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Iranian military said to charge family of dead son 'bullet fee'

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by paxnatus

please don't post foxnews or WSJ or any american news source on this issue . the american media is a corporate propaganda . i will only believe after this incident is documented in Al Jazeera or Russiatoday .

till then it will remain american propaganda against Iran

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by paxnatus

I sure appreciate your sentiments and your passions and I grieve for the loss of not just lives, not just freedoms, but dignity too.

I think at the end of any day, that entails a protest, a revolution, a tragic loss of life, you are going to find people involved in a struggle for first and foremost their dignity.

Whether it's their economic dignity, that ability to feed, clothe and house one's self and those they love and are responsible for.

Or whether it's social dignity, to be seen as a human being and treated with fairness and consideration equally and respectfully to indulge ones intellectual, spiritual, artistic, scientific and moral self as long as it does not hurt and impinges upon any one else.

It's all about dignity.

Right now in Iran, 4 seperate candidates are involved in a political process of vieing for the same job and supremecy.

They all would like to be the President of Iran which is a notable but not the most powerful position in a government that is ruled by a theocracy at it's highest levels and a democracy at it's mid and lower levels.

Politics of course anywhere is a dirty business and involves strange bedfellows a certain amount of false claims and slanders of opponents goes into it.

All is fair in love and war...

Yet also because of the highly controversial nature of this particular election within Iran there are now 3 different Mullahs who likewise are positioning themselves to either retain the title of Supreme Leader or are looking to exploit the confusion on the ground and the irregularities in the election to suplant the Supreme Leader and become Supreme Leader themselves, which was not an item on the table when this election first came up for grabs but now is.

Yet there is even more at play as British, Israeli, and American Intelligence agencies, as well as the Shah's old SAVAK all too have ellements on the ground over there looking to exploit the situation for their own outcome.

The Shah's son has twice appeared in the public eye here in the United States in the past two days, once at the prestigious Washington D.C. Press Club where he delivered a speach, and once on CNN's American Morning where he was interviewed by Host John Roberts and later in the day Iranians in Washington staged a demonstration in support of the Prince and his return to Iran.

Irna the official propoganda/news agency of the Iranian government has been down since the 15th of June, I doubt the Iranian government has knocked it's own propoganda arm off the air.

While it appears I might be heartless I myself responded to another ATS member who appealed to all members with Twitter Accounts to set their profiles to GMT -3:30 Tehran so as to confuse Iranian authorities who it has been reported and rumored are looking for legitimate Twitter Account holders and broadcasters within Iran itself.

My Twitter account is Morethan1 and if you check it, it will say I am in Tehran at GMT -3:30 so believe me when I say I am not unsympathetic to those who might be involved in a legitimate struggle for rights and freedom within Iran.

Yet getting back to dignity, there are so many factions now within Iran and outside of Iran looking to influence and mold the story of what's going on inside of Iran I do not know what to believe.

I have seen with my own eyes a campaign on the part of the American Press to reabilitate the Shah's abysmal and failed legacy who was every bit as much if not more so a human rights violator than the current regime.

I have seen a lot of pictures hosted and posted by main stream media sources that the captions on them do not even remotely ressemble what appears to be happening in the picture they are showing.

Simply put there is something called the fog of war. That fog of war is designed to obscure and confuse things.

I know Mousavi was campaigning for economic reforms and not social ones and I know Iran has been hard hit by the economic crisis. I know other mullahs would like to be the Supreme Leader and protesters calling for Death to Koemani might not nessecarily be calling for Death of the Theocracy.

I know a lot of different parties domestically within Iran and internationally outside of Iran are all pushing for different outcomes and all trying to twist news and events to achieve that outcome.

Because of that I am discounting almost every report that I can not see concrete evidence to support, the same kind of concrete evidence not that the media uses to try things in the court of public oppinion it shapes, but the kind of concrete evidence Juries in a Court of Law weigh when assigning guilt.

Murder is a serious charge, and the loss of a life the most tragic thing that can befall an human or animal.

Is it wrong to want to see proof, real proof, when it's obvious at least to me that at least a half a dozen different parties with different agendas are trying to wage an information war to support their cause?

I don't think it is. I think it is responsible and sensible so I don't end up weighing in on the wrong side.

Personally as an American we have many similiar problems confronting us as the people in Iran do and I am at a loss as to why so many Americans would invest more emotional energy and thought into what is going on in Iran right now as opposed to what's going on here.

I hate the way my government manipulates news here regarding our politics, and I don't enjoy that manipulation taking on the form of a deliberate distraction from events here, to misportray events over there.

Mousavi is an economic socialist who promised jobs Amedinejad did not deliver in his four year term. He promised to make it easier for the youth that is almost entirely unemployed and women who 57% of in Iran are University educated but only 12% of our employed to find jobs. He did not promise or campaign on a platform of social reform but economic reform.

Everything is being twisted, it's being twisted by people looking to press their own agendas and a majority of them aren't even in Iran and a majority of them probably are not accurately reporting whats going on in Iran even if they are in Iran but are reporting what they feel will strengthen their Presidential Candidates and their preference for Supreme Leader's position.

Why would I fall into that trap? Why would I want to see American's manipulated into falling into that trap. Why would at the end of the day I want to see American dollars, and American lives being invested to return the Shah's son to Iran which ultimately is America's agenda?

I don't and if an when this person is known to actually be dead, and if and when it is known that this person's family really must come up with 3,000 dollars to recover the body, I would happily and respectfully donate money to that cause.

Kind of hard to make a donation when you don't even know where to send that donation too though isn't it?

I applaude your passions and humanity, but I am still sticking to common sense in the interem while I wait for the fog of war to lift, and the real facts to come out, and hopefully those who have reacted with knee jerk emotions haven't been manipulated into supporting and causing an outcome that just makes life in Iran and here worse.


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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by Kombatt98

So I can reasonably assume that in the case of an article written about something the US has done you will only accept it as credible if a US friendly source prints it? Correct?

During times like this every news source is printing propaganda so limiting what you read to a few sources is only going to give you part of the story.

On the article it has been common for countries to do this in the past. It's about sending a strong message and keeping ones country in line. It may not be right but it can be effective. Personally, I believe the Iranian Government is going to have to do things that may not be easy to keep order. They have a much better idea of what is going on with their people than me and will take the necessary steps to do what they feel is right.

However, if they use force which has been reported then their people are going to respond with force. The only way to deal with the response of force is to use overpowering force in order to maintain order. It's a risky path to take but once they have started down that path it's a hard one to do a U-turn on an go the other way. I hope they are making the right decisions; all we can do is wait and see the outcome.

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