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Distinguishing our distinctions..

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by LoKito

I think acceptance is the starting point, and the recognition that all our conceptions and distinctions, are social conventions of some neccessity, and nothing more, most certainly having no reality congruent with real reality, which just is. The modern day heros of the new age, will be the first people to recognize their own insanity and in so doing, return to an ordinary mind, and a beginners mind, with equanimity, in spite of whatever everyone else seems to be trying to do, including the so-called leaders among us, like those you mentioned. As you get older, you begin to realize that there are no smart people at the helm who really know what's really going on, and that it's all on you, to simply be as is with what is, in acceptence. The peacemaker can only be the one who's found the peace trascendant, and it is the peace of acceptance which gives birth to a compassion capable of enveloping the whole thing and in so doing, help to heal it all and bring peace to it. If we want to end suffering, then we must become the end of suffering within ourselves. We must not only get to the end of the program, but somehow, even through non verbal communication, help others come to the end of it also, the program of differentiation and distinction itself.

"I will come on the clouds of the heavens, from East, to West. But no one will be able to point in any particular direction, and I will come not by expectation." (paraphrased).

It is an emergent quantum holographic phenomenon I think, and a type of mind and way of being which completely bridges East and West, a new star of Bethlehem, rising over us all.

Each Buddha must be realized, one at a time. And to be it or have it, is to be completely ordinary, and no longer insane.

The unsung hero of today, is the guy who beats all the doctors and the lawyers, the bankers and the politicians, to the punch. The world and everything in it is his, while everyone else is running around chasing a delusion, no matter how well educated or sophisticated they may presume themselves to be.

The problem is the Western mind, and the type of linear causation and differentiation which we falsely take to be reality.

So step one is getting honest about our collective delusion and fully authentic in regards to our inauthenticity. We must first become our natural selves, and content, at peace. Then and only then, will we begin to possess the kind of healing energy this world so desperately needs.

In other words we need new Buddhas and new Christs, and they will be indistinguishable from your average Joe.

It's all up to me and you bud and whoever else is daring enough to let go and surrender to the truth and the reality.

What we need is a new mind, a new way of being, of seeing, persuading, and of acting, the Christ-mind the Buddha-mind.

It's in the realm of what is possible, that's all I know, it's possible.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 03:39 AM
Hmmm....I AM?

Take it all back far enough and everything is objective to it. What happens? It vanishes into singularity.

Then, it's just the beginning.

You realize it's all flawed.

Nothing is answered.

Then questions? (Why me but not instead not me? (for one))



Then you got it.


Then you lose it.

Movement to and fro like the sinus.

Cosmic orgy.

When you're there, you don't know it.

When you know it, you've forgotten.

It's so still that it's absolute movement.


Transformation? Time domain to frequency domain.

(kudos to you for making me try to get things across)

Those are my comments. Enjoy!

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