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Msg for Gridworkers Re Gridpoints

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 09:16 AM
I've being doing a bit of meditation recently and I have noticed a pattern starting to imerge. There are many focal points cicumventing convergence points in the Grid's structure. I liken these places to places in space and time that suck up an element of reality within that gridpoint's lifetime. Often that very element ie what is being grabbed is a divine part of the story of the life of that part of that tree. A gift and contribution to the higher elements of existance you might say.

Time as you may well be aware loses it's normal properties when visiting these gridpoints with the mind and spirit. The soul I think doesn't visit as it still resides in the physical.

I wonder have any of you seen the conflict that also has a tendancy to accelerate or rear it head at these convergence points? It's often in the form of rogue energy or entities who want to get noticed for the sake of better positioning on the stairway! Similar but more intense entities have plagued our time ie now time. I think this is because we are at one of the last stages in the completion of a cruital gripoint which in turn is completing what I am refering to as a sector. For those not familiar with time a sector takes an relative eon to complete. There are other sectors we are not yet aware of that are out there. It is the energetic exchange of energy between sectors that I forsee will bring about new ongoing gifts and coherant dreams ready for us to eventually dive into.

Do any or you have any hunches yet of what the catalyst might be? Someone on ats suggested to me it could be public ET contact. I like to think we will instantly awaken and work it out between us, but my one worry is that those that need to come together arn't together! You see when I picture it there are masses of gifted people out there that all have a part to play. Bring them together in the right groups (like combining molecules) and each group will pass on the answer or make their contribution accordingly. The momentum, information and energy in an ideal world will move up the new structure of organisation. I don't feel the current power structure can facilitate this transition in our existance which is why drastic and immediate action is needed!

Shine on.

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 10:54 AM
I see what you mean. A collective network could be a very big step towards shifting the mindset of the masses.
I do believe alien disclosure would also be a big step. Not in the sense of aliens helping us, more in the sense of the mass mind opening up to a greater perspective.
I hope that a disclosure would trigger a question barrage in the mass mind, that if aliens are real, what else could be real?

i believe there are a lot of people out there with pieces of truth and wisdom.
People holding a single piece of the puzzle, not knowing what to do with it.
It would be great if we could connect al the pieces and see the big picture.

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