, inspirations. Trust that still small voice found within you and that which feels right. Always use your ‘heart’ to make decisions rather than your mind. First feel it out before you think it out and act/choose/decide.

Where did this inner knowing and intuition then come from?

Guides releasing some of your preexistent knowledge and transferring you feelings, thoughts, information.

I think partially at least,from my past incarnations, the spiritual memory of those experiences is with me, on a subconscious level. It wouldn't be with me if I was a clean slate and a slave.

Everything is available on a subconscious level and can leak out/be given to you when you need it by those on the other side watching/observing especially your ‘Guides’ that do not need to be on the other ‘side’ but are there with you ‘now’ where there is no ‘now’.

I also gave him an explanation why we need to forget that we are eternal beings and part of the Universal wholeness and he basically said I have simply been brainwashed and tricked into believing the lies.

Many have been fooled/tricked/deceived but that also plays a role and has it’s specific reason/purpose. Knowing that your an ‘eternal’ being is but a fraction of the over all picture/equation. I think everyone can find that knowledge within themselves when they seek it with an open mind and genuinely/sincerely want to find it. Guides assist those when they know they are ready, a little by little to every ‘soul’ according to free-will/choice/agency depending on their desires/actions and what was intended to happen/occur within their game/life/test.

On a last note: Earth can be a prison for some and a vacation even for others. Many of you might think well how can Earth be a vacation but have you ever considered or looked at those people who have had almost flawless enjoyable, perfect, happy lives or so it seemed with just about everything they always wanted. A perfect wife, kids, marriage, successful career, luxurious properties, vacation homes, private planes, yachts, whatever else you want to throw in there, some are on a type of vacation to a certain level/degree depending on your definition of the word. You can be too on your next time around unless your already moving up or chose to continue/experience something new or even take a nice vacation on or off this planet or even both. Many possibilities.

Everyone’s experiencing their own individualized/customized/personalized life/game or ‘Test’ it is not by chance if you were born into a more difficult situation because it is exactly what you needed to experience. Wherever it is you are now on Earth is where you need to be and regardless of what type of life/circumstances you were born into they have nothing to do with who’s better or more deserving necessarily only what needs to be learned/experienced this time around for the betterment of each individual ‘soul.’ Each ‘soul’ signed away/enrolled for this life’s test. Some even had a glimpse into their own lives and watched many parts of it before entering their body seeing things that would happen/occur. Many selected the family they would be born into and were given that choice. De-ja-vu can be a reminder that you have seen it before/been there and it’s given/unlocked by your ‘guides’ in the same way that you receive intuition, inspiration, feelings, direction and so on.

Best Wishes!

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 09:38 AM

Originally posted by heineken
reply to post by ET_MAN

no i dont believe in souls

i'm with you on that...just because we can think and talk to ourselves, without moving our lips, does not mean that we have a seperate entity, or a special way of communication with mythical beings.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 11:25 AM
so if one's soul already knew the things that are to happen through the physical body and life in this reality why would one then choose to do this so called test/game. Why would one pick earth if there are so many better places to go to out there, how can a soul learn if it already knows what it's getting itself into.
what's with the contracts that these souls must sign before this game for them begins, is it just so that these creators of these contracts can play and do whatever they wish with the souls that sign them, maybe something that gives these creators enjoyment or laughs in seeing these soul bodies suffer or feel pain.
there is no learning for a soul if it already remembers so called past experiences or already knows the things where it goes.
the only learning here on earth is for the physical body to experience, and since it dies there is no real reason for it to learn.
if a soul can learn or must know things to progress higher by more understanding/learning, why would it need to take on a physical type body to do so.
isn't there some sort of school of learning in the "infinate" where a soul can learn by being a soul and remembering the things it has learned/experienced as a soul to fulfill it's journey.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Yes, it is a good read.... one I suggest people take a good look at. Though, you must do it with an open mind....... open to the possibility, because there are also some aspects of this information that is not for the weak hearted. It will take a large measure of courage to read this information without getting disgusted/sickened/repulsed by the realization of our true reality after the layers of desception have been peeled away.

There are a lot of things there, that I have not had to alter my belief structure, to accept. Working towards 4th density, which is our goal in getting out of the prison we are in, seems like a worthy cause for me. In a strange way, it seems to give my existance here, a worth while goal.

Much like your information, which has a ringing of truth.

The bottom line so far is that the information you present here does have a certain amount of truth mixed in with the reality of what actually is going on.

In fact, this event you are promoting is a part of our transition to 4th density. This event will be experienced by the 3rd densitiy people who were not ready for the upgrade. The remaining humans in 3rd density will not be in large enough numbers for the feeding fest to continue, thus seeming like an edenic state.

That is as far as I have gotten in the book, and I am not going to stop researching the information.

I have already answered many of the issues brought forward in this material. It seems the things I have wrong are things I have tried to explain using/applying physical thinking to non physical issues.

Stay tuned for more...........

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by redgy

Another thing is that our jailers set us up. You see, we are in prison whether we are alive or dead in 3rd density.

Being dead is not an escape, merely a loss of your physical body. You will then be given a new set of experiences by our jailers, designed to make you feel like you are in charge, continuing the feeding frenzy.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by psilo simon

According to the Casseopians, the Ra material is mostly true.

The wrong parts are where the researchers/chanels limited the information flow because of their own belief structures. That is why the suicide took place, according to the Casseopians..... they didn't understand thoroughly what they were saying.

To add: We first need to understand that we are in jail, there is nothing else. Now if that you can see this truth, we also have a desire to get out of jail or be free. First you need to understand we are in jail, and all of the nasty things that go with jail..... Auschwits included.

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by Eavel

Hi Eavel,

He never claimed to be an alien. I have read all his responses, sorry I can not say I have read all the post. Most post on here are derailing and aggressive. I do have a question for you though ET_MAN, since you are saying things are infinite. When I look at this word I start imagining what exactly "infinite" is, and that is impossible becuase its infinitely continuing. With this in mind, every thing imagined exist. Infinite means all ideas, thoughts, imaginations exist. this means your wildest dreams exist and your worst nightmare. Somewhere in the infinite of infinite actual predator with exact looks of our movies exist. Death ending everything exist, our soul living this life again exist, our soul living this life differently exist.

‘Infinity and your current Existence’ and ‘Infinite possibility’ are separated.
There is ‘Infinite possibility’ within ‘Infinity’ but that does not mean one has ‘Infinite’ personalities and are living in ‘Infinite’ timelines as separated ‘Souls’ that are ‘Infinitely’ all different from ‘Evil to Good.’ As you put it occupying ‘Infinite’ other beings in different forms/bodies. There is only ONE of you experiencing and you are what you are and nobody else can take that away from you.

Mathematically and scientifically one can always reason and play around with theory/numbers or ‘Infinite timelines’ ‘Infinite possibilities’ but for you there is only ONE ‘timeline’ and ONE ‘Soul’ and that is you ‘NOW’ in your current physical body experiencing/learning/progressing and there is even a higher ‘YOU’ that is on that same current let’s just call it ‘Timeline’ for a lack of better word that is your ‘Eternal’ or ‘Ahead’ of ‘Time’ or you could even say ‘Future self.’

So who is your future self? Take a deep breath if you want to meet your future self, count to 10 and look in the mirror that is your future self. Lol OK that is just a small metaphor to make a point. As Einstein was trying to figure it all out and ‘Time’ is a very/difficult thing to fully comprehend/understand while trapped in the 'flesh.'

Here is a quote that I enjoy by Einstein on it:

"Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

So for a lack of better word there is one ‘timeline’ for each ‘soul’ and there is a past, present and future for each soul on that so called ‘timeline’. That doesn’t mean that ‘Infinite’ possibility doesn’t exist it only means there is only ‘ONE’ of you and not ‘Infinite’ of you.

So with that said, when we die, how does our infinite amount of connections (souls if you want for the unimaginable) combine?

There is only ONE of you but you will recall many memories and rejoin an ‘Eternal consciousness’ upon remembering all that you are and what you are, past, present and future can connect with memories where there is no ‘Time’ but that is difficult to get into or put into words for a lack of words/descriptions. But there is no ‘Infinite’ different versions of you. It’s just ‘You’ now, only your ‘soul’ at this ‘Time’ within your physical body. You in the past, present, future exist but only ONE of you on that for a lack of better word ‘Timeline.’

Does our soul ever meet our soul?

Good question, it can get tricky, your current ‘soul’ memory/consciousness is somewhat limited having blocked memories and only knowing what it’s learned/experienced on this temporal existence/life but upon leaving the ‘flesh’ it will reconnect with it’s ‘eternal’ self and have recollections of who it really is and all the memories so your ‘Eternal self’ will meet your limited temporal self, you can call that ‘waking up’ for real because who you feel/think you are now is but a tiny fraction of who you really are on the other side of the ‘curtain’ veil’ call it what you will. So yes you could say that your current ‘soul’ will meet your ‘eternal soul’ for a lack of better words.

While we die here and now (or the future) we are dying every second (if time existed) just in a infinite amount of other lives that never quits.

Considering there are not ‘infinite amounts of other lives you are not dieing everywhere but considering that ‘Time’ is mere ‘illusion’ something impossible for man to get their minds wrapped around well then technically there is no such thing as past, present or future or ‘Now’ and ‘Death’ in itself is but an ‘Illusion.’ For a loss of words/definition and descriptions that is about the best way I can put it.

Another thing thinking about infinite, you say think positive, but if we are living infinite, our soul is living in every possible scenario infinitely

A ‘soul’ is not living in every possible scenario infinitely but there is ‘infinite’ possibility that still can/does exist within ‘Infinity’.

so why does living any differently than we are now based on free will even matter?

Because what you choose ‘NOW’ determines where you go and there is only ‘ONE’ of you experiencing at a ‘Time’ as your every action is like a still frame clip on an endless/infinite roll of film. Forwards/Backwards!

Being prepared for the worst does not mean the worst will happen, but having what you need if it does, means you have the upper hand.

Exactly, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by win 52

Hi Win52,

Is it a service to self line of thought to only focus on one side, ie positive.

Sure in a way you could say it is, ‘A soul’ needs to take care of itself before it can do any good to others and it is not necessarily a requirement to ‘Serve’ others but too only make it through life to the best of one’s ability, that does not mean ignore people who need your help or pass them by or never help anyone only that the real main focus should be on your ‘soul’ as it’s continually in need of your immediate/continual assistance so watch over it and take care of it daily. Leave the other ‘soul’ problems to the other ‘soul’ guides in other words your ‘soul’ should be a first priority over anything. You can’t save the world and serve everyone, but you can assist/help those that are within your power to help/assist. Each ‘soul’ should put their own ‘soul’ first on the priority list and main focus. If ‘souls’ could first straighten themselves out then they could help straighten others out as well more often but it’s not their job necessarily to do so.

Should not positive and negative both be experienced to the fullest, in order to truly understand?

That is why ‘souls’ are on Earth now experiencing it in both ways, many ways good/bad, negative/positive, happiness/sadness, joy/pain.

In other words, how can I stay focused on the positive if I have not experienced the negative?

Staying focused on the ‘positive’ means you are already within an environment of negativity and are only focusing on the ‘bright side’ of things to the best of your ability. If someone is about to execute you for instance you can still focus on the 'positive' and the next world - as much ‘pain’ as you are encountering/in you are still focused on the ‘bright side’ or ‘positive’ side and counting your many blessings still not allowing the 'negative situation' to overcome your inner ‘soul’ and the eye of the ‘soul’. Thinking about the nice vacation/trip you are about to go on is always ‘positive’. Of course everyone is already experiencing negative and positive situations on Earth as they are happening on a continual/daily basis but a ‘soul’ can choose how they deal with life and the perception of a person depends on where they are focused. You can be living in lock up in a Prison on Earth somewhere sentenced for life and you can cry, complain about it all you want or even completely give up on yourself and life or you can change your perception and turn everything into a ‘positive experience’ even within a ‘negative environment’ at least to the best of your ability. That doesn’t mean you won’t experience negative things you will and probably a lot of it but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to let the negative slip you by and not allow it to get to you focusing on the more ‘positive’ side of things. Prisoners of war or those in death/concentration camps can still whistle happy tunes.

I also need to experience the negative, right?

You wouldn’t even know what the word meant if you haven’t yet experienced it and it’s happening on a daily basis but are you allowing it to enter and run your life is the question or are you trying to make your life a ‘positive’ one.

How can I know what is experienced when killing people, unless I have actually done that?

You don’t need to know what it’s like to experience killing people it’s within your understanding to realize what that is and that’s it’s not a good/right thing to do and there will be consequences to your actions for taking another persons life or your own life.

I can't. The only way is to actually experience it in a real, physical manner.

Understanding what it’s like to take another persons life is not part of the ‘test’ but it’s a free option that many can choose and a so called ‘death trap’ and there are many other exists people can take but they all lead down and into places you will only regret and wish you never visited but nevertheless a ‘soul’ still can find it’s way out of those places but if you think planet Earth life is difficult ‘now’ your in for a much tougher ride.

Life is made up of both negative and positive experiences. We need to experience both in order to make a free will decision.

It’s happening on a second to second basis on Earth negative and positive experiences/energies are all around so how does a ‘soul’ deal with it is the real question? In a negative way, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth or is there something called unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, respect, understanding -trying to bring ‘light’ to dark places instead of allowing the darkness to overcome a persons everyday decisions/actions. A ‘soul’ does have power over the ‘soul’ and eye of the ‘soul’ even though they remain in chains and sentenced even unto death. It’s not the physical that counts/matters but the inner ‘soul’ spirit and perception ‘eye’ of the ‘soul’ that is Eternal that really counts/matters.

If we only consider one side and encourage people to only consider one side, by making the other side seem like a wrong choice, we have taken away their free will.

Nobody is taking away anyone’s freewill everyone has freewill regardless and is doing a good job at choosing for themselves whether they see it/understand it/realize it or not. It’s easy to put a ‘spin’ on things and start calling ‘wrong’ ‘right’ and ‘dark’ ‘light’ but everyone deep down inside knows the ‘difference’ between the two and the rule of the thumb should be ‘Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.’

We impose our agenda on their opportunity to make their own choice. Essentially, we are taking a roll of control over the people we influence.

Nobody is controlling anybody and ‘souls’ are set free in the ‘soul’ mind and ‘eye’ and making their own choices.

So, in order to have a positive experience during any event, we also need to have a negative experience in order to create balance. Does that make any sense? It seems to for me.

From my perspective/view I would re-arrange it and say while experiencing a negative situation/environment with adversaries/negativity and darkness a ‘soul’ should not allow that force to overcome them and focus on the ‘positive’ things such as ‘Love’ ‘respect’ ‘understanding’ ‘patience’ ‘forgiveness’ and so on. If you take a small magnet that is + positive and you place it against a – negative magnet but one that is much greater in force or larger in size then that + positive magnet the + field will naturally be ‘blown’ away but that does not mean it changed polarity and joined forces with the – Negative magnet only that it withstood the blow and remained + positive and was not overcome by the – Negative. Stand your ground in all places under all conditions and do not let your candle of ‘Light’ burn out just because everything around you is ‘Dark’, do not let it overcome you and that is part of why most are here to ‘prove’ to themselves and those above what they are made of and who they really are.

This coming event can be viewed as negative, which must be avoided at all costs. Even if it costs an opportunity for true enlightenment?

Death is unavoidable and in everyone’s future according to human understanding so why worry about it and why view it as ‘negative’. Leaving mortality and Earth is a ‘blessing’ from where I’m coming from. ‘Death’ from my perspective/perception is nothing but a ‘blessing’ count your many ‘blessings’ and I seriously can’t wait for my upcoming next long overdue ‘vacation’.-)

Or, should we welcome the experience as an opportunity to move up?

You should welcome it and with ZERO FEAR, ready for anything and everything understanding that ‘Life’ goes on and your ‘soul’ is ‘eternal’ and ‘infinite’ and you are being continually watched over/looked after.

Love & Light!

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 02:34 PM
I am aged 67 and have learnt my life lessons the hard way.Life has been a struggle,(but I know that many experience worse - so I do not seek sympathy)
Twice in my life I have been tempted to end it, and have retreated from that because I considered that the person I love most (my Son) would not be able to cope with it, and I cannot bring him any distress by such action.

Ill health prevents me from venturing out much, so I feel like an observer rather than a participant in life now.
The enforced solitude has provided me the opportunity to learn about spiritual matters. I do not have conventional religion, but feel I am ready to go, because I have realised what my life lessons were and have learnt from them.

I have this overwhelming determination to survive for the next 2 years, because I want to experience the transformational happenings you speak of.

Survival is becoming increasingly more difficult to experience.
I would like your opinion on the aftereffects, if I should again decide that 'enough is enough' and decide to take my own life. I do not wish to prejudice/compromise the lessons I have learned in this incarnation by so doing.

This is a way of asking about 'voluntary euthanasia'

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by Valeri

Hi Valeri,

What bothers me with ET-MAN specifically is that he is saying "I know the truth" or "This is the truth" .

According to your current belief/reality/perception doesn’t that mean ‘I’ am only bothering ‘Me’ or ‘You’ being one and the same? Would you debate Me/You on the world being ‘round’? You could and I’m sure there are some out there who might, if You/Me have truly followed the thread ‘You’ or should I say ‘We’ would realize that ‘I/You’ never claimed to know everything anywhere only that ‘I/You’ have a small fraction of some of the Truths behind the world. Only because Someone/You/I/Me/Everyone allowed me/You to remember and know some things, it doesn’t make Me/You anymore special or better than anyone maybe just ‘blessed’ and I/You know everything happens for a specific reason/purpose. So if I/You declare something as something I/You know then I/You guess it is something I/You have seen/experienced/felt and been shown all at the same time. Have You/Me ever died or can you honestly say that You/Me remember your/our past lives or have been taken to incredible off world places/existences and experienced things?

If You/Me had been in my/your shoes, experienced what I’ve experienced and seen what I’ve seen then You/Me would not question some of the things I/You write but I/You do not declare all of it to be the perfect absolute knowledge/truth only that the ‘world’ is round so to speak and some of the things I/You have shared are true. Some of the things I/You know to be ‘true’ I’ve spoken lightly about where a ‘soul’ goes after it dies, what takes place, why a ‘soul’ is really on Earth. I’ve shared things that I/You felt would be most beneficial for people to hear not necessarily believe but perhaps take under consideration or at least those who are sincerely searching for a ‘truth’ or to fit some pieces of the puzzle together somewhere.

I/You have also stated many times that a lot of what I’ve written is from my/your own current perspective/perception/understanding state of ‘soul’ consciousness and what has been allowed for Me/You to have/remember only at the ‘time’ in the here and now. There are many things that I/You don’t have the answers to or know but I/You have seen the basic fundamental structure of what lies behind the scenes of this world. There are things I’m/Your continually pondering/wondering and asking about—Many things happening in the world and about to happen, the contacts won’t let Me/You know everything but I/You have been shown some things and I/You could say I/You know and some things have already taken place.

that the RIGHT way is only the positive and we need to do a lot of prayer to creators as he says etc).And I do repeat, his truth.

Have you ever considered that your/my ‘eternal self’ very well could be a Teacher/Creator/Designer and that You/Me are part of that ‘Infinite’ circle from an eternal perspective. You/Me might want to think about it a little deeper when your asking for help if You/Me ever do and realize part of who Your/I’m thanking, do you think your/our ‘Eternal future’ self will take it easy on You/Me. Part of the ‘test’ is ‘Ego and Pride’ and I/You see a lot of it in people/You/Me/Everyone who believe they/Us/We are the almighty, all-powerful, creators of all things and so on. You/Me are equal to all things in ‘size’ where ‘size’ does not exist but that does not mean You/Me are the Creator of all things and have the same capability as all things and on the same level as all things. I’m sorry but people/You/Me/Everyone with this attitude are in for a big wake up-call/surprise on the other side.

What happened to humility, gratefulness, appreciation and even being thankful for things? Counting and recognizing the many blessings of life people are receiving? That is a big lesson to learn and part of being here but You/Me can believe/think whatever we want but it goes hand in hand with ‘purity’ of the ‘soul’ and no clean/pure ‘soul’ will enter the much higher/dimensions because that is what much higher dimensions are made up of ‘purity/cleanliness’ and here You/I am now again using two dictionary words for a lack of better words-they can easily be misinterpreted. Negative/dark ego-hate filled beings that attack, accuse, judge, deceive, steal, murder and all that stuff cannot exist within much higher dimensions. Period. Period. Period. So who is really in control up there? Is it You/Me/I/Everyone?

We LOVE YOU(all of you/us) and RESPECT everyone(even if the "human" brain sometimes gets the better of us and we kill/rape/hurt/etc each other physically, but that too is learning).

You know, I/You can see where your coming from with some of what You/Me says and the right thing to do is love everyone unconditionally however if You/Me believes that I am You/Me and you are Me/You and everyone/is I and We is Everyone then You/Me are missing the bigger picture. Everyone/Me/You is interconnected and made up of the same ‘stuff’ but that does not mean everything in existence Period. Period. Period. Is one big gigantic infinite being and we/you/me are in small pieces now but one and the same being only separated in fragments living lives as different ‘souls’. Sorry it has much truth in the mix but not the way it is and please by all means You/Me don’t have to believe a word I/You say and I’m sure You/Me probably won’t. Regardless of what happens your on your own path and I/You wish you the very best and I/You hope You/Me can say the same thing for Me/You but if You/Me can’t then it’s not a worry or concern at least not of mine/yours. I forgive myself.-)

I mean,take a look at XI-777 thread where he too answers questions and claims to have been and remembers all his experiences from being the SOURCE himself(part of it means being IT),also he met Jesus Christ back in the day, he is an advanced spirit, was a pleiaidian many times,sometimes human in order to "teach" people etc.And that dude states there's an infinite amount of timelines(which I agree with) and ET-MAN says there are NO timelines,only ONE TIME.

Yep, there is only ‘ONE’ of You/Me but ‘TIME’ is an ‘Illusion’

So the point is, they can't both be right(OR CAN THEY),


either there are infinite timelines or not.

Timeline is just a word, for a ‘soul’ - there is only 1 ‘Timeline’ for lack of a better word per soul but ‘Infinite possibilities’ ‘Time’ is an incomprehensible ‘Illusion.’ At least for now it’s incomprehensible because technically ‘Now’ does not exist from eternal perspective but it does from human/programmed/illusion/temporal perspective.

for everything/everyone around is ME/YOU.

I/You am me and You/Me are Me/You but feel free to think/believe anything You/Me wants. It doesn’t mean we are not interconnected and made up of the same ‘stuff’ but we do still hold our individuality that does in fact exist. The malevolent dark beings are not ‘You/Me’ and we are not ‘Them’ as I/You am not ‘You/Me.’

And this annoys me because many people lap it up, and take it as the only real truth.

It’s funny though if what You/Me believes were ‘true’ You/Me should only be mad at ‘ourselves’ or annoyed with ourselves not ET_MAN because we are one and the same, Me/You being You/Me and You/Me being Me/You according to Your/Our current belief/reality/perception/perspective. And those people who are lapping it up are just ‘Us’ or ‘You/Me’ one and the same. We are all ‘clones’ ‘Infinite’ clones of ourselves from physical to ‘soul’ and we are ‘All things’ within the universe. We are doing all the horrible/terrible things to ourselves, poor You/Me/Us/Everyone.

Is that what You/Me really believes?

Ok, well I’ve had fun replying to myself and appreciate ‘Me/You’ taking the time to listen to ‘Me/You.’ But anyway I will see ‘You/Me’ I mean ‘Me/You’ again real soon. I hope You/Me see why I’m posting this so You/Me can see where I/You/We/US/Everyone is coming from.

LOVE to you/me/all/everyone!
Respectfully, Sincerely XOXO

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Hey, listen, I just want to start off by thanking you for putting so much effort into replying to my post. I did indeed read it all thoroughly through.
(but just something I want to mention, maybe it's because I don't live in an English-speaking country,but it was difficult for me to understand where one sentence/point ended and another began due to you not using any commas etc. Maybe it would be more easy to understand then and I hope I didn't get the wrong meaning from any of your sentences because of the lack of commas)

And just wanted to say I respect you for taking the time to reply to my statements. If anything,it shows you are doing this with heart and passion.

And yes, you sense correctly,I do feel passionate about these issues,for I find freedom to be an important aspect of anything. I did mention in my last post already,though, that I may have misunderstood you concerning some points. And if I did, I apologize for that. I only expressed my own personal feelings, not trying to make you out to be someone you are not.

But,to get to the point of your message.
you compared a student to a slave. One big difference I see between these 2 is that a student is not obligated to stay a student.A student, may,in fact,at any point in the process leave school and stop being a student. Thus a student has the freedom to leave and not be a student if he wishes not to be one.
A slave ,on the other hand,does not have the freedom to leave whenever he desires. He certainly may try to leave, but a slave will be punished or killed for that attempt. A student will not be killed or punished for leaving school and deciding not to be a student anymore. (I at one point was a student,left school abruptly,because had enough of it, and nobody punished or killed me for it).
So there is a difference there.From the human perspective of the words at least.

oh,and to make it clear,I never meant that I can have super-powers right now in this incarnation or some other incarnation per say. Rather,being able to do it upon being a spiritual being and then being able to manifest directly(not incarnate) into the physical plane of existence and then having certain abilities.

Now,I would like to ask a follow-up question if I may. For example, imagine a situation where I have now either died in the physical body I am in now or ascended to the next stage of evolution if I am so lucky(2012 being a possible time).Now, I will try to,as a spiritual being or a being within the 4th dimension as it is called in human terms, I will definitely try to time-travel back in "time" to 2009 for ex(to right now for ex), now if I am NOT ALLOWED to, because I am not yet qualified/progressed/ready enough then I will try anyway.
1. What will they(whomever) do to stop me from travelling in time?
2. Or will they not even have to try right? I will simply not be able to accomplish this either way if I'm not spiritually qualified yet to do such a thing ?
3. Then if I am not qualified, what will they do to stop me or how will they keep me from accomplishing it?

4. If indeed they will stop me and/or i am not able to achieve this because I am not spiritually evolved enough ...will I then be able to destroy/redistribute my spiritual self/Higher self into other spiritual energies so that MY PERSONALITY, spiritual level personality, will cease to exist everywhere forever ?
5. If I indeed CAN'T, among other things, choose/have the liberty to cease my own existence forever, will I then be allowed to be destroyed/re-distributed if I ask the Teachers/Creators/Designers. Will they respect my wish and destoy/re-distribute my very essence/My Higher self/ ME ? (considering I will be asking for this not on the physical level, but as a soul or at a more advanced state of being in the 4th density etc)

And I haven't, to my knowledge, used any curse/nasty words towards you,so I don't know why you would think that about me. please do explain.

But I guess that will be all for now.And I won't argue/debate with you anymore concerning your insights( even if I disagree). Although I don't know why you don't like debating, it is a healthy way of communicating,without the need to argue.

peace and love to you too and I highly appreciate your kind words of love and respect towards me.

P.S. I originally meant the "Mightier than Thou" comment in relation to you implying perhaps that negative emotions and acts lead to the WRONG way. I disagreed,because I think all emotions and acts evolve us further, each has his own evolutionary path and all paths are RIGHT.Their path may be one of negativity.They still evolve though. The source/Creator/Us don't judge. All is equal in it's eyes and he/she/it/us/they appreciate all experiences,not only positive ones.
6. Your opinion/reply about this? One of the things I would really like your opinion on to be honest.

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