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What if the government double-standard must end?

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 09:33 PM
Lets say I write you a letter telling you if you don't send me a check for $1,000 I will kidnap you and start destroying your property like your home. That would be wrong. That would be extortion. Yet every government that does exactly that. And because they call it "taxes" it somehow makes them feel great doing it. What the IRS does is write people letters telling them if they don't pay them $10,000 they will kidnap them (throw them in jail) and steal ("seize") their property. The majority of ATS members likely support what in my mind is obviously extortion. So firstly I'm wondering why its so acceptable to apply a double standard that extortion is a horrible crime but if your name is Uncle Sam it is just marvelous and anyone who thinks otherwise is selfish.

When the Nazi's gassed the Jews, they would say it wasn't murder. It was "ethnic cleansing". So because it was government-approved, it had a special better sounding name and wasn't a crime. And to a less extreme degree the same is true of "taxes". When the government takes someone's property without their permission, the extortion money is okay because they call it taxes and it is Uncle Sam doing the stealing.

Never in history has any government been more trustworthy than an average neighbor. Never. Even under a real democracy the government can basically be defined as a group that does things on behalf of the average neighbor. Governments today are a version of a really bad neighbor. Yet most ATS members have a whole giant list of things they would like to see their government allowed to do that their neighbor should not be allowed to do.

In fact the government is nothing more than the biggest mafia on the block. With a small mafia, they go around demanding protection money. They are obviously the mafia and we all know it. Yet at some point, when these protection rackets get big enough, if you don't like them there is something wrong with you. Its crazy. I don't like a little mafia forcing me to pay up protection money. And I sure as hell don't like a monsterously huge one doing it either. And it doesn't help that it is done democratically. If a democracy collectively decides to commit extortion by popular vote, that does not make it any more right than if a single person decides to commit extortion.

While its true that the governments *attempt* (supposedly) to "do good" with the extortion money, that is no comfort whatsoever. Even if they actually did nothing but good with the money is still blood money they are using.

I'm wondering how this double standard ever got there in the first place and why people support it. I mean I imagine that most "tax"-supporters would not want just anybody going around stealing stuff and doing good with the proceeds. So what qualifies an organization to be allowed to steal? I imagine there is a never-ending list of things people are ready and willing to allow the government to do (beyond "taxes") but never allow their own neighbor to do. I'm very interested in knowing what qualifies someone to steal. Who knows, maybe I'll agree with you and start up my own mafia but it will be okay because I'll have people call it "government" as it will meet your qualifications. I'm also wondering from the extortion-supporters where this magical list of dirty deeds we allow our government to do should begin and end. I have the feeling that for some people the list simply does not end.

And lastly I'm wondering how the world would change if the double standard ended immediately.

posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 09:57 PM
No matter how much people might hate taxes, we all have expectations for the society we live in. We want schools, roads and public safety. These things can be provided by volunteers at a very basic level, but as society grows we need more complexity, specialization and expertise and those things require money.

Therefore, we have taxes.

Taxes are supported by the force of law.

We all agree to this, even when we don't like the consequences.

We like the things that our taxes provide, especially when we're in trouble and need the police or medical care.

We don't like paying out the money or the enforcement.

Here in the US we're lucky to have choices in how these matters are handled, but changes can come slowly.

Sometimes we have to go down the wrong path for a time before we realize that we're going to hell in a hand basket.

You've built an interesting analogy and most of us feel that the analogy is right on the money sometimes.

But the harsh reality is that we are in charge and when we the people become disenchanted with our circumstances or our course, we can blame no one but ourselves.

Most of the things that cause us discomfort didn't happen overnight and in most cases we were complicit in their implementation.

That's why it's important to be politically active all the time, supporting causes that you prefer and encouraging your legislators to do support those causes, too. And, vote!

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posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

Grady, I'm glad to see a tax supporter has replied. Using your information about how extortion is okay if the money is going to schools, roads, and safety I have created a new government plan. Let me know what you think. Here is the first sample extortion letter:

Dear GradyPhilpott,

You owe USSA Corporation $10 because we plan to do good with it and give haircuts to the poor. Without a haircut, people could spread lice. Who knows. USSA will take $2.40 for our own salary since we're doing all this good. If you don't pay, we'll knock your door down and then take whatever we feel like. Pay by April 15 or we'll come by on the 16th and take your stuff.

This is for your own benefit and protection. Remember, according to the laws we've written, you are a selfish horrible criminal and belong in prison if you don't obey our every command. We call this taxes so cooperate and everything will be fine. We have your best interest at heart, which is why we'll throw you in prison if you are not careful.

With Love,
USSA Corporation

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 10:06 AM
You seem very confused.

I'm not exactly a tax supporter, I'm just realistic about how the local, state, and federal infrastructure and services become reality and how they are maintained,

We might argue about how much our taxes ought to be or how that tax money is spent, but on the whole, rational people understand that taxes are the only way that a complex civilization can exist.

Your little letter is clever, but it is not representative of the issue of taxes and it does not carry the force of law. It is a figment of your imagination.

If you feel so strongly about this matter, your time and effort would be much better spent contacting your legislators.

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

How is it that the United States Corporation laws carry the force of the law but USSA corporation does not carry the force of the law? Is it the lack of military? The USSA corporation could start off with a few RPG launchers and AK-47s. If its the lack of laws then my corporation could write plenty of them right away. Or perhaps the force of law comes from the me-first principle. If I write the laws first then mine are to be followed because they were written sooner. Laws written later on by another corporation just don't count because they were not there first even if they are a big improvement.

I have no intention of changing your position on anything. I'm trying to understand where people derive the notion that taking one's property without permission is a part of civilized society.

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