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Gold to be sold from vending machines?

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:29 AM
A company in Germany is installing vending machines to sell gold... Well I suppose that's a pretty good idea. Apparently there will be a 30% mark up.

Customers using a prototype "Gold to go" machine at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday had the choice of purchasing a 1g wafer of gold for €30, a 10g bar for €245, or gold coins.

Apparently they will be in places like train stations, the price will be updated every few minutes.

I my head I can see some bad news about the economy and there being fights to get at these machines!

But a 30% mark up? That seriously wipes out any potential to make it a viable savings strategy doesn't it?

And also I would not like to buy a large quantity from a place so public, you can be you will be followed and at the first opportunity coshed across the back of the head and robbed.

So more of a gimmick?

Gold sold like chocolate from German vending machines

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:52 AM
Wierd concept. Though I can imagine that not many people will actually buy from it, rather they'll all crowd around watching the price fluctuations, never sure just when to take the plunge and buy.

It'll probably turn out to be a mini commodoties-market machine.

I agree with you that it's likely you'd get mugged not long after buying a fair sized amount though!

The end of that article was good - "It is also a great gift for children – for them getting gold is like a fairytale."

Aw shucks.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 10:52 AM
when there's predicted scarcity on the horizon for a commodity...
you'll see people caring very little about the markup.

especially if something shakes the world currency's stability so hard that gold will be the only thing to maintain any wealth.


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 11:08 AM
This has bad news written all over it. the Government made cheap easy access to gold. i forget what year. but then they went an made it illegal to posses gold. and took it all back and had prices sky rocket. well now they're doing the same. i'm sure it'll be expensive but then it'll be illegal. and then the price will SKY rocket again. and the only people that'll have control are the government people constantly fork all there money into and then when we have a collapse it's not the governments fault. well you tell me. we've been booming for well over 15 years. some people are making 10's of million a year. salary not just by investments but what they get paid. now that's criminal. why is it i can barely find a job for 10$ an hour but some people are still making 10's of millions. why is it that the government can take out a 600 billion dollar loan. but i can't get help to start a business for 10,000 people open your eye's you've fed this goverment for so long an they've only fed you lies. at anytime you could get together peacefully (soberly) and make a proper stand. cause guess what the government doesn't make the world go round. WE DO. we run are hydro. are car plants. are meat factory's. the government just holds regulations. in hard times that the government created all they've done is arrest more innocent people. and WE allow this and say well i guess i better just be on my best behaviour. WE NEED TO START PEACE, WE NEED TO START LOVING SHOWING COMPASION AND EMPATHY. instead of expecting it from others. we should pitty are government because of the messed up thigns they've done we shouldn't look at them as superiour they just no how to say "yes sir" and not ask questions. we all ask question we all seek answers why not forget about the wars. as hard as it may seem. cause if they aren't in your mind they can't happen. with enough people's thoughts we can over power the government without violence without hate. but with love and charity. free charity, your not helping anyone by giving them money. give them need's not wants. guess what we don't need a government we want one. "makes people feel safe" well the government should stop making decisions on what the feel best. if they were making the right choices we wouldn't be in this postion. with wars and poverty stricking you at every corner. WE need love and peace on every corner. we need Colours smiles and happy people. running in the street's not zombies and the only way we can do that is. with peacefullness loving thoughts. It is a crime to kill or attack an unarmed person. so if youw ant to picket. don't have signs wear FREE HUG SHIRTS wear what you feel. don't rally what you feel. don't yell but speak lovingly. be peacefull. by talking about what you hate you only feed the fire. talk about what you love. see what you love be what you love. and we will all be all loving

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Yeah it is a complete gimmick.. Apparently in Dubai it is fairly difficult to find Gold which completely suprised me. Around here some of the smaller bars are proving more difficult to find but large bars are no problem.

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