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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by FiatLux
thank you for the kindhearted,respectful and quite wise response.What you say makes sense to me on many levels. We all have our own path and soem of us,may,along the way,share the same road,but then we go separate ways, wherever one needs to go in his evolutionary journey.I feel that even though our paths may differ, you and me agree on the basics,that ones own reality will be one that the person makes for himself,even beyond the physical. The Universe responds to every person differently,according to that persons understanding of the Universe. And as long as we can respect that,as long as we can respect each other,despite the different paths, we will be friends no matter what.

And when I say we may walk the same road for a while(meaning many of the same things are considered as truth for some),then i nthe end,even if we go our separate ways later the end(though there is no end per say) we will still reach the same destination(source-fragments of which all of us are).All the fragments are still part of One whole.

And I thank you,on this note I will go to bed now. I experienced joy from reading your reply and I am very greatful for that.
Thank you for wishing me to have a great journey, may you too enjoy yours. It seems to me you will be just fine though,you have quite a lot of inner guidance as well as I can see.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by digginapony
well put,indeed. I agree with you. Luckily for me, I'm clearly starting to differentiate the fake implanted "feeling" telling me this horror is true and the real feeling within that is really telling me not to believe this negativity, and that what my intuition truly says is that all will be well,very well indeed and that process of feeling good can start right away, step by step, and it will become easier to stay positive with each step.The first steps are the most difficult always.

I feel positive and re-energized thanks to you and the other nice person who supported me.For what it's worth,I really appreciate it,a lot. It shows there are some people out there who still know it within themselves that all will be well and that I'm not the only one with this inner feeling.
The last couple of days I have been reading up on IX-777(Maggador) messages and his answers to me on page 10 of his thread in the gray are section where he answers questions..well,he and ET-Man somewhat ,their responses saddened me,to put it bluntly, they seem to be so knowledgable about a vast amount of topics,and yet,something doesn't sit right with me. My intuition is telling me another thing.
Maggador,if you care to look, basicalyl said that "new-ager ascension love and reincarnation as a school is all nonsense" and that those are lies and deceit all" He also says that the lives on Earth we have have no purpose,we are enslaved by having our memory deleted basically and recycled back into another incarnation for slavery to the elites,so we never realzie our spiritual self and don't evolve.

By that logic,how is it that I have this intuition that seems to know inherently many things. That could not have just occured in the 20 years of my life if all my memory of past lives experiences was deleted and I was "recycled" with a clean slate. Where did this inner knowing and intuition then come from? I think partially at least,from my past incarnations, the spiritual memory of those experiences is with me, on a subconscious level. It wouldn't be with me if I was a clean slate and a slave.
I also gave him an explanation why we need to forget that we are eternal beings and part of the Universal wholeness and he basically said I have simply been brainwashed and tricked into believing the lies.

Well,I won't bother answering him anymore,but if any of you guys care to ask him something, you will certainly get an interesting answer from him. He basically made me out to be a poor soul who has been fooled into believing all that I believe.

Originally posted by FiatLux
reply to post by digginapony

You took the words right out of my mouth diggin. I was going to tell Valeri that in the thread I made above, but took a different route. I thought that it was amazing how in one little thread, so much light can shine. Very good observation diggin.

Oh, I wanted to mention it in those words too,that what are the chances of so much positive energy/light coming into view on one and the same page of a 101 pages. I think I mentioned it sort of in other words too though.
Either way,thanks guys.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:42 PM
I have come from the other side of the galaxy to give you this YouTube video that can explain things better than I possibly could...

Suuuuure. As likely as that is, I'll not take your word on it this time around.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 02:16 AM
Quick Note:
I’ve allowed the thread to go on now over 100 pages in order to let people ask questions, Please keep in mind - I’ve only been answering the questions here, if someone asks a question I am only answering that question and it may not be the answer someone is always hoping/looking for nevertheless they came to me and asked the question and I am simply answering it according to the knowledge I have and to the best of my ability. Nobody is forced to believe a word I’ve written and anyone could have left on page 1 or passed the thread up altogether/entirely. I just about left myself quite a few times throughout the thread after delivering the basic message but have been here answering questions anyway even though this thread is full of many negative responses and accusations. Attack the messenger of course for sharing information about the future that just might not go hand in hand with what someone believes or wants to believe. (That is fine and the message is not about me but about things to come and that is all that should matter- take it or leave it.) Even though there have been many negative responses I’m still here and have willingly continued to answer questions freely of my own freewill under zero obligation. I would ask people to re-read the entire thread if they feel the message to be negative because they have clearly not read it all in suggesting such a thing. There is a bigger message behind it all and those who have read the entire thread know what that message is or have picked up on it, it is for those people that I have written/shared this information in the first place, hundreds of people have thanked me for it, while thousands have emailed and asked other side questions. I’ve been answering all questions openly and freely.

I’ll be getting back to everyone’s comments/questions as soon as I find extra 'time'. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Best Wishes!

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 02:52 AM
Do you still think you are an alien? And are these gullible people still believing you?

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 03:11 AM

Originally posted by Pryde87
Do you still think you are an alien? And are these gullible people still believing you?

He never claimed to be an alien. I have read all his responses, sorry I can not say I have read all the post. Most post on here are derailing and aggressive.

I do have a question for you though ET_MAN, since you are saying things are infinite. When I look at this word I start imagining what exactly "infinite" is, and that is impossible becuase its infinitely continuing. With this in m,ind, every thing imagined exist. Infinite means all ideas, thoughts, imaginations exist. this means your wildest dreams exist and your worst nightmare. Somewhere in the infinite of infinite actual predator with exact looks of our movies exist. Death ending everything exist, our soul living this life again exist, our soul living this life differently exist.

So with that said, when we die, how does our infinite amount of connections (souls if you want for the unimaginable) combine? Does our soul ever meet our soul? While we die here and now (or the future) we are dying every second (if time existed) just in a infinite amount of other lives that never quits.

Another thing thinking about infinite, you say think positive, but if we are living infinite, our soul is living in every possible scenario infinitely, and you never reach every possible scenario because its infinite, so out there is the most evil to a infinite multiple, and the most good to the infinite multiple, so why does living any differently than we are now based on free will even matter? As you said, other things/begins to a infinite multiple are controlling our current existance, so what is the true meaning of pursuing anything other then whatever you want.

just food for thought. Not trying to question your motives, as I am heeding your warning. As any person in a enviroment with uncertainty (military is a good example) being prepared for the worst does not mean the worst will happen, but having what you need if it does, means you have the upper hand. Whether Mental, spiritual, or Physical this applies to all.


posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN


Understand, that is what these forums are about. Someone writes about something they believe is fact, others post their thoughts about it. You are correct in one thing though, people don`t have to believe it, a few do, many don`t. Those who don`t believe it debunk it. That`s why those who don`t buy it post their thoughts about it here. That is what happens when realities don`t match. People do have the right to question your take on reality, that is just a part of life.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by FiatLux

Hi FiatLux,

I find this statement interesting ET_MAN.
"Nobody has it all, not me or anybody existing within the realm of physicality with boundaries and limits-"
If you believe this statement, then why are you here passing off information that may not be true?

The overall message and information I’m sharing is true accept for some parts that I’ve used in spiritual ‘Metaphor’ because it must be explained in this way -but the message is true whether some things written have to do with the physical or spiritual the overall message of all I’ve shared is truth. Your not forced to believe that statement and you have freewill/choice to think/believe anything you want. Whatever it is you think or believe ask yourself is it making you a better person? If your living a good life and doing the right things taking care of your inner ‘soul’ spiritual side of things that means you do not hate a single person in your life that you have unfixed business/problems with and everyone in your life has been forgiven- You do not hold grudges or have any weight, burden or guilt left inside of you-Then that is all that matters/counts regardless of what you believe/think Fiatlux- you are on the right path if you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you are living the best you can, making the right choices to the best of your ability and truly, sincerely, genuinely trying to become a better person and make your weaknesses become strengths-keeping life on the ‘positive/good’ side to the best of your ability regardless of what challenges/hardships/trials/tribulations you are faced with. (Endurance/Integrity are words that come to mind.)

Remember, nobody has it all. So maybe this information you were given could very well be false info given to you by so called ET`s.

’All’ is a very big word so when we talk about the Universe or ‘Infinity’ and ‘Beyond’ we are talking about what ‘All’ represents - in other words ‘Endless’ ‘Infinite’ there is no such thing as ‘All knowing’. But within the confines of certain areas of space/time one can master and know ‘All things’ within that area of space/time in the same way one can learn all the answers to a test and master that particular exam scoring 100% on the test. Eternal Progression exists forever therefore nobody can know ‘ALL’ things otherwise ‘Eternal Progression’ would seize to exist and that would ‘Limit’ and put a ‘Boundary’ on ‘Infinity’ and in truth ‘Souls’ would be living the rest of ‘Eternity’ in absolute boredom knowing everything with nothing left to learn/experience or even ‘Create’. ‘Eternal Progression’ is one of the greatest gifts and thanks to that there is no limitation placed on how far one can go.

There are no ‘Limits’ or ‘Boundaries’ where ‘Infinite’ beings come from and truly all things are possible accept the impossibility of becoming all-knowing or knowing all things and being infinitely progressed or at the ‘Top’ where there is no ‘Top’ or ‘Most High’ but one must be at a level/capable/able to reach such freedoms/capabilities/positions. Baby step your way into ‘Infinite’ progression and most are much further along than they may think/realize from an eternal perspective/view where ‘Time’ does not exist-but the ‘soul’ is‘limited’ in the physical world with the few senses and emotions programmed into the physical at least for the ‘Time being.’ There is a specific reason/purpose behind it all and ‘Progression’ is taking place for all in ways unseen/realized through the experiences/hardships/trials faced in mortality/duality. Your right where you need to be for the ‘Time’ being, ‘Time’ being the mystery, key and ‘Illusion.’

In regards to the ET comment, OK I will stop and reason-let’s just say I was told something by an ET or non-terrestrial being that visited Earth- now how could I trust or know for sure that what I was told by that ET was true, accurate/real or not? How could I share such knowledge with others not knowing for sure personally for myself other than being told by a being I encountered- knowing that many ET’s within this universe could be about as trustworthy as man is on planet Earth? Nobody being perfect and not all to be trusted with many having agenda/motives in the same way Man could have an agenda/motive if travelling to another lower civilization planet..- Knowing that ET’s existing within the confines of this universe are merely on different levels than humans currently occupying planet Earth, each civilization/species differing one to another and each ‘soul’ differing one to another just like man is on planet Earth. How could I truly know for sure for myself personally knowing that many ET’s of this universe are still in school just like humans are on planet Earth.

Many of them on many levels/grades of existence some above Earth’s grade/level of existence- nevertheless existing within boundaries/limitations of opposition and duality/polarity even ‘death/mortality’. But everything is right where it needs to be by design and those in upper levels/grades understand that much better and know their purpose/reason much better/clearer than those on Earth being in a state of more clear understanding/intelligence or higher states of ‘soul’ consciousness.. Someday many will be in their shoes and it only keeps getting better and better FOREVER if you can imagine it. So how could I know for sure about certain particular things unless I knew it for myself through a higher intervention/power beyond the confines of this universe man understands/perceives.

Knowledge given to me through first hand experience (meaning I experienced things myself physically/spiritually in other ways unspeakable- if there is even a word to describe it) was acquired by the Teachers/Creators/Designers or EU’s beyond the universe Man knows/understands. EU (Extra-Universal) is a word/definition I use to define the Teachers/Creators/Designers that are far above and beyond the confines of this Universe where duality/polarity seizes to exist and all things within the confines of this universe/school on many levels/dimensions/layers/densities call them what you will were setup/designed/organized by those EU’s or Teachers/Creators/Designers in levels that could be hundreds or more of dimensions/layers/densities according to human definition/understanding/perception/consciousness- above and beyond the confines of the Universal structure of DARK and LIGHT with opposition found in all things and SPACE/TIME tinker toy toddler stuff according to them. That wasn’t from me by the way. lol

For me the universe we occupy is still beyond comprehension and life on Planet Earth has many mysteries, lessons to learn. I guess I could say I feel like a goldfish being taken out of the goldfish bowl on Earth and brought into an entirely different fluid/existence of magical materials-an environment that I could never begin to describe/explain in fact there are no words and I would have to say it’s impossible to even have words for some of those places. It could never be spoken of even if someone tried, it could never be talked about fully described by the human finite brain. Humans lacks the capability to even comprehend or begin to understand/describe such existences. The bottom line is it’s only a GOOD THING and everyone has MUCH to look forward to beyond all human comprehension/understanding and I was shown it only gets better. Not only better but ‘Infinitely’ Better. My eternal/spiritual mind was continually blown away in trying to imagine there could have even possibly been anything better than what I have seen/experienced and been shown. You can only imagine what my human ‘finite’ brain feels like right now, loss of words on such places is an understatement, I’ll leave it at that.

The Keepers of the entire system of duality/opposition, the constructers/builders/designers let’s say. The one’s behind the entire universal curtain of what Man perceives/knows/understands or calls Space/Time. Infinite ET’s within this universe all fall into this one system/universe that was setup/designed in duality/opposition, Light & dark existing within Time/Space. There is way more than meets the eye beyond the so called ‘dimensions’ people think they know or understand according to human consciousness/definition. Go up 40 or even 100 dimensions/layers/densities call them whatever you will even label them with a mathematical number but when you POP the outer bubble of duality/existence you enter realms/places above and beyond anything universal you can possibly imagine where things connect are shared/felt -can/do exist coincide and everything has a perfect feeling/peaceful/joyful- perfect sense of harmony/equality-- ONLY LIGHT, ONLY JOY no more duality, no more opposition, never get tired, never sleep, - perfect energy- perfect fun- much greater words/senses/emotions than could ever be described- beyond anything that can be imagined-. NO MORE SCHOOL, Heaven, Utopia, Bliss, Perfection according to that individual’s definition of perfection. It is whatever you want it to be but by the ‘time’ one makes it to such places every Earthly imperfect desire one wished/hoped for will have altered/adjusted and changed according to the state of one’s ‘Soul’ consciousness.

All things in such places above and beyond that are only ‘Good/Light’ and ‘Positive in Nature’ and that is what Man on Earth is working towards and striving for and that is why they have chosen to come to Earth to learn the hard lessons so they can achieve and make it to such places. They know and you will also know/remember upon leaving mortality what DREAMS MAY COME that will come but there are also certain things that must occur/take place in order for one’s ‘Souls’ to achieve/make it to such places. That is why you are here on Earth ‘NOW’ and not already ‘THERE’ in consciousness. You are here ‘NOW’ because ‘NOW’ must happen at least ‘once’. Like a film that is running every frame has a still frame and that still frame must happen at least once. ‘Time’ is a hard thing to get a grasp on for the ‘Time’ being. Your not supposed to understand it by design and everyone is trapped within the confines of this Universe with ‘Time’ ‘Space. For the ‘Time’ being which is part of the key, mystery and ‘test.’ If I were to reveal some things I could never get away with it nor could a human be allowed to operate on Earth with such knowledge or let’s say exercise such knowledge of ‘Time’ manipulation. I will leave it at that.

You cannot teach an infant to work the keyboard on your computer as they are incapable, capability/progression/learning/growing/advancing eventually brings one to higher realms/existences where they are able or capable to live in such places. It won’t take forever and ‘FOREVER” is a very big word, so big that once again it is (Incomprehensible) to the human finite mind being ‘INFINITE’. Baby steps for now and NOW is but a short time within the confines of this ‘Universe.’

ET`s, funny, were all the same on the inside yet we call them ET`s.

I’ve been really saying the same thing the entire thread, there is no such thing as ET outside of this Earthly world. ET is merely a word man labels/defines ‘Non-Terrestrial’. ET as in what exactly? Alien to the planet? Ok not of this world or non-terrestrial origin but what is inside each container physical body out there regardless of what density/region/area they come from in Time/Space still confined and bound to the laws of the universe man knows/perceives within duality/polarity/mortality and light/dark/opposition found within all things? Spirit-Soul is behind those in body suits of matter the life-forms man labels/defines to be ET- which is made up of (incomprehensible) materials and Light which is more than anything ‘Humans’ truly can understand/perceive/comprehend.

LIGHT is much more than just something man perceives and it’s truly the greatest gift Man can have within this existence of duality LIGHT-DARK and opposition found within all things. LIGHT represents more than just something seen but knowledge of seeing/knowing and freewill-free/choice for a ‘soul’ to act/choose however they see fit and freewill is a gift that was GIVEN to all, freewill is LIGHT and part of that gift. Everything we have is a ‘Gift’ including the ‘Eternal Soul’. That leaves a ‘soul’ pretty much empty handed if someone took all the gifts away -and if all ‘souls’ truly knew where they came from or how they came into consciousness/creation/existence they would fully understand the ‘INFINITE’ gift that is offered freely to all to partake of and would quickly be greatly humbled in appreciation for being here and now existing and having a chance at ‘Life’ and ‘Eternal progression’ in the first place. ‘First’ being the mystery, key and part of the test. ‘Last’ being the finalization and graduation that comes with all temporal laws/contracts/binding man to it’s current state of temporal existence.

Think of the many ‘souls’ struggling in the world just to survive living under extremely difficult even horrible conditions and ponder. (Temporal) as hard as it can be for some (becomes) meaningless but it must happen at least ‘Once’ and ‘Eternal’ is the goal breaking away into ‘Infinity’ and ‘Beyond’ is the graduation day and the ‘Time’ of your life, breaking away from ‘Time’ is the key, mystery and ‘Test.’. It can only happen when a ‘soul’ is capable/progressed/advanced enough to do so and the ‘Family of Light’ Infinite ‘Fathers in Heaven’ above are the one’s working to get not just you or all on Earth there but if you can try to begin comprehending that there are ‘Infinite’ ‘Never-ending’ ‘souls’ just like yourself out there working to make it there as well through ‘Time’ ‘Space’. You are one among ‘Infinite’ others -try to get your mind wrapped around that. Easy to read but an impossibility for man to fully understand/comprehend.

The gifts are everywhere so don’t take them for granted and appreciate them because that is also part of life’s test. Every breath you take, every heart beat taking place. Count your many easily taken for granted blessings that are all around you, recognize those blessing because the majority of ‘souls’ pass most of them by unaware/unconsciously. Take a deep look into nature and ponder- what allows everything to remain/function/live/breathe/ and not seize to exist or die. Take a time out and learn to appreciate your life more and thank those above even your Endless Fathers in Heaven or ‘Family of Light’ or ‘God’ call them whatever you like they are the same, thank Them for the opportunity to just be alive and have the opportunity to some day live in perfect worlds/existences according to your DREAM of what perfection may be just for you. Ask for guidance and direction and you will/can receive according to what is meant/intended for you. Guides/Guardian Angels call them what you will, they can assist you. All of these things are a step in the right direction and you are always being monitored and listened to. You are known by the Teachers/Creators/Designers better than you know yourself.

Here’s a link into a small page on the Universe and Infinity that gives but a small glimpse of what’s out there. Enjoy!

Love & Light Fiatlux!

p.s. I will eventually get around to answering everyone’s comments/questions in greater detail/explanation for better understanding as I find ‘Time’ -thanks for your patience!

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Why is it, that you have to type out your whole reality take on something when you answer someone. Is it to convince us, or yourself? I did notice that you took something I quoted you on, and spun it to fit your case, and that was the word 'ALL'. Sorry, that doesn`t cut it. The word "ALL", means just that, everything, not just a little part of the over "ALL" picture. Get it now?

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Hi ET_man,

Do you have any info on the safe places in Turkey, especially in Istanbul city?

Thans in advance.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by FiatLux

Hi again Fiatlux,

Why is it, that you have to type out your whole reality take on something when you answer someone. Is it to convince us, or yourself?

None of the above, I originally started this thread and felt like sharing.
Anything wrong with that? (Never-mind) no need to answer that Fiatlux.

I did notice that you took something I quoted you on, and spun it to fit your case, and that was the word 'ALL'. Sorry, that doesn`t cut it. The word "ALL", means just that, everything, not just a little part of the over "ALL" picture. Get it now?

That is perhaps your own personal definition of the word from perhaps thinking in smaller numbers, when I used the word ‘All’ I meant it as in ‘Infinite’ “Never-ending’ and if we were to say 'All' things on Earth then we would limit that word ‘All’ to the boundaries or area of a ‘space’ confined just to Earth. “All’ is ‘Infinite’ where there is technically no such thing as ‘All’ unless you replace the word/meaning/definition to ‘Infinite’ or use it in such a context. Think a little deeper on that one.

This is the quote you were commenting on.

"Nobody has it all, not me or anybody existing within the realm of physicality with boundaries and limits-"

‘All’ is an ‘Infinite’ statement for me Fiatlux having nothing to do with one object, place, topic/subject or thing. For me when I use the word ‘All’ in such a context it’s applicable to ‘All’ things within ‘Infinite’ time/space/existences/dimensions and the words go on and on forever. ‘Infinity and Beyond.’ I hope this clears that up for you Fiatlux, and I normally answer one person at a time in order. (First come first serve basis) but in your case I made a special exception this ‘time’ around.

Your intentions have been heard ‘loud & clear’ Fiatlux. You’ve made your point over & over now showing your disagreement- ‘Great’ you disagree with the message ‘OK’ I think people get it and heard your opinion on the matter quite a few times, in fact many pages and times now, you’ve been repeating yourself quite abit. Something about this thread has definitely struck an obvious ‘nerve’ and I see you don’t agree with the basic overall message.

Live a better life.
Overcome the fear of death.
Make amends with those you have debts or past conflicts with.
Choose right over wrong.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Watch your actions, deeds, thoughts and words closely trying to stay ‘positive’.
Never make judgments upon others consciously or unconsciously.
Be aware of your surroundings/environment.
Tell your family how much you love them and never pass an opportunity up to share that ‘love’ with those around you.
Forgive everyone especially yourself and get over past mistakes/errors.
Do not hold guilt/burdens or weight on your shoulders.
Free your ‘soul’ and stay focused on things inside that are ‘eternal’ and more important than anything physical or ‘temporal.’
Do not set your heart upon materialistic things or possessions that are temporal and unimportant from an eternal perspective.
Enjoy everyday and have fun with it, stay on the bright side and positive side of life to the best of your ability even when you are in hard ‘negative’ situations strive to always make the best of the situation and find the ‘positive’ ‘uplifting’ things avoiding anger, hate, avoidable conflicts with others among the other ‘negative’ things.
Count your many blessings.
Be appreciative/grateful for everything you have.
Thank the Creators and Family of ‘Light’ in the Higher Dimensions/Heavens by thought, prayer, meditation however you wish to do that for the many gifts/blessings that you have been given/received.

Always stay focused on the positive even though things are hard in life and can be ‘negative’ - Do your best in all situations/cases striving to live your life to the best of your ability realizing that there is more to ‘Life’ than just ‘temporal things’ and ‘Death’ is in fact not an ending but ‘Life Eternal.’

I think you have gotten the message Fiatlux, it’s quite simple really and you don’t have to agree with any of these things. I get your point and I respect everyone and ‘Love’ all things regardless of who they are and what they believe in.

(Can you say the same for me or is that against your current belief system.)

I don’t think we will ever reach a point of agreement and you have made it very clear on what your intentions are and that you do not agree with anything I’ve shared so if you wish to continue throwing ‘salt’ in the thread that is fine by me but it may be pointless in you asking me further questions. I didn’t come here to bicker, argue or even debate any of this information. In fact I have been opening up things/sharing of my own freewill and I do not necessarily have to share personal information and have held back alot. Of course I will never cast pearls so the larger majority of particular information and my experiences will never be shared online and for many un-given reasons.

Now I think it’s safe to say that I can put you on the –pass up /ignore list- at this point because you are merely throwing ‘salt’ and that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion- please feel free to comment about anything I have shared on this thread that was started by me by the way or feel free to open up a “New anti-ET_MAN’ thread or you can even share your take on life/reality and setup a new thread altogether. I wish you the best on this path/journey of ‘Life.’ Regardless if you agree with anything I have written/shared or not- everyone faces their ‘eternal soul’ on the other side so make it a good one.

Love & Light Brother FiatLux,
Respectfully & Sincerely

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 02:09 PM
Is it a service to self line of thought to only focus on one side, ie positive. Should not positive and negative both be experienced to the fullest, in order to truly understand?

In other words, how can I stay focused on the positive if I have not experienced the negative? I also need to experience the negative, right?

How can I know what is experienced when killing people, unless I have actually done that? I can't. The only way is to actually experience it in a real, physical manner.

Life is made up of both negative and positive experiences. We need to experience both in order to make a free will decision. If we only consider one side and encourage people to only consider one side, by making the other side seem like a wrong choice, we have taken away their free will. We impose our agenda on their opportunity to make their own choice. Essentially, we are taking a roll of control over the people we influence.

So, in order to have a positive experience during any event, we also need to have a negative experience in order to create balance. Does that make any sense? It seems to for me.

This coming event can be viewed as negative, which must be avoided at all costs. Even if it costs an opportunity for true enlightenment?

Or, should we welcome the experience as an opportunity to move up?

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 03:17 PM
ET-MAN, if you think everyone is gullible enough to believe your version of reality..yes, yours, because it is not mine, then you are mistaking.Don't make it out to be the only real truth,please.

''thank Them for the opportunity to just be alive and have the opportunity to some day live in perfect worlds/existences according to your DREAM of what perfection may be just for you.''

I should be humbled and thank WHO ? thank the infinite Universe?
I AM the Universe, I'm a fragment of it, just like everything is. There is no need to thank anyone or be humbled by anyone except yourself. Yes, when one says "yourself" it means being greatful to all around as well, for everything/everyone around is ME/YOU.

So I'm still awaiting your response to my question of WHO is it that will allow me to do certain things and if they don't I won't be able to do them. (As you implied obviously when replying to my last questions)

it might be my imagination, but you have this subtle "mightier than thou" attitude, where you really do preach(todays post being a good example)

You are saying that one is on the RIGHT path only when he/she is following his heart and getting rid of anger, jealousy etc, and being nice etc.

Newsflash, first of all a person should not supress his feelings, if someone has anger issues, or jealousy, one should EMBRACE the fact that he is angry and jealous etc, not supress is and hold it in. Once the negative qualities have been embraced and properly analysed,without opression, then and only then can one learn from those emotions,learn the root cause of them, realize where the negative emotions stem from,find out the source. And once all these steps are taken,the negative emotions will slowly,but firmly, start to dissolve...naturally.
It will never be dissolved if one tries to supress all his negative attitudes towards others and only be nice.
It causes IMBALANCE, we are living in a world of duality for now, in order to have balance within, we must embrace and honour all emotions,not just the negative. We should also LOVE the negative feelings, for they are equally improtant to evolve further.

You obviously make it seem as if negative emotions towars others should be avoided by all costs, and if one is not succesful at doing that, then he is not on the "RIGHT path" as you like to stress.

Truth(what makes sense to me at least) is, guys, you are always on the RIGHT path,as has been mentioned before now. Please don't try to supress the negative emotions, it causes imbalance in ones life because you are not dealing with the source of the negativity, but bluntly trying to supress it.
LOVE and embrace all your emotions(greed,jealousy,hatred,anger etc), once you embrace them,try to find out, from within, from a personal peprspective, not from a perspective of society...find out WHY you feel this way and ask yourself if you actually LIKE the emotion and if you feel better from feeling it. If you do like those negative emotions, then that is the RIGHT path for you at this moment, trust your inner feelings.

We are all on a RIGHT path, for we are all Unity experiencing oneself from different perspectives and points of view. No point of view is more improtant than the other(including mine),and no path is more right or wrong than the other.

My suggestion> Don't listen to ET-MAN IF he tells you(maybe I misunderstood him) that the only RIGHT way to live is to get rid of negative emotions and only express positive ones.
DON'T DO IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO supress them, only try to eliminate those emotions IF YOU DESIRE it, in which case it will come very naturally anyway and won't take much effort.

I think one should not change himself on purpose in order to just "make the cut" of people supposedly "ascending". One should only change himself if it feel natural and it is your OWN inner desire to do so.
Not everybody will "ascend",however EVERYONE will continue evolving further. There are different destinations for people of different mindsets and with different desires.The ones ascending ARE NOT BETTER THAN YOU I NANY WAY!! you are not worse if you don't "ascend".You will not be abandoned by anyone, you ARE everyone. We LOVE YOU(all of you/us) and RESPECT everyone(even if the "human" brain sometimes gets the better of us and we kill/rape/hurt/etc each other physically, but that too is learning).
Remember,if one never makes mistakes,then one has nothing to learn from. Mistakes are what makes us realize things. So,in essence, "mistakes" are not really mistakes. They are tools/experiences in order to evolve further.

What bothers me with ET-MAN specifically is that he is saying "I know the truth" or "This is the truth" . He obviously means that this is the truth for ALL. It is not, it is HIS truth and it may be truth for someone else, but it doesn't have to be your truth.
I must admit,i too suffered from that ,even recently, by stating my truth as "the TRUTH".
I even started a thread,which is a bit embrassing now heh, where I state "the TRUTH". But ET-MAN has taken it to a whole other level. He has 100+ pages worth of information/answers where he gives it off as the universal truth,truth that applies to EVERYONE.
And this annoys me because many people lap it up, and take it as the only real truth.

EDIT: Jsut now read win 52-s response. You cover many of the same themes I covered in my post. Universal synchronicity again hehe,I wrote my post quite a while,thinking it through,so while I was writing,you posted yours. I like what you're getting at,obviously - The fundamentals of ET-MAN's reality of truth.(that the RIGHT way is only the positive and we need to do a lot of prayer to creators as he says etc).And I do repeat, his truth.

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 03:37 PM
I cant believe this thread is going. ET you dont actually say anything of any meaning. Its all fluffy cute fairy talk. Can you not speak directly and stop answering in riddles.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 04:16 PM
I hear you ET man.

I think you are doing a good thing here.

There are those who want to hear it, and those who will fight against it.

That is the way of things.

Neither one is more right than the other, on the grand scheme of things.


posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by psilo simon
I hear you ET man.

I think you are doing a good thing here.

There are those who want to hear it, and those who will fight against it.

That is the way of things.

Neither one is more right than the other, on the grand scheme of things.

It would be a good thing if he didn't bluntly state this as the "real" truth,the only truth so to speak.
by doing that he is confining everyone to his personal truth,which is based on his personal experiences.
Everyone has their own truth,and layers of it may resonate with another persons truth,but in actuality, there is no "ONE TRUTH".

Actually,the only ONE TRUTH that can be talked about(and I'm not sure ofcourse) is that the UNIVERSE exists. From there on,all versions of it and of its' truths exist,for it is infinite.

I mean,take a look at XI-777 thread where he too answers questions and claims to have been and remembers all his experiences from being the SOURCE himself(part of it means being IT),also he met Jesus Christ back in the day, he is an advanced spirit, was a pleiaidian many times,sometimes human in order to "teach" people etc.
And that dude states there's an infinite amount of timelines(which I agree with) and ET-MAN says there are NO timelines,only ONE TIME.

So the point is, they can't both be right(OR CAN THEY), either there are infinite timelines or not. THIS MEANS they are both talking about their OWN EXPERIENCES OF TRUTH. their OWN TRUTH.
for one,there are, for another there ain't.
they both have reached that conclusion by EXPERIENCE as they claim. But the conclusions are opposite ones. This is but one of many examples.

ET-MAN,put a banner as to saying MY VERSION/EXPERIENCE OF TRUTH.

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by Valeri

Yeah, I do know where you`re coming from, and in reflection, the reason I posted the message I did was because some of what ETman says is quite similar to the Law of One Ra Material, (dont know whether or not you are familiar with it) and that was something which resonated with me, so I was being biased.

But on the other hand, on an internet forum, it`s a far cry from standing over someone preaching that what you are saying is the ultimate truth.

Love and oneness with "it" all at the forefront of our actions and thoughts and acts of compassion towards others (us/we/you/i/it/them) It`s a good way to start the day, as we are all fractaled plenary expansions of whatever it is that started it all.

In my opinion lol


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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by psilo simon
Oh I agree, I'm very familiar with Law of ONE, it is btw something that this XI-777 user says is "lies and deceit",so you may want to aks him about it or find his response to it.(he has his thread in this same gray area where he answers questions)
It's jsut that I noticed when someone says his truth is not someone elses truth,then ET-Man states that "you don't have to agree with me,I am simply stating the truth.Take it or leave is your decision"

Now, he basically says that even if you don't agree,it is still the TRUTH. So he doesn't think of someone elses truth as the real truth. he only considers his truth as the REAL truth,the truth that applies to EVERYONE,even those who don't agree with him and have different expeirences. He basically states that one may not agree with the TRUTH(his truth),but that truth still applies to those people either way.
Now this i can't respect while I do agree on being positive towards other people.
But what he is doing can be very harmful to those who may enter his world of truth.(concerning this please read,if you have time ofcourse, my last 10 or so posts, IF YOU have time, only in this and in the IX-77 thread, just skip my other posts in other topics in between)
This just may explain better where I'm coming from rather than me repeating myself,because it's quite time-consuming and stressful for me personally.I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts coherently,so it is an effort on my part.

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 12:51 AM
Before getting around to the rest of the questions I’m adding this in due to the many repetitive emails I’ve been receiving. This is in regards to the emails about Gods, Demons, Angels, The Devil, ET’s and Heaven & Hell.

Note: These are questions being asked me and these are my answers according to my own knowledge/experiences that have been given to me. People of course have freewill/choice-agency to choose/believe anything they want. I do not need or require anyone to believe a word I say, I have never forced any of this on anyone in fact I am openly spending time and sharing this on my own clock and of my own freewill. Respect of some kind should always be in order regardless of what one believes, I have perfect respect for everyone.
Thank you.

Some people wonder if Demons exist? I ask, what is their definition of Demon?They tell me, well evil beings that are out to destroy and capture the ‘soul.’ I tell them yes such entities/beings exist.

Some people wonder if God exists? I ask, what is their definition of God? They tell me well a Creator that created humans on planets like Earth. I tell them yes such beings exist. In fact ‘Infinite’ that exist.

Some people wonder if Angels exist? I ask what is their definition of Angel? They tell me well a guardian or being that is from Heaven or watching over us to help us fight off the demons and live better lives to make it to Heaven. I tell them yes such beings/entities exist and are ‘Guides’ and every single ‘soul’ on Earth has a ‘Guide’ that helps assist them in life whether they see it’/realize it or not. (Some do get the opportunity to meet them but that is only in the hands of that individual’s guide.) Guides can be family members from other lives or deceased family members from this one including many other options.

Some people wonder if the Devil exists? I ask what is their definition of the Devil? They tell me well a being that is working in opposition to God and sending demons around to destroy the ‘souls’ of men so they can take them to a ‘Hell’ place after this life. I tell them yes such entities/beings exist and there are many ‘Devils’ that are technically inter-dimensional/extraterrestrial entity/beings the same as ‘Demons’ and could fall under the same category of such. They also fall under the category of ‘Malevolent Aliens’ beings not of this world/density or time/space that man on Earth occupies but some do have access and can show up in very real physical bodies while others in other unseen/spiritual forms. Both are the same and considered ‘Alien’ or ‘Extraterrestrial’ by human definition. There are many beings in opposition to ‘Light’ working against mankind and some of them are here on Earth in physical form and some can occupy physical bodies and remain unseen a the same time in lower even higher density forms.

Some people wonder if there is a Heaven? I ask what is their definition of Heaven? They tell me well a place where you go after you die if you’ve lived a good life where you can find peace and happiness and rest from all the sorrow, pain, misery, suffering that exists in this world. I tell them yes such places exist and places far greater than anything your mind can possibly imagine/create. Those who live good lives will make find peace, rest and happiness for a 'Time' upon death before moving up the ladder or to another school, some can find it permanently depending on an individuals’ current ‘Soul’ level but the 'Eternal progression' goes on and on. There are ‘Infinite’ Heavens but there is no one man or being in a white robe standing around with a name-tag sitting on a throne called ‘God’. That is all metaphor in the long run and you will one day be sitting in that so called ‘Throne’ overlooking your own Creation/worlds/Heavens but you will not rule or require worship or slaves. That is all metaphor for something much greater.

Perfection is not required because perfection is different for every individual, what is required is ‘pureness of one’s soul’ a loving pure ‘spirit’ that is qualified/allowed access to higher dimensions where they gain freedom because they are ‘Capable’ with new freedoms to create new worlds/existences and endless other things incomprehensible. Once a ‘soul’ graduates into that level they have access to the keys and are capable of doing it to find their own ‘Perfected’ state of existence that suits them within that higher dimension/existence/heaven whatever word you currently choose to use. There are also requirements and higher laws that must be met but things only get way better as a ‘soul’ progresses and the good part is a ‘soul’ never stops progressing and learning so you can only imagine how much greater things can get. Incomprehensible- way out of anyone’s league to possibly imagine/fully comprehend/understand- The implications of ‘Infinite’ progression.

Some people wonder if there is a Hell? I ask them what is your definition of Hell? They tell me well a place where people go that lived selfish, evil and greedy lives that hurt people, stole from people and even killed people and enjoyed doing it. I tell them yes such places exist and there are many of them and there are many so called ‘Demons/Devils’ or Malevolent ‘Entities/Beings’ that are given more access/power over such places to do with ‘souls’ worse things then they are currently doing to some 'souls' on this planet. This planet itself is in a hellish state of existence to a certain degree/level depending on who we are referring to (Many are suffering and living under horrible circumstances on Earth here and now) but it can get much worse than what we see on Earth where animals turn into slaves of hard/labor and brutal/suffering occurs -beastly living. Some places are much worse where burning in fire for a time finds an entirely new definition/meaning of fire and brimstone. Such places are 'Temporal States/Existences’ but yes such places exist and everything is continually progressing/advancing or downgrading/upgrading depending on the level of one’s ‘Soul’.

Everything based upon the law of opposition and consequence to action and every choice/action has a consequence and even punishment that comes along as a consequence. Some call that 'Karma' or the law of Harvest, just earthly words to fit the definition to better understand. What a 'soul' does unto others a 'soul' does unto themselves in the long run is an accurate statement. The 'soul' makes the decisions/choices nobody is forcing a 'soul' to do anything but there is much persuasion/temptation/deception that can be involved.

Some people ask about ET’s. I ask them what is your definition of ET. They say well little grey beings flying around visiting Earth. I find that funny. Lol-I tell them yes such beings exist and all kinds/types of other entities/ET’s/beings both in physical/spiritual and other exotic inter-dimensional forms. The definition I have on ET is the following.

(ET) Extraterrestrial.

Understanding the word extraterrestrial so it’s better understood, Extraterrestrial means something ‘Not of this world’ according to human understanding/dictionary definition:

Originating, existing, occurring, outside the earth or it’s atmosphere

existing, taking place, or coming from outside the limits of the earth.

Originating, located, or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere: intelligent extraterrestrial life. An extraterrestrial being or life form.

‘All things’ ‘Not of this World.’

In other words ‘INFINITE’ within ‘Infinite
Space/Times/Dimensions/Planets/Galaxies and ‘Endless Others.’

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by Valeri

Hi Valeri,

I sense a lot of emotion in your posts and I hope you understand that you are asking me the questions here and I’m simply answering them. I can respect whatever you think or believe and of course your free to choice/think anything you want.

And who exactly are you refering to by "they", who is it that has to allow me to do something prior to doing it,like you said ''if I'm allowed to then I will do it''.

Those in positions/levels with capabilities for starters ‘guides’ some refer to them as ‘guardian angels’ regardless of what word is being used it’s a definition given by human understanding, there are then of course the Teachers/Creators/Designers. Every individual has a guide watching over them, these guides do have power to unlock things when/if needed for particular reasons depending on what that particular individual was supposed to experience while on Earth. Upon leaving the physical body a ‘soul’ is not ‘free’ to roam/do anything they wish/choose, they are not at a level or in a position to do so unless given that opportunity. Those in pre-school do not skip and jump into middle school without finishing the rest of the grades and so is the eternal progression of the ‘soul’ but there are plenty of breaks/summer schools and ‘paradise’ resting places to go to while on break from school. The one’s who of course had difficulties/problems don’t always get the chance for a so called ‘longer’ rested-summer- most go back and attend summer school right away. Though it won’t seem like it when ‘Time’ is quick/short and seizes to exist but we can’t really get into that right now because ‘right now’ is the only thing that can be understood for the ‘Time’ being.

So basically,you are saying there are entities we have to obay?

There is a thing called freewill and you can disobey or break any rules/laws you choose to but it’s not going to allow a ‘soul’ access to do anything they want, nobody moves up to the higher dimensions./Heavens/Utopia existences/ and so on without being qualified/capable and able to do so in the first place- Dimensions/Heavens/Utopias- just words of such places labeled and defined by man according to their current level of comprehension/understanding/consciousness. Nobody moves up the ladder without being qualified/capable first even authorized/approved or shall we say ‘Graduated.’ Each ‘Soul’ enrolled themselves into the program of ‘Mortality’ on planet Earth. It’s your ‘eternal soul’ that will be the hardest on yourself over anyone once you remember things on the other side of why you came to Earth and what you were set out to accomplish/learn and overcome in the first place. It’s not ‘They’ doing the punishing/disciplining it’s the eternal law of ‘Consequence to Action’ that judges a ‘soul’ it’s the soul’s choices/actions that brings them to where they are. Everyone chooses their own path and having freewill/choice and freedom to do anything you want with the capability to do so are two different things.

Take Earth as an example, people have freedom within their own minds to make choices and deal with life even everyday problems however they choose to deal with them but they do not have power over all things or to do anything they want. There are set laws and being human on Earth doesn’t allow you to necessarily have anything you want or cross borders into any country you want or have all the capability/talents and full access to become or perform anything you want. Humans are confined to limitations, boundaries and laws/rules. A human can disobey the laws and rules and break them if they so choose but there will be consequences to their own actions if their caught by the law and punishment that goes along with breaking the laws/rules. As a simple metaphor there are ‘Rules’ and ‘Set Laws’ above and beyond planet Earth that cannot be broken or bypassed within the confines of this universe. All things are not necessarily possible within this universe as it was designed to be the way it is unless altered/changed by those who designed/organized/set-it-up/intended for it to be. It was designed specifically in this way as a stepping-stone, baby step and test to reach higher/greater dimensions/places of existences whatever those human defined words mean that are actually un-applicable in other realms/existences but to give some understanding to man on such places necessary to use for understanding them- for the ‘time’ being.

Infants are still incapable of placing their foot on the gas pedal and getting a license to drive. Baby steps as we call them and most on Planet Earth are still pre-schooler’s in action and have a lot of things yet to learn before reaching such capabilities and allowed greater privledge’s. A ‘soul’ is free to believe or imagine virtually anything they want and that is why there are so many ‘Religions’ ‘Belief systems’ on the planet- as everyone already knows there are many diversified beliefs throughout the globe but there is only 1 TRUTH found behind the planet and regardless of what a person believes it will not change that 1 TRUTH behind the planet. A ‘soul’ can believe that everything is perfect, happy and they can alter/manipulate space/time by mere ‘Thought’ or that perhaps they are ‘GOD’ and ‘Created’ all things. Or one can believe they are a small piece of the ‘ONE’ and only ‘Creator’ of all things having power to do anything they choose if they only put enough focus/intent/love into it.

Whatever it is one believes that is of their own freewill-choice, there are many other beliefs out there and virtually anything can be imagined/made/up/invented or believed. A person can also walk on hot burning coals and believe that the coals are not ‘hot’ and do not exist and block them out of their mind or block pain from the ‘mind’ some call that ‘Mind over matter’ but it never changes the 1 TRUTH that those coals are still there and do in fact ‘actually exist’ but a ‘soul’ is free to believe otherwise. Some can believe nothing exists and everything being experienced is ‘non-existent’ ‘not real.’ We could even take it to another level and say all ‘Matter’ is mere ‘Illusion’ so it doesn’t exist or a person can experience life and convince themselves or believe they experience anything they want to but it still does not change the 1 TRUTH behind the world and there is only 1 TRUTH of why everyone is here in the first place consciously experiencing life, birth, senses of physicality, the opposition and death.

For you your TRUTH will most definitely be different than others- unless you absolutely know of a certainty what that 1 TRUTH is and until a person absolutely knows they can really never know but they can believe they ‘Know.’ The 1 TRUTH can only be seen/shown and given to an individual ‘soul’, I’m not referring to the mysteries and many hidden illusions behind the world or the way people perceive reality because everyone sees things differently so their perception/truths would most definitely be different and by design- I’m referring to the reality behind the curtain/veil of this existence/world and there are NOT ‘infinite’ realities for each individual ‘soul’ there is only ‘ONE.’ It looks good for science and on paper mathematically but there is only ‘ONE’ you in the here and ‘NOW.’ (Believe it or Not) If I was to share other things that I’m certain-of/know for myself well some things would definitely strike a ‘nerve.’ So let’s put this 1 TRUTH into perspective for a moment -I’ve never said I have that full 1 TRUTH but what I do know is a fraction/part of that 1 TRUTH and that doesn’t mean everything because ‘All’ is ‘Infinite’. Let’s put it into visualization for a moment. Let’s pretend you and the rest of the world are debating me about the physical shape or geometry of planet Earth. Let’s say we exist a few thousands years ago and the rest of the world has zero knowledge about the planet being ‘round.’ Now you are claiming that the world’s physical shape is whatever a person believes it to be or it is flat or never-ending or whatever.

If I was to tell the world and yourself it was ‘Round’ and you believed it to be whatever it is you wanted it to be then of course you would disagree with me and say I could never know or have that 1 TRUTH but everyone’s shape of the world is different for themselves or whatever but let’s just say I knew and was taken off planet or shown and even more than that would I have the right to say that I’m sure that yes the physical world is ‘round’ in shape? Probably, would anyone believe me a few thousands years ago, probably not or maybe they would be more open minded back then in comparison to the 1,400’s who knows. But once again when I speak about things that I’m certain of such as the world is ‘Round’ or What happens to ‘Souls’ when they die, why they are here and where they are going. If I knew that clearly then I would have the right to state is as such TRUTH would I not? ‘That is the way it is’ because I have seen it/been there and know it/been shown it and more than that etc. But regardless of what I share with you about it you of course have freewill/choice to continue believing that the ‘world’ is whatever shape your ‘mind’ ‘imagination’ ‘belief’ makes it out to be and that is ‘Great’ nothing wrong with that while living on Earth in ‘Temporal existence’- BUT that still doesn’t change the 1 TRUTH of what the world is in shape now does it?

Many state well the TRUTH is different for everyone on this planet and when you die you go according to your belief or religion or whatever it is that you believe/imagine in your mind but I say there is only 1-TRUTH and if you want to hear directly from those running the SHOW behind the curtain they would tell you there is only 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK and ‘infinite’ levels/shades -once found/known/seen/recognized. There is only 1 TRUTH in ‘Truth’ and the rest is ‘Temporary’ ‘BELIEF’ not necessarily ‘TRUTH’. I came here to simply answer questions Valeri you are doing the asking and I am doing the answering if you don’t like my answering there is no need for you to stick around so feel free to continue down your path and believe any single thing you want. I’m just here answering the questions people are asking me, (Nothing more, nothing less) When the questions stop on this thread so do I.

If anyone has taken anything I’ve written as negative then they have allowed themselves to take the material in a negative way and have certainly not read the entire thread or at least interpreted it correctly because the message has always been about ‘POSITIVITY’ and things to look forward to upon a ‘Soul’ moving on and graduating from school. It was never about ‘Fear’ or ‘Negativity’ but about awareness and about conquering ‘Fear’ and facing the music about this short/temporal existence and most importantly being prepared spiritually. It all boils down to 1 simple thing. Choosing RIGHT over WRONG, learning the lessons necessary to learn in life and making weaknesses become strengths. Of course DO NOT misinterpret what that means to choose RIGHT over WRONG it doesn’t mean that people should only experience ‘Positive’ it simply means strive to do the right things to the best of one’s ability of course that is why ‘Opposition’ must exist in all things so a ‘soul’ can understand both sides and experience both sides and ‘Know’ one from the other. That is necessary but when I say strive to be a better person it simply means just that, trying to live in Darkness and hold up the ‘Light’ at all cost in all situations to the best of one’s ability.

When you ask me who ‘They’ are well ‘They’ is a very big word for me according to my interpretation/definition of the word-so big that it is technically ‘Endless’ or ‘Infinite’ and when we talk about the Teachers/Creators/Designers a person can choose any words they want to define such ‘ Higher dimensional beings of Light’, some call them God/Gods, some Creator/Creators among many other words all created by Man and defined by man, angels, demons, entities, extraterrestrials, Fathers in Heaven, Mothers in Heaven, family in Heaven, these are all just words. Who is it that were really talking/about –referring to here? I simply call them the Teachers/Creators/Designers or ‘Eternal Family of Light’ because in the long run from an eternal perspective that is really all they are to us and there are ‘Infinite’ Fathers in Heaven and Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Children and technically there is no such thing as Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son in the way you might imagine. These are just words labeled/defined by man to understand things of the ‘temporal’ physical existence and un-applicable to much higher states of existence because those words are for current ‘temporal’ Earth life alone for the ‘Time’ being in the current ‘Here and Now’ state. A neighbor of yours now could have been a ‘Father’ ‘Mother’ Brother’ Sister’ Daughter’ ‘Son.’ When speaking about ‘Eternal’ and ‘Infinity’ these words are so ‘BIG’ that what is a Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son from an eternal perspective?

Would that mean you may have ‘INFINITE’ contacts/Family? Something to think about. Mortal man occupies temporary bodies that were given/assigned to each ‘soul’ and humans only look according to what they were created to look like for the time being- but ‘souls’ are not what they appear to be when it comes to what they truly are.. All things sharing a connection from the original ‘source’ of LIGHT. And what is LIGHT by the way? Can any human truly believe they know/understand the full meaning/definition and makeup of LIGHT? Mortal humans are not ‘All that is’ a ‘God’ or the ‘Creator’ but humans that contain ‘souls’ are connected to that ‘Infinite’ source of consciousness/energy. Gods/Creators, a few words given and defined by man, now were getting into an area where there could be ‘Infinite’ Creators/Designers/Teachers/Family in places above and beyond far more progressed than anything close to human imagination/understanding It would take infinite definitions and beyond anything that could ever be spoken about or written about or remotely comprehended/understood by mortal finite minds that are not designed to store/understand/compute such information/data because it would take ‘Infinite’ space.

The Teachers/Creators/Designers or ‘Family of Light’ is not out to get anyone, punish anyone, hurt anyone but to help/assist and teach ‘souls’ lessons and assist them in ‘soul progression’ making their weaknesses become strengths so that one day upon reaching that certain age as a toddler is to man now- old enough/educated enough to drive and get a license then they invite ‘souls’ to get a new set of wheels so to speak and license to have many more freedoms. Baby steps and the baby first needs to be ‘progressed’ enough, ‘tall enough’ ‘learned enough’ ‘experienced enough’ and I would have to say ‘adult’ enough from an eternal perspective to have a purer heart/better understanding of things and more control over their many flaws/weaknesses -on a ‘soul’ level first.

So we're slaves even after death,because we need someones permission prior to doing something?

If one would like to use the word slave they are free to use that word it’s only/merely a word created and defined by man to understand something, I prefer to use the word ‘Student’ and yes it’s an ongoing learning process and most ‘souls’ on Earth have a long way to go before reaching where they need to be but what is a ‘Long way’ when there is “Eternity’ and infinite amounts of ‘Time’ to reach a destination where there is technically no such thing as ‘Long way’ but let’s stick to Earth’s crust for a moment. Things are not as bad as they may seem even though life is far from Heavenly, it all serves a specific reason/purpose by design and will only be fully understood/remembered upon life review and final punch out for the majority. Even those who experience NDE’s leave the body and only go so far, learn so much, see so much and are allowed to remember so much but when they return they are confined back into the limitation/boundaries of the physical human body where they cannot fully know/understand or remember all that they once just saw/realized/experienced and most are never shown but a fraction of the other side. Knowing too much makes it hard for a ‘soul’ to reside on Earth side of the fence in the physical. A difficult place to be for the soul indeed if given the memories/knowledge.

Most that are caught up into a certain belief system are definitely ‘blown away’ on the other side but you know the belief/religion doesn’t really matter honestly if it made that ‘soul’ make it through life and become a better person. If that religion/belief made that person turn some weaknesses into strengths, everything on planet Earth is a stepping stone –tool for those to make it to the other side a little closer to being ready to move up/progress. So whatever it is a person believes in ask yourself this, does it make that person a better person? Does it make them a more happy, positive, uplifting, nice to be around person ? Do people like them? Are they loving, giving, sharing, caring and do they seem to be spiritually uplifted or connected to a higher source of energy consciously?

Regardless of that religion/belief whatever it is the Law of One, Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Light Worker, whatever it might be if it makes a ‘soul’ a better person and pushes them to live a better life then they are on the right track regardless if what they believe is correct/right or not because it’s a stepping stone-tool even baby step in the right direction and necessary for those individuals to have to get through this difficult school/life test. So let them play with all the toys/ideologies say the Teachers/Creators/Designers let them play with whatever toy/idea they need/want to get them through the experience and learn new things/progress. Play around and experiment Valeri and there is nothing wrong with that it’s all part of the freewill/agency/choice and this life’s existence/school/test.

Nobody can give you the lessons needed to learn, you have to experience/learn them for yourself in your own way/path and so it is called the Tree of life or tree of knowledge between good and evil. Pick what you want, choose what you want and learn your own lessons. Experience that freedom and make your choices, join any religion you want, break any rule you want, break the law, believe anything you want etc. etc. etc. This is your free playground to experience and play with all the many toys/ideologies/beliefs dig in and don’t worry you have been given this freedom to experience both good and bad, joy and pain for a specific reason/purpose all part of your learning experience in mortality. But remember all actions have consequence so choose wisely-nobody can take your free-choice/agency/ from you. Free-will/choice does have it’s limits though but the ‘soul’ mind is free always whether imprisoned, paralyzed or forcefully manipulated/taken over. You might just look back on it all after this life and ‘LAUGH’ about it upon remembering what you knew about yourself and this Earth before coming/experiencing and seeing how far off tract you went unknowingly but then again did it make you a better ‘soul/person’? That is all that matters/counts! Are you progressing in the right direction? Let’s hope so, baby steps, simple choices RIGHT over WRONG. Simplicity.

I feel we are all fragments of ONE wholeness/all that is and so we can do anything we want to, literally.

There are very many beliefs out there and that is one of them and it’s perfectly fine to believe in anything you want there is nothing wrong with that but is that particular belief making you a better person? That is really all that counts in the long run for everyone regardless of religion/belief system etc.

A gorilla in a zoo with his own space and outdoor play pen has free space and is free to play around and do what it wants but only within the confines of that space or area that it lives within. So is the human body and the physical Earth. It’s not a zoo for most but it could fit into that category/definition for some on the planet that are living in much harder/more difficult circumstances. It’s not a prison in the way people imagine it to be but it could fit that definition for others who are living in hard/controlled/horrible circumstances. For most it’s a school with closed doors and each ‘soul’ is confined to certain areas and I guess you could use any word you want really to describe Earth life and that is the beautiful thing about freewill/choice and belief, people are free to believe/choose anything they want but it will never change the overall fundamental Truth that exists behind the curtain- only their current temporary reality of what they believe the Truth to be for the ‘Time’ being ‘Time’ as always being the key-point.

There is nothing wrong with believing/hoping/imagining/projecting positive things. A ‘soul’ should focus on becoming a better person, ‘Anger’ is an emotion programmed inside the physical body/mind it’s part of the ‘test/experience’ so when/if a person gets upset they can choose how to deal with that emotion. Controlling ‘Anger’ through spirit-mind over body/matter is what one should ‘strive’ for. Getting angry is not wrong but using that ‘Anger’ for other things to ‘Hate’ ‘Attack’ verbally and physically others is ‘wrong’. Anger is an emotion built in the human ‘physical body’ and everyone will experience it, nothing wrong with experiencing it. It’s not about feeling it/experiencing it but about how you deal with it and controlling it. Doing your best to quickly forgive others and not ‘Hate’ others trying to get a grip over anger.

Not judging or looking down on people is another one and that is natural even on an unconscious level but something people need to work on nevertheless, there are many emotions within the physical that are very difficult to take control over and get a handle on. Materialistic things/emotions/habits being one of the hardest challenges, when people lose nearly everything it’s hard to accept and some people fall apart on a ‘spiritual’ level literally. Never set your heart upon riches of the world or think in terms of temporal existence. It’s all about the ‘eternal’ things-be diligent and have integrity meeting your everyday challenges in the best way you can/know how. Being patient, humble, meek, appreciative and laughing things off in a positive way because whether you die today or 80 years from now you will die Period. Period. Period. so let’s face the music it’s inevitable so why not be ‘prepared’ in the ‘here and now’ for all things especially the most important thing which is the ‘soul’ and is ‘Eternal.’

So keep this in mind, all that really matters is the other side. Who wants to live a single 70 year life on planet Earth and have it all END forever. Make life count and think about getting that Ferrari from the ‘Family of Light’ upstairs waiting with the ‘keys’ in hand and they want to give it to those who are capable/ready to move up. Work harder on making weaknesses become strengths but until the toddler is tall enough he cannot yet reach the gas pedal or see out the front to drive the vehicle. There is much work to be done, look in the mirror and ask yourself how many times did I project Anger today? Why did I project anger? Am I over it? Can I learn to control that anger a little better? What else do I have to work on? Focus on your spirit and concentrate on things within that count, that is all that matters and that is why everyone is here now on Earth today. The rest of everything happening around you is mostly smokescreen/distractions from the real reason why people are here. Everything physical on the outside is part of the staged/test/drama to throw a little salt into the game and make it a better learning experience/environment. ‘School of life’ ‘Planet Earth.’

Nobody said it was going to be easy and chances are if your reading this in the first place you have a life more easy than some-considering the billions in poverty that cannot afford a computer or to even get online. Be conscious/aware of such things and be appreciative for everything you have because you did not create Earth or your Body or Nature or all things in this Universe and everything was given to you and is continually being given to you including your heart beat and the very breath of life. How many breaths do you take every single day and how many heart beats sustain your ‘life’ on a daily basis? Do you believe it’s you alone that is keeping you alive? Ever thought about it!

There will be consequences sure, but that doesn't change the fact we can do whatever we want to, for we ourselves create our own reality. We are all part of the creator mind, thus in infinity all is possible and we can do anything.
You say "tell them" ,Who is them?

Teachers/Creators/Designers- that doesn’t mean the physical beings running around within this universe that means those above and beyond who setup/designed and overlook-ride the Universe as man perceives/knows it. Many words can be used for such beings. How about the ‘Family of Light’ in the “Eternal Heavens’ that are ‘Endless’ ‘Infinite’ works for me.

I certainly,like you said, will not BOW DOWN to anyone and ask permission.

When I use the word BOW DOWN I mean with all due respect that the Teachers/Creators/Designers do not expect a ‘soul’ to bow-down to them or worship them. Fasting, long prayers or rituals etc. etc. etc. are not necessary unless of course you need them to be in order to make you a better person or it’s part of your life’s test for a specific reason/purpose. The higher dimensional beings (Family of Light) if you will do not require such things but for the many other fractions/dominations out there of extraterrestrials many of them love worship and many are not always around for the betterment of mankind but nevertheless they are allowed to remain/be and interact on Earth for a specific reason/purpose everything is part of the overall test with a reason/purpose behind it and many of those beings/entities/extraterrestrials/demons/devils call them what you will are left out of the loop on much in the same way humans on Earth are but on a different level. A hunting dog never knows why it’s being let loose or used by the ‘Hunter’ being a natural attack dog by nature- knowing just about nothing else from the time of it’s birth. So are some fractions of ET’s, entities/beings on this planet being used for by design for specific reason/purpose in order to balance the law of opposition found within all things and answering the law of consequence to action. Some ET’s love/require worship and many humans fit into that category on Earth and would love to be worshiped as well.

I will let certain entities know what I'm planning to do perhaps, but I am not going to beg or ask anyone,I will simply let them know and go do it.

Depending on what your planning on doing if you could and were capable/ready to perform such a task you could try but we could also let a 2yr old try to get the keys from us and enter the car and start it up, take it for a spin but would they really have the capability/knowledge/experience to do such a thing just yet?

And if someone tries to stop me from doing it then I'm a slave ,simple as that. My own free will will be overruled.

Free choice and having freedom to do anything you want or shall I say the ‘Capability’ ‘Knowledge’ to do anything you want are two different things. The 2yr old could cry out at Mommy & Daddy upset as well for not being able to take the Ferrari for a spin but that doesn’t change the fact that the 2yr old is just not old enough/progressed and capable enough just yet to take it for a spin.

And if it is simply impossible to achieve,then that just shows that not everything is possible in the Universe.

Everything is not possible to those on certain levels within this universe but that does not mean all things are still not possible only for some perhaps on certain levels if you think more about this. But there are infinite other existences/universes’ among ‘Infinite’ others- on the outside- that are capable when ready/able. ‘Souls’ will have access to such places at one level- where all things are allowed/possible because they were created/designed/setup to be that way. Unfortunately the universe as man knows it is all attached to part of the learning/experience/test and has a balance of opposition found within all things. It is the learning Matrix and for the ‘Time’ being—‘Time’ being the ‘key.’ Not all things are possible within the confines of this universe, there are set laws that cannot be changed, altered or broken within the confined areas where laws of opposition/polarity/duality mortality exists. This is only according to the set laws/rules applicable to the confines of this small package specifically setup/designed for this reason/purpose however just because something for the ‘Time’ being is an impossibility or out of one’s control doesn’t necessarily make it an ‘Infinite’ impossibility because technically all things are possible from long range/eternal perspective but you really need to think about this because it could be said both ways.

It’s impossible and yet possible but cannot be achieved/allowed for the ‘Time’ being or ‘Time’ being the key factor/element.

SO I design a program on my computer specifically setup as a carbon/copy/identical/simulation of the Universe with a balance of opposition found in all things and a consequence to action structure, when one of the characters within that ‘Game’ or ‘Program’ makes a move there is a consequence to that move. Have you heard of the movie ‘War Games’ before or experienced a program that is battling itself over and over that cannot win. A ‘game’ perhaps that makes it impossible to win always ending in a ‘Tie’. A checker match perhaps or tic/tac toe board. Well, whatever that program/game is currently the Teachers/Creators/Designers have setup/constructed the confines of mortality to have certain restrictions and so I’ve been told it’s always been that way but that does not mean it’s impossible to be changed/fixed/altered only that it’s not being changed/fixed/altered because it was setup/designed/suited to do what it does best for the ‘Time’ being ‘Time’ being the Key factor/element and plenty of ‘Space’ to go with it.

As a small metaphor to give some visualization- think of the Universe as nothing more than a computer system for a person let’s say a notebook/laptop. It’s still infinite in ‘Size’ all things being divisible to ‘Infinity’ once out of that laptop or ‘System’ you enter a new reality where rules/laws that applied to that particular system/laptop/universe or program do not apply anymore. Then you are confined within a new place/boundary within a new realm/existence - think of the many possibilities to ‘Infinity.’ Just because the small space/time area which is technically not ‘small’ because there is no such thing as ‘small’ within ‘Infinity’ nevertheless just because the ‘Infinite’ Universe’ man knows/sees is ‘setup/designed to be imperfect and limited in many ways that does not mean there are not ‘Infinite’ other amounts of spaces and Mansions tucked away in other out of the universe systems. ‘Imagine’ a laptop for some understanding/visualization and that being the entire Universe mans perceives/knows all pushed in one system of opposition and consequence to action. Once outside the boundaries of duality/opposition or Mortal existence one reaches it’s way to a greater/new/existence/reality to ‘Eternity’ “Infinity’ and beyond. There is always a ‘Beyond’ within ‘Infinity’ and fitting everything you know/see within the entire universe into a small box is not an impossibility. But then again what is ‘small’ to Infinity’ when there is nothing to compare it to.

then I would let my soul fragment be destroyed and redistributed for I don't wish to exist in a reality as limiting as the one where I can't even achieve simple human dreams,however shallow they may be.

Take a smell of Earth life, you are here now and ‘limited’ and you cannot fulfill or make ‘Dreams’ come true just yet or do you believe you can? Can you fly like Superman, change the world with superpowers and live forever? Maybe changing the world part on a very limited level. You are here still experiencing/learning and remember you chose to come here and you knew exactly why and for what reason/purpose. So whatever makes you a better person and whatever makes you happy. The ultimate goal was to play around with all kinds of tinker toys and learn many lessons, have freedom to play with opposition and experience outcome a little even suffering/pain it comes along with it all. That is the freedom the Teachers/Creators/Designers allowed all ‘souls’ to have and that is exactly why they are here and very necessary for them to learn/experience and progress in the same way that a toddler learning to walk must fall down a few times or even hurt themselves before finally learning how to walk. Baby steps ‘They say’ baby steps.

And I'm positive and know enough that FUN is essential, it has many versions of it,but without fun, reality is not worth it. Fun comes in many ways.

Fun, Happiness, uplifting moments, joy are all gifts. Sexual experiences with the one you love is a ‘Gift’ and not ‘Sin’ or ‘Shame’. These things that make you feel good are ‘gifts’ and given to the ‘soul’ to help make it through the journey. There are downfalls to having many gifts because in the confines of this mortal existence where there must be opposition found in all things the more so called ‘gifts’ of the positive given there must be added a balance or ‘negative’ opposition to that particular gift. Happiness, Sadness, as an example and these are only ‘Emotions’ or shall I say ‘Programs’ within that universal system and ‘Physical body’ that is like a computer in itself run by ‘Software/programs/emotions.’ Both sides are given power to plant whatever they want, if someone drops you a present the other side can setup a mouse trap persuading you to take the bait and they can dish out a consequence of opposition to that particular ‘soul’ for their action if they make a wrong move. Enjoy the gifts and ‘Happy Trails’ focus on the ‘Eternal things’ enjoy life to the best of your ability and never pass up those ‘Gifts’ open them up, appreciate them and have some fun while your at it.

Now Valeri, your free as you already know to think/believe anything you want and to attack me or judge me or do the whole ‘name calling’ ‘mocking’ negativity thing but in the long run we are still just ‘souls’ and come from the same ‘Infinite’ stuff ‘Light’ ‘Intelligence’ and we all have our own path to follow and I have perfect respect and love for you either way, nobody is more special or better than another from an eternal/infinite perspective so if you feel that I am projecting the ‘Holier than thou’ attitude I find it hard to believe that you have read the entire thread because I am far from that. I didn’t come here to argue or debate what I’m writing or to find answers to questions but you are looking for answers and asking questions and I am simply answering them. When the questions stop so do I on this thread. I also don’t have all the ‘time’ in the world being occupied with many other things so if it takes me some ‘time’ to get back to people on questions then well ‘patience’ is only a good thing to possess. I am in ‘no rush’ I can also be reached through email to get a quicker response.

Best Wishes!

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