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Is this Obama's Birth certificate, or not?

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 03:30 PM
Please tell me.
These people are saying it is.

I don't want to believe it just because of the utter insanity it will cause.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 03:47 PM
Why is his name the only english word I see on that piece of paper? If he were born in africa, wouldn't his given name be written there?

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 03:58 PM
Angka Nilai is indeed Indonesian for "Value Figures" or "Record Book". It does indeed look to be what it says it is...the Record Book for school enrollment in an English speaking school in Indonesia. I do not question the validity of the document.

Birth Certificate it certainly is not.

So, after all is said and done, all this amounts to is that out of a world of 6.5 Billion People, someone was able to drudge up a record of an Indonesian Muslim who shared the same birthdate as Barack Obama, who was enrolled by someone sharing the same name as his step-father.

How many people in Indonesia have the name "Lolo Soetoro"?

I know that I am one of 5 people of the exact same age, born in the same State, with the exact same College Degree in the United States...and I have a rather uncommon name and an even more uncommon College Degree!

Besides, I know that my transcripts show that I was registered in Kindergarden as a Catholic at a Catholic School. Neither I nor my family were Catholic. The only reason I attended Catholic School in Kindergarden was because our city's Public School was under renovations that year and the local Catholic School was kind enough to take all the Public School kids for that year.

I know that there are existing documents that list me as "Christian" showing attendance to Bible Schools. Am I Christian? Everything but! I have never professed the Christian faith nor will I ever. The only tenets I personally believe that have anything in common with Christianity are those that Christianity borrowed from Hermetics, Platonism, and Pythagoreanism. Yet, official documents show that I am (or at least was) supposedly a Christian.

This document is hardly conclusive in any shape or form. It can be categorized as "Propaganda". It certainly does not demonstrate that Barack Obama is, or ever was, a Muslim.

If this is the worst dirt that opponents to Barack Obama can dig up, then that speaks very highly of him, IMHO (and I'm not a person who is very fond of Barack Obama, so that's saying a lot).

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by downtown436

After even a brief glance, the obvious answer is "No".

The website you linked doesn't claim it to be a "Birth Certificate" either. It is a registration form for a CATHOLIC school, in Indonesia!! Note, Catholic.

Whomever enrolled him put down his religion as "Islam"....probably because the poor kid had only been influenced, so far, by that religion. I have to wonder what the Catholic Nuns put him through... was a form filled out by someone (his step-father?) who may have been Islamic, and since the boy had not had Catholic schooling yet, he pretty well wouldn't have been considered Catholic, correct?

This seems like a very desperate attempt by "godlike" productions....who aren't behaving very 'god like', IMO.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Tartarspoon

Whatever it is, it isn't a long form certificate from Hawaii.

the thing is, when things that are done make no sense, such as spend lots of money fighting a petition to supply a document to a court rather than just sending it for a small bit fee to aquire a certified copy,

it seems to be a bit strange at the least, and at most, suspicious to the point of the document was not submitted because it is nonexistent.

to have a court, or multiple courts ignore the petition or dismiss it seems to perpetuate the mystery at the least and act in a manner of accomplice, against oath of office, mandate and law at most.

Like when I got a no insurance ticket because my proof of insurance card had no expiration date, I had to call my insurer and have a replacement card sent with an expiration date to show the court clerk to void the ticket.
There was a mandatory $50.00 filing fee charged me by the court for a ticket I should have never got, plus time, gas, and effort to satisfy the frivulous ticket charge.

But, alternately, would it be more fitting to take the charge to court and spend more on legal fees and waste court time over something as petty as providing proof in compliance with their policy?

Or, would I be better to fight in court at more expense and possibly counterclaim that the methodoligy used is unconstitutional and caustic with only collecting monies as the mandate of each branch?

How complicated is it?

What is the obvious common sense solution?

What the heck is the big deal?

Just supply the document and all the accusations and conspiracy theories would be instantly moot.

To answer this, you must ask yourself why?





could it be simply it cannot be offered because there isn't such a document.

I could compare it to 43's reserve and court records drawing focus attention away from other issues.


The best part is, repeatedly, we fall for it, whether we are appauled or indifferent.

Pass the flouride and let me watch dancing with the stars uninterrupted.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Obama could not have become citizen of indonesia because the laws at the time specifically state that a child must be under five to have automatically recieved citizenship at the time or must bhave resided on indonesia soil for more than 5 years. In particular foreign children of mixed marriages were restricted until the parents stayed in indonesia for more than 5 years.

Obama was only in Indonesia for less than 5 years, and he came at the age of 6. Indonesian citizenship is only automatically givn:

1. A child born of the marriage of an Indonesian couple;

2. A child born of the marriage of an Indonesian man and foreign woman -- the status of which does not cause dual citizenship;

3. A child born of the marriage of a foreign man and Indonesian woman, both of whom request Indonesian citizenship for their child -- the status of which does not cause dual citizenship;

4. A child born to an unmarried Indonesian woman, the status of which does not cause dual citizenship;

5. A child born in Indonesian territory that is not provided with citizenship by his or her parents;

6. A child born in Indonesian territory whose parents are unknown;

7. A child born in Indonesian territory whose parents have no citizenship.

Citizenship is automatically granted to those children 5years and under in the case of marriage or adoption. Other than that there must be a 5year time span in Indonesia if citizenship is to be granted. Obama does not apply in this case, as I said before, because he came to Indonesia at the age of 6years and left at 10.

Obama could not have gained citizenship given the laws at the time. That document is highly questionable because it contradicts the strict laws at the time.

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