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Everything About the Holocaust

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 04:40 AM
I wouldn't say that's true. It's just most people who do are either misinformed or happen to be Neo-Nazis.

One notable exception is the chess player Bobby Fischer, who was half Jewish and did not believe in the Holocaust and hated Jews.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 04:43 AM
I DO think there is a strong possibility that some of the founders of Israel WANTED the Holocaust to happen so they could regain the Holy Land.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 04:57 AM

Originally posted by skatty14

If anyone has evidence refuting the holocaust, then by all means please post a link to this supposed evidence! If you don't believe mine then I can certainly post a link to evidence to support my point.

There are so many holes in the official 'holocaust' story that i personally find it almost unbelievable that people are buying it. I guess it is due to some serious brainwashing that begins when we start school.

Take a look at the video that's linked in one of my threads about this same subject, watch every part of it and debunk it if you can.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 05:04 AM
What I'm saying is that while the Holocaust DID happen, as did 9/11, we should not just accept the official story blindly, because history in general is full of biased lies.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 05:05 AM

Salomon Morel (November 15, 1919 in Garbów, Poland – February 14, 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel) was between February and November 1945 a member of the Urząd Bezpieczeństwa (Communist Security) and the Stalinist-era commandant of the Zgoda camp in Świętochłowice, Poland. The camp held Upper Silesian local population listed on Volksliste, and some people from other regions and abroad. He was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel rejected several Polish requests for extradition, the last one in July 2005.

During the World War II and the ensuing Holocaust, Morel and his family were hidden by Józef Tkaczyk. (In 1983 Józef Tkaczyk was designated as one of the Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem for saving Morel’s life.)

At this point, there are somewhat divergent accounts of Morel's activities. According to the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), in charge of prosecuting war criminals and the initiator of the later extradition request, at the beginning of 1942 he and his brother organised a criminal band and robbed local people.Their criminal activity ended when during one of their robberies they were captured by members of the Polish People's Army.To avoid punishment Morel placed all the blame on his brother, and then joined the communist partisans in the Parczew area (see also Parczew partisans), where he worked as a janitor and a guide through the forests. His two brothers died during the war, one in 1943, another in 1945.

Morel presented a different version of his life to the mass media and the Israeli authorities, who accepted his version. The Israeli letter rejecting extradition states that Morel joined the partisans of the Red Army in 1942, and was in the forests when his parents, sister-in-law, and brother were killed by Polish Blue Police officers; the next year, his brother was killed by a "Polish fascist". According to a number of media sources, Morel claimed that he was at one point an inmate in Auschwitz and over 30 of his relatives were killed in the Holocaust. Neither the IPN reports nor Israel's state response address the claim that Morel was ever imprisoned at Auschwitz.

In 1945, Morel Becomes Commandant Of Zgoda Camp
A former subcamp of Auschwitz, in 1945 the NKVD took it over and put Solomon Morel in charge. The camp was considered one of the most cruel Stalinist crimes against the Silesian population. They didn't arrest war criminals, but mainly civilians. The communist Jews emptied local villages of their German leaders and sent them there. If a gentile owned a business, he would be arrested, and sent to Morel. A local Jew would then buy the business for back taxes. "His favorite method of killing prisoners was hacking the skull of his victims with a wooden leg of a chair," according to the book. He killed thousands. Morel and his band of 'Jewish ex-partisans' also abducted local children. Local town Jews informed on town girls, who were soon abducted. About 6,000 people were kept in the camp since it was opened. Morel used the camp as his base for drugs, prostitution, and the Bolshevik's natural fascination with torture. He kept young boys for his personal pleasure. Jewish guards would tie young Fraulines to a post after they raped them. The guards at Morel's camp were Jewish criminals fresh out of Auschwitz, and the first thing they did was beat their old Nazis guards to death with shovels.

I knew Morel in the camp. He was a very brutal and sadistic man,He was young then, full of lust, I could hear the cries of the young boys during the night.

survivor Dorota Boriczek said.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 05:07 AM
In 1998, IPN's extradition request for Morel was rejected by Israel. A reply sent to the Polish Justice Ministry from Israeli authorities said that Israel would not extradite Mr Morel as the statute of limitations had expired on war crimes. In April 2004, Poland filed another extradition order against Morel, this time with fresh evidence, upgrading the case to "communist crimes against the population." The main charge against Salomon Morel was that, as commandant of the Zgoda camp at Świętochłowice, he created for the prisoners in this camp, out of ethnic and political considerations, conditions that jeopardised their lives, including starvation and torture. In July 2005 this request was again formally refused. The response rejected the more serious charges as being false, potentially part of an anti-semitic conspiracy, and again rejected extradition on the grounds that the statute of limitations against Morel had run out, and that Morel was in bad health.

Ahh. . . I see now, Israel only cares if the crimes against humanity is perpetrated against Jews, If its gentiles though, then it doesn't really matter. What sick hypocrites.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by fapython

Considering Israel government are at most times stocked with war criminals and terrorists, the action taken regarding Morel is not surprising.

The Holocaust, according to historian Norman Finklestein, is an industry. A very profitable one at that. Finklestein parents were survivors of Nazi concentration camps.

"Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a victim state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable dividends accrue from this specious victimhood - in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified. Those enjoying this immunity, I might add, have not escaped the moral corruptions that typically attend it."

The other side of the Holocaust story, the survivors, are rifed with fraudulent claims involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Overall, it is an industry that has made a lot of Jews rich.

Read more on The Holocaust Industry.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by ahnggk

Dude??? America warned Japam of Atomic weaponry in August of 45. The war in Europe was over when Jodl signed the unconditional surrender in early May. In early May testing was still being done at Los Alamos and the bomb wasn't ready for delivery yet. As for bombing Japan twice, the first bomb on Hiroshima yielded no response from the emporer. The Japanese refused to give up. Fearing a mainland invasion which would have resulted in many many more dead Americans and even more dead Japanese, we dropped the other over Nagasaki. Along with the second bomb and the Soviets in Manchuria ready to strike, the Japanese gave up. Got it? Besides, why would America drop a bomb on a technically advanced Germany leaving it useless as there wouldnt be any spoils of war??? Had we dropped the bomb on Nazi Germany the cold war would have resulted in the United States and Russia arguing who has the better internal combustion engine. lol Damn typos

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 09:58 PM
I believe the Holocaust happened. For sure it did to me. The evidence is overwhelming. Its not as if the Allies had time to construct death camps such as Triblinka, Auschwitz, Bergen Belzen, Sobibor, Ordruff, ect... Did we really have the ability to manufacture and set up mass gas chambers and ovens just in time for the war trials at Nuremburg? gimme a break.
What about all the Soviet soldiers on the Eastern front who discovered all the death camps in Poland along with the allies who discovered death camps in Bavaria?? The claims by these soldiers wasn't made up? How could such a thing be made up? Do I believe that 5.5 million Jews were killed? No way. I do believe that it in fact happened though. Thinking otherwise is simply naive and well...absurd
--Matter of fact; I'd sooner believe that commander Ly-on is a dam alien before I beieve that the Holocaust didn't happen.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by Amagnon
I doubt that the so called holocaust happened in any fashion like it has been presented.
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Holocaust deniers should be locked up. And as soon as they pass that new hate speech law maybe we can begin on ATS. Perhaps that will be something good from the NWO. Holocaust deniers should never be given the benefit of the doubt. They should be forced to prove everything they claim with all the facts of the matter and not allowed to post only the lies they enjoy telling.
Thats what denial is about. Its a form of participation in the genocide for many people,a form of sadistic enjoyment. Others do it out of shame or guilt.
Sheeple will do it to avoid waking up to the reality and fear that humans are just talking beasts with an unfathomable evil nature that one day might put them in a gas chamber packed tight with others of their kind about to die a very cruel death.

All of the denial sh*t comes from some Neo Nazi web sites. All the deniers due is repost that crap over and over again. It is a form propaganda,Gaslighting,brainwashing,etc. If you tell a lie over and over again it becomes the truth.-Goebbels.

A recent post shows there were 20,000 concentration camps.

I met a US WW II soldier who was at the camps and saw the shower heads without any plumbing connected to them in the Gas Chambers. I have met people whose many Jewish European relatives NO LONGER EXISTED after the war. They were Murdered by the Nazis.

Genocide is the rule not the exception. The USA killed 3.5 million in the VietNam war. The Hutus? killed 800,000 tutsis in 3 months with clubs,machetes and guns. Its even said the English starved to death 5 million Irish people in 1848? during the potato famine by taking out all the food they grew by force.

On a funnier note the Germans are now genociding themselves with a birth rate of 1.3.

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by derpif
reply to post by fapython

Zuendl is a well known nazi. He agreed to make a documentary about him called "Beruf: Neonazi" in Engl"Occupation: Neo Nazi". So no question about it. The other fact that troubles me with the so called history revisionism is on the one hand they denie the holocaust happend but behind closed doors they are proud of it.

I think this only highlights your own instability - how can someone say they are proud of something that they also deny happened?

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