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Does fox employ cylons?

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 01:58 PM
So this

is a perfect example of how socialism and false left-right paradigm is invading us. Corrupting us with dual minded confusion. Fox loves this kind of reporting because they say the traumatic.."The law is the law." And then "allow" the bleeding heart so to speak a chance to speak. While the reporter just looks like a robot.

The law may be the law, but law should be arguable always, on every nuance. Because blanket laws are never just, when the law is not just, then justice is by effect never truly served. Justice is supposed to be fair. If someone steals my whole life, i should have a right to steal the others. Or by court take his belongs rather.

The law is what caused this trouble. It created a paradigm shift in which trauma is induced, into slow compliant fear, into apathy of that fear, into confidence and self rer-inforced dellusion about not having a fear you have.

Which is not the way law started. Law was scientific and psycho spiritual. All things are under the sun existent somewhere despite a frustrated hand of false justice roaming like a beast hunting its prey. waisting its time it could be centiently enjoying life.

I cannot stand this reporters reply, again this is enemy within tactions using media to induce shock and awe. Im not impressed. Just slightly depressed by so much sell out ignorance in what could have been a good example of a nation and still can be if the people dont get suckered and distracted.


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