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9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 02:36 PM
Even if this guy is a murderer I don't see how that discredits his supposed evidence, the two seem mutually exclusive to me.

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:57 AM

Originally posted by ATH911

Claims of 9/11 conspiracy have suspect running scared
Former Denverite says 9/11 work has made him a target

Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News
Published May 25, 2007 at midnight

A former Federal Emergency Management Agency videographer accused of killing his wife in Denver is seeking political asylum in Argentina, claiming the U.S. government wants him silenced for what he saw in the smoldering ruins of the Twin Towers after 9/11.

Sonnenfeld, 44, is charged with first-degree murder in the New Year's Day 2002 shooting death of his 36-year-old wife, Nancy, at the couple's home in Congress Park.

The charges against Sonnenfeld were dismissed just before trial in June 2002 after a note written by Nancy Sonnenfeld was found that supported Kurt Sonnenfeld's contention that she took her own life.

New charges were filed in 2004, however, after two Denver jail inmates came forward to say Sonnenfeld had confessed to them during his time in custody. By then, Sonnenfeld had remarried and was living in Argentina.

Sonnenfeld blasted accounts of his alleged jailhouse confession as "absurd." Nancy Sonnenfeld's family, meanwhile, is firmly convinced of his guilt.

He said he and his family were followed, threatened and photographed before and after his arrest in Argentina in 2004 on the new Denver charges.

"This led us to conclude I was being extradited under false pretexts," he wrote.

Although he wouldn't discuss specifics with the Rocky, Sonnenfeld is quoted by the Argentine newspaper el Pais as saying, "I realized that they were after something else: the tapes of Ground Zero in my possession."

Sonnenfeld said he was arrested by Interpol agents on the new Denver charges a week after delivering a demo video of 9/11 footage to a TV producer in Argentina.

"I find that extremely coincidental," he said.

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funny how he comes forward with this stuff then is charged with killing his wife. totally killing his credibility. makes me wonder if he wasnt framed? if his wife really did kill herself... isnt that what the CIA does, frame people and make it look like murder/suicide? (they do in the bourne identity,

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 10:02 PM
It would be interesting to know why he has not released the tapes before now. I understand all the reasons why he would hesitant to release them. You have to take a stand, and people are afraid to do that.

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