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Police plead for danger pay, Tasers

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:54 AM
"New statistics show there were 485 assaults on officers in the four months compared with 378 in the same period last year."

I'm going to guess that the definition of assaulted has been changed.
Is that swearing at a cop? verbal assault?
having one grab you twisted arm behind back style unprovoked, and you reacting naturally to such an event, fight or flight. it's assault both ways.

Assault on a police officer compared to a normal citizen has always been different.

In QLD "assault" on a cop is mandatory 3months jail. touch a cop with your pinky finger, that's assault say goodbye.


posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:03 AM
I agree that cops should get danger pay, the same as soldiers should.

Whether this is paid as an extra to their wages or included in their salary makes no odds to me.

It's a dangerous job these days, you know that when you join. You get told the pay scales when you join.

Pay for police, and especialy soldiers will always be crap, but they have a choice.


posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:13 AM
I always thought that "Assault on an Office" was a trumped up charge.

Get ticketed for jay walking, get mouthy with the cop, cop is having a bad day, he tases you, drags your arse to jail and you get charged with, among jaywalking, assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

I've seen plenty of videos where a cop beats the hell out of some poor bloke and the man gets charged with assaulting an officer. I would bet if they didn't throw that charge in with most of their arrest, the number of "assaults" would decrease......

But seeing as they may get a raise if you hit them, AND fancy new toys.. well I for one would be careful when dealing with police around there, they may hit you and arrest you just so they can add that charge.. because hey, the more times someone "assaults" you, the more ya make!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:10 AM
Disclaimer: I'm a theist but not of the Abrahamic faiths. I have minor biblical scholar and scriptural skills. Also I am not a scientific/legal or medical expert in any field. Beware of my Contagious Memes! & watch out that you don't get cut on my Occams razor.All of this is my personal conjecture and should not be considered the absolute or most definitive state of things as they really are. Use this information at your own risk! I accept no liability if your ideology comes crashing down around you with accompanying consequences!

Upfront Personal Disclosure: I'm not a big fan of police.

Explanation: Starred and Flagged!

To give a bit of perspective I provide these Counter Points....

1] So called criminal organizations also do valuable charity work.

Source. Hit Cntrl+f and search for "charity".

2] Citizens also get a raw deal from the hands of blind justice.

Source from 2006

Current Source.

3] Citizens also suffer when under police duty of care.


Personal Disclosure: I'm all for police being given a raise as long as everybody gets a raise as we are all on the frontline of the war on terror and even I in my sanctuary know full well that even I am not safe. Danger Pay???
How about they GROW A SPINE and stop being such sookie wusses and ACTUALLY do the job they knowingly signed up to and MY TAXES are paying for! :shk:

P.S. I'm all for police being able to manipulate anybody retained under their duty of care as long as say every 3mnths they get RE-EDUCATED in the consequences of their actions [ignoring cases where firearms were discharged] and as such would undergo enduring the methods they regularly apply in the course of their duties such as pressure point techniques and tasing. Personal Experience is the best eye opener of all!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:27 AM
You know how often cops cry assault when hardly nothing even happens to them? All you have to do is piss off a cop a little bit by saying something he doesn't want to hear and he will probably say he got assaulted. I have had friends get in trouble this way and next thing I know they are in the police blotter of the paper saying they assaulted a cop when they didn't even do anything that deserves the assault charge.

Also anyone ever stop to think maybe this is just their way to get more tasers when in reality it may not be as bad as they make it sound?
Hey they could always use a taser on each side of their belt, that way they can have one in each hand like wild west style

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