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Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by rararoadrunner

As I write this, President Obama is going to fly to the funeral of the Polish President and Cabinet...who died in a bad-weather plane crash...during an eruption of a volcano off the coast of Iceland which is producing so much ash that it has paralysed air traffic between North America and Europe.

If President Obama also goes down in a plane crash, that would be a profoundly destabilising event, no? Yet the timewave graph presented here shows not a maybe it augers well for Barak Obama.

IMO what we have here is a much more important set of events than a specific prediction from the timewave because the events are connected through some sort of coincidence or syncronicity. Yes, it would be destabalisig and it would be a big event if Obama's plane had crashed, but the fact that he was at risk from flying whilst visiting another head of states funeral....who died when his plane the kind of syncronicity i believe McKenna was interested in.

Trying to match up exact events has proved to be folly so far and will, i think, continue to prove so. I believe we need to look for syncroncity and then the i-ching/timewave/'meaningful' predictions (maybe even astrology) will fit into they do in individual peoples livee .Evolution is just connecting all our individual experiences of syncronicity into a more shared 'landscape' of experience.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 07:47 AM
- I actually feel we had a resonance to the American Revolution (1760s to 1780s) in 2009 (Obama elected, tea parties, economical crises...).

- Interestingly, we are now somewhat in resonance to the early 1800s. Just noticed this volcanic eruption, it reminds Laki in 1783 or even Tambora in 1816, with global effects. We also had a very cold winter and a historic solar minimum, just in resonance with the end of the little ice age. Back in 2003, at a time of a historic heatwaves and a solar maximum, we were in resonance with the medieval warm period.

- Late in 2010 and early 2011, we will be in resonance with a time of political revolts, such as the 1848 revolutions, the American civil war, and much scientific and technological advance, and the Krakatoa eruption (maybe it will be Katla now).

- Interestingly, in mid 19th century, the Church lost power. This could be in resonance with the current pedophile crises inside the Church.

- In late 2011 and into 2012 we will be in resonance with the world wars and the beginning of the modern age. The last months of 2012 will be in resonance with the current modern period, a globalized world, with computers, airplanes, the sixties, and space travel.

I think the resonance the timewave shows are slightly delayed. If this is true, then the zero date would be somewhere in mid 2013.

2008: 1692-1756
2009: 1756-1820
2010: 1820-1884
2011: 1884-1948
2012: 1948-2012

Originally posted by Zagari
April 2010 will end with resonances of September 30 1843

May 2010 will be October 1843 to March 4 1849

June 2010 will be March 1849 to June 1st week 1854

July 2010 will be June 2nd week 1854 to November 11 1859

August 2010 will be November 12 1859 to April 17 1865

September 2010 will be April 18 1865 to July 20 1870

October 2010 will be July 21 1870 to Christmas 1875

November 2010 will be December 26 1875 to March 28 1881

December 2010 will be March 29 1881 to September 3 1886

JANUARY 2011: September 4 1886 - February 8 1892

FEBRUARY 2011: February 9 1892 - January 3 1897

MARCH 2011 : January 4 1897 - June 12 1902

APRIL 2011: June 13 1902 to September 13 1907

MAY 2011 : September 14 1907 to February 17 1913

JUNE 2011: February 18 1913 to May 21 1918

JULY 2011: May 22 1918 to October 27 1923

AUGUST 2011: October 28 1923 to April 3 1929

SEPTEMBER 2011 : April 4 1929 to July 5 1934

OCTOBER 2011: July 6 1934 to December 10 1939

NOVEMBER 2011: December 11 1939 to March 13 1945

DECEMBER 2011: March 14 1945 to August 18 1950

JANUARY 2012: August 19 1950 to 1955

and so on , 1970s begin in April 2012 at the end

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by segurelha

I also think that there are resonances, i just dont go along with the accuracy of the timewave.

What we seem to be seeing are similar correspondances of timeframes that roughly coincide with major or meaningful events. Its like having a pen on your dashboard that is vibrating from the car engine. Totally different 'things' that are vibrating, different noises, but never the less connected.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:47 AM
I am doing a thread about which dates are most eventful, a sort of poll to determine a possible Timewave zero correction of the graph...
Its in 2012 section...

Anyway, I think timewave zero end will be most likely before December 2012 , most probably summer 2011 or even August - November 2010...

If I replace October 7 2008 ( economy crash day ) and I put the date in place of November 14 2010, guess what date comes as the end date?

Yeah, November 14 2010

And August 13 is the day the 2012 calendar started for maya, and results as end date if we put July 6 2008 ( time shift topic that started the talking about them ) in place of extreme novelty.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:52 AM
There is a hidden language in the English language. The word "Novelty" decodes to "Now Game" and "Now ET UFO".

The word "Coincidence" decodes to "Coin Toss Games" and "Coin Head or Tail Game"

The word "Random" decodes to "Dice Roll" and “Dice Game Or”.

The word "Formula" decodes to "F or MA" -- re Newton Laws.

I have decoded over 16,000 English words to their hidden meanings.

The translations, like Time Zero conversions are not entirely reliaable, but knock your socks off if you bother to study them. You have to be of superior intelligence, open minded, and patient. Same goes for the Timewave" miracles.

[edit on 18-4-2010 by etcorngods]

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:54 AM

Originally posted by rararoadrunner
reply to post by xxshadowfaxx

I know what you mean, but one thing's for sure: the hypothesis that the end of the Mayan Fifth Age/zero point of Terence McKenna's Timewave corresponds to anything or not will be tested fairly soon: in about three years!

I noticed that the time series graphed in this thread, 2008-2012, stops just short of what was predicted in 2007 by Tony Smith; look at this link: and compare it with this Wikipedia entry for the Great Recession: . So we do have a prediction of a major event.

What I found of interest wasn't only the historical references accessed via the next level of resonance up from the interval presented in this thread; I also noticed the similarity between the election years 2008 and 2010, as well as the years following those.

Or maybe not! Notice that, at the next level, the same upcoming "plateau of stability" is ushered in by profound events: the Franco-Prussian War, the rise and fall of the Paris Commune, etc..

So, to reiterate my original point: we shall soon have a chance to test the hypothesis that Terence McKenna was onto something with his Timewave...won't we?

But looking back to 2007, can you see how events seem to be happening at a faster rate now, and much more influential than several years ago?

On another note, i have a couple theories as to why the events are not as severe and happening faster. First, modern technology. In the past, like during WWI & WWII, we were not as connected as we are now. If a battle or an event happened, you would likely hear about it in a few hours, a small period of time, but nothing compared to what we have now where you hear about it in a matter of seconds. I had to laugh at how after the Baja quake, for the first couple hours CNN was getting their updates on the situation from Twitter. Our world is much 'smaller' now. We can chat face to face with someone on the other side of the world live over the internet. So, while the event might not be as severe, more people hear about it, therefore making the event a larger emotional impact.

My other theory as to why the events are not as severe is that timewave tracks emotional responses. Maybe this is just my interpretation, but i feel many sheeple are on the verge of cracking (aka Summer 2010). With the mass media hyping 2012, and natural disasters happening all around them, many sheeple are close to just going ballistic. So a drop or event can be exaggerated because of the overreaction of the sheeple.

[edit on 18-4-2010 by mossme89]

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by segurelha

What i find interesting is when the timewave starts to close in on the fold over on itself in the last couple months, weeks, & days, what will happen? I really don't think it would matter what the correct zero date is. When we are getting close, we WILL be able to notice it by the sheer numbers and magnitude of the events. The last few seconds will repeat all of history up until that time many times over. We are not seeing the end, but the acceleration of change into infinity, where anything is possible at any time. My belief is that this would be the time of the 'harvest' where we can choose our fate and jump timelines. The zero point, if you will.

Anyway, the 2nd half of 2010 correlates with the mid-late 19th century, overlapping the civil war of the US. So look for a regional war, or something along those lines, having global repercussions. Also look for technological innovations and discoveries October-December because it overlaps the industrial revolution.

And what is this Aprl 19 date everybody is talking about?

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:28 AM
I'm beginning to think real ZERO DATE IS NOVEMBER 14 2010...

If we replace that point with the other huge novelty point in 2008 ( October 7 ) we get as the end date November 14...

Use logic...This graph will see November 14 as extremely novel...

The answer is always in front of us...

Real zero date may actually be November 14 2010...


. Alien disclosure from the aliens
- Invention of Time machine and first use
. Technological singularity
. Yellowstone, Toba eruption
. Time shifts become hyper-huge
. Unification of different timelines
. Solar storm that brings us to stone age again

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Zagari
I'm beginning to think real ZERO DATE IS NOVEMBER 14 2010...

If we replace that point with the other huge novelty point in 2008 ( October 7 ) we get as the end date November 14...

Use logic...This graph will see November 14 as extremely novel...

The answer is always in front of us...

Real zero date may actually be November 14 2010...


. Alien disclosure from the aliens
- Invention of Time machine and first use
. Technological singularity
. Yellowstone, Toba eruption
. Time shifts become hyper-huge
. Unification of different timelines
. Solar storm that brings us to stone age again

So what you are saying is that if you put october 7 2008 in as november 14, 2010, you get Nov. 14 as the end date?

I think all of those possibilities would be really cool. Personally, i'm hoping for disclosure and first contact, but a time machine is really cool too! What are you hoping for? Speaking from the quantum level, all of those are real simultaneous possibilities that are and will happen. So if you use something like the law of attraction, you can actually 'jump' to a different timeline possibility. Your experience is relative to YOU, so you can jump to a different timeline without anybody noticing because you don't actually go anywhere, just your conscious perception.

Think of flipping a coin. If you concentrate hard enough and understand things consciously enough, while the coin is in the air you can choose to experience a certain outcome. Like schrodingers cat, the coin flip results in both heads and tails, but it is really up to you to determine which one you want consciously, as normally it is done subconsciously

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:59 AM
Here's what we have on April 20 ;

Notice how the resonance ends just before another dip into novelty begins.

As the frequency becomes higher ,we'll be seeing more of this resonance.

[edit on 18/4/2010 by Mystic Technician]

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 01:51 PM

1878-1880 repetitions now and July- August 2006

Very soon: storms, blizzards, heatwaves, possible Pope death, another nuclear test

Possible Usa president death April 2010

May 11-19 - Sky event, Theater disaster, Krakatoa eruption similar event, Korea coup d' etat

First week May Italy vs Islam
Second week May storms
Third week May school attack or shooting
and famous politician death

May 26 2010 big quake Usa east coast, maybe, 40.000 homeless

June 2010 - June 3- 10 Great blizzard or heatwave, Yellow River flood
Mid- June dam collapse maybe China?


1988-1990 repetitions now and 1976-1977 repetitions

Around the end of April 2010

Country reunion, opening of wall, no more divisions
( North Korea- South Korea? )

Cyclone Darwin repetition
Elvis death repetition
start of Aids pandemy repetition

May 11- 14 2010 1993 usa attacks repetition
River Phoenix death repetition

June 2- 10 2010 Chernobylo repetition


1875-1877 repetitions now

April 22- 23 possible pope death
April 26-27 blizzard or heat wave

May 4-5 2010 danger for Obama


1878 repetitions now

Pope death maybe, new war, Russia involved
Huge events


1999-2000 repetitions now and 1992-1993 repetitions now

May 11 - 13 2010 new 9/11


1913-1915 repetitions now ( world war declaration? )
April 10 2010 may be it!

January- February 2008 repetitions

1907-1910 repetitions now

Between April 22 and May 1 2010:

New " Tunguska event "
Italy huge quake
Titanic sinking repetition
Leaders assassination leading to global war
world war declaration between May 13 2010 and June 2 2010

May-June 2010:

Halifax explosion rep.
Russia revolution
Mexico revolution
New huge pandemy

June- July 2010:

Mussolini 1922 repetition
1923 Kanto quake
Floods Italy
Turkey and Greece involved in a war
Ireland war
Possible pope death

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:42 PM
Hey I've got a few questions I hope someone can answer in regards to this whole timeline repetition theory

At what point in time does the timeline begin ? I ask this because, seeing as though we do not know exactly when time began how can we have a timeline without a beginning, unless of course the creator has guess the beginning and therefore it could skew the results and correlations of the timeline for future events if the guess was incorrect ?

Where on the timeline does the creation of everything fit in (ie big bang/god creating universe depending on your beliefs)? Surely this would be the greatest "novelty" of all and the resonance would be huge would it not ?

Isn't there the possibility that the timeline could be moving back in time to the point of the beginning of the timeline ?

I'm not reading through 75+ posts as I don't have the time, but does the current Iceland volcano eruption, the death of the Polish president and other important members in the air crash and the 8.8 quake in Chile fit into the resonances of the timeline ? And if so could someone provide the evidence to prove it does fit (I'd rather see evidence than just a "yeah it fits")

I'm interested by this theory and neither believe it nor disbelieve it as I don't fully understand it enough to make any assumptions on it as of it but it is a fascinating theory!

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 03:09 AM
I was doing a research on another foum where in February I wrote that by March 21 2010 we would have seen a eruption similar to Tambora...

That volcano now famous started activity to erupt on March 20-21 2010 to explode in mid- April...

Chilean quake resonates exactly with another Chilean quake...
California quake on April 4 2010 resonates exactly with 5 minutes of a quake in the past...we found out that 5 minutes of that moment in April resonated with 5 minutes of a quake in the past...

Both April 10 and April 14 2010 are novelty points on the graph.

What made me think of a correction to the graph ( possible ) is that that eruption in April should have appeared in November 2010 to resonate with a eruption in ecuador that caused floods, just like this one.

This made me think we maybe are already into extreme novelty period...

I'm doing a research and wait for certain events to find out if the graph needs correction OR NOT.

Edit: if we are now repeating 1815 there might be a mistake on the graph of 20 to 30-35 weeks.

Than, end dates would be MAY 9 2013, JUNE 13 2013, JULY 18 2013, AUGUST 22 2013...

there might be a mistake in the original graph of 20-25 weeks to 35 weeks...

Than, end dates would be or on May 9 2013, June 13 2013 or August 22 2013

Than extreme novelty would happen:

April 2 2011, May 6 2011, July 15 2011

Than, October 7 2008 point of extreme novelty would have been:

End of February 2009, start of April 2009, 8-11 June 2009

Because maybe now we are repeating 1815 point in the past

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by Zagari

So April 2010 is a resonance of 1843, right? i think i found something...

C/1843 D1 or The Great Comet of 1843 was a bright comet discovered and seen on February 5 1843, It passed closest to Earth on March 6, 1843 and it was visible at daylight.

Last observed on April 19, 1843. At that time the comet had passed closer to the sun than any other known object.

I think it resonates with the bright fireball seen all over wisconsin skyes last April 14/2010...or maybe not, what do you guys think?

and if you ask me i don't think the Timewave is off by that many days, i think it has proven to be pretty accurate, is just that there's too many events in the past that we are not aware, in other words, it doesn't shows the american history or the english history, it shows ALL human experience as well as the morphologic processes of the earth and the universe, and that's a big chunk to bite indeed.

It's like a russian doll where it goes from the macro to the micro and we are in between that...but we are not a side show at all, we my friends are the main act.

btw...where has Evasius gone??

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 06:38 AM
Random question, has anyone ever tried to correlate the time wave to their own lives? Or someone they've known that has died? It would be interesting to see how the points play out with a solid beginning and end date

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:18 PM
I want to correct myself on this part:


1988-1990 repetitions now and 1976-1977 repetitions

Around the end of April 2010

Country reunion, opening of wall, no more divisions
( North Korea- South Korea? )

Cyclone Darwin repetition
Elvis death repetition
start of Aids pandemy repetition

May 11- 14 2010 1993 usa attacks repetition
River Phoenix death repetition

June 2- 10 2010 Chernobylo repetition


APRIL 2010: 1966 to 1971

MAY 2010: 1971 to 1977

SO: maybe this is correlating with April 10 2010


A bloody military coup is staged in Nigeria, deposing the civilian government.
January 17 – The Nigerian coup is overturned by another faction of the military, leaving a military government in power. This is the beginning of a long period of military rule.
The military government of Nigeria announces that ex-prime minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was killed during the coup.

1966 was also the year Walt Disney died

1967 - February 7 – Serious bushfires in southern Tasmania claim 62 lives, and destroys 2,642.7 square kilometres (653,025.4 acres) of land.
April 12 2010 ?
December 4 – At 1850 hours, a volcano erupts on Deception Island in Antarctica.
April 14 2010 ?

Death of Martin Luther King 1968 could be repeated on April 10 2010?

The outbreaks of Tornado may be repeated by volcano cloud?

Look 1969

" Reported as being the year the first strain of the AIDS virus (HIV) migrated to the United States via Haiti.[2] "

War of Attrition, between Egypt and Israel, which lasted until August 1970. This conflict was characterized by escalating artillery duels, air raids and commando missions.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:43 PM
heres my theory on this whole time wave thing....
as time begins to accelerate people will start to notice the illusion of time and it will look much like a lucid dream and what do you do in a lucid dream when pushed beyond fear when its unbearable?? you wake up!! Im not saying everyone will notice but i do think the majority will notice. we will be pushed to extreme amounts of fear, only to to experience the most extreme amount of love. the dualities of this world will be pushed to the limit, we just got to learn to not judge what we are seeing and just accept it for what it is and move on to the next experience. we may see someone get shot in the head and get right back up because we will realize death is just an illusion also when we raise are frequency of vibration! this reminds me of a verse in the bible...
6During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
when the frequency is raised as we accelerate we will be able to tap into the functions of are third eye which includes, psychic abilities, telepathic communication, astral travel but at this time the law of attraction will increase that means if you are full of fear you are going to attract energies that keep you locked into the illusion and it will be a nightmare! Then when the zero point happens there will be a alchemical change on the whole consciousness of earth and everything that dwells on it...resulting in the ones who learn to love life for what it is knowing their true nature and the one who who hold on to the material world and fear thrown back into the the illusion of this and where they end up i have no clue or guess but i do think they will continue with the lessons of life. i dont think it will be split 50/ will be the majority either way... if even 10 to 20% realize the illusion and deceptions we will be able to help people who dont realize the illusion out and the majority will make it through alchemical change with the majority raising their frequency to a spiritual level...first we have to eliminate all belief systems though..religion, money, government. All tools for separation and manipulation, so we cant realize our spiritual rights and true nature! I am pleased to say though we seem to be on the right track...

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:39 PM
If from October 21 2010 to November 14 2010 we will see October 7 2008 to November 2010, than:

- August 18 2010, we pass same graph picture of 9/11 attacks

- September 12 2010 we pass same graph picture of 2004 December 26

( Marsili anyone ? )

- Between September 28 2010 and October 7 2010 we will pass same graph picture of Katrina

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by oldgoat
Random question, has anyone ever tried to correlate the time wave to their own lives? Or someone they've known that has died? It would be interesting to see how the points play out with a solid beginning and end date


Birth - March 1 1990 afternoon

My birth day in its entirety resonates with the YEAR 553 and AUGUST 2012

My brother's birth, April 17 1993

My grandpa dies, June 19 1990, IS ON START OF A DIP

When we moved city to another city, Summer 1994
Timewave graph was in full zig-zag movement

Huge novelty period when April 1 2001 came ( before and after ), that day was pivotal in my life, it changed how I 've seen life for a lot of time...
My best friend became my worst enemy

Big period of novelty, descending graph when just near the same period of 9/11 I discovered I had a back disease that lasted until 2008.

The graph was rising in the whole period I had my first real girlfriend, since we started talking about being together to declaration to friends.

Graph was rising when just days before my 14yh birthday I had a terrible disease that lasted for 15 days. I spent my birthday sleeping feeling I was going to die.

Graph was going down in a big way the period of my first month of high school.

Lowest point on a very bid dip into novelty the day I and my girlfriend left each other and love story was over.

Same formation was happening when we had our best day together just a few time before it was over.

Same graph formation of September 2001 for the month I started my second book, writing it.

Big novelty when ( day ) I started to write my first book.
Graph was very high when I finished it.

Novelty when I met one of my best friends/ neighbor/brother in 2007.
Lowest point dip.

Novelty when I had my first premonitory dream on June 2 2007.

Graph descending the week when I travelled for first time in Usa.

Novelty and graph descending when one of the worst periods of my life started in spring 2008.

Novelty period on one of the best days of my life.
And soon after when I had harsh arguments with some friends.

Graph rising the day I had a very harsh argument with one of my best friends that almost ended ( we didn't talk for months ) our friendship.

Huge novelty when I became headmate of my class in last year of high school.
Same when I entered facebook for first time.
Same when I made friendship with a special girl, neighbor.

Novelty when I started my first movie script.
Graph descending when I had my best birthday party ever in my life.

Very big novelty during second worst period of my life, May 2009 and some of June.
May 1 2009, my best friend told the biggest lie ever to me and some other people, putting me in a very bad situation.
May 13 2009 starts fight period with a girl I loved and I knew all my life.

Lowest point of the graph when I discovered what this girl has done, making me getting very furious with her like I was never before.
Last day we talked together was almost last day of high school ever.

June 25 2009 was the day I started my high school exams, so very very novel.
Very high novelty when I finished my exams, ending High School.

Huge novelty on October 6 2009, my first day of university and when on the streets I suddenly met my new best friends.
That day was very pivotal and my life was never the same since that day.

Graph descending when I gave my first lesson to a friend of mine, and when soon after, next day I met a girl I liked until February 2010.

Graph in novelty when I decided that girl was not for me and when I discovered a letter that seems pivotal for my life or maybe not, but information given is important.
I may have another brother, or have had.

Graph startst descending when I start write my current book.
Lowest point when I meet my new best friend.
That day I discovered the big lie

[edit on 21-4-2010 by Zagari]

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 05:46 AM
I shifted back the graph for the whole year 2010 and I've seen June- July 2010 ( first week of July ) resonates with 640.00 years ago, when YELLOWSTONE erupted last.

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