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The William Shatner gesture incident on US TV

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:56 PM
Here is the dailymail news article on this: s.html

Now after reading this article you think Shatner has lost the plot. But after watching the CNN video of what happened you soon realise it's the chatshow host's childish antics which have led Shatner do this. Providing this hasn't been taken out of context, from the video I'd say well done to Bill Shatner. Maybe he should have done stand up comedy.

Here's the CNN video:
Alternatively this one works too!

And here's the clip when Shatner was in Britain recently on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Look at the difference between the way both presenters handle him. Yes Shatner behaved oddly in both, but that's nothing like the oddity shown by Conan O'Brien.

How do you stand watching him!

That guy is seriously annoying just to listen to, I can imagine most people want to punch him one.

American's have a name for people like him, but I can't say it here, it'll get removed.
I can't imagine anyone who has any level of intellect enjoying being interviewed by him.

Could this just be inexperience by O'Brien and cockiness shown by Shatner.

I do understand that American tv show hosts can often be eccentric, and the comedy in shows like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart can often seem silly at first, but you get used to it, and they can be funny & entertaining.

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