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Hello I am new..

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 02:49 AM
Hello I actually came across this site by chance in my research about the Indian Nation of Rama. I am from USA and believe more in the ancient texts then the current state of affairs in Society and Current Era (C.E.)

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by VenomR

Sure you do.

So, I'm plucky, the resident rhetorical pit-bull, mess with me and clamp-chompers are deployed at the speed of sound, but have no fear, I usually bark before I bite, so run if you hear me snarling.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:01 AM
Hey there. Welcome to the machine.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by theyreadmymind
Hey there. Welcome to the machine.

Um...sorry to rain on your Pink Floyd pun, but that was the lamest welcoming of any new member in the history of ATS. A new member shows up and you say "Hey there. Welcome to the machine"? Why don't you tell him your name is Joe the Lawnmower Repairman? Be a cut above, raise it a notch, do whatever you have to do, but I do not want to see such a greeting ever again!

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:17 AM

Anyways, welcome to ATS. Explore, and hope to see you around.
woof woof, Scooby Dooby Doo

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:20 AM
I am embarrassed.

Let me say that one more time so that I hear myself properly: how embarrassing. plucky cannot save the world, she cannot, do you hear my God! I said I can't save everyone!

My apologies, VenomR, and as you may know, self-fulfilling prophecies kill.

[edit on 21-6-2009 by pluckynoonez]

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 09:29 AM
Hey there. My name is Joe the lawnmower repairman.

No, okay. Let's try this again. Welcome to ATS. May your spirits be lifted and I hope you find everything you're looking for, and then some. I'm fairly new here myself, but feel free to call on me if you need some help. This is probably the second worst greeting on ATS ever, but it's all I got.

[edit on 21-6-2009 by theyreadmymind]

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 12:06 PM
Thanks for the welcomes. I am on a lot of other forums that aren't similar to this one. I am actually very fascinated by the discussions on topics here. Somethings I haven't even tried thinking about and such open a newer perspective on the whole of subjects and such.

But anyway thank you and I will ask for help if needed ^^. I was wondering though if it is possible to send PM's (Private Messages) to other members?

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by VenomR

Yes. On the toolbar go to "Member Tools"->"U2U Private Messages" and you should be good from there.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 12:16 PM
Thank you ^^

But I found out that you need 20 messages so I must wait to do it =( after reading that.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by VenomR

Oh, sorry didn't know about that. It shouldn't take you too long to rack up 20 comments though. There's lots of interesting topics to add your input to.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Yup but also the rules and regulations I can't find would you please mind posting a link to it. Not just the Terms and Agreement but the one for posting and how posting my be done. Don't want to anger the higher ups.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by VenomR

I know you said not the Terms and Conditions, but did you try going to the FAQ and then going to the T&C on that page? It's different than the T&C at the bottom of this page and has links to posting guidelines and etiquette. Here is the FAQ page and here is the T&C page. Does that help?

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 03:51 PM
Welcome to ATS, you will meet a lot of lunatics and a lot of geniuses and then you'll meet some lunatic geniuses

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Hello and welcome to ATS.

The natives seem a bit restless but I assure you they are harmless.

If I can be of any help to you just let me know after you get your 20 posts.

You might find it easier to get those points at our sister site

Really doesn't matter where you points come from and BelowTopSecret is a much lighter and easy going site.

There is even a thread there devoted to pictures of the ATS beautiful people. You will get an insight into some of the members personalities.

May your experience here be long and enjoyable.


posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 12:16 AM
Thank you guys for helping me. I actually am not having trouble getting posts there are a lot of interesting posts that I like to research and add my input into ^^. I have actually just recently started reading this site a little more commonly then before because there are some, as someone stated, lunatics and genius's here.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by pluckynoonez

Honestly plucky you need to stop trying to get attention sometimes and putting someone down cuz of what they said. The sentiment was in the right place, they simply meant "welcome to the machine" in a friendly manner. I have no doubt as to your skills as a celebrity gossip writer, but I personaly don't like your tounge in cheek on this forum, granted you get away with it because people think you're a model.
But you said you felt embarrased...was that an apology of sorts? I can't figure out what you're trying to say, lets keep things simple.

[edit on 22-6-2009 by awdbawl]

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by awdbawl

My sentiments exactly. The welcome did seem menacing and threatening.

I just thought plucky had a bad day or was upset.

As timid as I have come to be I would have left the site and not come back upon reading some of the welcome posts.

I read the post of the OP several times to see what could have upset anyone. I could find nothing offensive.

No respect intended to plucky. I was not attacking her I was questioning the post material. I enjoy plucky's interaction.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

Ahhh Im new here myself. I think people are really nice here compared to where I usually hang out online....
We all have those days. I should take down this pic of myself it's quite forward. I'll use an atom bomb or something. I'm trying to fit in and junk, this is my new bad habit.

This is the first time I've seen pluckey, like I said I get the impression she's a good writer but alot like Janice Dickenson, which as we all know is a very intimidating woman. I also am not one for metaphors I like my info cut and dry. No humor no adjectives unless necessary..

Just toss it to me. This isn't perezhilton. I don't need a song and dance.

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