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Coaches Reprimanded for 'Crybaby Award'

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posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:34 PM
The 13-year-old boy's coach called him just before last month's team banquet and told him to make sure he attended because he was getting a special trophy, the boy's father said.

At the event, the boy watched as all of his Pleasantville Middle School (search) teammates received trophies or certificates.

He was then called up to receive his award, and a coach told the crowd that the boy was being honored because "he begged to get in the game, and all he did was whine."


Ok so kids are crybabies alot, I belive it was ment to be a joke, but the kid took it too far. But they should'nt have used the "special trophey" line to decive him.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:38 PM
Damn, lots of kids have it hard enough in high school with some people being made fun of or picked on already, they don't need their damn basketball coaches doing it...especially in this way in front of the whole team and families...the coach obviously put a lot of thought into making fun of him by ordering a special trophy with a silver baby on it...I think he should be fired, it might just be a joke but at that age kids are seriously damaged by # like that...unacceptable from a faculty member.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:39 PM
I got a "horses ass" award in high school.

I pissed a lot of people off, offended a lot of people, but dammit i was funny.

did i get upset when i got the award that insinuated i was a horse's posterior? HELL NO!

I laughed and basked in all the glory. which is what these damn cry babies should do- milk it for all it's worth. try to get "cry baby" sneaker endorsements, tv spots, and do all the interviews they can. they only look like bigger cry babies now.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:42 PM
yea bobbo, if the kid was a dick all year I could kind of understand, but still I think it was uncalled for...some kids take it well like you, others end up killing themselves over dumb jokes like this.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:46 PM
I agree, the kids may take it too far, but i'm sure what we haven't heard is that the speech that preceeded this award was probably laced with humor, and the kid laughed and smiled when he got it.

but now i think it's an attention getter on the kid's part.

he may be truly upset, but those awards are all in fun.

it's like winning the "most honest" award at a golfing tournament- we all know that it means you were the worst golfer, but the award is all in fun.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 03:55 PM

Originally posted by Bobbo
I got a "horses ass" award in high school.

I got the 'Scariest Award' in my senior year book, but in all honesty those hicks had never seen anything like me before.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 06:02 PM

it's like winning the "most honest" award at a golfing tournament

I actually won this prize at a local tournament, I had played some atrocious golf and fully deserved it

I do think its a bit beyond the pale for someone to be labelled a "crybaby" for wanting to play. Playing rugby, I've never seen a reserve who didn't want to get on the field, and who didn't remind the coach that it was about time they got on

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 06:17 PM
Well a class clown award is alot different then a Crybaby award, an maybe he just complained alot, still a award isnt in order thats just showing that the coach has the same mantality as the kids, an in that case the coach doesnt deserve to teach any kids anything becuz teaching doesnt involve humiliation. IMO. Just be nice an help them along in anything they need to do, why make fun of them an drive them closer to depression?

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 06:26 PM
Maybe this should be a wakeup call for the kid, that he is not good.

Still though, they probably could have gotten the message across differently.

posted on May, 4 2004 @ 06:28 PM
Oh yeah there are many other ways to tell a kid he is acting the fool without telling the whole team about it, you got to remember when you were a kid, the adults wont take what is said out of preportion but the kids certainly will. Kids are cruel in many cases when they are given the artilery*.

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