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How do you get the title "Indigo"?

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Jesus H Christ

if you experience things that Indigos describe, and you feel you are a little bittle or a lot bit different, then call yourself whatever you wish. Title ultimately doesnt matter because we are mostly all the same. our thought and ideas divide us, but we are all physical. we are all here. If you feel comfort in difining it Indigo then go ahead, if you feel you are an Indigo but dont like titles, then just know. you dont have to me a comformist. but believe you are what you wish to become. or just believe you are what you are.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 06:41 PM
I have wondered about individuals and groups giving theselves unusual titles, claiming to be "special". So this is a good thread. I don't worry about them too much, because they don't threaten me and I find them interesting and sometimes amusing. As long as they don't come knockin' on my door....

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 05:20 AM

yeah you are correct, english is my second language.
i come from Austria, where we speak german, so my gramma is sometimes terrible. Excuse for that.
To the last post:

I dont understand it too. Why are there titles for some groups.
I mean, ok, i am an indigo, cause an old guy who knows a lot about history and groups and new age and etc.. told me that i am one.
But i never used that title: i am an indigo
lol it dont stand in my passport...

I have and had strange experimences where i wondered that i had them. So i was looking for the reason. Thats why i searched a lot and found out that indigos have sometimes those "power"..
As example: I rode 20 years long, and if you know how the work with horses looks like: sometimes it can be really dangerous. It happened at a day where i didnt feel so good: The horse i wanted to train, attacked me (that happens sometimes, oh yeah, also horses can attack
). The horse began to gallopp into my direction and i couldnt jump away. I felt horrible and saw the death coming... Then i only put my hands up and the horse crashed down. It looked like somebody had a rope at his feets and pulled it. The horse lay at the ground, looked at me, jumped up and run away from me. I only put my hands up, but i felt an amazing power coming out of me.
That always happen if i get attacked and feel afraid.
I researched and found the word for that power: Telekinese

I dont use a title, or say i am better as anybody, only cause i am an indigo.
Those who run and make clips about and tell the world what they are, only want to make money the most time.. I dont agree with them.

See ya


posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 03:58 PM
It's so weird. I'm honest and know when people are lying to me yet I'm not an Indigo! That's not fair at all! Oh well. I guess I'll have to continue being a good guy and not a made up fantasy which compensates for something else I don't have in my life. Yeah I think I'll stay being human. Im content with that and dont have to draw attention to myself. Sorry. I had to take the second route also

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by spinalremain

Well I suppose I'm a magenta or or possibly a burgundy.

But seriously, I would have assumed that anyone that was here to help lift humanity to a higher vibration would have done away with labels and titles long ago. That seems to be the first thing that needs to go if we are ever to reach a more enlightened way of existence.

I am curious as to weather or not all Indigos are self appointed.

As a matter of fact I here by declare that I am an Indigo.
From now on I will assume the label indigo and reply to all appropriate threads as such. As stated before, I meet ALL of the critera of the online tests.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Not to scare anyone or imply insanity. I meet ALL of the criteria, too. I had to see a shrink, for reasons I will not divulge here. To my point: I was diagnosed as having schizo-affective disorder by the shrink. He gave me some pills. When I take the pills, my indigoness goes away, along with my creativity and overall ambition. What does this mean? I don't know, nor will I try to interpret or make conjecture. I just thought I would throw it into the mix.

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by NW111

*be borned at the year 1980 (i am not shure if its only that year..)

People with our traits actually started to show up in the 60s and 70s... or at least that is when someone put the marks on the yardstick...

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by Jesus H Christ
Where did you get the title "Indigo"?

No offence meant to you with my reply here..

It seems there is a little confusion with your perception JHC. I see you seek how it is that someone gains this "Title", as if it is a title like Doctor, etc. It is no such a thing my friend.

It is simply a descriptive term used to denote the ability of all beings incarnating since the middle of the last century to be able to reach a higher-awareness centred on the Brow or third eye energy centre called chakra. It is this centre that is also referred to as the Christ Consciousness. The ability to do so is inherent in every single human being on this planet and so it does not make anyone "Special" in any way, which is another misperception of the general public.

Now please do not mistake me, I attach to no titles or most new-agey terminology, which unfortunately has to be used when communicating with those who do attach to such things... makes communicating easier for them to understand. Just as using christian terminology to explain to a christian what our spiritual nature is, etc.

People get hung up on the terms, and have trouble then understanding the reality it attempts so very poorly to describe. As is the case with the major misunderstandings about "Indigos and Crystals", etc. Most new-agers are very much attached to these concepts, just as any other seeker becomes attached to their Beliefs either through choice or Indoctrination. Sad isn't it?

What I don't understand is why so many people have vehement reactions to the concept of Indigo's, that really confuses me a little. Here in Australia we have a saying "Tall Poppy Syndrome" where everyone attempts to tear down those who do extremely well in their chosen fields, and I see this played out on ATS so very abundantly.

The problem is with misinterpretation/misperception. Which is very understandable since we are indoctrinated to think of anything outside the normal societal mores as insane, untrue, egoic, etc. That's a real shame because it is a very limiting perception to begin with and we therefore believe we know better when in fact we know very little at all. That too is sad.

If we could strip away the Indoctrinations of our cultures we would then be far more able to perceive a clearer reality than we do currently. In essence it would require us to empty our glass in order for fresh to be poured in, but with so many having such very strong attachments it is near impossible for all people to realize their own inner power and knowing. And the term "Indigo" is what is poorly used to describe the ability to do so.

I hope this in some way helps to answer you simple question.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 04:44 AM
In my worthless opinion, disregard the titles such as indigo, crystal and whatever else. Let people define themselves, not rely on a title.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 05:53 AM
reply to post by Jesus H Christ

There is no need for this thread to get wierd.

For example if I were inclined to identify with labels I would call myself a sales person. I come across that label because I work in sales.

So your avatar is J.H.C? What’s that make you?

And then you say don’t get weird?

Indigos are a fad.

It’s a shame the culture at large can’t just celebrate people for being different and that be enough.

No, we have to stick *labels* on them, to make them identifiable and thus - they loose their whole unique status.

Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by silo13

I think you just made MY point.
I have no problem with anyone being whomever they choose just so long as no one gets hurt..

I happen to think that there may have really been an attempt to seed our planet with higher consciousness in order to give humanity a boost up the ol' evolutionary ladder.

I also happen to think that the seeds that are here would be of a consciousness that is of a high enough frequency that they would have no use for labels and titles of hierarchy.

But hey, what does a low vibrational frquency consciousness like me know?

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by Jesus H Christ

I see you still haven't received a direct answer. "Indigo" is just another one of those vague, self entitled labels. Although, I do actually possess these traits, I think the whole *new spin* on this idea is a complete crock of s***. As a person who has been identified by others as indigo, here is what I know.....

It must have started with the and I'm being serious. The first time the term was presented to me as a child was by an aunt of mine. She meant it to be an equivalent to the term "old soul', one with greater wisdom and purpose beyond their years.

Obviously, in recent times, thanks to the new-agers, this has changed drastically. Here are the traits that have been attached to the term:

Indigo children have all, or a large number of, the following characteristics:
- ‘know their own mind’ from an early age
- independent & headstrong
- creative
- intuitive and have psychic abilities
- sensitive especially to animals
- easily bored and may be disruptive at school if the teacher doesn’t understand where they are coming from
- highly strung, or tense

Older indigos often fall foul of drug or other addictions and are prone to depression. They need to choose college courses or jobs that really play to their strengths & find supportive friends. They are here to change things, so can find themselves kicking against the system a lot- which can be very stressful.
source link:

Again, I've heard this term all of my life and it used to mean something more until it started getting tossed around so flagrantly. The whole concept of being the 'bringers of change' is a relatively recent thing started by the whole new-age, crystal rubbing, meditating movement.

edit to add: I've always simply considered myself to be a highly intuitive person, painfully empathetic, and certainly not one worthy of changing the world! I just mean to do good by others, maybe spread some nice juju here and there... and that's enough for me. Anyone that will be so arrogant as to consider themselves a bringer of "the new world or enlightenment" probably has more than one screw loose. I think the whole thing sucks. Just another way for people to put themselves and pedestals and find a way to deem themselves better than. I honestly do not care for what I've seen from people announcing themselves as "indigo". It makes the rest of us (who truly mean well) look like crap.

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by jackieps1975

I agree with your post and feel the same way.
and NO......Still no answer.

Honestly at this point I don't expect one, which tells me all I need to know.

I feel that if you adhere to a label you should be able to give an account of from where or from whom you recieved that label. I think it is pathetic to cling like a child to a made up title/label in order to soothe ones fragile widdle ego but not be a big enough person to admit that the label came from you in the first place.

I have no problem with anyone calling themseves anything they want.
What I have a problem with is not admitting that you gave yourself your own title.

Is it just me?

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by Jesus H Christ
Is it just me?

No, it's not. You see how pointless it is trying to get a real discussion going with those claiming indigoness. They say all this great stuff, but never can back it up with any empirical proof. I'll believe it when they can prove it.

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by pavil

Actually, I don't even want proof of indigoness and all that goes with it.
I just want an Indigo to tell me where they received their title.

I have had so far, one girl tell me that she was told she was an indigo by some guy that she knows who is apparently "in the know with all things indigo".
That's all good and well but, is that where the majority of Indigos receive their title?

I would love to have some discourse with an actual Indigo but it appears that there are none here or they don't want to answer my question for
some reason.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Jesus H Christ

....yeah I really feel alone at that board...

no other indigos arround here?

*the lonely panda Nia

(Did i said that a lightning crashed into the house at the time i got birth??? *dont care, but i remember...

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:34 AM
Still no answers? Where have you all gone? Surely there is an "Indigo" out there who will answer this very basic and simple question.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 06:23 AM
"But hey, what does a low vibrational frequency consciousness like me know?"

LMAO! I've gotten a good laugh from a lot of these three pages of responses.We all know Indigo is another BS title given to kids who don't fit in or who believe they possess some elevated level of intelligence and empathy for other human beings, however these people never have any sort of social grace. Christ Consciousness? oh dear, if they can have Christ Consciousness can i have bruce lee's abs? I'm a huge fan of Christ but i would rather have Bruce Lee's physique.

But Hey, what does a primitive non-color labeled lowly leved conciousness like me know? You're not indigo, I am Mulatto. I win.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 06:31 AM
"You're 76% likely to be an Indigo!"

My test results, but I'm 100% sure indigos do not exist.

And even worse is the romanticized hype over the whole thing, like these people are special and are hunted down by secret organizations, seriously, i love Steven King novels like everyone else but we live in REALITY.

Everybody borrows their spirituality from GOD, there is no "sovereign" spirituality, and no elevated spirituality either. every spirit from every corner from every planet possesses the same exact opportunity to commit their positive and negative energy to the universe to perpetuate the balance of creation and destruction.

In other words, you ain't anymore special than anybody else, good or evil.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:54 AM
Indigoness will go away when the next fad comes along. Thats the way fads work. When the indigos are all in their 50s and the next generation has its 5 percent that claims alienhood, we will have all forgotten about indigos. Maybe the next gen aliens will be Chartruesses or Fuscias.

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