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Is that my Ego talking?

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 12:29 PM
I am proud to be Human or is that my Ego talking?

I thought I would write this because people are forgetting what they are, Human? maybe. We are not American’s, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, African, Australian, UK we are all something more than our Ego’s, people want to pick a side and identify with something, this is your Ego talking.

Pick a side and easily divide the masses.

I can’t help but notice how people’s emotions are easily manipulated, once they identify with something. Good can be justified, as well as bad. Ask yourself a question right now who is in charge? Your Ego or your true self?

Do you know who you really are? Most think they do, but the fact remains that almost everyone does not (Sleeping Masses), they think they are this person who has been conditioned, taught, and socialized since birth, but your true essence is not your Ego.

Let’s define our Ego’s or at least try. Ego’s are a thing that constantly talks to us, tells us that we are right or wrong, defends us, makes us react. Tells us how worthwhile we are or worthless we are, but this Ego thing is not you. An Ego is a thing that is created from the time we are born to present.

“I have therefore I am. And the more I have the more I am. The ego lives though comparison.” –Eckhart Tolle

The Ego’s needs to identify with something or someone, like culture, job, position, father, mother, child, etc…if it doesn’t it feels lost, but that is an illusion. You are not lost or your true self isn’t, just covered or hidden by a veil, the Ego.

The Ego can never have enough, and more is always short lived. More knowledge, old knowledge, better knowledge, worthless knowledge, more money, safe investments, worthless investments, the list is endless.

Ego creates fear, anger, stress, self worth, good feelings, sadness, confusion, accomplishment, self destruction. Ego and I are the same thing. Me, myself and I….ego again.

Example, if someone losses their family, job, finances, house, everything they have worked for their whole life their ego’s tells them they have failed and are worthless, and now they have nothing to identify with, but the fact is they are still the same person or being that was born into this world and still alive.

Building the Ego, we are all born with nothing so to speak, but as soon as we are able to understand people teach us to identify with words, items, money, people, etc…..and that is who we think we are, but it’s not.

Who you are is a beautiful being that was born into this world and indoctrinated since birth. “Matrix” anyone? We came with a mission but lost our way. Kind of like a child that knows he wants to go outside to play in nature, but someone turns on a cartoon or is distracted by video games. Our ego’s get distracted easily.

Where is your sense of Aliveness? Ego won’t let you feel that because that is your true essence. When was the last time you really felt alive, free? I’ll bet it was when you where younger and had less Ego baggage. Most people know deep down that things are not the way they are suppose to be, but they just can’t seem to put their finger on how everything should be, they know that they are miserable in their current state, but are not sure how to change it. Don’t try to change anything, it will happen with awareness.

The death of the Ego is happening everywhere, people are starting to find themselves or their true essence that is why there is so much questioning going on. Ego is doing everything it can to remain in charge, but the fact is, time for the Ego is coming to an end.

When the mind/ego is quiet we start to feel peace again. It’s not about the I anymore, and no amount of greed is going to satisfy the Ego, so all these people stealing billions, corrupt politicians and leaders have nowhere to hide, because no matter where they go what they do, there they are with their Ego’s (a sleep).

Good luck and peace to you all, it's coming.

[edit on 16-6-2009 by Realtruth]

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 02:10 PM
My theory is the as 2012 approaches it's not time that will stop, but our ego's, so destruction will happen, the veil lifted and then we will see our true selves.

Heaven on earth, garden of eden, judgment day, whatever you choose to identify with now.


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