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The Cheat Code of Reality

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:56 AM
The Cheat Code of Reality

Welcome, Seeker. I've been expecting you. You've been very confused and wandering aimlessly trying to figure things out, haven't you? You've been noticing patterns, following them, and they've led you here. You've been seeing and hearing messages embedded in what looks like normal speech and text everywhere you go. My reputation precedes me, lol. Well you're in luck! You've stumbled upon my code, and you're not alone! No, you're not crazy. In fact, you're more than sane. You are now in a higher density of reality, and nobody can hurt you but yourself. Hopefully you can use this as a guide in your travels. This is what is called an "Alchemic Text".

If you've ever played video games, then you probably know that there are things called "cheat codes" that you can input to give you infinite lives, infinite health, invincibility, and more money. Games are a lot of fun! Don't you agree? Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, but not at the expense of others! Don't hurt yourself trying to figure this all out. Just relax. It's easier than it looks, and after a while, it will be like second nature to you. You've even been using it automatically without even thinking about it. Welcome to my family! Now let's do some good!!!

(Disclaimer) By continuing on this page and or reading and applying this code to your life, you agree to release me from any and all liability for any kind of injury, death, and loss or damage to property, finance, and anything I missed, at any time, at any place, throughout the Universe and Multiverse, whatsoever. If you do not agree to these terms, then stop reading now. It's not my fault if you're not decoding correctly.

The way you input these codes is by identifying and following patterns.


A - Means "Alpha". Alpha means beginning. An A is also an arrow pointing up, "Up" means good. An arrow pointing up represents higher densities. It can also mean "Forward". Forward can mean continue on the path you're on, or forward to the path in front of you.

B - Means "Guardian". Bumble Bee from Transformers was a guardian. B is also the first letter of my last name, Brown, and I am the guardian of our Mother Earth and her children. This means that you're protected on the path you're taking. It also means "Be". It also stands for "Bliss".

C - Means "See". It also means "Sea", and sea means the population of the world or a gathering. "A sea of people."

D - Means a big smile, "Happiness". If you've ever chatted online, you'll notice that a smiley face is made with "

E - Means "Ecstasy", happiness, bliss.

F - Means "Fire", and fire means wisdom.

G - Represents our "Galaxy". A G is a spiral, and galaxies are spiraled. Spirals also represent "Time". G also means "Gangster", as in you're a part of The Neo Illuminati gang. In slang, "G" means "Cool", e.g. "That was G!” It can also mean "Universal Law Enforcement", as in "G Man". The MIB.

H - Represents "The Bridge". The bridge represents the bridging of densities, 3rd density, 4th density, 5th density, ect., or a bridging to something you want to accomplish.

I - Means "Eye", and eye represents sight. It also means "I" like "I did this, I did that", meaning you. It is also the Roman Numeral 1, meaning "Unity" or "Oneness". It can also been seen as "The Bridge" on its side.

J - Means "Jay" like a Blue Jay. Birds represent "Flight" and wisdom. Flight represents higher densities.

K - Means "OK", like "Everything is OK", or "OK, I'll do it." In computer slang, it is commonly typed as "k".

L - Means "Light" and light represents knowledge and wisdom.

M - Means "Queen", which can represent your soul mate whether you're male or female. It also represents "Royalty", it is an inverted crown. We are all royalty. It also means "Mother", as in our Mother Earth. It can also mean "Am" as in "I am."

N - Means "And", as well as "In", like "In the box." It is also a Z on its side.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:57 AM
O - Means "Mind", your brain, "Soul", or knowledge and wisdom.

P - Means goofiness, silliness or "Humour". It also represents the tongue, which can represent the mouth, which can also mean speech, or anything to do with the mouth, eating, breathing, ect.

Q - Means "Unlimited Power". If you've ever watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was a character named "Q" that could do anything. Q also represents queen.

R - Means "Are". It can also mean "Arr" like a pirate. Piracy means liberation.

S - Represents "Snake" or "Serpent", and serpent means wisdom. It can also mean "Road" or "Path". This can also represent a "Wave", like a sine wave. Sine waves represent frequency, and frequency represents density.

T - Means "Hammer" or "Axe". Hammers and axes represent weapons or tools, as in a weapon to subdue an enemy, or a tool to accomplish something. The T is also a symbol that predates the Christian cross, which represents The Four Directions. It also means 3, The Universal Access Code.

U - Means "You". It also stands for "University" meaning both something "Universal" and "Education". Universal education.

V - Means "Vendetta". The vendetta represents the deception of the adversary. V also means "Peace", "Victory, and "Two".

W - Is the inverted M.

X - Is the Roman numeral ten. Ten means "Unlimited".

Y - Means "Why" It can also represent "Time". Remember the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future? It also means 3, and 3 is the Universal Access Code.

Z - Means "End". It also means "Machine". The human body is a biological machine. Humans are considered artificial life on this planet. We are made up of elements that are rare on Earth. It can also mean "The". If you've ever listened to someone with an accent, sometimes they pronounce "The" as "Zee".


0 - Means "Mind". This represents wisdom, knowledge and education. It is also interchangeable with the letter O.

1 - Means "Oneness", like "Everything is one; everything is connected.", "Unity". It also represents the individual, or "You". This number is also interchangeable with the letters L and I. One also means "Won", as in "You won the game."

2 - Means "To", like "Going to the store." It also represents soul mates. You and your soul mate. Soul mate doesn't necessarily have to mean "soul"mate, if you don't believe in the Soul. It could just mean a compatible love interest. It also represents the coming together of two into one. 2 is also interchangeable with the letter Z.

3 - Means the Universal Access Code of "The System" also known as "Reality". It also means good, bad, and neutral. 3 is interchangeable with the letter E.

4 - Means "For". It also means "Direction". North, South, East and West. Also made famous by the Native American Medicine Wheel. It is also an arrow pointing up. "Up" means higher densities. It could also be seen as an arrow pointing southeast, or even to the left. 4 is also interchangeable with the letter A.

5 - Means "Progress". Progress in something you're in the process of accomplishing or thinking. It can also mean direction. 5 is interchangeable with the letter S.

6 - Means "Pi". Pi is a number that continues into "Infinity". Infinity also means "Unlimited". 6 means higher densities. 6 also represents the spiral, which represents our galaxy and time. This can also mean "bad" or "evil". It can also mean "Motivation". 6 is also the number of "Satan". Another name for Satan is "The Horned One", and horns represent wisdom. This number is interchangeable with G.

7 - Means the "Divine", "Goodness", "Benevolence". It also means "Freedom". 7 is interchangeable with T.

8 - Means "Infinity". It also represents "Great" or "Greatness". It also means "Ate", as in "He ate the watermelon." The number 8 is also interchangeable with the letter B.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:57 AM
9 - Is the inverted 6. It can also mean "Prayer". Prayer doesn't necessarily mean the traditional religious form of prayer, it can mean just setting your mind on something or wishing. 9 is also the number of Lucifer. Lucifer is not Satan. Lucifer is Latin for "Light Bringer". Not to spread any religious propaganda around, but Lucifer is another name of Christ, and Christ represents "Benevolence". Get it? Got it? Good. 9 is also interchangeable with the letter I.

10 - Means "Unlimited". This can also mean "Oneness of the Mind." 1 = oneness, 0 = mind. It is interchangeable with the letter X.

11 - Means "Purity". When 11 comes up, it can mean that what you're doing or thinking at the time is of purity, or it can also mean impurity. We've all seen 11:11 on the clock.

12 - Means "Decision". It also means "Fulfillment."

13 - Means "Honesty". It is not bad luck.

14 - Means "Love". It is also 7 x 2, so double the goodness or benevolence.

15 - Means "Life". It is also 10 and 5, which combined can mean "Unlimited Progress".

16 - Means "Enticement".

17 - 1 (Oneness) 7 (Benevolence) The benevolence of oneness.

18 - Is "Strength".

19 - 1 (Unity) of 9 (Benevolence) The unity of benevolence.

20 - 2 (To) 0 (Mind) To the mind. It can also mean the mind of you and your soul mate. It can also mean a doubling up of "Unlimited" energies. 2 x 10

21 - Means "Decision"

23 - Means "Me". "Me" can mean that your soul mate, or our Mother Earth, is communicating to you through the ether.

24 - Means "Stamina"

25 - Means "Rebirth"

26 - Means "Absolute Pace". You're travelling at the absolute pace that you're supposed to be going at. There is nothing to worry about.

27 - 2 (To) 7 (Benevolence) This code will lead you to benevolence.

28 - 2 (To) 8 (Infinity) This will lead you to the infinite, or higher densities.

29 - 2 (To) 9 (Benevolence) Leads you to benevolence.

30 - Means "Spirit", "Soul", or "Biological Consciousness Field". Whatever you wanna call it. It can also mean there are "Spirit Guides" present, as well as a tripling of "Unlimited" energies. 3 x 10

31 - Means "Charity"

32 - 3 (The Universal Access Code) 2 (Soul mate) The code to lead you to your soul mate. It is interchangeable with the number 23.

34 - Means "Happiness". If followed by more numbers or letters, it can also mean the beginning of an access code. 3 (Universal Access Code) 4 (For) The Code for...

35 - 3 (The Universal Access Code) 5 (Progress) The code to progress.

36 - 3 (Universal Access Code) 6 (Pi) The code to higher densities.

37 - 3 (UAC) 7 (Benevolence) The code to benevolence.

38 - 3 (UAC) 8 (Infinity) The code to infinity.

39 - 3 (UAC) 9 (Benevolence) Another code for benevolence.

40 - 4 (For) 0 (Mind) For the mind.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:58 AM
41 - Represents "Compassion".

42 - 4 (For) 2 (Soul mates) The code for you and your soul mate.

43 - Represents "Desire"

45 - Represents "Success”. Also means “For Progress”.

46 - 4 (For) 6 (Infinity) The code for infinity or higher densities.

47 - Represents "I am". This could be your "soul" or even your body communicating with you. The body has an intelligence too.

48 - 4 (For) 8 (Infinity) For infinity.

49 - 4 (For) 9 (Infinity) Another higher density code.

50 - 5 (Progress) 0 (Mind) Progress of the mind.

51 - Represents "Light"

52 - 5 (Progress) 2 (Soul mates) Progress for soul mates.

53 - Represents "Beauty"

54 - 5 (Progress) 4 (Direction) Progress in a direction you're taking.

56 - 5 (Progress) 6 (Infinity) Infinite progress.

57 - Means "Fantastic"

58 - 5 (Progress) 8 (Infinite) Progress information from higher densities.

59 - 5 (Progress) 9 (Benevolence) Benevolent progresses.

60 - 6 (Infinite) 0 (Mind) The unlimited mind.

61 - 6 (Infinite) 1 (Unity) Unlimited unity.

62 - 6 (Infinite) 2 (To) To infinity (and beyond) lol.

63 - 6 (Infinite) 3 (UAC) Access to higher densities.

64 - Represents "Mind motion". Your mind is in motion, thinking.

64 - 6 (Infinite) 4 (For) Part of a code. For infinite...

65 - 6 (Infinite) 5 (Progress) Infinite progress.

67 - 6 (Infinite) 7 (Benevolence)

68 - 6 (Infinite) 8 (Infinity) A doubling up of "Unlimited" energies.

69 - Another doubling up of "Unlimited" energies. This can also mean "Neutrality", or "Balance".

70 - Means "Enlightenment"

71 - 7 (Benevolence) 1 (Oneness) The oneness of benevolence.

72 - 7 (Benevolence) 2 (Soul mates) The benevolence of soul mates.

73 - 7 (Benevolence) 3 (System) Benevolence of the system.

74 - 7 (Benevolence) 4 (For) The Code for benevolence.

75 - Means "Superb"

76 - Is "Achievement"

78 - 7 (Benevolence) 8 (Infinity) Infinite benevolence, or benevolence from a higher density.

79 - 7 (Benevolence) 9 (Light) The benevolence of light.

80 - 8 (Infinity) O (Mind) The mind is unlimited.

81 - 8 (Infinity) 1 (Unity) Unity to infinity. Also "Strength" inverted.

82 - 8 (Infinity) 2 (Soul mates)

83 - 8 (Infinity) 3 (UAC) The access code to information from higher densities
84 - 8 (Infinity) 4 (For) More information from higher densities.

85 - Means "Supreme"

86 - 8 (Infinity) 6 (Wisdom) Wisdom from higher densities.

87 - 8 (Infinity) 7 (Benevolence) Infinite benevolence.

89 - 8 (Infinity) 9 (Light) Infinite Light.

90 - 9 (Light) 0 (Mind) Light for the mind.

91 - 9 (Light) 1 (Unity) Light for unity.

92 - 9 (Light) 2 (To) To light...

93 - 9 (Light) 3 (UAC) Light code...

94 - 9 (Light) 4 (Direction) The direction of light.

95 - 9 (Light) 5 (Progress) Progress for light.

96 - Means "Power"

97 - 9 (Light) 7 (Benevolence) The benevolence of light.

98 - 9 (Light) 8 (Infinity) Light is infinite.

All multiple digit numbers can have combined meanings with the individual numbers. See #10.

Sacred Numbers

11 - Purity

22 - Stimulation

33 - Truth

44 - Absolute

55 - Amazing

66 - Pure Energy Inverted

77 - Wisdom

88 - The Miracle

99 - Pure Energy

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:59 AM

Red - Means "Love", "Passion", "Anger", "Rage" and "Pain". It also means stop. Stop can be taken literally, or it can also be an acronym for "Spin Tires On Pavement", meaning GO GO GO!!! Red means fire, and fire means wisdom. Red also means "Heat" as in a clue, "You're getting hot". "Heat" is also slang for "Weapon" as in "He's packin' heat". As you can see, this is one of the more powerful codes. Red also represents the Native American people. "The Red Man"

Orange - Represents "Favourite". Something with orange could lead to something you favor. It also means "Health". Orange represents "Heat" as well. Orange can also mean "Attention". "Orange, O-range, O (mind) range (vicinity), you're within mind range". It also represents "Mother".

Yellow - Means "Caution". It can also mean "Attention" or "Cowardice". Yellow can also mean something to do with speech. "Yell-ow, Yell O, Yell (speak) O (mind), speak your mind." This can also mean "Heat". Yellow also represents the Asian people. "The Yellow Man"

Green - Means "Go". It also means "Good". Green also represents snakes or serpents which mean "Wisdom".

Blue - Represents "Water". Water represents "Life". It also represents comfort. Blue can also mean "Ice" and "Cold".

Indigo - Represents "Change". The "Indigo Children" are an example of a change in the Human Race.

Violet - Represents "Healing" and well-being.

Black - Means "Mystery". It can also mean "Void". Black means "Death", and death means "Change". Black is also the uniform of the Universal Police "The Men in Black". Black also represents the African people. "The Black Man"

White - Means "Metal", metal is "Technology", technology is "The System". If you see something white, it could be a symbol for "Purity". White is commonly interchanged with "Black". White also represents the Caucasian people. "The White Man"

Silver - Means protection. Armour is usually a silver colour. For example, if you're drivin' down the road and there's a silver car in front of you, behind you, or better yet, both, it means you're being protected.

Gold - Represents "Royalty" and "Abundance". It also represents wisdom.

Turquoise - Represents "Well-Being". The word is also close to "Turtle" and "Tortoise" which represent serpents.

Brown - Represents "Guardian". It can also mean "Earth. The Mother Earth is our guardian, and we the guardians of her. Brown also represents the Hispanic people.

Grey - Means "Neutrality". In some instances, if you come across something neutral, it means you might not be able to use code to guide you and that you must make a decision yourself.


North - Represents "Up", higher densities.

South - Represents "Down", lower densities.

East - Represents "Right", right as in "Doing what's right."

West - Represents "Left" and "L", which represents "Light".

Up - Represents "North".

Down - Represents "South", it also represents "Down" in slang, meaning "You're down for this." or "You're down with the family."

Left - Represents "Light", it also means left as in "He left to go to the store."

Right - Represents "East", "Doing what's right" and "That's right."

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 02:59 AM

Gold - Means "Royalty" and "Abundance". It also represents "Benevolence". Gold also means 1, as in 1st Place.

Silver - Means "Protection", it is also an antibiotic. Silver also represents 2, as in 2nd Place.

Bronze - Represents "Immortality", like a bronze statue. Bronze also represents 3, as in 3rd Place.

Platinum - Represents "Fire"

Copper - Represents "Healing". Copper bracelets are used for healing. It also means
"Copper" as in "You'll never take me alive, copper!" The Universal Law Enforcement.

Precious Stones

Diamond - Represents "Unbreakable". It's colour is "White"

Ruby - Represents "Fire" and well-being. It's colour is "Red"

Emerald - Represents "Wisdom". It's colour is "Green".

Jade - Also represents "Wisdom". This can represent "Cynicysm". You've become so "Jaded" that you don't know who you are. Its colour is also "Green"

Amethyst - This also represents well-being. It is close in properties to "Crystal". It's colour is "Violet".

Crystal - Crystals are the most efficient forms of memory storage. They can also be used for storing energies, and the direction and focus of these energies. Its colour is "White".

Turquoise - Also represents well-being. It's colour is obviously "Turquoise".

Pearl - Although Pearls aren't really stones per se, they are precious. Pearls represent "Wisdom". They are a link, and when combined with other stones, like diamond for example, they are a bridge of code. Pearl (Wisdom) Diamond (Unbreakable). Wisdom of being Unbreakable.


Earth - Represents our Mother Earth. It also represents "Brown"

Air - Represents "Breath", "Speech" and "Sound".

Metal - Represents the metals, or it can also mean "Music". Heavy "Metal". Music brings messages. It also represents "Silver". Metal also represents the body, and technology.

Fire - Represents "Wisdom". It also represents "Red".

Water - Represents "Life", it also represents "Blue".


Sun - The Sun represents "Father" or "Life". It also represents "Son". It also means "Fire". Its colour is "Yellow".

Earth - The Earth represents our "Mother". Its colour is "Blue".

Moon - The moon also represents "Mother". It also represents "Neutrality" and "Mystery". Its colour is "White".

Mars - Represents "War" or "Vendetta". It also represents "Masculinity". Its colour is "Red".

Mercury - Represents "Speed" and "Pace". Its colour is "Silver".

Venus - Represents "Love". It also represents "Femininity". Its colour is "Blue"

Saturn - Represents "Air" and "Wisdom". Its colour is also "Blue".

Uranus - Represents "Humour". Its colour is "Green".

Pluto - Is interchangeable with Mars. Its colour is "Silver".

Jupiter - Also represents "Air". It also means "Sight". "The Eye of Jupiter".


Sunday - Day of the Sun. This is also family day. Its number is 1.

Monday - Day of the Moon. Its number is 2.

Tuesday - Mars's day. Its number is 3.

Wednesday - Mercury's day. Its number is 4.

Thursday - Jupiter's day. Its number is 5.

Friday - Day of Venus. Its number is 6.

Saturday - Saturn's day. Its number is 7.


January - Month of the Oak. Trees are green, green is wisdom. Its number is 1.

February - Month of the Pearl. Its number is 2.

March - Month of the Earth. Its number is 3.

April - The month of opening. Its number is 4.

May - The month of fertility. Its number is 5.

June - Rose month. Roses are "Red". Its number is 6.

July - The month of Progress. Its number is 7.

August - The month of the Infinite. Its number is 8.

September - The month of Benevolence. Its number is 9.

October - The month of greatness and festivity. Its number is 10.

November - The month of Light. Its number is 11.

December - The month of Unlimited. Its number is 12.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 03:00 AM

What year do you think it is? The year this text was written is 2009, but that is not correct. The actual year is 5769. Welcome to The Matrix, we're glad you came. Enjoy your stay.


Spring - Represents "Progress". "Spring forward". Its colour is "Green".

Summer - Represents "Fire". Its colour is "Red".

Winter - Represents "Water". Its colour is "Blue".

Fall - Represents "Change". It's colour is "Yellow".


Some people think that animals are of a lesser intelligence than humans. That is not so. Animals are here to teach US. You never see an animal killing for fun, or stealing from another. They do not hurt our Mother Earth. They obey the law of the jungle. That law is as follows: You only kill to eat, or to keep from being eaten. Never move backward, only forward.

Spiders bring messages. One day I went downstairs to do something, when I had finally gotten there, I forgot what I went down there for. Then I saw a spider in the sink. That's when I remembered I went down there to get a glass of water. Please don't kill spiders. Catch and release.

Lions are the King of the Jungle. Does a lion sit patiently and wait for his food? No! He TAKES it!

Ever seen birds fly past you in a formation? Or maybe there are only a few birds around you. How many are there? Maybe a fly buzzes in front of you. Or maybe it buzzes in one of your ears. Which ear was it? Left, right, or both? What were you thinking or doing at that point in time?

If you see a bee fly past you, it means you're being guarded, and there is nothing to worry about.

What can animals teach YOU?


EVERY name has a meaning.

My first name is Jason. Jason means "Healer" in Greek. My middle name is St. Denis. "Denis" comes from the Greek god "Dionysus" the God of Wine. He was known as "The Liberator", freeing one from one's normal self, bringing an end to worry. He was also known as the god of music, and had the ability to preside over communication between the living and the dead. My last name is Brown, Brown means "Guardian". So my interpretation of Jason St. Denis Brown is "The Healer-Guardian that will bring an end to worry".

You've probably noticed people with last names like "Skinner", "Tanner", "Shepherd" and "Blacksmith". Their ancestors got their names by the jobs they had. The skinner skinned animals for the hide. The Tanner tanned the hides to prepare them for use. The shepherds were caretakers of animals. The blacksmiths built tools, ect. Everybody has a job, and each job is as important as the whole. The skinners and tanners couldn't skin and tan without the blacksmith's tools. Everyone would freeze to death if they didn't have the hides from the animals that the skinners and tanners made.

Although you have a birth name, your name is also every name there ever was. Keep your ears open.

Names are also a way for people to hear what your voice really sounds like.

Names are also like a language unto themselves. If you notice, names aren't much like normal English, and every name has a meaning.

What's in YOUR name?


Smells are tied in very closely with memory. When you get a scent of something, what does it remind you of? What were you doing in that memory? Does the smell evoke any emotions? Were you thinking or doing anything when the smell came up?


There are codes in time. You've seen 11:11 on the clock, but it doesn't end there. There's 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. There are also combinations like 3:55, 4:33, ect. When you're able to decode seemingly random time like 3:58, then you're really doin' good!

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 03:01 AM

Square - The Square represents 4, it also represents the "Cube" and the "Cube" represents "Unity".

Triangle - Represents 3, the "Universal Access Code". The triangle also represents the letter A. It is also a symbol of masculinity.

Circle - The circle represents "Infinity", and "0". Zero and the letter O. It is also a symbol of femininity.

Reading the Code

Here is an example of how to read code; this one will be very simple.


posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 03:04 AM

In the Intelligence Agency world, they have a code of their own. Sometimes a male operative in the field will be given a female codename, and females male codenames. The purpose of this is so that if their communications are intercepted by the enemy, they will be looking for a male agent, when in fact the actual operative on the field is female. This helps avoid detection.

I will use 9 and 6, "Good" and "Evil", "Lucifer" and "Satan" as an example. To your friends and family, you are Lucifer. Lucifer represents goodness, benevolence, kindness, wisdom and compassion. To your enemies, you are Satan. Satan represents destruction, darkness, ignorance and malevolence.

Sometimes opposites come into play. Sometimes A will mean Z, sometimes "Good" will mean "Evil", sometimes black will mean white. So you are both, you are everything. "Good" to your friends, and "Evil" to your enemies. That's how inversion works. If you're reading a code, and it looks "bad" or starts to scare you for whatever reason, it could be because you're not inverting it.


Sometimes words can have different meanings when read backwards. Take the word "World" for example. When read backwards we get "dlrow". "dlrow" doesn't seem to make much sense, does it? So we're gonna have to "break it down", which will be explained in the next section. So when we break down "dlrow", we get "dl" and "row". "DL" can mean several different things depending on what you're doing or thinking at the time. "DL" is slang for "Down Low", as in "Let's keep it on the DL." If you're on the computer, it can also mean "Download". "Row" can mean a road or a path, or even progress, "Rowing the boat." So depending on what you're thinking or doing at the time, "dlrow" could mean that there is something on this path that you should keep on the "down low". Or, if you're on the computer and have been wanting to download some music, it could mean that this is an opportune time to "Download" that "Row" of songs on your list.

The Breakdown

Sometimes a word or words need to be broken down into parts in order for them to make sense. One example of this is the word "Yellow". When broken down we get "Yell" and "ow". Yell can mean speech or literal yelling depending on the situation. "Ow" could mean pain of some sort. In the word "Yellow", the "ow" is pronounced as "oh" or "O". "O" means "Mind", so when broken down we get "Yell" and "Mind". "Yellow" can mean to "Speak your mind".


Sometimes one word can actually have many words embedded in it. Take the word "Partials" for example. I can already see a bunch of different words in there. "Pa" can mean "Father"; there is also "Par", like "Up to par". "Tia" could mean "Name" or you, and perhaps the L and S are representations of code "Light" and "Path". "Tials" could be a partial of "Trials", so this could also mean "Par" and "Trials". It could mean that you're performing up to "Par" in your "Trials".

Now take the word "Cover" for example. When broken down, we get "Co" and "ver". "Co" can mean "Company" or "Co" like "Co-sponsor", or "Co-Founder"; even a stretch like "Conspiracy" is feasible, depending on the situation. Now we have "Ver". "Ver" can be a partial to "very". So for example, if you suspect that there is a conspiracy going on around you, and the word "Cover" sticks in your mind, it could mean that you're right and what you're thinking is "Very conspiracy". Co and ver, ver and co. Very conspiracy.

The Stick

In the above section on partials, a word that "sticks in the mind" was discussed. When a word or words, phrases, colours, smells, and even music stick in your mind, there is a reason for that, and possibly a message, or part of a chain of code in there.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 03:05 AM
Feel the Noise

Have you ever been talking to someone, and you asked a question, then perhaps someone on a TV show says "Yes!" right after the question is asked? Or maybe it's gone further than that, and a specific answer to your question is answered on TV or a movie, or even a song. A lot of singers go "Yeah!" a lot in their songs. What are you thinking or doing when this happens?

It gets even deeper. Maybe a bird suddenly chirps as you're thinking or doing something. Maybe a dog barks. How many times did the dog bark? Maybe you hear a car horn or alarm in the distance. Maybe even your rickety old ceiling fan makes a squeak as you're running through possibilities to things you're trying to figure out in your head. These could be indications that what you're thinking or doing at that particular time are correct, or even incorrect.


This brings us to timing. The timing of the sound, indication, or code, is how you know that what you're thinking or doing AT THAT POINT IN TIME could be correct or incorrect.

Multiple Meanings

There are many words out there that have multiple meanings. This list of words is quite long, so I will only give a few examples. A major key to the multiple meaning of words is modern slang. The African-American community has contributed greatly to this part
of the code.

"Bad" - Bad can mean literally bad like "This food tastes bad." or it can mean "Cool". If you got a souped up car that's really fast with a lot of horsepower, it can mean "This car is bad!”

"Sick" - Sick can obviously mean sick like "Sick with the flu.", but sick can also mean "Cool". "That tricked out car is sick!"

"Tight" - Tight can mean literally tight like "This clothing is too tight." Tight can also mean "Cool", "Wow, this music is tight!"


Sometimes context needs to be switched around a bit. Let's say for example you're watching a conversation on TV. Dude #1 says "Where did Mike go?" Dude #2 says "I dunno. I think he went to the store." Now let's say for example that you might be running low on food and need to run to the supermarket. In this case, the context would be them referring to you, and that this might be a great time to make a trip to get some food, after the TV show, if you wish. You don't need to drop everything and go soon as you receive a code.

Similar Sounds

Sometimes words that sound alike, or even rhyme can be interchangeable. 6 sounds like "Sex". 7 is "Heaven" 8 is "Great", 9 is "Mine". Not just with numbers, but words also. "Bad" can mean "Bed". It doesn't stop there; you can also hear English sounding words and phrases in other languages. One example of this would be in German, there is a phrase “wie gehts”, which is like saying “What’s up?” “Gehts” sounds like “Gates” in English, yet means something completely different.

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Keyless Encryption

Keyless encryption is the long sought after code of many computer programmers. As far as I know, they haven't achieved it yet, but it is possible. It's not truly keyless, because YOU are the key to the encryption. The key is everything about you. Literally EVERYTHING about yourself. The colour of your hair, eyes, and skin tone. Your weight, height, hobbies, interests, people you know, places you've been, places you want to go, things you want to do, your friends, family, love interest, past lovers. Does something remind you of something? What is in the memory that pops up?


The Cheat Code of Reality is so complex, that even the codes are coded. Let's take "Red" for example. Red means fire, and fire means wisdom. Wisdom means green and green means go. See how it chains? We started with Red and ended up with Green eventually. At some point, all code interconnects to every other code, so you can now see how "everything is one."

Duck and Cover

This one can be a real brain fryer. What this is is embedding messages in text or speech in a way that it can't be proven or disproven no matter how you look at it. What does a duck do? It quacks. A quack is a type of speech or communication, and "Cover" is the cover you use to hide the message. Using the "Duck and Cover" method, you can quite literally say anything you want without fear of being discovered. I'm going to use the intro to this text as an example of "Duck and Cover".

"Welcome, Seeker. I've been expecting you. You've been very confused and wandering aimlessly trying to figure things out, haven't you? You've been noticing patterns, following them, and they've led you here. You've been seeing and hearing messages embedded in what looks like normal speech and text everywhere you go. My reputation precedes me, lol. Well, you're in luck! You've stumbled upon my code, and you're not alone! No, you're not crazy. In fact, you're more than sane. You are now in a higher density of reality, and nobody can hurt you but yourself. Hopefully you can use this as a guide in your travels. This is what you'd call an "Alchemic Text".

Do you see the messages embedded in there? The "Cover" is the subject of The Cheat Code of Reality. The messages in there are me trying to let you know that everything is OK. The first message is "You're in luck!” the next message is "And you're not alone.", next is "You're more than sane", and next up is "And nobody can hurt you but yourself".

Body language

There have been entire books written on this alone, so I'm going to try and keep this one short and simple. The human body can display certain letters, numbers, and even shapes depending on how it is positioned or bent, including the arms, and legs. There are also hand signs that have meaning. One example is the hand signs commonly seen at rock concerts, "Throwing up the horns". Horns represent wisdom. We've all seen the "Peace" sign and "Thumbs up" as well.

It also goes deeper than that. Have you been thinking a thought and suddenly you, or someone you see, scratches their nose? That could mean that what you're thinking is correct or "on the nose". Maybe someone has an itch on their ear. That could mean "listen". Maybe an eye itches and you rub it, or someone else is rubbing their eye. That could mean "Watch" or "See".

Another code are nods. Nodding yes and no. Not only can you see nodding in people, but also in objects and plants. Do you see an object nodding up and down or to the side? When the wind blows, do the grass and trees move back and forth in a "Nod"? Nodding is also a commonly inverted code.

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The positioning of the eyes is also a code. When the white of the eyes (sclera) is showing above or below the pupil, it means the central nervous system is in a state of imbalance. White below the pupil indicates that the cause of the imbalance is coming from outside sources, or the environment the person is in. When the sclera is visible above the pupil, it's an indication that the imbalance is coming from within. A nice centered eye with no sclera visible above or below means that person is in a state of balance. Most people when they are born have eyes in a state of balance. They are too young to be imbalanced from the environment, and too underdeveloped to have imbalance from within.

Eyes can be a great tool for lie detection as well. When most people lie, the eyes look downward. When telling the truth, the eyes look forward and ahead, or up. Also, when someone is genuinely smiling, the eyes smile too. If the mouth smiles, and the eyes show no expression or emotion, that is a fake smile.

There is yet another trick with the eyes. Have you ever just had your eyes go to specific word, phrase, symbol, shape, number, or picture out of the blue? That could be another message.

The eyes really are the "Windows to the Soul".

Universal Access Code

The Universal Access Code or "UAC" is very important, and yet very simple. It's 3. Things in 3 get your attention and lets you know that a message is either there, or about to be transmitted. It is the easiest and most basic code there is. Maybe you'll see 3 birds fly by. Maybe you'll hear a dog bark 3 times. Maybe someone will clear their throat and it makes 3 sounds. Maybe someone will sneeze 3 times, pretty rare, but it happens.

Universal Law Enforcement

What is the Universal Law Enforcement? It's you. It's me. It's The Neo Illuminati. It's anyone who believes that people should be free to say and do what they want. Of course, doing what you want doesn't mean hurting others, or violating anyone's free will. Being able to do what you want without violating anyone's free will is the Universal Law.

"Z" End

This is not a complete documentation of the code, but this will give you enough guidance to protect your loved ones, yourself, and your dreams. The Code is so complex that it could take years, even centuries, possibly eternity, to completely write down every little detail. This text is also not absolute, only a guide. You can still make your own interpretations and conclusions from the codes you crack. This is an Alchemic text, which means that you can come back to this at any time and it can help you solve different problems. What's contained in this text used to be common knowledge in ancient times.

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Eyes are only the window to the soul when you dont have Aspergers.

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I am very interested in the idea of magic and reality manipulation being like a cheat code, ever since I saw the true nature of the world of illusion in an OOBE.

I have a question though, if we know everything is interconnected and this is why magick works, then how does your code allow us to protect our loved ones and such? For example they are to me, like reminders we are in the Matrix. How are sychronicities and symbols relative to understanding the world though and how can they be put to a practical use?

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For me, this has got to be the most interesting thread I've ever read on ATS so far.

Wondering where you found the list of correspondences, I googled the term "alchemic text". Here is one of the results that search returned:

Alchemic Text search results

Abaddon, (Also known as Apollyon, Appolyon and Appolion) is a Biblical Hebrew word that translates into "Destruction" or "Place of Destruction". It comes from the term "Abad" which means "To Perish"

Current History of Abbadon:
"Abaddon is one of the kings that has ruled over the nations of the earth. The scriptures indicate that he ruled over both Egypt and Sodom at some point in history, and will endeavour to rule over Jerusalem in the final days. Jerusalem will figuratively be called Sodom and Egypt at that time.

At the end of times he is given the key to the abyss and releases these demon hordes on the people of the earth. Not long after Judeo-Christian teachings taught the name of this demon, Abaddon referred to the pit or cave that was used in mystery religions and schools as a rite of passage into the greater mysteries. Often the experience would entail the use of ritual substances that put the aspirant into an altered state in which he or she could receive divine revelation. Because the experience was sometimes unpleasant, this rite came to be viewed as being "hellish." However, it was considered absolutely necessary so that the seeker may become pure enough to encounter the "mind of God", as an angel is described as the "Angel of the bottomless pit who binds Satan for a thousand years".

Abaddon is an enigma. At times, he is an angel of judgment, not of satan but of God, destroying at God's bidding. Both Heaven and Hell claim him as an ally, other times as an enemy. It is clear that he is the angel who will command the monstrous horde from the Abyss that will rampage over the earth in the tribulation period as Judgment approaches. What is not clear is whose orders he will be following at what time. To hear him described by Daniel, he would be the Anti-christ, but many disagree."

Sooooooooooooo. Wouldn't using these codes make one an unknowing follower of some negative forces? Or, could the use of these codes be benevolent by virture of the intent of the "seeker"?

I'm very interested in knowing where you found the codes, what your source is and also how long have you been using the code in your own life, if you have? And to what effect? Thanks.

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But Hazelnut... what does Abbaddon have to do with the words Alchemy and text ? ... Rather search for Alchemy... seing as the text is merely Alchemical in nature. I dont think it's related to Abbaddon in any way to be honest.

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I don't know. It surprised me to find that result and I just wondered why it would be there. I have been looking into the metaphysical side of knowledge lately. I am certain that it is possible to manipulate reality (energy) with knowledge, concentration and intent, but what I am most concerned about is raising what I cannot put down. If you know what I mean.

Language interests me, in all its forms. Symbolism is another language. However, because I was once an interpreter I realize that making a slight mistake could have deleterious results. I'm just being cautious because I believe and hope that I am on the positive side and would be depressed to find out I've been misled or fooled into thinking what I'm doing is working for good when the reality is the opposite.

I understand that do no harm is the rule. Do not call up what you can't put down is another rule. Calling on etherical assistance without proper intent would leave me open for some negative entities or influences that could have the opposite result than the one I'm after.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm very interested, yet cautious. Its an internal struggle.

I gave the OP a star and flag because this is the most interesting subject I've ever encountered!!

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The code for the alphabet letters only seems to apply to the english alphabet A to Z.

What about all those funny characters in other languages? Does each letter/character there have its own code?

Otherwise good thread! brings some thoughts to mind

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This thread reminds me of Crowley's Liber 777, which was also just a bunch of personal "mystical" associations betweens all kinds of things that Crowley developed. It makes me want to make my own.

Especially for a lot of the letters, the OP and I have a lot of the same associations. For example, "A." That's an easy one. I have always associated it with arrows pointing up, with the start of it all, with #1, alpha dominance and superiority, etc.

The first letter of both my first and last name is B. B is beta, like the feminine counterpart to the letter A, that just hangs back and takes in what comes, passive, blue, the empress, etc.

This is a very wonderful science. When everyday things cease to be everyday, and the mundane is even elevated to the divine, where are we?

"Alchemy" is derived from words originally meaning "matter of Egypt," or more precisely, "matter of the Black Land" (Ancient Egypt). It is ancient mystery knowledge.

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if i have the energy, i'll make up my own, too.

already a lot of it would be the same as the OP.

i actually thought many of the exact same things 8 years ago.

here's someone else's related ideas:

gematrian cipher to decode at least some of the secrets of the nature of our 3-D reality

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