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Running (Poem)

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 04:36 AM
This is a old one, not so perfected but I think it's worth posting.


As I speed toward the horizon, the sun begins to set
A symphony of colors blend all feelings of regret
I floor the pedal and frantically try to reach the sky
As blurs of life race by me, I only want to fly

Driving through the night now, I'm running low on gas
My hopes and thoughts on empty except to escape the past
Running now on foot to catch up with lost time
Rushing like a madman, ignoring every sign

Running, running I stop not and quickly lose my will
And cannot run anymore or walk so I sit still
Energy depleted, so I slowly glance around
And notice something different in the same space of sound

So far ahead and lost behind in times iron cell
I searched above and down below and found myself in hell
And as my ride behind me, lies steaming and in flames
I stand up to run again and fall victim to life's games

The sun begins to set again as a day has since now died
I set foot to the earth below and ran some more, I tried
But as the sun retreated, My destiny and wants postponed
I have another day to run and find these skills more honed

But in the end the sun will set and life will cease to be
I'll keep running anyway and find something for me
Running from whats happened and running to be free
Running from all lost behind, still running after me

Running for the future to glimpse that place so close
Running through life's moments and running through the snow
Running into the horizon but it is still so far
Running with myself behind to catch that falling star

Running through the seasons and years that pass me by
Running with no reason except to reach the sky
Running and more running from and for to find
I run and look and search for more and leave most all behind

I slow the pace and now I see, I've ran the wrong way
A circle I've been running in every single day
And all those blurs of life long gone and wanting just to fly
Has been running after me in this circle to the sky

I run the other direction and find some help at last
But they too are running still so hard, running from their past
Finally they lose all will and notice me standing
As a blur in the sidelines they have not place for landing

We run towards each other and away so frantically
And someday we will find the sky, someday we will fly
Someday we will find ourselves free!

Running, Running.....


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