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Obama's foresight to address the middle east before Iran Elections

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 11:33 AM
Obama addressed the middle east just days before the election in Iran, did he have the foresight to do this? If I put two and two together, assuming that I know to put two and two not three and three, I would say that Moussavi was backed by the west and maybe the elections were influenced by the west.

But during Obamas speech he also delivered a very hard line approach, maybe a compromise or more less not a compromise at all. How does this change the US's relationship with Israel? How did it affect in Iran, how does current events in Iran affect us?

We also have this digital transition and takeover of the MSN.

But whats the bottom line with Israel, is this really just a game of wits? Is Obama going back on the agreements made under Bush and flexing his muscles in some sort of a power grab?

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