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Psychic powers, divination and self-transformation!

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:25 PM

You read the title, I'm going to try and explain how I feel it works and why I even care to talk about this.

Ok so I started this rant (channeling?) from what started as an example and kind of went on from there. I was simple talking about how something as simple as a Tarot deck and it's seemingly "paranormal" function that makes sense if a certain perspective is implied. And as you can see below, it's long answer, I don't deal with short answers. This is often why when people ask me a question in purpose I just answer them with "well where to begin..".. or.. "to explain this, i need to explain the whole origin of how this perspective has developed over the past 3-4 years, DAILY..through meditation and the like.

Okay so let's get to it. I'm going to try and explain "consciousness", psychic abilities, "the program", and an underlying nature, a powerful calling it seems from one who used to be quite agnostic and conditioned to poke fun at religious and philosophical doctrines to never feel the need to explore a possible underlying value or truth to it. (behind the BS of course.) Blame the narrow interpretations I say.

I think this sums up how I currently choose to look at things.


I feel as with all forms of divination and such, it's not the cards or object that give you the answers, its your subconscious.. by setting up a system such as tarot, it helps to externalize your intuition so you feel less doubtful about it.. "it's the cards telling me this, not me"... much of reading the tarot has to do with how you feel about it.. the card could have a definition but it could be your initial reaction that is the message of it, a feature of the card's picture and position.

Some people don't get how it can work and I never understood either until I applied a certain mindset: "Anything that can happen, or will happen, or has all happening at once"... or rather.. by a look at astrology... it might tell you attitudes you might have in a couple weeks time and some people say.. "I can deviate from this, this isn't me etc"... but when you change your perspective of identity and realize you are just playing a role in a universal dance, which to an extent can be charted, you see you are not your role and rather something else, something different, an essence... and then you realize... when 2 weeks or so later comes, you WON'T try to deviate from what the astrology said because when it comes it will feel natural and right for you and reflect more or less what's going on in your life.

With this is mind, if there are predictable patterns, sort of like infinite light eternally combined, and fractaling off into infinite possibilities, infinite timelines depending on your choosing (which gives you the experience of choice but also creates the illusion that the universe/"program" can't be mapped.... think about this... draw a spiral...let it spiral inward and realize, you control where it ends but it has the possibility to go on infinitely (only as a concept as I realize pen and paper has it's limitations.
). Observe it and think "where does it begin and where does it end?"

Turn a spiral to its side and what does it look like? Kind of like a slinky... extend the slinky.. what does it look like?

/\/\/\/\/\/ - A frequency.

A frequency is the pattern behind colors, soundwaves, microwaves, gamma rays and every radio broadcast. When viewed 2D it looks rather simple... like binary...1's and 0's, like universal polarities of yin / yang... but you know that the frequency when applied 3d can take the form of a continuous spiral, so its a matter of perspective.

So what am I getting at with this? Well..look at computers, everything they do, it's a binary process, kind of like the universe, electrons and protons etc. and whatever other example you can think of. Based on the electromagnetic spectrum alone, we know that our vision is limited to a small band of what our primitive science tells us is there.

So think about all the processes going on that seem to be invisible to us. Perhaps this simple explanation is how you can explain different dimensions.. just a frequency change. We like to think 2 objects can't occupy the same space but that's based on our 3D laws we just.. made up right?.. well what defines what is solid, inpassable, or even bound to a location? What if the energy / atomic processes are only bound to a certain frequency / layer? If that were the case, it could be overlapped with a whole other set of dimensional laws, a whole other world.

The picture I'm trying to paint here is pretty simple, infinitely spiraling patterns of information. Through the Golden Ratio we can observe how there is this basic pattern in our world as we currently understand it.. what if this transcended into the layers of the unknown? But just because it's unknown, doesn't mean it's not "there".

Bare with me here, I know it's a bit of a rant...

Take in consideration this idea of invisible yet still present patterns, you could call it infinite consciousness. We'll say we aren't our bodies, we aren't our egos / false sense of self and at the core we are something that is inseparable and indiscriminative, that a universal essence is the real observer of our life and the life of others, that this universal essence is everywhere, it is everything, and is capable of observing from many vantage points at once because location and time would be constructs within its own..essence... That this universal observer is just projecting holograms to interact with, don't bother asking why it does this, I just think of the spiral.. it just DOES.. because it's in it's nature... polarity, it defines it's self-existence through contrast, to do or not do, to create, to destroy... the illusion to define the timeless essence from which it springs forth (in infinite directions through time and space). Also that the act of "doing" endlessly creating and experiencing universe is perceived from a perspective of a time progression, projected pathways of hologram constructs.

So with this in mind, I can comprehend the existence of such a presence, and it says to me that there is nothing supernatural or out of the scope of possibility. And that so called psychic abilities, (limiting labels, a belief-box) can exist without limitation as long as the universal observer / creator allows it, that is to say..the observer isn't limited, but it's program might be. What I mean is, for someone to claim they are of this...we'll call it for lack of a better word and despite the social conditioning against this word.. "god" force, and that when "they" say they create their own reality, it's not an ego-complex, but from my perspective, a realization that they aren't their form / defined boundaries, or IDENTITY (defined boundaries in/of itself)... so suppose.. we are all this observer and taking part in what seems like an amnesiac experience of forgotten nature, and that it is in our ability or rather it is OUR NATURE to steer the course of reality, COLLECTIVELY.. however, the fractaling light concept to me would allow infinite divergent realities so it seems everything is highly individualized towards the observer's vantage point. What i'm trying to say is, everyone can get what they want and won't be interfering with the will of anyone else, because: A. Divergent paths and B. Perhaps we are not our identities, everything might always be in our interest even if it appears otherwise. What seems like suffering, can appear to be a constructive challenge and necessary course of EVOLUTION from a different perspective.

Holy crap steve, ramble on some more will ya.. Okay

So here it is... here's YOU.. or who/ whatever it is you think you are... we'll say it is in your capability as the universal observer that transcends and creates identity, it is then in your capability as the universal observer to be many places and times at once as location and space would be constructs within the program of the observer... and with this is in mind, the observer could tap into knowledge that seems subliminal to the assumed confines of the program it's observing through. An example of that would be.. the observer's divergent and numerous vantage points is playing out the roll of a human.. the human perceives themselves to be singular and defined whereas the observer is all things and none of those things in a sense, the source of their being... well the human might not have the faculties to gather information subliminal to its field of operation (on a certain LEVEL), but the observer depending on the human's degree of self-awareness (of its true nature, and also awareness of how it's "matter" / energetic dimensions are inter-weaved with everything and how it functions universally), allowing its true nature to operate beyond the human / soul's discriminitave energy pattern, the pattern in itself acting like a filter: our doubtful nature and amnesiac experience sets BOUNDARIES. So an energy / human / soul with the right pattern could allow certain levels of the observer's capabilities to pass through. This could take the form of intuition, to know without knowing... to remote view a place or time etc...

There you have it, psychic "powers" or just a universal nature underlying every discriminative pattern of the multiverse / BOX you call "reality"


posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:25 PM

So how does this apply to tarot?

Simple, if time is a construct, and all things a construct, and we have the faculties of a limitless collective universal force... then really... what's even a tarot card, what's even a question that is unanswerable?.. But entertaining the thought of the program here.... We'll say there is a clear pattern of progression of the soul/ construct's experience... It doesn't matter how you shuffle the cards, the right card is already there, because everything is as it should be, following a pattern of underlying perfection, I call it beauty, life is art.

Observe the synchronicities, watch how things line up in what seem like a scary and program-esque (I made that word up) way. For example, you think you wish you had a tarot deck, that eventually manifests so that you acquire one randomly (Law of Attraction, or rather nature of thoughts and intent). I like the one "Energy flows where attention goes". I like to think of our "physical" world like a slow lucid dream... things still manifest but they take more "energy" so it is perceived to manifest "slower". A question, an intent, a thought finds a way to sculpt our reality, which explains "co-incidence". You have the intention to acquire an answer through cards as a medium, and it manifests. Kind of a funny thought... that your every action seems like a code, a pattern, or universal dance I call it. We're always flowing, I always seem to "co-incidentally" run in to people I know in a city of nearly 3 million, the day after thinking about how I had not seen them in a while. The nature of things just seem so subliminal from a certain level... your shuffling of cards, all precise, all perfect, all charted in the program.

However, to me the real power in the tarot or any form of divination, is that you can become aware of and externalize your intuition, so the ego-mind doesn't deny it. The ego thinks its just the cards or mere co-incidence. You shuffled those cards in the way they were meant to because the observer already knew your question, it formulated the events leading up to "your" question.

The artistry or whatever symbolism is there, the set definitions are there as a base, again... the observer or higher-self as I call it, communicates to "us" all the time, and by giving it a tool of symbols it can effectively transmit a message, but the real message lies in the intuitive interpretations of the cards... sort of like the observer explaining to itself why it picked those cards to explain the answer.

Divination, there you have it.

I don't aim to preach, just introduce a different perspective because it's in my NATURE to want to find truth. I had an "experience" lately that explained to me why we should all try to bring truth to each other, and what I basically got from this experience in clear words in my mind were "Through your quest for truth, healing and purposeful living, there might come a time where you transcend your definition of identity and realize that the world's many problems are actually your own." A very humbling experience, it re-enforces this need to bring truth and healing to the world.

So the important thing to me here is co-operation. If we are part of a program yet all of the same essence, the same observer, then our interests at some level are mutual, and our boundaries are simple patterns and we, experiencing patterns in rich diversities have much to exchange with each other, to adapt our patterns, to change our sense of identity. And perhaps a mutual quality within us that thrives for purposeful living and the desire to end suffering through "psychological healing" and expanded self-awareness.

I think the buddha was on to something, bring truth to all, end suffering for all, for the SELF, that if you should realize yourself to be transcendent of the program, that you will love all as you would yourself, for you would treat others as you would treat yourself. Just to throw it in here, I find it interesting that the color of the Heart Chakra is GREEN, and it's associated with love and growth, and that much of nature is green..and beyond that, the Heart Chakra is considered the balancing point, and for some reason science places the color green in the middle of the EM spectrum.. It's interesting don't you think? But there's plenty of threads on the "love movement", I'm trying to make a bridge here to chart how that sense of universal unity could be derived.

I'm starting to understand why we try to protect ourselves from opening up to new possiblities. With wisdom comes responsibility.. for once you know better, there is no excuse to do so otherwise. The playful children find themselves in the uncomfortable role of the adult and the easy and enjoyable distractions start to look less appealing. There comes a point where we might experience a period of great depression, apathy or anger towards the world and then accompanied by a realization that we want our suffering to end and that only constructive thoughts and actions have constructive results, (instead of distracting oneself: TV, alcohol every day etc.). In other words.. we want to make our life better, how far will we go to ease our suffering? How brave are we to challenge ourselves, how ready are we?

I'll tell you one thing, I am obsessed with making sense of things and through my search I have found that happiness and purposeful existence is a level, a degree, not a state.. So I don't say... "Are you happy?", I say "How happy are you?" There are multiple benefits of self-exploration. I understand what they mean by psychic "awareness", as I feel more alive on all levels. I used to be one angry individual, but now I'm finding the word anger to be outgrowing its roots, rationalization and attachment to me. As the buddhists say "Don't hate the stick that beats you".. only the stick is the person, and one beating you is delusions working through them, that the more one is trapped in these delusions, such as anger, the further they get from the truth of what caused the anger and become irrational and a slave to the delusion, and that all slaves, all who suffer are deserving of compassion.

I've dramatically changed my life, I have no doubt anyone else can do the same. I don't see the identity, I see the underlying posibilties. All life is beautiful, all are equal in my eyes and I hope this is one step towards self-awareness for you.

It never hurts to have an open mind, and don't expect that this post has all the answers... but I sure as hell bet we ALL have the answers... if you catch my drift.

When I write things like these, there is NO any kind of like, analytical thought. As soon as I start typing, I don't stop to analyze, it's just a continuous stream and I wanted to mention that. I often learn quite a bit when I write, so I often wonder... "How can I write about things I never knew?".. and it re-enforces this perspective that it is in our capability to tap into an infinite well of information and that self-transformation is available.

If the top of your head is burning or your forehead is swelling from reading this, chakra meditation might interest you.

Call me whatever you want, put me in a box, but I love you man.
haha..If you told me I had to go back to the mindset and personal problems I had even a few years ago, I'd probably go back kicking and screaming.

The world we have constructed with all its problems and wonders, what is it but a reflection of how well we know ourselves? How we define ourselves effects our actions. Aspire to change for the better, wise up, and we might just make the world a better place, but if not, I guarantee yours will be.


- Steve

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 01:02 PM
Great post, CavemanDD. It didn't go unheard or misunderstood. I follow you and I agree with you. I could have wrote this post myself in nearly the same way, method, and format.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 01:38 PM
We will indeed have to wait for more proof. It sure would be nice if people could pull strings in the universe... but ive always seen how such belief comes from ignorance and desperation.

The only real power is empathy. everything else is technology... not magic.

There is no freewill... which means there are no alternate realitys in the sense that you speak of.

A 100 trillion people may need to suffer and die to their mistakes for only a handfull to never make them again.

Tarot cards help people with little or no desire to imagine come up with possibilitys. Once people contimplate these random tangents brought up by playing with the cards they begin to see their future more clearly. Thats all it is.

Talking to a race outside of our planet and seeing their history will fill in alot of the holes in understanding the structure of reality. Untill then we have only ourselves to talk to... and half of us are mumbling random words at an imaginary deity.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 01:38 PM
All of the power lies within us. The 'objects' are merely a tool of transmission. I know this first hand. I was born with some kind of 'intuitive ability' that has manifested itself in a variety of ways throughout my life. I will keep this as brief as possible...

Now, I will not put any labels on myself (because I personally find it unappealing and it lends itself to constant debate around here, ie. indigo, starseeds, blah blah blah). In any case, I can attest to what the OP is saying because of my own personal experiences. For example, in early childhood, the manifestations were in the form of dreams, oobe's and other sleep phenomena.

As I grew up (mainly teen years) the dreams and sleep incidents continued but I was introduced to tarot cards, runes, divination, etc. That became the focal point of my energies, so that I had a point of comprehensible origin for individuals that I woud 'read'. Again, as I grew older still, it began to change more.

Into adulthood, I began to pull away from these practices (for a variety of reasons, probably in desperation of seeking normality :@@
. Now while I was conciously attempting to keep these strange abilities on the back burner, a more bizarre thing began to happen. From time to time, I would touch an object (or even a person) and have visions. For example, most recently my mother asked me to put my hands on an antique chair that had belonged to a deceased family member. I was able to describe a variety of events having taken place around the chair, where it was situated in the house it came from, etc. etc. Places I had never been and people I have never known. The same thing would happen on certain ocassions if I were to meet a new person and shake their hand. These 'visions' were generally of a more intense (at times unpleasant) nature.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that anyone with some inherent 'extra' ability will see it manifest in a variety of ways, regardless of their practice, belief and often times their own individual wishes.

Before I end this post, I do want to make something clear. I hope others will attest to it as well. I have found that most people that genuinely have something of this nature in their history find it to be random (in occurrence). In addition, we have difficulty controlling it or really putting it to any spectacular use. Often times it is disturbing and even unwelcome in our lives.

Of course, they are amazingly gifted individuals out there that can do miraculous readings on command, etc....but they are few and far between. A fine tuned psychic or medium is not nearly as common as it's been made to seem in recent times. It really is almost a miracle to come across one of them. Although there are a great deal of us with 'potential', there are a million times as many people that are straight up full of b/s. (sniffing b/s is another inherent gift of

So that's all folks, just felt like sharing today (*blushy face*...we need one of those!)

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