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Regarding banned/censored Websites on Wikileak

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 06:54 AM
My question is this...

Who are a couple of guys in suits to say what we are allowed to watch and what we aren't ?

Now let's not even MENTION child pornography, because it is a given that that is disgusting and wrong, and yes, should be stopped and banned as much as possible.

My question is regarding everything else on that list...

Normal pornography with consenting adults ABOVE 18 years of age...

Abortion videos and information...

And euthanasia ...

Who are these "politicians" who sit behind their desks in their suits to tell some girl who got pregnant that she is not allowed to get information about an abortion, or that she is not ALLOWED to have an abortion...

Or some person suffering with a terrible disease...who are these people to dictate to them that they are not allowed to end their own life ???

How have the governments of today been able to infiltrate and dictate our own personal lives to such an extent ??

I find it highly disturbing, that a couple of old men and women have such power and control over our daily lives and personal choices...

I went through a couple of those websites on that list of "selected" banned wesbites for australia, and to be honest, i don't get it...

Yeah, I am a guy, and I watch adult movies now and then, and some of those sites mentioned I have visited,,,,it is normal adult entertainemtn, with normal people over 18, yet, our government wants them banned...

but in our streets we have numerous adult entertainment venues...

Who are they to control our personal choices and lives like this ?

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:41 AM
I can think of two reasons why they want to ban porn. Number one, it is not unusual for the industry to use underage or "slave" workers, especially women from Eastern Europe. Also, it is common for sex industry workers to be kept in the profession through forced drug addiction. Child porn is HUGE on the net, arrests here are almost a daily occurence and lately involve a lot of teachers, public servants and others who have regular contact with children.

It also begs to argue that restricting content drives up subscription prices, which can be taxed. The average porn site monthly membership ranges from $30-$80, just think of what it will cost to purchase restricted rates.


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