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Health Care Reform? At my expense? I think not!

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:19 PM
Health Care Reform? At my expense? I think not!

Part #1 (General Overview)

As the current administration battles for reform, one should ponder on a non-egocentric level.

One should first take into account a few startling statistics.

"Recent nationwide data indicates that as many as 51% of the entire American population are now regularly using prescription drugs."(*1)

Now firstly I would like to know the amount of people blindly taking a doctor’s advice and succumbing to the beast known as the pharmaceutical industry?

Whose best interests are really in play in the majority of these situations? Have these people possibly took some of their obvious downtime into finding herbal alternatives to alleviate these self inflicted conditions? Surely judging by prime time television ratings free time is not being spent accordingly. (*2)

I was recently at the grocer and took a long look around. No lie, a minimum of 75% of people I observed were "overweight". Now I use the terminology for overweight loosely.

As a male under 50 is it that hard to maintain a body fat percentage under 20? I mean really, that is a loose number, and is it REALLY that difficult? NO!

Other then the few percentage in which this would be an issue it is not the basis of this article.

A quick check shows that a adjusted number of 70% of the American population is currently overweight! (*3)

That is an amazing number for a country of such over-medication is it not? Please do not to forget the ever increasing absorption of television programming.

Matter of fact the spread between exercise and television time is increasing. (*4)

It is now close to a 9 to 1 ratio of TV time to any semblance of "exercise"! (*4) That is using the term of exercise loosely at that.

Soda accounts for 10% of American diets calories. Now I for one only partake in the occasional soda when mixed with my Rum. That is not often! (*5)

You may have noticed some blatant animosity throughout this short article. It is rightly deserved also.

Now as a 31 year old male let me speak MY mind. I drink water. Then I drink more water. I once a day indulge in a 16oz glass of Orange Juice. It is enjoyable I must say.

I take NO medication. I have researched my issues on MY time and have found herbal alternatives. I will NEVER take a pharmaceutical for anything other than recreation.

My body fat percentage is currently 12.5% and that is because I am on a bulking routine. It can and will be lower when the bulking cycle is over.

I currently work with weights 4x a week @ 60 minutes a session. I do some Ab/Cardio work at the moment on off days but nothing more than a 15-20 minute block.

I eat when my body tells me too. I can differentiate between the need for raw protein or when it requires calories. Otherwise if my body doesn't tell me it needs nutrients I DO NOT FEED IT.

Potentially do I look down on you? Yes I do! I am not going to lie to you. I dedicate my life to this and I am expected to support someone who will not put the time in? I think not.

It is time for the populace to turn off the TV, start researching and exercising heavily.

I am trying to put my boiling rage into domesticated wording as this ordeal pans out. YOU are responsible for the lack of health you are encountering. Do not expect me or my money to support your bad habits.

I will never ask you for anything, please do the same for me.






UB > More to come dependant upon response.

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