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Surprised CBS Let Him say this

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

Hey walkingfox.
Long time no see you whine.
How you doin'?

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by CTMoney
I am just a regular American citizen who is tired of watching the things that I say because its not "politically correct." Im tired of being "racist" for saying someone is black. Im tired of being "intolerant" or "homophobic" because I have a different opinion for homosexuality. Im tired of being ignorant because of said opinions. It is America. I am allowed to think, speak, and feel this way. If you don't like it. Tough. I am allowed to say this. My Bill of Rights says so. Again if you don't like it, the only way to stop it is changing the 1st Amendment or killing me. I suggest the former but good luck with that one!

I couldnt agree with you more!! Thank you for saying this, you definitely should be able to have all these feelings and express your opinions!!! I love this country and the freedom that allows you to say this! But exactly why is it that everyone else shouldn't have the same freedom when we label you a racist ignorant homophobe?

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

I think there is a difference between being tolerant, and pandering. Tolerance is a good thing, but when it is exclusive or gives people special rights that others don't it's pandering and idiotic.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by schrodingers dog
"Pumkin"my don't we think we are special.Doesen't have anything to do with fancy words just pompass arrogance SD.

Legitimacy by some "person" is not needed when this has been fact for quit awhile.No "one" has to legitimize the fact that when ever a white person says anything that the libs disagree with you are a racist or homophob or what ever brand you likeminders think up today.For you to deny it somewhat shows who you are SD.

Its sad you brand this as "white pride" but that is the job of an "Usefull Idiot"(to brand when you don't even know me)

Is this what you call being called out?Is this all you got?"Fighter"naaaa.But then again there are the "Mods".

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Comments I've heard in this thread:

Blacks shouldn't marry whites.

We should advance the white race and not be called a racist for it.

People being peeved that there's a black exclusive club but then defending the boy scouts club and telling girls to basically "go over there" to the girl scouts.

It's not right for their to be gay pride parades and not straight pride parades. But I believe anyone here would defend the right of the KKK to hold a white supremacy parade while getting angry at seeing a black pride parade.

It's comments like these that made these groups of people feel like they had to have "special clubs" and associations for themselves. If there wasn't an NAACP or black pride marches in the 60's, we'd still be drinking from segregated fountains and sitting in all white restaurants.

It's attitudes like these that meant, if I were born any time before the early 1900's I wouldn't be allowed to vote because people thought that a female should have no say in these matters. If there wasn't a sufferage movement in the 20's, I still wouldn't be able to vote. How many of you roll your eyes at the very idea of a sufferage movement. If there weren't black college funds, there would be a disproportionate amount of white in colleges, there already are.

I don't agree with affirmative action either, though. I don't think anyone should be chosen to fill a seat in a college or a job in the workforce simply because they need to make it look like they like having people of different sexes and races in their workforce.

Do most of you realize that whites, as in Anglo-Saxxon, are the minorities in this world? Ever heard the joke about a white American traveling to Africa, getting off the plane and saying, "Man! Look at all the minorities that are here!"

It's my opinion that many of you have never had to stand up for your rights and to respected as a human being on this Earth, because you get all the rights that many, many people have had to FIGHT for simply because they were born a certain way. I bet you'd appreciate your rights a whole lot more if someone took them away from you.

I'm just many of you that are saying these things are:

1. White
2. Christian
3. Male
4 Straight

I'll tell you that I am a young straight white female with no religious background.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 08:57 PM
I loved this. I have never understood if race isn't important why do so many forms one must fill in have a question box for it? And how should someone like me answer? I'm adopted.

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 07:08 PM
This is just a bunch of vile disgusting racist/hate propaganda. Andy Rooney also NEVER said this, idiots. Reading the posts in this thread sure shows me how prejudice and racist all the people in our country (and around the world) still are to this day... its quite sad..

Whats really sad is seeing people in here speaking out against things like the NAACP and organizations like that that do POSITIVE things for people, but yet I see NONE of you saying anything about the KKK or any of those EVIL organizations... that also just shows me how truly racist people still are. I seriously don't think I read ONE SINGLE POST in this entire thread where any of you even mentioned the KKK or anything...

And I'm willing to bet most you don't don't even know any black people or people who are different than you, I bet a good portion of you form ALL of your opionons of other people from the crap you see on tv and stereotypes and stuff.

Some of you are so dumb and confused... you guys complain about everything... I read one guy say hes "tired of blacks getting angry when I refer to them as black" that is so dumb and ignorant... and what does that even mean? Every black person I know refers to THEMSELVES as black and they don't care if other people call them black... Sure they'll get angry if you refer to them as like "that black over there" or some crap, because you are saying it in a racist way. What else would they call themself? African American? I honestly don't think I've ever met met anyone in my entire life that refers to themself as a African American lol. Thats just ONE EXAMPLE of the idiotic stuff I've read in this thread and these things you guys say PROVE to me that most of you don't know any black people or people who are different than you.

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