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ATS / 2012 - A collective thought -

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:36 AM
Greetings ats folks,

Before I begin this thread, and in consideration of you behind that monitor, yes you, i feel it only obligatory and/or a fair trade-off to give you a description of me, myself behind this monitor screen, before i consume your time and effort with this perplexing and riveting instant via internet.

I have always lived my life by the "if you're going to do something, do it right the first time" quota. If i willingly put myself into a situation, whether it be performing some aerial flip that could break my neck done wrong, running from the cops (its happened), or mowing the lawn. If you're going to do it, why not just crush it in the first place? I am but of twenty one years on this planet, and of a cancer sign. I lived a relatively rocky childhood regarding being diagnosed with all sorts of "adhd/add, bipolar" nonsense, and having to take medicine, alongside my parents ridiculous emotional behaviors, yet always seemed to pull ahead creatively among my counterparts.

At this day in age, I am now a prodigy musician (a simple skill that can be developed). Also, I know a great deal about sound/vibration/harmonics, and am a very skilled self-developed gymnast, and i practice qigung and martial movements daily. I also have climbed routes throughout the NW USA (120 feet of vertical slab to give you a simple picture).

Furthermore, I have been meditating a TON as of past October-ish. I got a "mansion-sittin' job and began looking in, rather than out.. for the first time. I use a program called holosync by Centerpointe Research. It is in this program that seemed to open a wide view of "all that is" within my gushy lil brain, and has radically changed my life. Simple put, it makes your head ring to a point that you have "Zero thought" as i term it. You cleanse your mind, heal your body, and can do anything, depending on whether or not you can process the thought. Its -pure imagination-

Thankfully, i have embraced this immense change in my life with open arms on the most part, and as of now, i am going to embark on a world journey to... "learn some things".


I saw a thread recently entitled about the "Indigo Revolution" or something among those lines of a title. In short detail and credit to the artist, I grasped the point that these "indigo and futuristic evolutionary people" (i believe mention to aquarius age) are deeming a bad situation on the planet. That is true to a point. With chaos comes resolution though right? The only chaos i could envision would be somewhat of a cleanse, because... WHY FIGHT? Our intelligence could supersede anything in our way. Mind over matter yo

Now, on light of all the haywire and seemingly endless chaos *lol* happening on our lovely pale blue dot as of lately, it seems that all hell is breaking loose. What you ALL NEED TO KNOW IN THESE TIMES, is that it is simply a test. A test that we ALL can pass.

Now im not going to start with hooplah about Jesus christ vanquishing your sins and giving you "brotherhood to the chalace of light" (dont ask i just made that up), id try and just be prepared for anything personally put. But it would be immensely beneficial to a group if you would: stop any of your 7 negative emotions (if applicatory). What those are i forget off the top of my head, however those of you questioning what those are right now. Think rationally! Good/bad. Jealousy/judgemental/fear - bad. Love - positive - embracing = good! There is more to Buddhism than meets the eye

In my depiction of "god", we all are one. God is Love. And Love... is what we humans truly are. For myself, I wish now to live a simple life to set a blissful example. I will always put down whatever i may need to, in order to help you up if need be. Only because i would hope the same in return

For myself, I have always loved. Sure i have been broken. I have experienced fear, rage, hate, envy, and have even done some evil things in my life. But in the experience comes the knowledge, right? And along such a relation, "You can't taste sweet if you haven't tasted bitter. (van. sky).

For Love, the feeling, is a frequency. And whether you accept it or not mr. average joe, we ARE being watched. And by lots of things/peoples too, so why not set the example you wish to set? It is in all of our connection to this frequency of warming embalmment, that we will become a unit of human conscience, and have the ability to embark on unimaginable things, all for the betterment of us.

So forgive me but i don't proofread and i just typed all this up in about a minute and half, as a simple message.

The followup is:

That we humans (yes i have human DNA dont worry alien freakbots) must WORK TOGETHER in these times, and that will pull us together and crush this hellistic regime that is controlling your minds for a fear-based society! I'm telling you all this because i love you, and if im going to break out of this prison, along with the fact that you love and enjoy LIFE -

you're comin' with!

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:38 AM
Just wanted to add that -

In this collective thought that we gain of "do the right thing - help help help", the energy that we put out with heighten a process of growth and understanding that we all could only fathom. We just... have... to work together

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:48 AM

Originally posted by survival
you're comin' with!

Ah cool, thanks for the invite. I agree. We are no helpless victims of our emotions. We can and should take the reins in our own hands and make something of this chaos that is upon us. Why let others decide where to go and what to think.

Anyway, thanks for the OP. It's a good read.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 02:07 PM
Just stumbled over your post, even if it´s been a while ago posted.
Thankyou for sharing.
I tell you what... Whatever they try to tell you - YOU ARE PERFECT!!!!!!
(Know you already knows, but sometimes it helps hear it, as much as it helps me telling you)
Glad you got rid of these medications.

I am just a regular guy, 42 y.o. from Denmark, always had these big mood swings, trying to make sense of it all, which never quite succeeded, but somehow I manage to make all of my imbalances into creativity (before being destroyed by it).
Always had an eye on both sides of the screen, nowadays all the strange stuff which I´m perceiving starts making sense...
These are indeed the days of our lives.
So thankyou, my friend, for the invitation... I´ll definately be there

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