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Timewave Zero - Countdown to Transition

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by stereologist

I said before that December 31 2011 was linked to a Korean issue/conflict.
What about the Philippinian plane perfect resonance? Its the second time that is like that, with the French plane crash in June 2009.
Other wars will be seen on March 6 ( Vietnam War ), near to May 12 ( Iran will be the big protagonist ) and than from May to November 2012 we will see a conflict India/Pakistan.
Also to notice, December 30 2011 is also resonant with Egypt Suez Canal issue, that will be resonancing also with February 3 2012 to February 7 2012.
In another thread I've seen this kind of issue as a possible start of world war 3, if Egypt does it again.

There are also a Cuban and Chinese revolutions in February- May 2012 to take in consideration.
We might see semi-anarchy in April. It will be little compared to the chaos that is scheduled to happen in November - December 2012.

Webbot indicates something huge around March 15 2012, like a nuclear conflict. This may be concerning, given that in the weekend March 10- 11 2012 we might see another Cuban crisis.

Anybody can think whatever he/she wants about the timewave. I'm planning a " action year ", and I'm already planning personal events for my life for the entire year.
I'm moving in the period September - October 2012 and going to start university away.
I will probably take the car license in the first 7 months of 2012.
I want to make next year special for me.
Strangely, in 2009 and 2010 my life was plenty of mega-events and 2011 gave me very little. Now I know that if I want change I have to get it myself.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by Zagari
I think the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement can be linked to the crash of Wall Street in 1929...Instead of the crash, the resonance was for turmoil and protests around Wall Street...

In fact, the crash was scheduled for September 4 2011 on the graph and OWS movement started on the 17h.
Its like the Japan quake, whose resonance of 1896 one, was late of 13 days.

The 1929 " crash " occurred but it was replaced by a great protest, consequent of economic trouble.

During November 2011, we will see the resonance of all what happened during Second World War, like the fast war, the invasion of Normandy ( Occupy Paris, or Occupy France is next ? ), Russia attacked by surprise, United States enter the war, the missile who threatened the world of Hitler.
And the Argentinian quake.

December 2011 may be very explosive, since it resonates with the ending events of Second World War, Dresda, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, maybe there will be a new quake in Japan, or an update about radiations.
Also, Roosevelt, Mussolini and Hitler death resonances are here.
Isn't Kirchner the resonance of Eva Peron in Argentina?

December 2011 will see a return of the Cold War tension, the new " Marshall Plan ", Roswell ufo, so a similar ufo case, that will maybe launch a new story-line about aliens for 2012.
Also, the Indian independence and the death of Gandhi are here.

January 2012 is about Maccartism, Korean war, Tibet invaded by China, Eva Peron death, the death of Stalin, the discovery of dna and rem, and Iran coup d' etat.

February 2012 is about the birth of Rock'n'roll, Usa intervention in Vietnam war, Maccartism, Apartheid and Parks, Elvis, Suez crisis.

March 2012 is about Cuban revolution, South African riots, 1st man in space, the Berlin Wall, Independence of Algeria, Vatican council 2nd, Cuban Crisis, MLK dream speech, 1963, Beatles, Usa starts bombing Vietnam.

April 2012 is about Chinese cultural revolution, Nigeria division, Israel 6 days war, death of Che, of MLK, 1968 world wide riots, Praga spring, Concorde and Moon Landing and woodstock.

May 2012 is about Bhola cyclone, independence of Bangladesh, Ireland riots, Watergate scandal, Olympic terror attack, Vietnam cease fire, Chile coup d' etat, Kippur war, Oil crisis of 1970s, Portugal revolution, end of Vietnam war.

June 2012 is about Elvis death, wow seti signal, Steve Biko, agreement of Camp David, Polish pope, Jonestown mass., 1979 oil disaster, and nuclear accident, Iran attacks usa ambas.,

July 2012 is about aids pandemy, Chernobyl, Live Aid for Africa.

August 2012 is about Perestroika, intifada, exxon valdez, Tienamnen, 1989 Berlin, Mandela free, end Cold War, end of Urss, Yugoslavia civil war, peace Israel and Olp.

September 2012 is about Yugoslavia civil war, Uganda and Bosnia massacres, Diana death, Mother Teresa death, Ireland civil war end.

October 2012 is about 9/11, Iraq war, Enron bankruptcy, fall of Baghdad.

November 2012 is about 2004 quake/tsunamis, Katrina, London t. att., 2005, Polish pope dies, Hussein death, 2008 economic crisis.

December 2012 is about Iran revolution, Mj death, swine flu, Poland accident, Greece decline, Deepwater oil spill, Assange wikileaks, Egypt revolution, Tunisia revolution, Japan crisis, Libya and Syria wars, Norway terror attack, London riots, OWS movement, Spain movements, Bangkok floods.

This is my post from November 5 2011. Both Gandhi resonance and Korean war resonance are mentioned.
Somebody doesn't read all the posts...

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by Zagari

There seems to only be one person in this thread still desperately clinging to twz.

Even the op is long gone.

Zagari your real name wouldn't be Terence McKenna would it?

Thank you stereologist, you have shown great resolve and continue to provide a well thought out response to the nonsense.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by Zagari

I said before that December 31 2011 was linked to a Korean issue/conflict.

You may have made such a claim way back somewhere in this long thread. I do not know. But in the immediate post a page back you did not.

These resonances are nothing but poor attempts to look back and attempt to match up things. With all of the numerous events that happen in the world there is always some hope of finding a link.

It will be little compared to the chaos that is scheduled to happen in November - December 2012.

Scheduled? Nothing is scheduled. At best this is another prediction.

Now it is off to webbot, another huge failure. I think webbot and TWZ were invented to make political predictions look reasonable.

You've got the last part right. If you want something you have to make a personal effort.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by Zagari

This is my post from November 5 2011. Both Gandhi resonance and Korean war resonance are mentioned.
Somebody doesn't read all the posts...

My reference was clearly to your immediate post and not all of the litter that has been spewed into this thread at one time or another.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by TheOven

I costantly receive messages from other people who don't post but follow this thread with interest.
So, I am not alone.
Also, Evasius has thousands of people on his you tube channel following timewave zero.
I am not " clinging ", I am researching and carrying on this thread.

This day corresponds to the graph with the day I got my last job in 2010...1 year and 19 days linking. Today I got again the same job.

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 07:30 AM
I ate a grilled cheese sandwich a year ago, and guess what...I did again today. Clearly, TWZ works

If I hadn't eaten it, someone else would have...and I could still claim TWZ is correct.
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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by Zagari

You got the same job? How novel!

So the TWZ is a personal issue? It fits anyone willing to find a false connection to reality.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 02:33 PM
Guys, there is a difference between skeptics and disinfo agents. It seems you have made a group and you are clinging with the same set of words, always telling that timewave is false, a joke, a hoax.
If you guys are here, there must be a reason.
You have still 366 days to tell people that timewave is a hoax, you guys surely haven't travelled to 2013 and you didn't come back. You know nothing as much as everybody.
The other member told us that admins want us to discuss the graph, not what you repeat since this thread has been created.
Try something else. Find out something else to do. I am staying here and nothing will change for your intervention.
The world is changing without a single doubt. You guys have an agenda of ridiculing the subject and I have the aim to provide information about how timewave works.
This website is not the only one discussing the timewave. I have my own friends to discuss it.
Posting jokes about what I post is not changing the situation. You aren't making me angry. You are severely losing your time.
Everybody will see at a certain point IF the timewave is real or not.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 03:26 PM
I've added a screenshot option in Timewaive Zero V1.3:

The app is for free since a couple of weeks.
Show us your interesting historical periods!

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Zagari

You have still 366 days to tell people that timewave is a hoax, you guys surely haven't travelled to 2013 and you didn't come back. You know nothing as much as everybody.

Actually you have showed by ridiculous timewave is.

All I need to do is point it out - time and time again.

Do we need to wait a year to see more failures? No. According to you we should already be seeing things happening. We do not. TWZ is a hoax and we do not need to wait a year to understand since we see nothing predicted by TWZ.

Try something else. Find out something else to do. I am staying here and nothing will change for your intervention.

In one year you will be steadfastly hanging onto this delusion. You will have more excuses as to why the failure of TWZ cannot be true.

Everybody will see at a certain point IF the timewave is real or not.

Only those that cling to this hoax as if it were scripture cannot by now see that it is a hoax.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 10:53 PM

Now, the graph predicts tension and conflicts in North and South Korea with a China intervention from December 30 2011 to January 17 2012.

Are you still going to wait a year after this prediction fails?

Only a few weeks to see another failure added to the list of TWZ failures.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by stereologist

Don't worry about my delusion. This is all just a hobby for me. If nothing will happen, I will simply move elsewhere.
The only thing I actually care in this life is me, family, certain friends. The rest means nothing to me.
Timewave is just a hobby. Something to express my opinion, to write something about.
Look, today, I woke up feeling realistic.
If this timewave ruins my university year next October, I will be very angry.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:31 AM
Stop squabbling and download my app already, it's for free now and Mr. McKenna's estate needs some lovin'.
edit on 22-12-2011 by Foramin because: I forgot to add the link.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by Foramin

Yes, but this is not a commercial thread. We understand that you have done this application.
This is a place for debate. Somebody will use your application. But stop spamming it please.
We know.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:14 AM
Well, it's no longer commercial, and it seemed relevant to the discussion...

You could starting whacking each others' arguments with screenshots of successful and failing dips and peaks in the graph.

Anyway, this is for fun.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by Foramin

These people have been shown plenty of screenshots from other members, during these 178 pages...
They laugh and ridicule and nothing will change.
They simply don't want to be shown screenshots and resonances information.

They see nothing happening in the world, they must have been living in a bunker for 2 years. We are always a week away from total war, the third world war started 10 years ago and according to this graph before the end of May 2012 we will see the block of Suez Canal, oil exchange around the world will be disrupted.
This is the result of something that will happen in February and early March 2012.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:55 AM
Well, I'm not sure I see it in the graph - I see both hits and misses with the historical events I picked - but the near-collapse of the global financial Ponzi scheme is indeed a deviation from the long-standing norm.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by Foramin

Yes, the 2008 huge novelty jump represents the economic collapse. the most visible points of 2009 are the start of swine flu epidemy, April 17 2009, June 25 2009, Iran riots and Mj death, July 22 2009, and October 26 2009.
And on February 7- 12 the australian bush fires.

Try to think: both 2011 and 2012 represent a replica of 1945. We have again an irradiated Japan with nuclear problems and Bin Laden death that was announced on May 1, like Hitler.
The Italian leader has changed just weeks before the resonance with the decline of Mussolini.
There is the 1898 Japan tsunami resonance for February 26 2011, it happened 13 days late.

Michael Jackson death corresponds to the death of Mozart, the Iran riots with the France revolution, Occupy Wall Street with Wall Street 1929 collapse.

There is a chronological historical order of resonance to follow. I have shown it to you.

Even the planet discovered on December 5 2011, the most similar to Earth, is linked with the start of the " space age " in the 1940s.

Kelley graph signaled October 5 2011 as the most novel day in 2011. We had the Bangkok flood and Steve Jobs death. Why is that important? Because this man represented something for the world, and now more people are aware of the tablets, apple tech and such things.
I heard bad stories about how the people who worked for apple were abused. Well, now people are more aware.

Look at Breivik. He came out with a terror attack and a long set of ideas, horrible ideas, just in time with the resonance of Hitler book.
London riots in August 2011? See the 1920s England turmoil.

Assange? resonance is an australian troublemaker in the 1870s- 1880s.

One has only to look at the information provided in this thread to form an opinion about the theory.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by Zagari
I found out the coolest resonances with the past...

the MISSING RESONANCES that were never written on this thread...

FEBRUARY 7 2009 BUSH FIRES AUSTRALIA - May 18 1765, fire destroys city of Montreal, in Quebec...


MARCH 26 2010 -
March 26 – The ROKS Cheonan, a South Korean Navy ship carrying 104 personnel, sinks off the country's west coast, killing 46. In May, an independent investigation blames North Korea, which denies the allegations

JULY 1837 - July – Charles W. King sets sail on the American merchant ship Morrison. In the Morrison Incident, he is turned away from Japanese ports with cannon fire.


THE FIRE OF DEEPWATER , GULF OF MEXICO and... THE FIRE OF TOWER OF LONDON, a tower in a castle with water around, and walls...
Quarter million of money of damage...

OCTOBER 30 1841








November 29 2010 Ireland rescue deal and January 24 1881 Ireland Coercion Bill

Same day of the beginning of Queensland floods in 2011...JUNE 10 1886 huge eruption in New Zealand destroys " Pink and White Terraces "...

Same day on graph January 15 2011 eclipse and January 1 1889 eclipse


Cairo, protester sets fire on himself, January 2011, SAME DAY ON GRAPH, January 30 – Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera commit a double suicide (or a murder suicide) in the Mayerling hunting lodge.


1896 Japan Tsunami June 15 and March 11 2011 Japan quake and tsunami, 13 days late on graph

Tension between Italy and Libya in March 2011 resonates exactly with tension between russia and Japan in March 1900, that later became war...

On May 19 2011 the resonance was Mexican Revolution starts...Than, on May 15 2011, Spanish protests begun...

The timewave is definitely real...

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