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A Comparison Between Flight 1771 and Flight 93

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 05:49 AM
Flight 1771 Details:

Passengers 38
Crew 5
Fatalities 43

Aircraft type British Aerospace 146

Capacity Flightcrew of two. 146-100
Single class seating for alternatively 70 passengers

Weights 146-100
Operating empty 23,288kg (51,342lb)
Max takeoff 44,225kg (97,500lb)

Dimensions 146-100 -
Wing span 26.21m (86ft 0in)
length 26.20m (86ft 0in)
height 8.61m (28ft 3in)

Crash landed nose first at approximately 10 degrees angle at 720 MPH

Images of immediate crash site:

30 seconds marker
40 seconds

Notice the concentration of aircraft debirs at the immediate crash zone.

We have a smaller plane, hitting harder ground, at a slighter angle, at a
faster speed yet there is MUCH more debris to be found.

UA93 was a 757-200

Wing span 38.05m (124ft 10in)
Length 47.32m (155ft 3in)
Height 13.56m (44ft 6in)


Flightcrew of two. 757-200
Typical passenger arrangements vary from 178 to 239

United 93 hit at a 60 degree angle, a MUCH bigger plane having more surface
area, seats, and hitting the ground at a reported slower speed(?).

These crash sites are nothing alike. The aircraft are nothing alike.

How does a larger plane (almost double the size) leave less (nearly nothing)
in the immediate crash area when a smaller craft hitting nearly vertical leave
MUCH more debris?

This is the question that needs to be answered.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 06:14 AM
Turbo Starred & Flagged, lately I haven't seen alot of 9/11 debunkers actually trying to debunk. I think some of them are beginning to believe.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 07:37 AM
There is already a thread regarding the comparison here:

Large Debris Field, No Bodies, No Large Plane Parts. Flight 93? Think again

From that thread:

Fatalities:Flight 1771 43

Flight 93 44

Type of crash:Flight 1771 Suicide

Flight 93 Suicide

Debris fields:Flight 1771 6-8 miles

Flight 93 8 miles

Debris: Flight 1771 Suicide note found(paper)

Flight 93 Hijacker passport found

From the NTSB Report:

Witnesses:Flight 1771 "Plane was intact"

Flight 93 "Plane was intact"

Witnesses:Flight 1771 Plane was "nose down"

Flight 93 Plane was "nose down"

From the CVR Report:

Flight 1771 Scuffle in the cockpit

Flight 93 Scuffle in the cockpit

Photos of body parts
made public: Flight 1771 0

Flight 93 0

Release reports of
matching serial numbers:Flight 1771 0

Flight 93 0

Crater with debris? Flight 1771 yes

Flight 93 yes

Debris found in trees? Flight 1771 yes

Flight 93 yes

Witnesses of Debris:

Flight 1771:

Bill Wammock -“nothing that resembled an airliner... we went on for hours, before we heard the news reports of a missing airliner, believing that we were dealing with a small airplane full of newspapers that had crashed. We saw no pieces of the aircraft that were larger than, maybe, a human hand. It did not look like a passenger aircraft.”

Flight 93:
Ernie Stull- Mayor of Shanksville-"They just found the two turbines because, of course, they're heavier and more massive than everything else. But there was almost nothing left of the actual airplane. You can still find plate-sized parts out there. And Neville from the farm over there found an aluminum part from the airplane's outside shell behind his barn that must've been about 8 by 10 or even 8 by 12 feet."

Were their differences? Sure!

Flight 1771 was a BAe 146, Flight 93 was a larger 757.

Maximum take off weight for the BAe 146 is 93,035 lb
Maximum take off weight for the 757 is 255,000 lbs.

The speeds of the crash were different as well.

If anyone is interested in determining the kinetic energy difference between both flights, I think that would be pretty cool.

Once again, this thread was to show the similarities of the two high speed crashes.

[edit on 19-6-2009 by CameronFox]

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