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alternative view on globalization - a christmas story for a new world harmony

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 10:32 AM
after putting some anger in the previous thread on democracy hackers, i wanted to state something 100% positive, something hopeful for our future as a possibly united human society

it is an image i have to put in words because i don't have records of it other than the memory of a chat about it with a fellow traveller friend.

the action is set on a chistmas evening in a hindu (very) holy city.

for that particular event, a party was organized by a hindu man in his home, that party was starting with a concert by a local sufi qawali singer.

the image is the one of an italian, christian born, but turned saddhu "shivaiste": our saddhu clapping hands on the beat of the music performed by our sufi qawali singer for our christmas celebration


this is the true globalization my friends !

many lovers of life, arts and nature are building it, anonymously, slowly but surely, and they will go on, even against all odds.

their number is growing everyday, this is your time now, don't miss the move, open your mind to diversity, boycott the brainwashing sub-zero-culture imposed all over the place by our psychopathic corporations and let us defeat the fake order : we don't need them to be.

celebrate life the way you want, but celebrate it every second of your existence

don't be scared to be different, BE, because there is room for all kind of cultural expression and non-proselyte philosophies in the new world harmony that the free people of the planet are building with love.

thanks for reading


posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 02:27 PM
Yes we should enjoy our humanity.
In different shapes.
Yet the rich kids of today go on the internet with their videos
and see who is texting them.
All the reason for me to go for blond chicks threads when ATS goes video.
Party on dudes.


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