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Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition

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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 10:02 AM

Originally posted by segurelha
I am now very skeptical of the timewave.

For me, the theory made sense back in 2008 when a huge shift occurred right in the week shown in the graphic, but in October 2009 nothing occurred.

This is evidence that the theory is flawed.
Yes, it is a beautiful theory, but it doesn't mean it is fully correct!!
December 2012 may well come and go as a non-event.

Evasius: we need to assume a more skeptical approach here; if we want we can always find some data to validate our theory, with small events that occur often. We need ALSO to find data that challenge our theory, to put it to the test! I think this last shift showed that the timewave is not a full measure of real world events.

Originally posted by Mikeraphone
I just dont believe it anymore.

The time wave is supposed to be a collective shift into novelty right? So things that happen behind the scenes are not collective.

Its like, say on October 26th Obama signed a secret deal to blow the world up in the future. That shouldnt register, because only very few people know about it and thus it does not effect Novelty collectively on a large scale.

I think perhaps it is calibrated wrong somehow? I am not dismissing it all together, but nothing happened October 26th. Small things did sure, but small things happen daily.

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You have misunderstood what the timewave is completely. It NEVER EVER showed the full measure of real world events. Why did you make that up.Never has Mckenna nor Evasius said that.if you were paying attention more you would know that the timewave measures novelty change.and THAT did happen I'm pretty sure.i felt it. Events may or may not happen,they have nothing to do with the validity of the timewave. Before writing ignorant posts,you should actually find out what it is that the timewave tracks. It is NOT events.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by Valeri

You have misunderstood what the timewave is completely. It NEVER EVER showed the full measure of real world events. Why did you make that up.Never has Mckenna nor Evasius said that.if you were paying attention more you would know that the timewave measures novelty change.and THAT did happen I'm pretty sure.i felt it. Events may or may not happen,they have nothing to do with the validity of the timewave. Before writing ignorant posts,you should actually find out what it is that the timewave tracks. It is NOT events.

Too true Valeri. Here here.

The TWZ, Is not a predictive system. It does not tell the future by looking at the past, it is much more esoteric than that. Anyone who is looking to the TWZ or to this thread for the future is going to be sorely disappointed as that is not what it does. Look to to the TWZ for periods of increased potential for events and you will find that it is highly effective in gauging when novelty might occur, but it will never tell you anything but when and how much.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 12:31 PM
hmmmmm, so without refering to any future prediction (where or when in spacetime) or any event (a physical happening/existence within spacetime), how can TWZ be described ?

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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 01:32 PM
It's about time,novelty and the interface,now,between us thinking,choosing entities and the self referencing,non repeating flow we inhabit.Terrence says it best.TWZ is a rear view mirror.It's how we drive,baby,looking backward.

If you loan money to a friend and after his putting you off for a long time,you finally have had enough and you confront him and he denies the debt,he ripped you off,but when?Was it when he took the funds?Or when he finally lied about it?Or both and them some as he devised the notions and rationalizations he employed in his ill treatment of you?Or was he really taking your bad karma?

Same issues with TWZ/historical record tracking.Doesn't matter if you believe or not.

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posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by trueforger

Well, you still seem to be talking about measurable events that happen within spacetime, however it is worded. For TWZ to have any value at all it needs to reflect our experience wether that be pre or post event. eg. we can look backwards at our own life and see that on such and such a date we carried out a certain action and on another date we made a decision to carry out that action and on yet another other events in spacetime inspired said decision. It's all well and good using semantics but at the end of the day the human experience can be described and anything relevant to that experience must likewise be describable.

When we talk about events occuring within spacetime we have a physical correlate, that being our measurement of the 4 dimensions we directly experience and we have tried and tested ways of measuring these. eg. the earth rotates, it orbits the sun, the sun orbits the milky way and the milky way, embeded within space, moves with the expansion of space. We can easily imagine the spirals this describes, our physical positions within space that repeat over time allbeit with different but harmonic results. We have regular sunrises, comet passings, meteor showers. From my experience TWZ attempts to describe these twisting, spiralling patterns as they manifest within time (again time as being a function/dimension of 4D spacetime). This is where the philosphical debate starts, are we talking about syncronicity, morphic resonance or physical manifestation.....or are they all complementary ? Syncronicity requires our conciousness giving a value to events (although the events are physical). We can use the example of repeating meteor showers, they are a physical occurance but the meaning we give to them and other events that occur simultaneously add another layer atop the actuality of them.

Another example. We have a full moon every 28 days, this coincides with a high tide, we know and can predict when this high tide will occur and that brings with it many potentials for either destruction or renewal of the beach although its hard to say which one before hand. In the mean time, between high tides we still have tides of differing heights and many, many waves on the sea that, although percievable in their own right, are also essential qualities of the resulting high tide.

posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by Wobbly Anomaly

I don't see TWZ as a predictive engine,unlike the I CHING,which certainly is.TWZ is like the program that runs the I CHING,as just a part of it's power which is the very TAO.TAO exists whether we are cognizant or a believer in a wholly other system of belief,such as mainstream Church Dogma.

My example was to show how subjective our observations are is all.I feel the main benefit to us is the notion that there is method to this madness and it is really going to turn out OK.The charting of what we just lived through is somehow comforting.

The ultimate conflict seems to be the end date.TWZ seems such the fuzzy notion until then.I can't even guess the why's and wherefore's of that.It sure drives Christers batty as this naming of the day and hour is in direct contradiction with their Bible.

On a side note,I ran my rap past an accupuncturist 5th dan Tai-Chi guy.His normally unflappable demeanor changed to that of a very excited person.Quite remarkable to see.He'll get back to me after he studies it awhile.It's a gas talking to one who knows much about the I CHING,Yellow Emperor,TAO,etc and his surprise matched my own.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 03:00 AM
I'm not sure about comparing TWZ to the Dao. As an unkowable universal creative and evolutionary principle, trying to represent the Dao with graphics is, imo, folly. But lets for example say there is some worth in this method then the TWZ would need to be a representation of universal novelty rather than just earthly novelty. It should start with the 'big bang' (if that is a real event, which we dont know yet) and should then go on to describe the clumping of particles, creation of galaxies and so on. It should then continue to represent the whole state of the universe. (Unless of course we put some special value on the evolution of conciousness here on earth, which i dont deny as a possibility, but it gives some sense of direction for the theory)

Another thought, McKenna choose to represent the binary form of the i-ching with a visual graphic, it should be just as releveant to use the same formula to create a sound wave. Has anybody done this yet ? What does TWZ sound like ? Maybe there is a message in there !

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by Wobbly Anomaly

To understand this you must go to the source and by that I don't mean the too brief u-tube vids of Terrence.The long explanation in 'History Ends in Green' answers all your inquiry.It takes hours to listen to all.

TWZ is the King Wen Sequence,not the I CHING.They both use hexagrams,but TWZ is about how they are arranged,not interpreted.This pattern (KWS) has been passed down since the beginning,but never really deconstructed and understood.It appears ordered at first glance,and that is about as far as most have looked.It's not rocket science but it is mysterious.
PS Some say talking of TAO is folly.Others think we can't ever pin it down,like quantum indeterminacy.Along the lines of the oft quoted mis-interpretation,"The TAO that can be spoken of is not the true TAO."Terrence realized that was bunk and being of the drug addled mind(read: how much more credibility can he lose if he's already considered unreliable,etc?)He fearlessly put forth the proposition that it,TAO,can be understood and discussed using number and measure.Then he was prompted by his mushroom voice to look into the KWS.The rest,History,does end in green.

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by trueforger

I'm certainly familiar with what you are saying, ive read and heard a lot of McKenna over the past 15 years and i have a lot of respect for the guy. Unfortunately without asking him we cant know exactly what he meant by knowing the Tao so i guess we'll have to stick to our own understanding of it.

"The TAO that can be spoken of is not the true TAO." this phrase applies to anybody who has neither the correct knowledge or experience to describe it fully....well even that is not true. We are talking now about the 'true tao' now....although we may be incorrect, but that doesn’t matter, for the sake of conversation and communication we are permitted to do that. Knowledge is a particular thing, as much as we may like to intelligibly speak about a subject, without the words or understanding of that subject we will be merely speaking 'about' it but not understanding it. Children can talk about the size of space but it is easy to imagine that a Childs perception of 50 billion light years may be smaller than say an astro physicists. The child, although not possessing the true knowledge, is still able to talk about something akin to a fractal description. A similar concept but on a smaller scale.

With this in mind we can look at the TWZ and, as you say, talk about how it represents the unfolding creative principle as we move through the sequence of hexagrams. We can then apply this to the extent to which we can talk about the Tao, or the evolution of spacetime.

I'm sure Evasius wont mind me saying that what he has presented here is something like a child trying to describe the size of the universe, it is a fractal understanding of a much bigger picture that never the less is a pattern still described by the same formula z = z^2 + c ( if you want to move to higher dimensions)

Although you can extrapolate to the bigger picture from any point, we have only really discussed a small representational harmonic which although correct is not the whole story and is also susceptible to the foibles of the meanings we ascribe to words.

IMO to talk about the true tao (with words that are not really capable of describing the totality of the creative force) and, if you like, to 'test' the accuracy of TWZ (when i say test i mean to examine it from our own personal angles to create a fuller and more shared understanding) we kinda have to go back to basics. The universe begins with potential (the total potential required to create this universe, which we can also call the fundamental frequency), it then evolves, sometimes in a steady(ish) way, other times with leaps and bounds of novelty that occur when the potential for those novel events coheres (harmonics to the fundamental frequency). This is why I suggested representing TWZ with sound rather than a visual.

The fractal of TWZ that we are talking about is hinged on 2012 and that date is very particular to the frequency (rotation) of our galaxy. This gives us several numbers to play with, the time it takes for the galaxy to rotate and the precession of the equinoxes due to the tilt of the earth’s axis being primary. It is no surprise therefore that our earthly fractal pattern consists of 2160 years per zodiac sign and 72 degrees per sign, why the moon is approx 2160 miles in diameter and, to cut a long story short, why many of the recurring numbers in philosophy and religion are harmonics of these. 36, 72, 108, 216, 432, 432000000 and so on. The digits of each harmonic number always add up to 9, the number of completion that the hexagrams are always trying to achieve but never will as change and therefore evolution would stop, it would be the end of days.

Imagine the shadow of a rotating spiral thread, each peak appears to disappear into nothingness, the number 9 (tao, if you like) IS the spiral, the hexagram, number 8, is the rotation.

or something like that

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by Wobbly Anomaly

What about acting when you don't know the whole story but time is NOW?I sally forth and correct as needed.I like the 'true enough' concept Terrence spoke so often of.Otherwise one such as I (a Libra)tends to be halted in progress by waiting for that last piece to fall into place for reassurance.Nothing gets done that way.I get it wrong so often it doesn't matter to me any more as I can correct on the fly."Perseverance Furthers" sez I CHING.This is not 'flying blind',but being so sure of the directions handed down from self professed authorities is.

TWZ and plant derived illumination are fairly accessable and therefore suited for the masses.The elites and their statutes enforced by their priests and officers have cornered the message,but only if you let them by abiding their strictures and accept their authority.We must,each,act upon our own gut intuition.That is what being a Natural Man/Woman is about.

If your gut says TWZ is bunk,go with it.If this is true(enough)it doesn't need our genuflecting,it'll stand on it's own.Just like the Oct 26 thing which at first appeared sketchy,but now is coming into focus as a possible huge slow emergency,we will know when time has cycled along and we can rear view it for what it really is/was.

Time cycles,just like Albert Hoffman on that fateful day.
PS One final note is that the End Date is in fact purported to be 'the end of days' where NOVELTY and Change do transform into something...else?Infinite NOVELTY,instantly.Inconceivable event,like the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.'Stranger than we CAN suppose'

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by trueforger

here here, McKenna proposed timetravel and I think that is only a beginning. i think for some(doubt if for all people) it is graduation time, and for those ready this time around, these things will all make sense,and when soemthing makes sense,it becomes possible.

Timetravel,teleportation,being ONE and loving and caring to others all makes sense to me. We have suffered one way or another,and I believe it was all for a purpose(that we subconsciously are always aware of).

BUT I do want all of you,especially Evasius to read this article(at least this one),it talks about the upcoming novelty as well,as said in the mayan calendar. And shows that the Mayan calendar most probably reaches the end of it's major cycle on october 28th 2011, more than a year before the TWZ runs out.

And you should really look into this, it makes a lot of sense that this will be in 2011.
not a fact.
But again,this is a strong theory and seems time is lining up exactly to the schedule of the mayan calendar ending in 2011.
There is also an article by Calleman that suggests it is dangerous to focus on dec 21 2012 as the one date,because this is nto about a date,this is a process billions of years in the making and nothing will change on that one date alone. And then he makes a good point why 2011 is the end of the cycle,rather than dec 21 2012 being that.

Evasius,i would like you,if you can,to put the end-date on october 28 2011,and not on dec 21 2012 as usually and see what comes up? If oyu can do that and share the novelty peaks etc that would be great. For ex from 2007-2008 to 2011 would be great.
I think there is something about this 2011.

I do hope and do believe as my gut is telling me,that "This is IT", the time is nearing either way. It may be a few years off,but what I am certain nabout is thta this will manifest finally in the next decade,2019 at the latest. I jsut hope Iäm still alive to see it though,though I'm 20 I have a lot of inner demons haunting me, depression and no job or income now. I hope I can last till 2011-2012,let alone a decade. this upcoming shift in consciousness is my only hope for this life,I'll admit that.Maybe soem of my dreams will be within my grasp then,because in this society and world, my dreams are impossible to reach.
sorry for my rant

peace guys

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 01:42 AM
Hi all,

This is my first post at ATS - really glad I found this thread, it was exactly what I was looking for

Just wanted to raise a few points and hopefully I won't be repeating anything - I only started reading this thread at page 50.

Originally posted by Valeri
reply to post by trueforger
I do hope and do believe as my gut is telling me,that "This is IT", the time is nearing either way. It may be a few years off,but what I am certain nabout is thta this will manifest finally in the next decade,2019 at the latest. I jsut hope Iäm still alive to see it though,though I'm 20 I have a lot of inner demons haunting me, depression and no job or income now. I hope I can last till 2011-2012,let alone a decade. this upcoming shift in consciousness is my only hope for this life,I'll admit that.Maybe soem of my dreams will be within my grasp then,because in this society and world, my dreams are impossible to reach.
sorry for my rant

peace guys [edit on 11/15/2009 by Valeri]

My own story resonates with yours. The only thing I can say is, why wait? YOU can start changing NOW, you don't have to wait till the world changes around you. In fact, the more people who start to work on themselves and change themselves, the faster the world changes

In response to people pointing at the Timewave at, for example, 9/11 and saying "Oh it can't be true because there's no peak at that date! That event MUST register on any theory like this!":

As has been discussed, the timewave measures NOVELTY. There was nothing new about what happened on 9/11.

If you believe it was terrorists attacking a seat of power in a global empire - nothing new here, been done thousands of times before. Move along please.

If you believe it was orchestrated by a government power to manilpulate the masses - nothing new here, been happening since the dawn of time. Move along please.

Furthermore, our response to the event was not at all novel - instead of stepping back, thinking through what it all means and then deciding on some new courses of action to change our world for the better, we all collectively shook in fear and almost imediately responded collectively with hate and violence. The resulting tightening of laws, diminishing civil rights etc etc and of course all of the wars - those are not novel things at all. That's what we've done countless times before in that situation.

In regards to the idea that spikes on the wave correlate to events in which we are globally connected through such things as media events - I disagree to an extent.

For example, when the first wars were broadcast on television, that was something that had never been seen before (i.e. mass awareness of the horrors of war - and not sure if that corresponds to a dip in novelty), but for something like 9/11, the recent "Balloon Boy" or MJ's death - those aren't novel events at all.

Actually, the fact that the latter 2 occurred right at the bottom of a dip is evidence of this. That means that after a period of relative novelty, something happened to change our attention and get things "back to normal".

In this case, "normal" is massive amounts of people tuning into the TV to watch the news about a runaway Balloon or a dead singer, thousands of people worldwide crawling out of the woodwork to make a buck off the event (through the T-shirts, producing new records/movies, selling interviews etc). Then everyone starts talking about that, yes - but that happens all the time with news and is nothing new. All of that stuff is the non-novel stuff - what we've seen and done thousands of times before. If MJ died and no-one cared, then that may have been a novelty

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by Cecilofs

IMO for the interconnectedness of our planet to register on the timewave for an event like that, it would have to happen in a NEW way. The internet, phones, mass media - these things aren't new in relation to where we are in time at the moment.

If a new technology would to come out that revolutionises communication, THAT would be novelty, but not thousands of people watching the same news story at the same time.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to eveyone that's contributed to this thread so far and especially Evasius for all the work you've put into this - I look forward to following it and seeing how the Timewave lines up with our experience

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by Cecilofs

well do keep in mind that novelty is not the result, it is the trigger of what will finally happen in an infinitely small amount of time - interconnectedness, for it to go all infinite on us it will have to incompass all the 7 billion people living on Earth,and I can only think of one thing that can catch the attention of everyone,including babies and small kids- a shift in the consciousness,that would directly be experienced by us(souls) and we would all experience the shift of consciousness for 7-8 seconds.I'm sure not everyone will be ready to ascend,but some will. But the 7-8 second experience will be for everyone to experience- the memory of the fact that we are all ONE would come back to us etc.

Now it may be something else,but this is the only thing I can come up with,that is novel in the msot infinite of ways and once we have a greater udnerstanding of the universe,after the ascension, for those ready(I think the TW is showing the end-date for some people ultimately on dec 21 2012,not all), then tiem and space as we know it will not exist anymore.
McKenaa proposed time-travel,which is one of my dreams, something this society does not have or wil not give to the masses. And mostly all my dreams can't be realsitically achieved here. It has nothing to do with my own spiritual improvements,I'm working on myself either way.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 11:13 AM
With that, I agree. Except I think that everyone will change, but we'll see.

Sorry it just sounded as though you were feeling as though it wasn't worth waiting for. I can relate to not feeling like your dreams can be accomplished within our current social framework - it both enrages and depresses me sometimes, but I just have to be patient

Interesting side note - what is the internet if not a microcosm of all humans being interconnected? Its as though we are creating with technology what already exists outside of our current awareness.

[edit on 17-11-2009 by Cecilofs]

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:56 AM
Macro Level Contributors – continued

Technology seems to be crucial to the Timewave. Much of happens in the global technology timeline mirrors the novelty graph - both follow a trend towards increasing connectedness with periodic 'bumps' along the way that either hinder or facilitate connectivity. As said before, events themselves can set into motion new technological innovation out of the necessity to get the information out and can be just as important to direct alterations and innovations to global communication and the sharing of knowledge.

Technology news is also much easier to find than news about shifts in consciousness, so as a result I'll only be providing one account of a mental shift - my own. And you're welcome to share yours, and thank you to those that have done so before me. As promised, my next lengthy post will be that of a personal nature.

One other observation regarding this increasing global technological interconnectedness - it mirrors our own morphing and interweaving global consciousness. One is an externalized version of the other, and both are happening simultaneously and approaching a special nexus point where one is all and all is one. This linear path we're on isn't the only thing that can be represented by fractals, the relationships between major themes of complexity are also fractally structured.

Additional Technology News for October 26th:

*Science at the Petascale: Roadrunner Results Unveiled

World’s fastest supercomputer used to create first-of-a-kind computer codes and simulations of the biggest of the big and smallest of the small.

LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico, October 26, 2009—The world’s fastest supercomputer, Roadrunner, at Los Alamos National Laboratory has completed its initial “shakedown” phase doing accelerated petascale computer modeling and simulations of a variety of unclassified, fundamental science projects.

The Roadrunner system is now beginning its transition to classified computing to assure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

*Scientists use world's fastest supercomputer to model origins of the unseen universe

The model is one of the largest simulations of the distribution of matter in the universe, and aims to look at galaxy-scale mass concentrations above and beyond quantities seen in state-of-the-art sky surveys.

"Our effort is aimed at pushing the current state of the art by three orders of magnitude in terms of computational and scientific throughput," said Habib. I'm confident the final database created by Roadrunner will be an essential component of dark universe science for years to come."

*Also on October 26, Asus released their first ever personal supercomputer, which is the most powerful desktop personal computer yet.

Asus builds supercomputer with 960 Nvidia GPU cores

Asus unveiled its first supercomputer on Monday, the desktop computer-sized ESC 1000, which uses Nvidia graphics processors to attain speeds up to 1.1 teraflops.

Original Taiwanese article

*On the night of the 25th, U2 streamed their Rose Bowl performance live around the world via Youtube (I checked-in to watch about 15 minutes worth). It was the first ever global broadcast of its kind with most certainly of the highest fidelity yet.

The tech behind U2's record-smashing tour

There's no way to know yet how many exactly, but it's safe to say millions of people around the world were also watching the concert live on YouTube, a potentially server-crashing Webcast that may have been the biggest live-stream yet.

US played live for the world, were you listening?

Photos: U2 goes global via YouTube

Miscellaneous contributors

* German consumer confidence experienced a slight decline in October

A turning point has clearly been reached here. The rate of inflation is likely to enter positive territory once again in the coming months, predominantly as a result of energy prices.

* Another Madoff Investor Dies

*The Euro reached its highest value in 15 months on October 26th, likewise the dollar reached its lowest 15 month value ($1.5063).

Analysts: FX Market Easily Rattled, Reacts To Soundbites

Euro-dollar posted a 2009 high of $1.5064 October 26, but failed to revisit that high in subsequent sessions.

*And it was reported by CNN that a colossal Mayan pyramid was discovered in Guatemala, along with a never-before seen stone account of the Popol Vuh - the Mayan story of creation. More on this thread:

World's Largest Pyramid Discovered @ Lost Mayan City Of Mirador Guatemala

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by Cecilofs
internet is a good example indeed.
I have asked Evasius to put 2011 oct 28 into the twz program,just to see if it makes any sense as that as the end-date.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 05:59 PM
In a new and interesting development originating out of Los Alamos Laboratory, web browsers may soon gain a new capability - 'time travel.' The new technology will be called 'Memento.'

Time-travelling browsers navigate the web's past

Finding old versions of web pages could become far simpler thanks to a "time-travelling" web browsing technology being pioneered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Bookmarking a page takes you to its current version – but earlier ones are harder to find (to see an award-winning 1990s incarnation of, see our gallery of web pages past, right). One option is to visit a resource like the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. There, you key in the URL of the site you want and are confronted with a matrix of years and dates for old pages that have been cached. Or, if you want to check how a Wikipedia page has evolved, you can hit the "history" tab on a page of interest and scroll through in an attempt to find the version of the page on the day you're interested in.

It's a lot of hassle. But it shoudn't be, says Herbert Van de Sompel, a computer scientist at Los Alamos. "Today we treat the web like a library in which you have to know how to go and search for things. We've a better way."

That "better way" is a system that gives browsers a "time-travel" mode, allowing users to find web pages from particular dates and times without having to navigate through archives.

And here's the original scientific paper:

Memento: Time Travel for the Web

Abstract: The Web is ephemeral. Many resources have representations that change over time, and many of those representations are lost forever. A lucky few manage to reappear as archived resources that carry their own URIs. For example, some content management systems maintain version pages that reflect a frozen prior state of their changing resources. Archives recurrently crawl the web to obtain the actual representation of resources, and subsequently make those available via special-purpose archived resources. In both cases, the archival copies have URIs that are protocol-wise disconnected from the URI of the resource of which they represent a prior state. Indeed, the lack of temporal capabilities in the most common Web protocol, HTTP, prevents getting to an archived resource on the basis of the URI of its original. This turns accessing archived resources into a significant discovery challenge for both human and software agents, which typically involves following a multitude of links from the original to the archival resource, or of searching archives for the original URI. This paper proposes the protocol-based Memento solution to address this problem, and describes a proof-of-concept experiment that includes major servers of archival content, including Wikipedia and the Internet Archive. The Memento solution is based on existing HTTP capabilities applied in a novel way to add the temporal dimension. The result is a framework in which archived resources can seamlessly be reached via the URI of their original: protocol-based time travel for the Web.

This capability will be tremendous for future research in all areas, and even I could benefit from being able to peruse older versions of news articles. Time and time again I link to a story that later has either it's title or content changed, which is frustrating. This could also be great for investigators and 'conspiracy theorists' alike who want to find out who knew what and when, and when certain actions and events were implemented or first discussed. It could possibly even make it more difficult for corporations to hide their tracks if they're suspected of unlawful activity.

[edit on 18/11/09 by Evasius]

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:15 AM
And the other interesting thing about technology, (the bit that extends beyond what we could call 'useful' or entertaining developments), is measurement.

In a nutshell energy exists in a potential state until such time as it is measured/observed. The more advanced technology becomes the more we are able to manifest the potential and create future timelines for energy.

Philosophically (because we dont know this as fact yet) the big bang hasnt happened, but will do when we invent technology capable of measuring it. The Large Hadron Collider could be an enormous step in this direction........

.......As would the invention of a quantum computer in 2012 that can measure and thus reproduce the positions of all the sub-atomic particles in the universe that go to make up our experience. If the evolution of technology continues to follow Moores law we may well create a virtual big bang and virtual universe within our technology and the 'matrix within a matrix' may be more real than just the theme for the movies.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 10:34 AM
Superintersing thread and reactions, i immediatly dowloaded the software after reading. going to inform maself more about timewave Zero. Have Terrence McKenna written any (e-)books about this?

Tnx for the info!

btw. found the software converted to JAVA if anybody's interested.
Timewave calculator


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